Claire Gets Punished Ch. 06

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“What… what did you do?” Claire asked nervously.

“I just made it easier for little girl to go potty,” he told her calmly.

“What the hell is your problem?” shrieked Claire.

“Timeout. Now,” barked Mark. “Get in the corner.”

“No.” said Claire plainly. Crossing her arms and refusing to get up off the bed, Mark had it, went over to her, swooped her up and began to spank her over her diaper. Her diaper crackled and the sound pleased him in a way.

After a series of hard spanks he tried to send her to timeout again. She stormed off and sat on the timeout stole with her arms crossed. “Watch that attitude,” he scolded. She uncrossed her arms and sat down in timeout. She wasn’t sure why she was submitting but she didn’t want spanked anymore. “Come out of timeout,” he instructed after 10 minutes.

Suddenly the phone rang, Mark answered it, his friend Jonathan was on the other line asking if he and Claire would like to come over to he and his wife Corrine’s house for dinner tomorrow night. Mark told him that he and Claire would love to and would see them tomorrow.

“I… I won’t be in a diaper riright?” stuttered Claire.

“Yes, baby, you will,” Mark said as he smirked. “We will discuss later what I will expect from you, but we will bring a paddle and extra diapers with us.”

Claire suddenly felt very uncomfortable which distracted her from the topic at hand, “Can can I please go to the restroom?” she begged him.

“No, go in your diaper and if you hold back I will spank you,” he said sternly. She started to cry but couldn’t hold it anymore. Mark was very pleased and let her finish, “does baby need a change?” he asked.

Claire was crying, this was so humiliating for her. Mark picked her up as if she weighed nothing and put her on the changing table. She started crying even harder, she was on a changing table, with a dirty diaper and a stinging spanked bottom. He lifted her dress, “wow my pretty princess really needs a change,” he said condescendingly. Mark removed her diaper, holding her legs in the air so he could wipe her. “My pretty princess made quite the mess,” he wiped her and put her legs back down. Reaching for the powder he generously fixed her up and re-diapered her and put her in plastic panties.

It was 6:00 and time to figure out what they wanted to do about dinner. They decided they would go out and Claire asked what she could wear. Mark told her she could wear normal clothes with the exception of a diaper. After they decided to go at 8:00 Mark called and made a reservation.

“Can I get myself ready?” asked Claire.

“I’ll make you a deal,” said Mark slyly. “You can get yourself ready for dinner, but you will be diapered through Monday night, which means you will stay in diapers while I work and I will come home once to change Ataşehir Escort baby. Keep in mind you will wear pull-ups after and then use a training potty,” Claire reluctantly agreed. “You may get yourself ready with the exception of getting dressed, if you need to go to the bathroom you will ask me first, if I find out you used the toilet I will paddle you. Take your time getting ready and when you are done come out naked. First let me take off babies clothes.”

Claire laid down on the bed and Mark removed her dress. He removed her plastic panties and then stopped when he was about to get to her diaper. “Does baby need to go potty before I take off her diaper?”

“No,” she said as Mark pushed on her lower stomach. The force made her release her bladder.

“Did baby lie?” he asked.

“No, you pushed on my bladder,” she snapped.

“Does baby need a spank? She should know better than to lie.”

“Come on just let me get showered and ready to go,” Claire pleaded.

“I am going to give you 10 spanks for lying then you may get yourself ready,” he said as he removed her diaper. She laid there humiliated as he removed her diaper. He wiped her clean and then instructed her to get over his knee. He swiftly spanked her 10 times, finished removing her clothes then told her to get ready. After an hour or so she emerged showered with her hair and makeup done. She was wrapped in a towel naked underneath as instructed. She may look like a grownup but Mark needed to humiliate her to remind her she was just a little baby.

“Lay down on the bed baby girl, I am going to diaper you then it’s going to be tummy time before I dress you.”

“Tummy time? Are you kidding me?” she protested.

“What happens when baby argues?” Mark scolded. Claire ignored him, standing wrapped in her towel.

“Tell me what happens when baby argues.”

Claire didn’t want another spanking so she reluctantly said, “she gets punished.”

“Good girl, now I will diaper you, put you in a timeout then it will be tummy time before we go to dinner.” He diapered her and then Mark took Claire’s hand and walked her over to the timeout corner. “5 minutes,” he instructed, “don’t move.”

After timeout Mark went over to Claire and bent down, “why did baby get a timeout?” Claire was so irritated and didn’t want to respond, but her bottom still stung.

“I argued with you,” Claire admitted.

“Good girl, now it’s tummy time.”

“Do I get to get dressed first?” she asked.

“No you do not, you just need diapers you do not need anything else. Lay on your tummy for 15 minutes then I will dress you.” Claire lay down on the bed as Mark began to get himself ready for dinner.

Claire was angry and humiliated she was basically naked lying on her stomach. After the 15 Kadıköy Escort minutes was up Mark let her pick out what she wanted to wear. She walked to her dresser… “Can I please wear panties out.. please?” she begged.

“Silly, I couldn’t let you wear big girl panties, you will just pee pee in them.” She sighed, grabbed her clothes and handed them to him. “Good girl, now let’s get you dressed.” He dressed her and then they headed downstairs to leave for dinner. Mark grabbed her hand and lead her to the car, strapping her into the back seat. Claire wanted so badly to protest, but she knew she would just get spanked, so she chose to remain silent.

The ride to the restaurant was silent, Claire was hoping not to have to suffer any humiliation while out. Mark was happy with the submission, but she had been very naughty that day and needed to be punished. When they were almost there Mark spoke up, “you haven’t needed changed in a few hours. When we get there I am going to need to check your diaper.”

“Check?” asked Claire.

“I’ll just take a peak and make sure you don’t need a change,” said Mark as they pulled into the parking lot. Claire went to get out of the car and Mark stopped her. “Lay down, I am going to check you,” he instructed. Claire tried to protest and was quickly cut off. “You can lay down and let me do this, or I will make you lean against the car, check you and then spank you, your choice.” Claire laid back down as Mark raised her skirt, sticking a finger in her diaper. “All dry, is baby holding back? You know what happens when you hold back don’t you?” he asked.

“I don’t have to go, please stop,” begged Claire.

“We will try again soon,” he told her as he smoothed her skirt. “Hold my hand, let’s go get something to eat.” She reluctantly held his hand, scared what he may do if she didn’t. Once they got into the restaurant they were seated and Mark asked for a kids menu.

“Oh that’s funny,” said the hostess.

“I’m not joking,” said Mark, “my baby here needs a kids menu.” The hostess left and quickly came back with a kids menu.

“What was the point of that?!” barked Claire.

“Are you arguing about your punishment?” he warned.

“It’s all stupid,” said Claire angrily. She instantly regretted her comment, looking down at her hands.

“Looks like we are going to take a trip to the family bathroom after we order something to drink and an appetizer, your bottom and the paddle have some catching up to do.” They ordered drinks and an appetizer and waited for the waiter to walk away. Mark got up and grabbed Claire’s hand, instructing her to retrieve her purse. They got to the restroom and locked the door. “Let’s make this quick,” instructed Mark as he pulled the paddle out of her purse. “You’re getting 30 smacks on your bare Bostancı Escort bottom, I’ll put a new diaper on you then we will go enjoy our dinner.”

“30?!” she exclaimed.

“Do you want 30 on each cheek?” he asked. She sighed as Mark pushed gently on her stomach to see if she needed to pee in her diaper. A little bit came out and Mark laid her on the blanket on the floor to clean her up. He then sat down and told her to get over his knee. He started spanking her with his hand and she just could not keep her mouth shut.

“Do these count?” she asked.

“No, they’re just warm ups.”

“But they hurt,” she whined.

He picked up the paddle and gave her 2 hard smacks on each thigh. “I am tired of your attitude, you will do as I say and not argue with me again, is that understood?” Claire’s stubbornness kicked in, she didn’t say a word. He gave her a few more on the thighs until she finally agreed.

Mark started her paddling and Claire was trying hard not to cry, but it stung a lot. At stroke 18 she begged him to stop. He briefly began rubbing her bottom, “I can give you a little rub, but then I am going to give you the last 12 strokes, you deserve them for being so naughty.” She so badly wanted to respond, but the strokes really hurt and she didn’t want anymore. After her next 12 strokes Mark rubbed her sore bottom then told her to lye down to get re-diapered. Claire could tell he was waiting for a naughty comment but she was able to restrain herself.

He inspected her diaper area thoroughly, almost inviting her to make a comment she however did not. Once she was re-diapered they went back to their table, just in time for their food to get there. “Since you were a good girl and took your spanking and diapering I will not make you order off the kids menu,” he told her.

They ordered their food without incident and chatted about a possible late spring weekend trip. Everything was going fine until Claire had to use the bathroom. “Can I please go to the restroom?” she asked.

“No, use your diaper then I will change you in the family restroom.”

“Come on please don’t make me use my diaper,” she begged.

“You will use the diaper or I will spank you,” he commented. Claire started to cry and beg to be allowed to go to the restroom. She wouldn’t stop begging so Mark stood up, took her hand, and marched her to the family restroom. He locked the door and laid the blanket on the ground. “Lay down, I am going to make you use your diaper,” he instructed. He began to tickle her until she lost control and used her diaper. Mark removed the diaper and cleaned her up. He then held her legs in the diaper position and gave her a quick spanking before re-diapering her and holding her hand back to their table where their dinner had arrived.

“You have one more outburst and you will have the back of your skirt tucked into your diaper on the way back to the table after you are paddled, do you understand me?” he scolded.

“Yes,” she said sighing. They ate their food and were chatting until Claire got upset about something else…

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