CFnm Adventure – 2nd Visit

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Female Ejaculation

Note: This is the second story involving encounters between me as a submissive male and a Dominant BBW who responded to an ad I ran online. These stories are fantasies, but some of the specific acts are things I have done and enjoy doing. If you are a woman or a couple that enjoys doing any of these things I would like to hear from you regardless of where you live. If you are in the Washington, DC metropolitan area I am interested in forming a group of writers and readers who share similar interests in Female Domination, Big Beautiful Women and devotees of Cunnilingus, so please write.

The first story is titled First Time CFnm. I have written this sequel in such a way as it is not necessary to read the earlier story.

A couple of weeks went by before Lady M sent me a terse email telling me to call her to schedule another visit. Although somewhat nervous during the call I was also aroused and found myself with a somewhat painful erection being restrained by the tight jeans I had on by the time I hung up the phone.

When she opened her door on the appointed day you could have knocked me over with a feather. She was wearing a simple black dress with thin straps and a V-neck that showed enough cleavage to be tantalizing, but not so much as to appear slutty. This dress hugged her large figure in a way that was casually elegant yet emphasized the fact that she truly was the epitome of a Big Beautiful Woman. I have always found that my ideal shape was that of a BBW, but until I met her I had never imagined that any woman, regardless of size, could simultaneously appear both intensely erotic and culturally sophisticated.

She once again led me to the small room she used as an office (a former bedroom in her home), opened the closet door and wordlessly handed me a hanger for my clothes. I knew she expected me to strip and I did so immediately.

My first visit to her had been in response to an ad I had been running on craigslist for several months offering to repair home computers for free if I could do so in the nude. I have a strong sexually submissive aspect to my personality which incorporates many fetishes such as forced exhibitionism in Clothed Female nude male, or CFnm, scenarios. During that first visit I had stripped in this very room and then proceeded to remove a virus from her computer while she sat nearby, fully dressed, and occasionally played with my cock.

After removing the virus, she had me look at some pictures on the computer which she had arranged into folders with names such as “Bondage”, “CFnm”, “Female Domination” and “Feminization” and so on. That time I looked at the contents of the Bondage and CFnm folders only. The visit ended after she gave me a handjob and forced me to lick her fingers clean of my own cum. Then I performed cunnilingus on her until she pushed my face away after several orgasms. This desire to lovingly perform cunnilingus had led me to use the names LoveLicker and LoveLicker99 in some of my on-line ads.

When scheduling this second visit on the phone she didn’t tell me specifically what she intended. Last time she had said that if I agreed to become her slave she would subject me to many of the indignities and humiliations shown in the pictures on her computer. She made it clear that this was for her pleasure and entertainment, but that I would finally get a chance to act out some of my fantasies if I went along.

When I was completely naked my cock was hanging down; only semi-erect. Although I was very excited, I was also nervous and this prevented me from becoming completely erect. Lady M instructed me to sit at the computer and open up the folder labeled Female Domination. I was a little curious that she had a folder with this name since all of the other folders contained images that fell into the Femdom category. She must have read my mind since she explained that this folder was used for two purposes: to hold pictures she hadn’t yet categorized into their specific subject area, and to hold pictures that crossed over two or more categories.

This was evident with the first picture she had me open. A fat middle-aged white male slave was on the floor on his hands and knees sucking the cock of a young black man who was relaxing in a chair with a beer in his hand. The slave was wearing an obviously fake blonde wig and had on bright red lipstick. Behind the slave sat Lady M in another chair and she was sticking her finger into the slave’s asshole.

As she explained, this image fell into several categories, such as Forced-Bi, Feminization, Oral Service, Ass Play and Humiliation. She wanted to put a copy of this image into each of those folders, but that was a lot of work; work which was better performed by a slave.

During this time my penis had become painfully erect, not only because she had been idly stroking it, but because the picture was intensely arousing; naturally I pictured myself in the role of this slave. This was a surprising revelation to me. Had I Kartal Escort been asked before this moment, I would have said that I was completely straight and had no interest in performing fellatio, cross-dressing or other forms of feminization. Yet here I was rock hard from looking at a picture of a man like me on his knees, giving another man a blow job while wearing a wig.

When Lady M commented on my hard-on, I confessed my confused feelings about being so turned on. This made her laugh and she said she was glad I was turned on by this. She got a lot of pleasure from forcing straight men to become cocksuckers and making them degrade themselves by begging a real man to face fuck them. I told her that the concepts of humiliation and submission were the key points for me when I looked at that image; being forced to don a wig and lipstick in front of a “real” man, would be very humiliating. Being forced to suck his cock was even more humiliating; having my asshole violated at the same time just sent me over the edge. She said it wouldn’t happen today, but it was definitely in my future, as she used her finger and scooped some of the pre-cum that was leaking from my cock and brought it to my lips.

“He seems to like the taste; he probably would like to lick up another man’s cum.”

I jumped when I heard those words coming from somewhere behind me. I spun around in my seat and took in the sight of another woman. Like Lady M she was a BBW, but not nearly as attractive (to me) as there was nothing feminine about her. She was shorter and rounder; she was wearing a pair of jeans and a button-down denim shirt. She had very short hair and gave off the image of a very butch lesbian. Lady M introduced her as Dominique.

After a few seconds of being startled, I stood up from the chair and turned to face her. Lady M said that while it was good to remember my manners and stand when a lady entered the room, she wanted me to get into the practice of then kneeling before her guests. I dropped to my knees and apologized.

Lady M went on to explain that she had told Dominique about my first visit and had stressed the stamina I exhibited when I was tonguing her pussy to so many climaxes. Turning to me she said that although Dominique is a lesbian she thought she could use my tongue for her pleasure. She noticed that my cock twitched slightly as she imparted this news and she laughed again. Dominique didn’t want my tongue in her pussy; that was reserved for her girlfriend; she wanted me to rim her asshole.

Dominique discovered that she really enjoyed analingus and she could probably climax from a thorough rimming, but her girlfriend, while willing, simply didn’t have the stamina to lick her anus until she could cum. Dominique and her lover were in a faithful monogamous relationship, but they had discussed this at length and agreed that she should be able to use my tongue in this manner; that this would not be an unfaithful act since she would never be attracted to a man, regardless of what he did for her. The two of them believed that my exceptional stamina would enable me to lick her ass long enough for her to climax.

I wasn’t about to refuse the chance to worship a really big round ass with my mouth. (Although I knew I didn’t have any choice if I wanted to remain a slave to Lady M; I would have to service her friends as well, and that was okay by me.) My cock stood straight up as I kneeled before these two large women, rock hard and trembling with anticipation.

As I had told Lady M before, a fundamental aspect of my personality is that I need to feel humiliated when I am dominated. The fact that this stranger had walked in to see me completely naked was somewhat humiliating. More so was the fact that Lady M had shared my secret fantasies with this stranger (and probably other strangers as well). All of this was capped by the humiliation of serving only one purpose to this woman: to lick her asshole. It was certainly clear to me that as a lesbian and had no need for men in her life – I was only useful to her for my tongue. The intimacy of the act, coupled with its degrading nature is what made me so hard. I found my mouth watering at the prospect of being used in this way.

She sent me to the kitchen with instructions to prepare a pot of coffee for our guest. Once that was brewing she had me fetch a custom built queening stool from the storeroom that had a large softly padded toilet seat with a padded back and adjustable arms. She had me place it in a position to watch the television and then set up a small folding table beside it.

I brought in and served the coffee. Lady M said to leave the thermos carafe on the table beside the queening stool for Dominique, so that she could refill her cup as needed without interrupting me from task of licking her anus.

I was then instructed to lie down on my back and insert my head into the opening of the queening stool. My cock was rock hard and pointing toward Pendik Escort my face as I anticipated the opportunity to lick this stranger’s anus. Dominique removed her pants and panties and lowered herself into the chair, spreading her ass cheeks apart as she did so. In this position the clean pink rosebud of her asshole was just a few millimeters from my lips. It was encircled by dark curly hairs, and I could see some of the bushier, thicker hairs around the bottom of her vagina as well. I longed to reach my tongue out and tickle her rectum with it, but I knew better than to start without permission.

Lady M put a lesbian porn DVD in and started it. After a few minutes Dominique ordered me to start licking. She was very specific; she wanted me to slowly lick the crevasse between her ass cheeks from back to front, as far as I could reach. After a few minutes of this she ordered me to gently nibble on her cheeks, alternating around to cover as much of them as I could. Then she had me go back to the long slow licks.

As the video progressed she would play with her pussy with one hand, while sipping coffee with the other. As she became more aroused she began to perspire and I noticed a slight salty taste as I licked the sweat from her ass. Each time I extended my tongue near the bottom of her vagina, I could begin to taste some of the fluids leaking from there, adding to the delicious mixture.

Her masturbation became much more frantic and her breathing heavier as her arousal built. I was ordered to focus my tongue on her asshole and lick it with very fast short licks. After only a moment of this she started to climax. A rush of fluid gushed from her sopping wet pussy and flowed down to cover my face as I continued to lick. She hadn’t told me she was a squirter; I would have serviced her in the same way had I known, but I always feel a sense of pride when I am able to lick a woman so well that she comes so hard that she ejaculates.

As she settled down, she commanded me to worship her entire ass with long slow licks, as I had done in the beginning. I carefully and lovingly licked every drop of her combined fluids.

Unlike Lady M from a few weeks before, Dominique seamed completely spent by this one powerful orgasm. She didn’t want me to lick her to multiple climaxes, as I had done for Lady M; rather she wanted me to caress her ass with my tongue as she relaxed from the climax.

After several minutes of this gentle tonguing, Dominique announced that she needed to pee, and she asked Lady M if I had been trained to be a piss drinker.

Now this is what I classify as a forbidden fantasy; although I have longed for this treatment, I have rarely been able to admit it, much less request it from any of the women I have known. I had seen that Lady M had a folder of images on her computer labeled Golden Showers, but we hadn’t gotten to it yet and hadn’t even discussed the subject.

With the opportunity literally before me (or rather above me) I rashly began to beg for a chance to service Dominique in this most intimate way. I told her I longed for the chance to drink her golden nectar and be submitted to this degrading act.

The ladies laughed at my pitiful begging. Then Dominique slid back slightly on the queening stool and ordered me to position my mouth firmly under her hairy vagina and open wide.

It was only a matter of seconds until the hot, tangy liquid gold began filling my mouth. I couldn’t help myself; I reached down to my rock hard cock and began to stroke. In seconds I was spraying gobs of thick creamy cum across my belly and chest. Long after I had finished cumming the stream of pee continued from her pussy. All of the coffee she had consumed went right through her and was passed on to me in this never-ending stream of urine.

Eventually the stream died away to a trickle, then just a few drops. Dominique commanded me to lick her pussy clean of the remaining droplets of salty pee and ensure that I did a thorough job. She said didn’t want to have to use toilet paper to wipe her pussy, that’s what my slutty tongue was for.

As I finished thoroughly cleaning Dominique’s piss-drenched hairy cunt with my tongue, Lady M came around and scooped up cum from my belly and chest with her hand. She then ordered me to slide out from under Dominique and she fed me my warm and salty cum, commanding me to lick her hand and fingers clean.

Dominique got dressed to leave and told Lady M how much she enjoyed using my tongue. I was commanded to provide my contact information so Dominique could require my services directly. Dominique told me that although she and her partner were faithful to each other and had no interest in men, she could see one or two uses for my mouth since both of them always needed to pee strongly after they climaxed. Since I had done such a good job of swallowing her piss and licking her pussy clean afterward – and obviously enjoyed it so much – she would invite Göztepe Escort me over to lick her rectum in front of her lover, then they would both avail themselves of my toilet mouth after they made love, as a way of rewarding me for my service. She believed it would be entertaining to see a man beg to be degraded in this perverted way.

I was so turned on by this prospect that my recently spent cock was once again rock hard. I thanked her profusely for the opportunity to rim her and said I would gladly service her and her girlfriend in any manner they saw fit, even if only to drink their golden nectar. Dominique laughed and assured me that, with as much coffee and beer as she and her lover liked to drink, there would be no shortage of piss to degrade me with.

After Dominique left, Lady M had me sit down in front of her computer and begin sorting her pictures into their proper folders. As I worked she sat beside and told me to describe my feelings about the pictures I saw.

After working through a few dozen images, we came across one that showed a very large woman lying on her back. She was naked with her legs spread. Her hairy pussy was matted with thick gobs of cum and some was oozing from her vaginal lips. A young black man with six-pack abs stood next to the bed, cum also covering his erect and proud cock. A fat middle-aged white man had his face near her cum-drenched pussy. The caption read: “Lick my lover’s cum from my pussy you worthless sissy, then thank him for fucking your wife by licking his cock clean.”

Since I had already admitted to having a sissy cock-sucking fantasy, I told Lady M that this image was also very arousing, since it tapped into a cuckolding fantasy I had. In this fantasy I would be the husband or boyfriend of a middle-aged Dominant BBW who enjoy the attentions of powerfully-built younger male lovers. I would be forced to find these men for her on the Internet and arrange meetings at our home. I would be required to be completely naked when serving them. The essence of the scenario would be for me to prepare her pussy and his cock with my tongue, watch them have intercourse, then lick them both clean. I had spelled out this fantasy in online ads in the Washington City Paper, but had not had any responses. I had many variations of this fantasy, but Lady M told me to save them for another time.

She said was glad that I was turning out to be such a compliant slave and she told me about her turn-ons. She wasn’t into pain; she enjoyed sensual domination and verbal control. She didn’t want a slave that she would have to punish, as that was a lot of work.

She derived a great sense of power from having a man do her bidding without any fuss, and she was entertained by humiliating him. Aspects of that humiliation would be demonstrated by the fact that I was always to be completely naked in her presence and that of her friends. She was not into cross-dressing but she would also humiliate me by occasionally forcing me to wear a wig, or lipstick, or something else that would display me as a sissy, particularly if she had friends over. Ultimately, the humiliation would be to perform degrading, intimate services, primarily with my mouth and tongue

Today’s experience of ordering a straight, conservative-appearing 50 year-old white male to lick the asshole of an extremely heavy 25 year-old butch lesbian was one such turn-on. Watching me drink her piss only added to her pleasure; hearing me beg to drink her pee was an added bonus; I was turning out to be a good slave.

In fact, Golden Showers were an important part of her sexual makeup; she loved standing or squatting over a naked and helpless man and pissing all over him. She also enjoyed just sitting over his eager open mouth and peeing directly down his throat.

She was glad that I was turned-on by the cock-sucking and cuckolding pictures because she really enjoyed forcing a straight man (particularly a straight, overweight, middle-aged white man like me) to suck a cock. Specifically she had one penis in mind: the hard cock a younger, very masculine, strapping and Dominant black man; a friend of hers. He had a really beautiful cock, the only one she enjoyed fucking, and she wanted me to come over next week so I could entertain her by submitting to her friend and she said that, although she and I were not husband and wife, she would effectively cuckold me during this visit.

For now she wanted to climax herself and saw no reason not to use the queening stool. She ordered me to make fresh coffee and restart the lesbian DVD.

After attending to these tasks, she had me slip a condom over my cock and position myself under her ample bottom in the queening stool and begin to worship her already damp pussy with my tongue. She said that she and Dominique had once been lovers, but that unlike Dominique, Lady M was bisexual and still enjoyed cocks. These days they were simply friends; Lady M had another woman whom she played with when she wanted a female lover. The combination of mentally picturing Lady M making love to a woman and the delicious taste of her now sopping wet vagina gave me anther erection. Lady M cautioned me not to stroke myself just yet; she would decide when – and if – I could cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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