Coaching Ch. 01

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He felt horrible. Matt had never ended a practice early in his life. These girls were making a commitment to get better at volleyball and their parents were paying a lot of money, so he prided himself on making sure they got their money’s worth. But today, he had to make an exception to his rule. After all, if the girls had noticed the hard-on that was growing, he would have a whole new set of problems. While all of the girls had just turned 18 within the past few months, they were still in high school and he was a respected guardian in a way to the girls on his team.

He couldn’t help himself. Matt had been unable to attend the day of tryouts so a friend of his, another coach, picked the team for him. When he showed up to the first practice to meet his team, he found that the girls were very talented…and very good looking. They all had athletic, trim bodies. There was a good amount of height among the girls which Matt liked considering he was 6’3″ himself. And it definitely did not hurt things that female volleyball players always wore tight, spandex shorts.

At this particular practice, Matt found himself watching Courtney. She was about 5’6″, short blonde hair, a cute little face that had not quite developed a grown-up look, smallish breasts, but that didn’t matter to Matt as she had a great butt and amazing legs; Matt was a leg man!

Matt always paced around the court during practice so he could watch the play from all angles and make sure he could watch all of the girls to give them individual instruction. But today he found himself constantly in the area of Courtney, watching her bend, stretch and lunge in any possible direction. He also loved when she raised her shirt to wipe the sweat from her face, exposing her flat stomach and the very bottom of her sports bra. One time, while watching this happen, Matt starred a little too long and Courtney caught his eye as she pulled her shirt down. And what was that? Did she give him a little wink before moving back into the drill?

Courtney had noticed him staring at her and now she was going to have fun with her Pendik Escort coach. She started to wipe her face in between seemingly every play. When she was next to him she would bend over to stretch, making sure to turn so her ass faced him. She even ran after a ball that she had no chance to play and in doing so ran into Matt and lingered there with her body pressed against him just a second too long. It was that body contact that finally put Matt over the edge, causing him to suddenly dismiss the girls early. They did not complain, quickly leaving the gym before Matt could change his mind.

He stood in the gym, cock swelling, waiting to hear the girls leave. When he was sure they were all gone, he pulled his now hard cock from his shorts. After watching Courtney for the past hour and a half, he knew there was no way he could survive the drive home without unloading his dick first. He thought about heading to a bathroom stall for privacy, but he knew all of the other coaches and staff had left the school hours ago and he was completely alone. He began stroking his cock slowly and closed his eyes to picture Courtney. He was going to enjoy this!

And in his enjoyment, he failed to realize the presence in the room with him. Matt felt a second hand on his cock as he heard a voice ask, “Is this because of me?”

Matt knew the voice. He opened his eyes and saw Courtney standing an inch in front o him, starring straight into his eyes with her small hand on his erect penis. He knew this was wrong. He knew he had to stop this. But he also knew that he couldn’t. He was too excited and she was too attractive and she was willing. He had fantasized about this girl at home too many times and had shot too many loads thinking about her to not do her now.

“Yes, I am hard because of you, Courtney,” he finally replied.

“Is this the first time you have jerked off thinking about me?”

“No,” he again replied. “I have done this with you in mind a lot of times.”

With that answer, they both knew who was in charge here. For once in this gym, the player would Kurtköy Escort control the coach. Courtney pushed Matt’s shorts down and told him to take off his clothes. She slowly did the same, teasing Matt as she did.

She told him to lie down and he obeyed. She slowly lowered herself until her tiny breasts were in front of Matt’s mouth. He took the cue and began sucking her tiny tits. Courtney was in heaven. Most boys her age ignored her small chest, but Matt was licking and sucking them with all his might. She especially liked it when he would bite her hard nipples. The harder he bit the more she squealed in pleasure.

After awhile, Courtney wanted more. Still hovering above her coach, she moved her 18 year old pussy above his face and sat down. Matt was in heaven smelling her sweet scent and began eating her pussy. As he got into the act, her pussy dripped more and more. The more he ate, the more he wanted. Courtney began grinding her pussy into his waiting mouth, sensing her orgasm coming on; probably her first.

“That’s it coach, lick my pussy,” Courtney screamed out. “Oh my God, suck my clit! Suck my clit, Coach! Oh, my God, I’m cumming! Oh, my God!” And with that, Courtney soaked Matt’s face in her young juices.

Courtney was experiencing lust like never before. The more she tried, the more she wanted. And now, she wanted to feel her coach’s cock deep inside her pussy. She slid down her body, still straddling Matt’s body, but now her tight pussy was a mere inches away from his straining dick. Matt knew this was wrong, knew the trouble he would be in if anyone ever found out about this, but he couldn’t help himself. He had to feel the inside of this 18 year old girl.

Courtney began rubbing her soaking pussy against the tip of Matt’s cock. “How badly do you want to be inside me, Coach?”

“Very badly! I have never wanted to fuck someone as badly as I want you right now,” was his honest reply.

“Beg for me.”

“Please, please let me fuck you.”

“Ok,” she said. “But you should know something. I’m still a virgin.” Maltepe Escort

And with that, Courtney slid herself down onto Matt’s waiting cock. Slowly, at first. Matt could feel his cock straining to push inside, and could feel Courtney’s hole straining to let him in. Inch by inch he went inside until, finally, his entire shaft was in her canal.

“Oh, God,” escaped both of their mouths. Courtney couldn’t believe the feeling of her first sexual experience. She was shocked at how it could be both painful and so pleasurable at the same time. Matt couldn’t believe how tight and wet she was for him. This was like no pussy he had ever felt before. The combination of her tightness and his anticipation of the whole scenario were almost too much for Matt and he almost came as he entered the girl. But he went slow to regain his composure and, in no time, the two were rocking to a nice pace.

Courtney began to feel another orgasm coming on. “Oh yes, make me cum again. Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me harder!”

Courtney was on top and she began rocking faster, harder, trying to get Matt as deep as possible inside of her. He felt like he was going to push inside her stomach he was so deep.

“Oh, fuck! I’m cumming again!” And Courtney began to spasm on top of Matt’s cock. The pressure was too much and Matt was on the verge of his own orgasm. He suddenly remembered that he didn’t have a condom on and quickly tried to pull out, but Courtney kept riding hard, enjoying the end of her ride.

“Oh, crap; I’m about to cum, Courtney. You need to get off of me.”

She just kept riding him, though. “I want to feel you shoot inside of me. This is my first fuck and my first load of cum shouldn’t be wasted. I want to feel you cum deep inside of me.”

Courtney pressed her body down harder and it was finally too much for him. Matt shot six or seven good, hard loads of cum deep inside the girl’s pussy. She collapsed on top of him, panting heavily, fully satisfied.

“You came inside of me,” Courtney whispered into his ear. “If anyone finds out what you have done to me, you will be in a lot of trouble. And if you don’t keep doing this and keep doing what I want, I will make sure people find out.”

Matt took a deep breath as he realized he was now this girl’s sex slave for as long as she wanted. He smiled a very happy smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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