Breaking In Ch. 1

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I arrived home around 6 pm to meet my husband at the door. He had a gleam in his eye I had never seen before. “Tonight,” he announced, “you will be broken in.” I looked at him and wondered how many he’d had before I got home.

He took my hand and led me into the house. I couldn’t smell any alcohol on him and began to wonder just what he was doing. He took me into the bathroom and began to remove my clothing. He had removed my blouse and bra before I was even able to say anything. “Eric, what are you doing? Have you lost your mind?” I asked.

“That will cost you. You will not challenge your master,” he answered. I was whirled around so my back was to him and immediately my hands were bound behind my back with a velvet tie. Just as quickly a black, silk scarf was tied over my eyes. A swat landed on my backside as soon as the knot on the scarf was finished.

“That is for questioning me. You will not do so again. Do you understand?” he asked. I nodded my head, feeling very excited as total understanding dawned on me.

In our relationship, if one of us is dominant it is usually me. Last night, however, my husband was asking about my fantasies and I told him I had always wanted to be a sub. “Don’t get me wrong,” I had said, “I’m not into beatings or anything that would leave a mark for more than a few minutes, I just want to lose all control.” He hadn’t said anything more about it, so I figured he had just blown it off. Obviously, I was very wrong.

I was getting very excited. Eric drew my skirt and stockings slowly down my long legs. I could feel his warm breath on my pussy and got chills from it. I was sure he was going to eat me. I was wrong.

I heard the cabinet door open and items being removed and placed on the counter. I heard the water run for what seemed an extremely long time and smelled something minty. I thought perhaps he was running a bath for me. Wrong again.

The water was shut off and a minute or so later I felt his warm hand on my back, then his other hand on my stomach. “I need you on your knees,” he stated and guided me down to the floor. I was surprised he had lain a small throw rug Bostancı Escort there in the last few minutes. He then guided me so I was leaning over what I could only assume was the bathtub edge covered in soft towels. “If you promise to be good, I’ll untie you,” he said. I nodded my head slowly.

He began to stroke my back telling me to relax. Instead, I got very excited wondering what he had planned. I found out soon enough. I could feel him leaning over me, his breath on my neck. I then felt him rubbing something wet on my anus; it felt great. Slowly, I felt him glide something small into my anus. “Hold this for me my sweet,” he whispered in my ear. I began to reach back, but he stopped me. “Not with your hands, slave,” he said softly while placing my arms back over the tub. I tried as hard as I could to grip it with my ass. I felt Eric move slightly away from me and began to feel very hot water trickling slowly into my ass. I instinctively tried to stand, but Eric placed his hand forcefully on my back. “You must be cleansed, my slave,” he simply stated. I tried to accommodate the water and the warmth. I could feel a tingling sensation and realized the mint I had smelled must be in the enema water. Slowly, I began to notice the amount of flow was increasing. Soon it was rushing into my bowels making me hot and sweaty and somewhat crampy. I squirmed a bit. “Hush,” Eric stated, “I will make it better for you.” He replaced his hand on my lower back very gently and with his other hand began to ease the syringe in and out of my ass. He had lubricated it well and I realized he must have been holding it the whole time or it never would have stayed in. I began to be very turned on by the ass fucking I was receiving and moaned.

“So you want more?” Eric asked. His hand left my back and the water began to pour into me at an alarming rate. “Take it, my sweet,” he said, “take it deep inside of you.” Soon the bag was empty.

“Now, hold it like a good girl,” Eric told me as he removed the syringe. Almost immediately, I felt something much larger, though equally well greased, being pressed against my opening. I resisted somewhat, Kadıköy Escort afraid the water might come out all over the floor. “Relax and trust me,” he whispered in my ear. I took a deep breath and tried to relax as he eased back on the object. Suddenly, he pushed extremely hard on my ass and I realized he had just shoved a butt plug deep inside of my rectum.

“Now, my sweet, you will give me pleasure,” Eric stated. He placed a hand under my elbow and helped me to my feet. Carefully, he guided me to our bed and laid me down upon my back. I felt his hand on my pussy. “You are so wet,” he said. He had one hand was on my clit massaging it slowly while the other pinched first one nipple, then the other. The pinching became harder and he began to pull my nipples up more and more until my entire breast would rise off my body (no small feat with my C cup size). AT the same time, he began massaging my clit faster and faster. I began to squirm, wanting to feel him inside of me, feeling the pressure build deep in my pussy.

Suddenly, he was on me, sliding his lovely cock up and down my slit, teasing my clit and my opening. I lunged my hips up at him and he entered me quickly. I felt so full it was almost nauseating.

“God,” Eric groaned, “all that hot water has made your pussy a furnace. Fuck me, Brenda, fuck me with your hot pussy.” His hand slid down to my clit and began to rub in circles as he plunged all the way into my cervix over and over. I began to feel a climax and with the butt plug up my ass, Eric’s cock up my pussy and his fingers on my clit I came hard and screamed. Eric grabbed my arms, pinned them above my head, pulled out of my pussy and dove in deeper than he ever had before. He came immediately. I could feel him pumping load after load into me.

The night was off to a very good start

I lay on the bed recovering from the most intense fuck I had ever had. Still deprived of my vision by the scarf tied around my head, I began to wonder what was in store for me next. I didn’t have long to wait.

“Up, my sweet,” Eric murmured in my ear. He grabbed my hand and pulled me to my feet. Göztepe Escort “God, Eric, that was so great…” I began. “Shhh, we’ve barely even started,” he said.

I was led back to the bathroom. “Bend over, slave.” I complied immediately. “I am going to remove your buttplug now. Do NOT make a mess on this floor,” he instructed sternly. I was more than a bit worried. I tightened my ass, not realizing Eric had already known I would respond this way AND that it would make pulling out the buttplug harder for me. I felt his hand placed firmly on my lower back. Suddenly an incredible yank was given on the plug and it popped out. I was immediately lowered to the toilet and allowed to relieve myself.

When I was done, I was handed toilet paper to use and then stood again. “Step up, slave,” Eric said as I was led into the tub. I heard the water come on and felt it splash on my feet and legs. It was cold. “Turn around now.” I turned my back to the water. “Now kneel down, with your face flat on the bottom of the tub.” I did, wondering what he planned.

I didn’t have to wait long. “Hold your ass open for me.” This was a little much, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be quite so exposed. “Eric,…” I started. A sharp swat on my ass interrupted me. “You will not challenge or question your master’s commands. Do you understand?” “Yes, master,” I said. “I am waiting, slave,” Eric said. I carefully reached behind me and pulled my ass open for him. “Much better, my pet,” he praised. Warm spray began to wash over my anus and pussy. I felt him open my pussy up with his hand and clean it with the shower spray. Next I felt a soft cloth rubbing over my anus. It felt very thin and somewhat slippery. Slowly Eric began to insert a finger into my asshole with the cloth wrapped around it. I tensed up. “Let me, my sweet,” he muttered. I felt his finger enter me all the way. He began to twist it around and around, then began to finger-fuck me slowly with it. I began to moan as the pleasure began to mount. I couldn’t believe how much I could enjoy having my ass played with. “That’s enough for now,” Eric stated as he slowly removed his finger and the cloth from my ass. He held my hole open even more and warm water splashed over me.

He shut the water off and helped me to stand. I was then patted dry by a thick towel. Eric took my arm and helped me out of the tub. “Now you are prepared to be broken in.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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