Wild Weekend

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Double Penetration


The workmen had departed, and I stood in our sun-room admiring our newly installed hot tub. I regretted the fact that my wife, Elisa, was not present to enjoy it. We had ordered the hot tub because Elisa had back trouble, and she thought the hot tub would relax her muscles and generally help her to relax. There was a delay in shipping, and the tub arrived after Elisa went east to spend a month with her mother. I stripped naked and was enjoying the warm circulating water in the tub when the front doorbell rang. After climbing out of the tub, I went to the bedroom to get a robe, and then peeked out the window to see who was at the door. Standing on the front porch was a tall, good-looking brunette, whom I recognized as Chloe, Elisa’s college roommate. Upon opening the door, I gave Chloe a welcoming hug and invited her in.

“Oh shit,” she explained, “I was flying standby to LA and got bumped at

O’Hare. There is a convention in town and all the hotels are full, so I thought

Elisa would put me up for the weekend.”

“You’re welcome to stay, if you don’t mind spending the night alone with a

married man whose wife is out of town.”

Secretly, I hoped she would take me up on my offer, because I always had a yearning to make it with Chloe when she was in college with Elisa, and on looking her over today, the yearning was still present. Over the years it was apparent Chloe had retained levent escort her sexy body, whereas Elisa had stopped exercising and put on thirty pounds and become quite plump.

When Chloe said she would not mind staying with a married man, I went out and got her luggage from the waiting cab and took it to the guest room.

After a short visit, I excused myself,saying I was going to the supermarket to get some steaks for a barbecue and told her to make herself at home. I estimated I would be gone for an hour.

When I returned about an hour later, I found Chloe enjoying the pleasures of my new hot tub. My cock began swelling immediately when my eyes gazed on her naked body.

“Excuse me for making use of your hot tub, but I felt so tense from traveling, it was like an oasis, and I could not resist. I really planned to get out and get dressed before you got home.”

“Don’t get out because of me,”

I replied, as I took the groceries into the kitchen.

“Why don’t you come and hop in with me? I won’t tell Elisa,” she cooed.

It was an invitation l could not refuse. I left the kitchen and took my clothes off down to my Jockeys and climbed into the hot tub with Chloe.

“Jack, I’ve been wanting to make it with you since our college days, and finding you home alone made an opportunity I had not hoped for.”

I lost any guilt feeling about being married as I pulled her sensual body against bayan eskort mine and we went into a tight embrace. Our hands were exploring each other’s body, and Chloe removed my shorts and was stroking my cock and massaging my aching nuts. Our tongues were engaged in a passionate battle.

Intermittently, she dove her head under water and took my throbbing eight inches into her mouth and ravished my cock until I filled her throat with my boiling cum. It was the best head I have ever had, and I thought I would never stop coming.

After she sucked the last drops of cum from my spent cock, she came up for more air and planted her lips on mine and stuck her tongue into my mouth, and for the first time in my life, I tasted my own salty cum.

“I hope you liked that head, but I knew if we fucked, you would have blasted your load in a minute, having been without Elisa, then our fuck would have been over. Now we can enjoy a slow and leisurely fuck,”

she whispered in my ear, as she gave my limp cock a gentle squeeze.

We fooled around for an hour or so until my cock began to come to life

again. We left a trail of water as we took our dripping bodies into the bedroom. Chloe is sensual, and has a deep golden tan. A droplet of water on the nipple of her firm, pointed tit glistened like a precious gem. Her shaved, moist, pulsating pussy lips were too much for me to resist. I dove between her long, güngören eskort shapely legs and buried my face in her moist cunt. When I found her clit, l gently nibbled it as l pinched her erect nipples. Then Chloe was squirming like a snake and crying out in ecstasy.

l ravaged her dripping pussy until it was expelling juices faster than I could swallow them. By that time my cock was in full flower, and I changed position and prepared to substitute my hard cock for my tongue. She cried out,

“Jack, fuck my ass.”

I hadn’t been involved in a good ass fucking since college. and I almost forgot how. When she got into a butt-fucking position. I reached between her legs and got a handful of pussy juice and smeared it into the crack of her ass. As I was lubricating her back door, my thumb slipped into her puckered hole. She let

out a scream of pleasure that could have been heard a block away.

I got behind her ass, pressed my purple knob against her brownie, and gave two shoves until my balls were slapping against the crack of her ass. Her ass was bouncing and bucking like a bronc trying to dislodge its rider. I was holding onto her hips, and we were crying out like wounded alley cats having their last tuck.

After I exploded my load into Chloe’s shit-tunnel, we both collapsed from exhaustion. After a short rest. We showered and barbecued the steaks, and then it was back to the bedroom, where we fucked the weekend away.

Chloe caught a plane Sunday night, and I knew that my wife’s former college roommate was one of the best fucks I had ever had. If I ever cheat again. I hope it will be Chloe knocking at my front door with her hungry pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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