BluBalls for Kitty’s BootBoy Ch. 08

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Bouncing Tits

I had slowly building up my BootBoy with some ongoing fun and games, but now it was time to start getting kinkier! So far, in tonight’s little boot-teasing activities, I had mostly been showing off and letting my BootBoy do relatively tame things to my boots, like touching them and kissing them.

Of course, this fun had been preceded by lots of brazen and shameless displays of myself and my boots for him – strutting around, making him follow me on his hands and knees and playing little games like ordering him to come and get them but then denying him…this had proven to be very enjoyable for me, and for him too, even though he had not been afforded the pleasure of really doing what he wanted to them.

But little by little, that was about to change! My first two outfits for the evening had been a white one and a baby pink one, with boots to match, and my behavior had been relatively sweet and nice, even though I was being somewhat cruel in my tease and denial of his desires. Ooo, the yummy contradictions of those two things!

And at the end of my last little boot-tease, I had used the toe of one of my shiny pink boots to touch his erection inside his pants for the first time. After all the showing off and touching and kissing of my boots, having me finally touch his sex organ was very exciting for him, even if it was being done with it still in his pants…

But as I said, now it was time to start getting kinky…well, kinkier, that is!

I had left him in the other room as I marched back into my dressing room, and I was going to select an appropriately HOT outfit – this time, it was going to be bright red. I selected a red and black push-up bra, and put on a sexy red angora button-down crop sweater, very similar to the other white and pink sweaters I had worn that night. It was very short, and only covered the top half of my torso, leaving my waist and tummy bare. I wrapped the sweater around my breasts, which were being pushed up and together by the sexy bra, creating wonderful cleavage, and I only buttoned the bottom two buttons, leaving my cleavage very exposed. Sound familiar?

I then selected a shiny red micro-miniskirt and slipped it on, and I still had on the required shiny gold jewelry – earrings, bracelets, dangly necklaces of different lengths falling down between my boobs, and a sparkly gold heart belt. And then, I picked out a fabulously sexy pair of shiny red boots, with platforms and a slutty 7″ heel.

I fluffed up my sexy long blonde hair, and painted my juicy lips with glistening wet, red lip gloss. I really looked like a slutty blonde hussy! I then posed for myself in the mirror, fussing over my top and skirt for a moment, and when I was satisfied with the details of my appearance I pranced back into the living room where my BootBoy was faithfully waiting.

“Hello there, BootBoy!” I said gleefully, strutting confidently toward him and posing for him with my hands on my hips as he sat on the floor and looked up at me hungrily. “Things are getting exciting now, aren’t they?” He just nodded and smiled, and I pointed down at my sexy red boots and continued, “Now, feast your eyes on these red boots, BootBoy, and tell me what you think! Do you like them??”

I started to strut back and forth in front of him, spinning around to face away from him, looking back at him and lifting up one of the high heels, showing it to him, saying, “And just look at these sexy high heels, BootBoy! You wanna do naughty things to them, don’t you!”

He just stared, unable to respond, still quite overwhelmed by my brazen indulgence of his desires. Being so openly confronted by his fetishistic boot-needs was still very new to him, and I just loved the way I could overload his senses with my boots!

I decided to get right to it, and I turned around to face him, took a few steps back for added effect and practically shouted, “Come here!” He ambled over toward me, and I leaned against the wall to keep my balance and lifted one boot up to him, sticking it right in his face. This time I did not deny him as he kissed the toe repeatedly, but then I pulled it away and sat down on the couch, ordering him to come with me and kneel in front of me.

“So…I know you want to do other naughty things to my boots, don’t you!” It wasn’t a question…it was more like an accusation.


“And we haven’t İstanbul Escort talked about what those naughty things are yet, have we?”

“No, we haven’t!”

“Would it surprise you to know that I think I have a pretty good idea as to what those naughty things might be??”

He just looked at me, not sure what to say. His kinkiest boot-desires were right on the tip of his tongue, and even though I had been teasing him quite deliciously with my white boots and pink boots so far, we had focused on only his tamer interests, like being made to follow me around on his hands and knees, and then being allowed to hold my boot in his hands and caress them. Then he had let him start kissing them, but each of these favors was preceded by extensive teasing and denying.

Like I said, even though I was indulging him in these naughty behaviors, so far we had not proceeded into any more overtly sexual acts involving my boots, and I was enjoying the process of drawing out his enslavement, leading him excruciatingly slowly into his inevitable fate. And the way I was doing it, encouraging him to try to do what he wanted, but then denying him the privilege, was leaving him feeling like every little tidbit of my boots I granted him was a delightful sexual gift!

But now it was time to heat things up to a boiling point, and I just sat there and crossed one leg over the other, dangling the foot of my boot up and down. He eyed it hungrily but did not move a muscle, and I loved the fact that he was taking nothing for granted, that he was waiting obediently for me to allow him whatever favor I might decided to give…

“You DO like these sexy red boots, BootBoy!” Again, it was NOT a question…


“What do you like about them?”

“Oh, Mistress…I love how shiny they are!”

“And the color?”

“Yes – I love red, it’s so hot and sexy…”

“Feast your eyes!”

“Yes, Mistress!”

I continued to bounce the boot up and down while he watched, and I noticed the way his mouth hung open. I just sat there and waited for him to lose control of his impulses, wondering if he would reach out and try to touch it. But he didn’t. So I decided it was time for a little encouragement.

“You wanna touch it?”


“You sure?”


“Go ahead!”

He slowly reached out with both hands, reaching toward the bottom of my sexy boot, but I lifted it up, evading his approach, and he slowly followed as I moved the boot around, side to side, up and down, to keep it out of his grasp. This game was becoming quite familiar to him, and he dutifully played along, slowly following my boot as I led his hands round and round in circles. It was delightful to watch!

Finally I let him have it, and he cradled it softly in his hands, letting his fingers run all over it before moving around to the kinky spiked heel. I lifted it away again, holding it up in the air so he could see the heel…I knew this was of particular interest to him.

“You like the high heels on these boots?”


I looked at them longingly, moving it round and round. “My, my, they are VERY sexy, aren’t they?”


“They’re even higher than the other ones…”

“I…I love them!”

“You do???”


“You wanna do naughty things to them?”


“Like what?”

He hesitated…and I just held the spike heel right in front of his face, bouncing it up and down, taunting him with it, daring him to tell me what he wanted. But he wouldn’t…he was just too embarrassed, so I figured I’d have to coax it out of him some more…

“You wanna kiss those spike heels, don’t you, BootBoy?”

It was such a great question, and I just loved asking it, particularly because I knew what the answer was, but he was too embarrassed to say it himself. He looked into my eyes and I smiled back at him, continuing, “It’s okay, sweetie, I know you want to, now tell Kitty all about it!”

He paused a few more seconds, then practically exploded as he burst out, “YES! I wanna kiss your high heels!”

“What else does my naughty little BootBoy want?”


“You wanna lick them too, don’t you!”


I continued to offer the boot to him, extending it toward him as he stared at it, and then I lifted it up to his lips and Anadolu Yakası Escort told him, “Go ahead! Kiss it. And if you do a good job, maybe I’ll let you lick it too! And don’t forget there’s a high heel on BOTH of these sexy boots I’m wearing…”

I held it still, bending my knee to draw him in very close to me, and I watched carefully as he grasped the boot and began planting kisses along the length of the heel. As he did this, I lifted up the other boot and began teasing his cock inside his pants with the tip of the toe.

As things proceeded exactly at the paced I wanted them to, I talked to him soothingly, recapping our kinky little activities so far, telling him how much I enjoyed teasing and denying him repeatedly. I even felt a little guilty as I realized how difficult I had been making things for him. But he openly confessed that he loved it, loved the way I was slowly luring him along, making him work for every little morsel of reward I offered him, showing him things to get him hot but not letting him have them.

This excited me greatly and made me feel like I could go even farther with the teasing games…that maybe I could deny him even more cruelly and see just how far I could go with him…

I continued to let him kiss the high heel, and then told him to start licking it, and I was surprised at the way he was so enthusiastic as he used his tongue to lick every inch of it, up and down…

Soon the distraction of my boot touching his cock proved to be too much to manage, and he stopped licking the heel as the feelings of arousal overwhelmed him. His eyes closed as the pleasure ran through his body, and I watched it happen for a minute but then took the other boot away from his face and said teasingly, “What’s wrong, BootBoy? Did something distract you?”

He moaned as I stroked the toe of my boot along the bulge in his pants some more, and then I just pushed on it softly, then a little harder. He didn’t speak for a moment, which I found fascinating.

“Answer me!”

“I’m sorry, Mistress, I…”

“You what?”

“That feels good!”

“What does?”

“Your boot on my…my…”

“Awwww…I was wondering if my naughty BootBoy would want his Mistress to do that to him! Well, now I know…”


“Please what??”

“Please tease me with your boot!”

“Tease you with my boot?”


“What boot?”


“Isn’t that what I’m doing?”


“You want me to stop?”


“You want me to keep teasing you?”


“Keep licking my high heel then, you naughty boy!”

He started licking up and down the length of the spike heel again, and I watched as I continued to tease his cock in his pants with my other boot. I allowed this to continue for several minutes, noticing how his excitement level rose as he continued to lick the heel enthusiastically.

I was really enjoying the mind game at this point, teasing him mercilessly by leading him in little verbal circles…ordering him to do what I wanted, making him tell me his desires, giving him some or denying him, all according to my whims at any particular moment…

It was like the thoughts were already there in his head, but he wouldn’t reveal them willingly, so I had to extract them from him, all the while teasing him to arousal and distracting him with my boots…and the best part was withholding things from him after forcing him to confess his desire for them, and I continued to be surprised at the way my denial only seemed to excite him…and me…even more!

After a little while longer of this, I simply pulled the boot away from his lips and took the other boot off his crotch. I waited for a second, holding still and watching him react to my denial, but then I simply switched boots, giving him one to lick while the other resumed the erotic teasing of his cock.

He was in heaven, simply eating up my boot games with gusto, and I giggled playfully as I tormented him further, letting him have his way with my boot heel while continuing to tease him to arousal with the other one.

And then I said something that almost sent him right over the edge. I took both boots away and said flatly, “You wanna take out your cock?”

Again, he couldn’t respond. It was simply too much, Üsküdar Escort being confronted like that…I had been going so slowly with my boot games, really taking my time as I led him along, and I don’t think he ever imagined I was going to be this naughty.

Finally he managed to stutter, “Y…Yes!”

“You sure? You don’t sound sure!”


“Yes, what?”

“Please let me take out my cock!”


“Please tease my cock with your boots!”

“Tease your cock with my boots?? Aren’t I doing that already?”


“Oh, all right, all right,” I said with a smile as I rolled my eyes, “go ahead, you naughty boy, take out your naughty cock and Kitty will tease it!”

He fumbled with his pants, taking off his belt and unbuttoning the button, and as he unzipped the zipper I placed my hand on his, stopping him from taking out his cock. I lifted up my other hand, waving one of my long-nailed fingers in his face as I said playfully, “Ah-ah-ahhhh! You forgot the magic word!”

He just looked at me, his face a mixture of arousal and confusion, and I just glared at him with a knowing smile. I knew he didn’t know exactly what I wanted, and I wasn’t going to let him off the hook immediately…so I just sat there, I took one of my boots and pushed on his cock firmly as I said one word…


That was all it took. He burst out, “Please!”

“There now! Was that so hard?”

“Please!” He said it again, his voice trembling as his breathing got faster and deeper, his body responding to his sexual frustration.

“Please what?”

“Please let me take out my cock!”

“Very good. Now, before I let you take it out, let’s talk about what else you want, okay?”


“I know you want to take out your naughty cock and stroke it for me, don’t you!”


“Yes what?”

“Yes, PLEASE!”

“You want to watch me strut around for you, show myself off for you in these sexy boots, while you play with yourself!”


“And do you want to do other things with that naughty cock of yours?”


“Yes, WHAT?”


“Like what?”

“Please let me…”

“Let you what?”

“I…I…I wanna come on your boots!”

“OOOOOH! Naughty naughty!”

“But first, don’t you want to rub your dickie all over my sexy boots too?”

“YES! Please let me do that!!”

“Oh, you DO want that??”

“Yes!! God it feels so good hear you say it, Mistress!”

“I know, BootBoy! Now beg for it!”

“Please let me rub my cock all over your boots!”

“And what else?”

“I wanna come on them!!”

“Hmmmmm…I don’t know…”


“Naaaah, I don’t think so!”


“NO, BootBoy, you are NOT going to cum on these boots!”


His frustration at being so openly denied was completely intoxicating. I had never been this turned on by a sexual scenario before – working him up into a lather, make him want something so desperately, offering it, making him beg for it and then flatly denying him. His desire was over the top, and I couldn’t contain myself as I giggled playfully, feeling very torn between simply letting him jerk off and come all over my boots and continuing to deny him.

Honestly, I would have loved to let him come on my slutty red boots right now, but the way he was acting, the way he was so desperate, so turned on, wanting them sooo badly…something inside me couldn’t resist denying him a while longer.

And so I just played up the rejection, saying firmly, “NO! BootBoy will NOT come on these boots! I already told you, I am going to tease you with ALL my boots tonight, didn’t I?”


“And I’ve only teased you with the white ones and the pink ones so far, and now I’m teasing you with these red ones, aren’t I!”


“But BootBoy, if I let you come all over these sexy red boots, the teasing game would be over, wouldn’t it?”

“Yes, but…”

“And you wouldn’t want that! I’m not done with you yet! Not by a long shot!”


“But nothing! I have more pairs of boots to tease you with, and then…MAYBE I’ll let you come on those super sexy shiny black leather ones you told me were your favorites! Would you like that?”


“What do you say?”

“PLEASE let me cum on them!”

“No!! Well, maybe later…but first, I think we should let your cock come out and play, shouldn’t we?”


“So where were we?”

“Please let me take it out!”

“Very good!”


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