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On Monday my balls still hurt like crazy, even in the evening, then on Tuesday the pain wasn’t quite so bad, on Wednesday I felt I could risk having a quick wank. I was working at home that day, and my wife had gone to London on the train, so I was free to delve in the linen basket for a pair of her used knickers.

I found a beige pair, not thongs, which are too small to catch all my cum, but quite nice, with some lace, and very satiny. I lay on the bed and masturbated gently and slowly, remembering my wife being finger fucked by the student in the park, then remembering her giving him a hand wank, then the incredible thrill I felt when she leaned forward and started to suck his cock. Thinking those thoughts got me really hard, and I was soon wanking furiously, remembering her wondering out loud what the boy ‘will’ be like in bed. My mind focussed on that one word, not ‘would’ but ‘will’. That was it for me, I felt my orgasm coursing through my balls and cock and erupting into the back of her knickers. Wow my balls hurt! I’d forgotten all about the pain, but it certainly came back as my cum spurted out.

Thursday I wanked again, with less pain from my balls, then on Friday I stayed chaste in anticipation of having sex on Saturday morning with my wife before going off to my exhibition in Birmingham on Sunday.

Saturday morning my wife touched me and teased me, but said that she wanted to leave having sex until the early evening, so I didn’t have to do without for too long. I said ok, and we got out of bed, dressed, ate breakfast and headed for town to look at some jewellery for her birthday.

As she walked in front of me on our way to the mall I got a chance to enjoy the view of my gorgeous wife. She was wearing a thin summer dress, white with a floral pattern in green and pale blue. As the flared skirt moved in the breeze, there were times when it was possible to see her pale blue thong through the material, which made my cock twitch, and was probably having the same effect on every other man who saw her.

I caught up with her at the door.

“You are looking so sexy my love.”

“Thank you, I’ve noticed a few guys giving me the once over, which is always nice. This dress is virtually see through isn’t it?”

“Yes my love, it is.”

“Can you see what colour my panties are from behind.”

“Some of the time.”

“So don’t walk behind me, I want other men to get the chance to admire my underwear, not you.”

“Oh, ok, sorry my love.”

I felt my frustrated cock stir at her comment.

“Here’s the first store, stand beside me so lots of guys will get a treat when I bend forwards. Now, how much can I spend?”

“I don’t know my love, how much do you want to spend?”

“That’s a stupid answer. Ok, I’ll ask a different question. How much do you want to have sex this evening?”

“A lot, of course.”

“So put a value on it.”

“I don’t know, £200?”

“That doesn’t value me very highly, you won’t even get a quick wank for that!”

“Oh, £300?”

“Hmmnn…a slow wank…don’t you want full sex?”

“£400…I don’t have any more!”

“Ok, there’s a nice gold bangle for £450 and there’s that one at £530, let’s go and look at them.”

She set off ahead of me into the store, and I followed, gazing lustfully at her cute arse, trying to quell the fear in my head over how much she was proposing I spend on her birthday present. There were several sales girls free, but my wife made a bee line for a young guy, who looked thrilled by her approach.

“Are you going to look after me?”

“I’ll try.”

“Well, I think you should try especially hard, don’t you?”

“I will, how can I help you?”

“I want to look at some gold bangles I saw in the window.”

“Certainly madam, what was the tray number?”

“I’m afraid I’ve no idea, follow me and I’ll show you.”

She turned on her heels and walked back towards the door, and her new puppy rushed past me, so he could follow her closely. His eyes followed her cute bum cheeks very closely indeed. In fact he was concentrating so hard on her cute arse that when she stopped, he didn’t, bumping into her back and grabbing around her waist to prevent her falling over.

“Careful, you must pay attention.”

“Sorry madam.”

“What colour is my underwear?”

“Pale blue.”

“Good, at least you were paying attention to something. I want to see that tray there, with the bangle Anadolu Yakası Escort for £530. You’ll have to let go of me to go and get it, and the bulge that’s pressing between my bum cheeks is going to be embarrassing. Follow me closely so no-one can see it.”

Sometimes I think I should have married an ugly woman.

“I don’t know about you my love, but I’m really having fun!”

Before I could answer her, the boy was back behind his counter, holding the tray of bangles in front of the tent in his trousers.

“Oh, I didn’t notice that one, it’s only a bit more, £600, and it’s much nicer.”

“It’s £695.”

“When I have lovers I’m sure they’ll be much less stingy buying me presents than you husband, what do you think little boy?”

“I s s s suppose so,” he stammered.

“There you are hubby, even this little boy would be generous if it got him into my knickers, I’ll take this one, pay the boy hubby, I’m going over there to look at shoes.”

We both watched her walk out of the store, arse cheeks bobbing up and down as she walked.

“She’s so gorgeous.”

“You can’t afford her.”

“True, that’s £695 please.”

I handed him my debit card, wondering how much more we would spend before the day was over.

We finally arrived home at about 6pm, with my bank account close to a thousand pounds lighter. I won’t itemise what else she bought for herself, but she avoided feeling guilty by suggesting I get something as well. Sometimes women’s logic completely eludes me. We managed to squeeze in a very nice, and expensive, lunch at Loch Fyne, which I really enjoyed. My wife drank champagne by the glass, and she was still a little tipsy when we arrived home.

“I’m so horny, darling, shall we go straight to bed?”

“Yes, great!”

“You need to shower first, so I’ll have a quick glass of Prosecco. Shout when you are on the bed naked.”

“Ok my love, I won’t be long.”

I showered, dried myself, and got to the bed in about five minutes, and called down to my wife. It took her about ten minutes to finish whatever she was doing, then when she came into the bedroom she was carrying several leather cuffs.

“I wasn’t sure whether this is another of your fantasies or not, but I figured it probably is. Lay on your back baby, I need to secure you with these cuffs.”

I did as she instructed and she proceed to lock my legs stretched out to the bed posts, then my arms, not above my head as I expected, but out to the side. Having secured me, my wife did a lovely slow strip tease, which got my cock hard. Once naked she sat on the bed next to me, and started to gently stroke around the head of my penis.

“So my love, it’s time for a little chat.”

“Oh, ok.”

I was in heaven with her stroking, and struggling to concentrate.

“So, we did all of your ‘willing to do’ fantasies last weekend, and I’ve just added in bondage, as a free bonus, what do you say?”

“Thank you my love, thank you very much.”

“That’s good, but now it’s time to discuss the three fantasies that you weren’t so sure about actually doing, don’t you agree?”

“I suppose so my darling.”

“There’s no suppose about it. You’ve had everything you could have asked for, now it’s time to move on in our relationship. So, let’s discuss the final three. Name one of them.”

“Me watching you flirting with a stranger, like you did at the dance.”

“Right, well, we will do that again, but I’m not sure I want to be a tease like that the next time, which brings us on to the second one, which is?”

“You having sex with another man”

“Quite right my love, and that is going to happen, but not tonight, and you are away from tomorrow morning for nearly a week, so that leaves us with?”


I had a cold feeling in my body, as she reached into her bedside drawer and brought out a metal cage, with a padlock attached.

“I bought this during the week from the pampered diva website along with the cuffs. I know you’ve tried the plastic one, but now I need something more secure.”

“But you said we would be having sex this evening.”

“Yes, my love, we are going to have the full sex I promised you, but afterwards I’m going to lock you up.”

She put the chrome cage on my chest, next to my face, and climbed on top of me. She stroked my rampant cock a little more then slid it into her warm and slippery pussy. As she started Bostancı Escort to ride me with long sensual movements she explained my immediate future.

“I’m going to fuck you like this until you fill me with cum. Then I’m going to climb onto your face and you are going to give me a series of fabulous orgasms with your tongue, swallowing all of your gooey cum in the process. Ok so far?”

“Yes, my love, very.”

“Good. When I’m completely satisfied I’m going to wash your deflated penis, and lock it in this cage. Do you understand?”

“Yes my love, but I’m away early tomorrow morning, so it’ll only be on for a few hours.”

“Don’t be silly, it’s going to stay on for a week, at least.”


“You heard, next Saturday we’ll discuss the possibility of you getting some relief, but we will also be discussing the final fantasy, and your attitude to that will have a big impact on my decision. Do you understand?”

“Yes my love, I understand perfectly.”

“Good, so let’s get you milked, so I can enjoy your tongue. You can fantasise about being a cuckold locked in a chastity cage for the last time, soon it won’t just be a fantasy. Enjoy your orgasm in my pussy, it’s going to become a very rare treat for you, and I’m going to be trying out lots of different cocks.”

Everything happened as she predicted and Sunday morning I found myself driving up the motorway towards Birmingham, with a metal cage locked onto my private parts, wondering how I could possibly last a week without an orgasm.

Sunday I was busy all day at the exhibition, so I hardly noticed the metal cock cage locked on my genitals. In the evening I had dinner alone, and quite a bit to drink, so I fell asleep without any problem. In the morning I woke quite early, due to a pain in my cock. At first I couldn’t work out what was wrong, but then I tried to touch myself, and remembered that I was locked up.

I got up, showered, had breakfast and went off to the exhibition again, thinking that the cage wasn’t so bad, it was only for a week.

By Monday evening my cock was starting to twitch, especially when attractive women were about, which at that show was a lot. Monday night, despite taking a pill to make me drowsy, I found sleeping extremely difficult. I woke countless times with an attempted erection, lay awake for ages, dozed off, then woke again with yet another semi erection.

Tuesday was torture, my cock seemed to be pressing against the confines of the cage, and every woman looked gorgeous, smelt wonderful. They all seemed to need to hug and kiss me, the frustration was driving me nuts. I told my wife how bad it was when I phoned her, but she just laughed, and told me to get used to it. How could I?

Wednesday was the final day, and I got away at just after 4pm, but it was nearly 8:30 by the time I got home. I was exhausted, and my wife had earlier phoned me to tell me to get a take away, as she didn’t want to cook. At bedtime she insisted on seeing my poor imprisoned penis. She stroked it through the cage, then massaged my balls, laughing at how it tried to expand but couldn’t. I begged her to give me some relief, but she was hard hearted, and said no.

Thursday the frustration was even worse, exacerbated by my wife, who was working at home, and she kept fondling my balls, kissing me passionately, and so on. At 6pm she announced that she was horny from being denied sex all week, and that I must use my tongue to satisfy her. I spent well over an hour with my head buried between her legs, and didn’t even get a thank you.

Friday was a repeat of Thursday, so my frustration attained levels I wouldn’t have believed possible, and Friday evening, my tongue was between my wife’s legs again, licking her to countless climaxes.

Saturday morning I was awake early, going through hell with my cock continually trying to get erect, not helped by the fact that the only subject I could think of was sex. More specifically, my wife having sex with other men, while I watched, locked in a chastity cage. I wasn’t sure if these were visions of my future or just fantasies, and worse still, I couldn’t work out whether I was imagining a personal hell, or a glimpse of a submissive heaven.

Hours went by until my wife woke up, very sleepy, but seemingly happy and in love with me. She rolled over, kissed me sweetly on my lips, then started fondling my balls.

“Make me some coffee horny boy, then we Erenköy Escort can talk.”

“Ok my love,” I said but felt dismayed that we were to talk more.

I went down stairs to make my wife’s black coffee, and tea for me. We were alone in the house, no children or sisters visiting, so I went down naked, except for my metal chastity cage. My balls ached, my penis kept throbbing, and I knew I would agree to anything to get some relief. That knowledge filled me with trepidation about our little talk. I had no choice anyway, my wife literally held the key to my future, and my cock. I would have to give in and let her do what she wanted. This was what Carol, her sister, had wanted my wife to do all those weeks ago, and I had just being delaying the inevitable.

I brought the coffee back, placing my wife’s cup on her bedside cupboard, then took my tea round to my side.

“Take your sleep shorts off sweetheart, I want to be able to play with your balls.”

“Oh, ok, my love.”

My beautiful sleepy, dominating wife held my balls gently while she snoozed. At one point she actually dropped off to sleep. Eventually she came round enough to drink her coffee, after which she snuggled back down next to me and held my balls again. This time, however she wasn’t fondling them, she was squeezing them, not incredibly hard, uncomfortable, but not agony.

“Right my love, let’s get started. I think you already know that today is the day when we change the way our relationship works, yes?”

“I have worked that out, yes my love.”

“The first thing is that my natural dominance over you is going to become official. From this moment on, I am in charge and you do what I say, in all things, without question. Do you accept that fact?”

“Yes my love, I do.”

“Good, the second change, which follows on from the first, is that you wearing a chastity device 24/7 is what I want you to do, so that’s what you are going to do. You will only get out for cleaning, or if I decide to give you some sexual relief. Do you understand?”

“Yes I do my love.”

“And obviously I am the only person involved in deciding when you get sexual relief. Well, I may ask my sister’s opinion sometimes, but you must never try to get involved.”

“Please don’t ask your sister, I’ll never get out!”

“Ha, ha, poor baby.”

“So far this is going really well, however, now we come to the difficult bit. You are no longer in a position to make a decision on whether I sleep with other men. I’m going to be having sex with lots of different men, and I don’t need your permission.”

“I understand, it’s not unexpected.”

“So, now you have a bit of a choice to make on how this works. Plan one is that you accept that I’m having sex with other men, encourage me, help me choose things to wear, cook dinner for my lovers, ring them to set up dates, be enthusiastic to hear how good they were in bed. If you agree to plan one, and stick to it, I will try to make sure you get some sort of orgasm most weekends, and we may even have full sex from time to time. Plan two is you not joining in, but grudgingly accepting that I have sex outside our marriage. If you take that route, I will rarely remember to give you relief, maybe once per month, and even then it will be a ruined orgasm, and sometimes I might forget for several months. What do you think? Plan one or Plan two?”

“I hardly have a choice there my love, it’ll have to be Plan one. I’ll have to try to get used to being repeatedly cuckolded, and join in, like being your gay best friend”

“Good, but it’ll be more fun than you being gay, as I’ll know how frustrated you are, and how painful it is for you to see men enjoying fucking me, while you are locked in a cage.”

“Yes, I suppose so.”

“Stop saying suppose!”

“Sorry my love.”

“Anyway, we’ll make a start tonight. Since you’ve chosen Plan 1, I think we’ll go to the dinner dance again, and see what happens. Today we can go shopping for a new outfit for me to wear tonight, ok?”

“Ok my love.”

“Hopefully I’ll make you a cuckold tonight, then you can cum tomorrow.”

“Not today? I’m so horny!”

“No, not today, I need you horny until after the dance, to give you a strong incentive to behave well.”

“Does that mean I won’t get to cum if you don’t?”

“Probably. I don’t think you should cum again until you are officially a cuckold and have had a chance to show how well you’re going to behave. Anyway, don’t worry your frustrated cock head about it. You won’t be taking part in the decision, I’ll just let you know what I’ve decided.”

“I understand my love.”

“Good, now off you go and shower, we need to buy me some really sexy clothes.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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