Chris , Lisa Ch. 2

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Lisa had just got out of the car and boy was she dressed to kill. A short black spandex hot pants with a black bikini top and thigh high 5 inch black boots. She had the outfit on all day for the added effect and now she was going to be dancing in the boots for the next 8 hours. A friend she had talked to on AOL for many months was coming to see her dance and she was going to tease the living crap out of him. She got out of the car her black spike heels clicking on the ground as she went into the club.


Lisa’s feet were killing her in the heels. She knew loads and loads of sweat had built up in the boots and she had plans for Chris to clean them, though he didn’t know it yet. Lisa finished her set and went to the back as when she came out for her next set, Chris was supposed to be there. She sat down and propped up her feet on the table and sipped on some water.

Chris walked in the club and sat down and had a beer. He looked around, but he didn’t see Lisa. He sipped on his beer and waited.

Lisa waited for her cue and then strutted out in the heels. As she got up on stage she looked around and spotted Chris. She walked over toward him lifting a leg high up in the air as she reached behind her and unhooked her bra. She slid over to the pole and winked at Chris as she took a finger and started from her heel and slowly slid it up till it got to her butt.

Then she bent over completely and slide her finger in a teasing manner between her cheeks. She then slipped up on the pole and spread her legs wide as she looked over at Chris and wiggled her toes in the boots and she saw the reaction from Chris and she knew this was going to be one special night. She humped the pole all the while looking right at Chris as he was staring right at the boots.

She then slide down and crawled over on her knees toward him and propped her boots right up next to him. She knew they must smell and Chris was staring at them like their was no tomorrow. Before she turned away she bent over and whispered “I had these boots on the last 12 hours” as she pushed a boot high in the air exposing her ass to Chris and the other customers.

Lisa let the boots grind into the ground as she wiggled her hips and exposed her breasts and played with her nipples. She ran circles around the hard nipples as her pussy was getting wet from looking at Chris. Finally her set was over and last call was over with.

Lisa went to the boss and he handed her the keys to lock up.

All the employees got out of there in a hurry and the customers were all kicked out, except Chris.

Lisa walked up to Chris.

“Here sit on the stage I got one last performance and it is just for you” Lisa purred as she hopped back up onstage with the black boots still on.

Lisa slide over in the black heels as they hugged her thighs, she pointed and Chris to come up on stage as she laid down and slipped up a leg high in the air and began to run her fingers over her boots and to her thighs. She waited till Chris was close then told him to lie down and not move.

Lisa then slide around till her heels were right above Chris. She then took 2 fingers and moved Chris’s mouth open and incerted the tip of her boot in his mouth, Chris knew what to do as his mouth opened and Lisa slide the heel in and Chris began to clean off the boot in an attempt to make it shine.

He slid his tongue out and began to wrap it around the tip as he spit on it and Lisa played with her nipples as she was getting hot watching Chris clean her boots. She moved the boot around and when she got to her heel part and she slipped the heel part right in like a soft cock she almost came on the spot. She slipped the heel in and out of his mouth, giving him a blow job with her heel.

In and out the heel went as Chris sucked on it like a wet lollipop. Oh was Lisa getting wet as the heel slide in and out of Chris’s lips.

“Oh yeah suck it, pretend it is a cock baby” Lisa purred as she watched Chris suck and deep throat the entire heel. She then pushed the heel out and watched as Chris licked the bottoms of the boots

“Yeah, suck off all the dirt, I have been dancing for hours, floor is filthy” Lisa giggled as she watched Chris like a madman lick the boots clean. At least he tried to clean the boots. Lisa then reached around and began to unzip one of the boots. It was stuck to her feet as the moist sweat clung to her thighs as she had been in them all day.

She pulled away from Chris as she wanted him to watch and when she finished unzipping she slipped her foot back and forth till the boot finally came off.

She leaned back, thought for Ümraniye Escort a second, then leaned forward and tilted the boot over Chris’s open mouth. Rolls of sweat dripped from inside the boot as Chris hungrily gulped down the sweat.

“Mmmm on yes suck it down i was in the boots for 10 hours for you” Lisa purred as she tilted more and watched the last few drops slide off the boots and into Chris’s mouth.

Her legs and foot were soaked with sweat and she did the other boot and slide the sweat this time into a glass and put the boot down. She got up clad just in her spandex now and began to walk around, not knowing what she was gonna do next. she then hopped off the stage and went over to bar and slide her feet along the hard, concrete as she quickly gulped down some water and went back to Chris.

She took one look at her feet and they were beginning to get dirty. She then went back down and walked around some more as she slide a boot in Chris’s mouth and tried to find the dirtiest spots she could by the bar. She grinded her feet as fast and as best she could, then it was time.

One last look and her soles were covered in black. Chris was going to be doing some cleaning and plenty of other things as well Lisa thought as she walked toward Chris….

Lisa then slid up on the stage and began to wiggle her hips.

She then took a finger and UN zipped her spandex. She turned around, giving Chris a view of her butt as she ever so slowly eased her hips and the spandex slid down a few inches.

Chris just sat there as he watched the spandex fall and he could see the top of her round ass. Lisa then took 2 fingers and eased them into her hips and pulled the spandex all the way down to her thighs. With another wiggle the spandex slid down to her ankles and she kicked them off to the side.

All the was left now was a very small pair of orange thong panties. Lisa bent all the way over and let her fingers slide between her ass cheeks as she fingered her asshole and rubbed them up and down as she asked Chris if he liked what he saw “Oh my god yes” he replied.

“Well” Lisa turned around “Come get some” she purred as she slid around and spread her legs open and pointed at her wet pussy. Chris crawled over and slide his head right between her legs.

He went to remove the thin, small thong, but Lisa stopped him.

“Lick me with the panties on’ she demanded. Chris then gave her stomach light kisses as he gently licked right above where her panties started. His tongue went back and forth like a lawnmower cutting grass as with each sweep he went just a bit lower.

Finally his tongue was touching what little pubic hair was underneath the panties. He slide his tongue up underneath the panties and let it explore as best he could. Then he took his tongue out and began to lick the very wet crotch as his lips sucked up the juices that were stained on them. He began to lick up and down like a dog as Lisa moaned. He let his tongue work all over the small crotch as his tongue worked like a madman. Lisa couldn’t take it anymore as she reached over and hooked the panties and pulled them off her body.

Lisa rolled the panties in a ball and opened Chris’s mouth and rinsed them out over his mouth. Chris gulped down the pussy juice as Lisa then shoved the panties in his mouth for a minute, then pulled them out and pointed at her pussy.

Chris didn’t need to be told as he slide his mouth right over her pussy and began to give the lips little flicks with his tongue, teasing Lisa as he let his tongue explore and his mouth drank down droplets of juice. He then began to fuck Lisa with his tongue as he jammed it in and out as Lisa stroked his hair.

In and out in and out like a machine the tongue went in as the tip was soaking wet. He then put his whole tongue in and began to search out for what he was really looking for, a few licks to the left and a few flicks to the north and there was what he wanted: her CLIT!!!

He took a deep breath and then dived in. He attacked her clit like a rocket homing in a missile. He began to bite it very gently and spit on it as well. He then moved his lips around it and began to lick.

First very slowly, then he began to pick up the pace and began to lick faster, and faster and with more of an urge and passion. Lisa began to thrash around as her hips and legs began to go all over the place. She locked Chris’s head in place and he was forced to lick even if he didn’t want to. Lisa could feel an orgasm approaching as she grabbed Chris’s hair and let out a yell as she shook violently and then exploded. Chris kept right on licking as he İstanbul Escort opened his mouth and let the juice flow into its new home, his mouth.

He greedily licked on as he sucked up as much juice as he could, some even slid out onto his cheeks. Lisa then began to calm down as she let her legs open and Chris gave the clit a few more licks before he moved to her asshole….

Chris moved his tongue up as he wanted to lick Lisa’s puckered asshole in the worst way. He slide his tongue up and gave the little butthole a few licks before sliding out some salvia and then sliding it on the hole and then jamming his tongue in there.

In and out he forced his tongue in the ass as Lisa moaned for him to shove it in deeper. oh and did he, Chris with all his strength fucked her ass with his tongue. His cock was rock hard from the ass licking that he had to do something.

Reaching around he grabbed his cock and began to stroke it. Before Lisa could say anything his tongue was replaced with the head of his cock.

“What do you think your doing” Lisa screamed as Chris began to shove the head of his cock in her tight ass.

“Fucking you in the ass” Chris screamed as he watched the head go in.

“Oh i didn’t tell you, ohhh yeah fuck me oh I’m gonna get you, oh yeah make it hurt fuck my ass” Lisa screamed as her pussy was on fire as Chris fucked her ass.

His big, thick cock watched on as the asshole opened up and in it went. At first only like 2 inches would go in, but with some moving around soon all 8 inches went in and out. Lisa’s ass was very tight and Chris was not gentle as he fucked her.

He pulled out and then watched as Lisa’s small asshole accept his big hard cock. In and out in and out he thrusted in ramming his balls slapping her flesh.

“Oh yeah never fucked a girl in the ass, it feels good” Chris said in between thrusts.

“Oh I’m glad you like it baby cause I’m gonna do you next” Lisa purred…

“Yeah sure” Chris said no paying her any mind as he was lost in his world. In and out he rammed Lisa deep as he fucked her.

“Don’t you dare cum” Lisa told Chris as he pulled his cock out of her ass, she leaned over and gave it a few strokes as she turned her back and went and got some rope…

Lisa went and got the rope and hid it from Chris as they began to kiss, she lightly tied his wrist and then did the other as she then moved to his cock and began to stroke it as she worked on the ankles. soon he was all tied up but loose. then in a flash Lisa went up and tied Chris’s wrists to the bed. then she moved and slipped his feet high in the air.

“What the hell” Chris asked as Lisa began to play with his cock.

“I told your ass is mine after you got mine baby and I’m going to get that ass right now” Lisa purred as she pulled out a gold dildo. She then moved as she got some tape and taped Chris’s mouth shut.

“I’m gonna enjoy this as much as you I think” Lisa purred as she sucked on the dildo and got some oil and rubbed it all over Chris’s balls and asshole.

“Mmmmmm nice and tight, it will go in or I will force it in” Lisa purred as she spit on the dildo, then leaned over and winked at Chris.

“Every time you get my ass I get yours” Lisa cried as she slide the tip of the dildo around Chris’s hole. She tried to shove it in, but Chris’s ass would budge. Lisa looked down and moaned as this was turning her on to no end. Grabbing some more oil she lubed up the didlo till it was soaking wet.

Again she slide the dildo in Chris’s hole, she felt him squirm as the head went in as Chris’s ass opened for her.

“Oh yeah” Lisa purred as she watched the head go it “Oooo baby now you know what it feels like huh, yeah when you fuck us in the ass, well now we got yours” Lisa went and got more oil.

“I want to watch it go all in baby, i want you to take all of me” Lisa cried as she poured oil all over the dildo and went back and slid it back in Chris’s asshole. This time it went right in, a good 4 inches this time.

Lisa turned on the buzzer and twirled the dildo around like a clock. In and out like a real cock she slide the metal toy in and out of Chris’s asshole. Lisa’s pussy was on fire as this was turning her on more than ever. It was a huge power trip.

And she was loving every minute of it. She pushed the dildo in more and soon 7 inches was buried deep in Chris’s ass. Lisa then swung her legs around and placed her 2 dirty soles right over Chris’s nose.

The combo of denying Chris her feet and her fucking him was too much as she slide a free hand in her pussy. She watched as Chris was going nuts trying Anadolu Yakası Escort not to breathe in the foot aroma, but the hard cock in front of her told a different story. She rubbed her feet right under his nose, she knew that Chris was raging inside and she was loving it. It was such a turn on that she had another orgasm as she fucked Chris.

She then pushed the dildo in all the way so that 8 full inches were in his ass before slowly pulling it out and letting the dildo fall to the floor. She untied Chris’s legs and then went back and propped her feet right under his nose before plotting her next move.

Lisa let her feet rest just above Chris’s mouth just out of reach with his tongue. She then thought of a really fun thing to have Chris do as she lowered her feet right across his mouth.

“Clean em” Lisa demanded as she watched Chris open his mouth and she slide her filthy toes right in his open mouth. Chris worked over the toes like a marathon runner as he spread each toe and licked all in between before moving onto the next one. In his tongue went as the tip went along like a shovel as he scooped up the dirt and deposited it in his mouth and swallowed it down. In and out his tongue went around the front of the toes gliding along the toe polish and then around the back sending shivers down Lisa’s back.

Then Chris grabbed all 5 toes and shoved them in his mouth and gave little separate blow jobs to each toe. Lisa slide her foot in deep causing Chris to gag for a second as Lisa let out a small laugh as she then slide her foot in and out as her foot became a cock and she fucked Chris’s mouth with it as her free foot worked its way to his rock hard cock.

She let her toes play with his balls and under them as she teased his cock with her foot. Chris lifted up her precious dirty foot and began to lick right under the toes as he felt Lisa squirm. He knew this was a sensitive area. He licked like a man on a mission as he wanted the dirt off. His tongue was already black as he went to work on her foot. His tongue went to work as the wet tip gathered salvia and it slide against the dirty sole. Left, right, north and south his tongue went as it was all over her foot.

Then like an octopus he found a spot and began to suck on it real hard trying in vain to get the dirt off. Slowly and ever so slowly did the dirt begin to move to Chris’s tongue as he lightly bit her skin sending Lisa almost into another orgasm.

He then worked his way down the sides and began to lap at her feet like a dog licking water from a bowl. He then got to the bottom part of the sole and began to lap at that like a kid licking an ice cream cone. His cock was so rock that Lisa just had to lean over and start to suck on it all the while Chris continued to suck her foot. She rubbed his balls and felt an orgasm approaching so she gave it a few more tugs and then slowed down the pace denying the cum to spurt out as Chris moaned and that got Lisa even more hot as she knew this was killing Chris.

She then began to jerk his cock with her two hands and everytime she felt the cum ready to burst she stopped or slowed it down. Finally she decided it was time as she shoved her foot as deep as she could as she moved her 2 hands like a piston and waited for the volcano.

She felt him ready to cum and reached over and unknowing to Chris got a cup and with one more push the first blast of cum erupted into he cup as Chris let out a yell from here to China.

Wave after wave of cum shot out of the head of the cock and into the cup filling the entire bottom with thick cum. Soon it came in small spurts and Chris was in heaven as Lisa milked the last few drops dry and let them fall into the cup.

Lisa then turned over and put her one foot that was still dirty over Chris’s face and watched as he began to clean that foot as well.

“Some cleanser to help you out, it will get the dirt out i am sure” Lisa purred as she poured the cup with cum in it all over her toes and watched as the cum dripped down her toes and into Chris’s mouth and he had no choice but to swallow his own cum.

“Mmmmmmm drink your cum down my lover, suck it all up like a good boy” Lisa purred as she poured the rest of the cum into Chris’s mouth and he drank it all down as Lisa then watched as he sucked up the rest of the cum with a straw she handed to him. She watched the cum slide into the straw and down his throat.

“Mmmmmm was fun watching you suck down your cum, got me hot and wet” Lisa purred as she stood up and squatted over Chris’s mouth.

“One last present for you before i go, this will wash down your cum” Lisa said as she let loose with a gusher of hot warm piss that filled Chris’s mouth and he drank down ever drop as Lisa watched and winked as the last few drops went in his mouth and she watched him gulp it down.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm” Lisa purred as she shoved her heels in Chris’s mouth and left him like that.

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