Cuckold-Foot-Slave’s Everyday Life

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I am a humbly cuckold and foot slave. I have a nice wife, who cuckolds me every night while I kiss her feet. She cheated me with more than 300 men but she never allowed me to fuck her, though we are married since 7 years! All these men know much better my wife than me, because they made love to her, they fucked her mouth, they embraced her, they kissed her lips, they caressed her body, whereas I never did these things! The only thing she allowed me to do is to kiss her feet!

Of course, you may wonder why a woman who fucked so many men does not allow me to make love to her. Before marrying my wife I had a few girlfriends, to whom I kissed their feet, but I also made love to them, because they asked me that. I was always dreaming to find a girl who forbids me to fuck her, a pure Mistress. I always wanted to start a new type of relation with a woman, without sex. This was always my dream, to be the slave of a girl, to only kiss her feet!

And 7 years ago i have met this gorgeous girl, she was 20 and she was just hired at the same plant as me. She was an unskilled worker; precisely she had to clean one building of the plant. I often remained late in the evening, after my colleagues were leaving home and I noticed her feet while she was doing the cleaning. At her turn, she quickly noticed my interest in her feet.

One day, while I was walking through the building, I saw her cleaning the floor barefoot. I was shocked and immediately looked at her; she smiled to me, so I stared again at her feet. She continued Escort İstanbul to wash the floor barefoot while I remained there and admired her for more than a half-hour. I was very ashamed and went home without changing any words with her, but the next day I searched her and she was again barefoot! This time I was no more ashamed and looked at her feet with passion while she barefoot washed the dirty floor of the building for an entire hour. When she finished, she sat on a chair and put her filthy feet on a table. I looked into her eyes and knelt in front of her. She arched her left foot and I madly lowered my lips kissing it. More than 10 minutes I washed with my mouth the dirty soles and feet of the girl who had washed the floors of the plant.

The next day I explained her everything about my sexuality and I begged her to marry me. She loved the idea of allowing me to only kiss her feet. She had been fucked by hundreds of men and having a man who is not allowed to fuck her, who is her slave and may only kiss her feet was such a new and fantastic idea for her that she immediately agreed.

But let me tell you how is a day of my life: I wake up at 6 o’clock, prepare the breakfast for my Princess, then I run with my bike to my first job, where I work from 7 to 3, then to my second job, where I finish at 6. I go shopping and buy the things necessary to prepare the dinner and run home, where I arrive at 7.

My Mistress wakes up at 12 o’clock, eats, watches some TV, talks to the phone İstanbul Escort Bayan to her lovers, sometimes she invites them in my house, letting them fuck her, sometimes she goes shopping or simply driving my car in the town to take her lunch at an expensive restaurant.

Arriving home, I quickly undress and enter the bedroom, where I usually find her laying in the bed and talking to the phone with some guy. She never greets me, continuing to flirt with her boyfriend while I kneel in front of the bed and start kissing her feet and masturbating. She takes a dog collar and put it around my neck then brutally pulls me by this collar. I lick her dirty soles – she always walk barefoot in house and sometimes even outside – while she laughs with her date, to which she describes what i, am doing.

Then she takes a belt and cruelly whips me while I worship her delicate feet.

Usually she beats my back and ass for more than 15 minutes.

Then we make our trip in the rooms of my apartment: she pulls me by my leash as if I were a dog and gently lifts a sole from the carpet keeping the toes on the floor while I put my tongue under her sole and lick it clean, then she lifts her other sole, which I again wash with my mouth and so on. During our trip, we enter all the rooms 2 or 3 times, while she permanently and brutally pulls me by my dog collar and laughs in torrents with her boyfriend, to whom not only she explains what I am doing, but she also sends him pictures with me made with her mobile Anadolu Yakası Escort phone.

When she is tired, she takes a seat in an armchair and orders me to put on her sandals. I put her feet in a gorgeous pair of black, 5 inches high-heel sandals and start kissing her feet and shoes. She begins again to brutally whip me while I worship her feet and sandals with my lips for about half an hour. I must tell you that I masturbate all the time while kissing her feet, while making our dog trip through the house etc: she never masturbates me. In 7 years of marriage I begged her many times to touch my cock with her sexy hands or, at least, with her feet. She always smiled to me and said: No! And, to torment me, she masturbated each and every lover she had, both with her hands and feet, in front of me. I ate tons of sperm from her feet…

Before finishing chat with her date, she gives me the phone and I must beg her boyfriend to come to our house and fuck my wife. Again, she laughs in torrents hearing how humbly I say: Master, please, come and makes love to my wife, because I am a stupid cuckold and I am not allowed to fuck her! She needs a real man like you, who knows what to do with a woman, not an idiot dog like me! Please, Master, come enjoy my wife!

Then she orders me to prepare her for her date with her boyfriend. I start by painting her toenails bright red.

I stop for the moment, because I don’t know if you’re interested in my story. Please, boys write me and tell me if you like what I have already told you and if you want me to tell you how I prepare my wife for her boyfriends?

You can also say me humiliating things, for instance how you would fuck my wife and humiliate me, forcing me to lick your soles while you enjoy my wife etc.

cuckold foot slave

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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