Scavenger Hunt

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I took a deep breath, sighing heavily. It had been far too long since I’ve had sex and my body was feeling horny. I could have sex if I wanted to, but my current bout of celibacy is by my own choice. Maybe it’s because I’m too picky, or that my standards are too high. My name is Amanda and I feel I have a lot going for me. I think I’m a pretty girl – 5′ 3″, athletic and slender. My hair is brown with blonde streaks, and it looks so nice when it flows down past my shoulders. Friends say I have sparkling ocean blue eyes that light up when I smile. What I like most about myself though is my chest – perky and soft with pretty deep pink nipples. I can fit into a 34b bra, but I’m more comfortable in a 34c.

The question of the hour for me is how to play with myself. Have you ever wanted to touch yourself but are tired of the usual routine? That’s my problem. I know I can get myself off with my fingers by rubbing my clit or pussy, but “been there, done that.” I needed a change of pace – something new and exciting. I looked over at my nightstand drawer and sighed again – I wish I had gotten the nerve to buy a vibrator when my roommate suggested it. “Works like a charm…you won’t be disappointed Mandy,” she said. But a new idea popped into my head. Tonight WOULD be different!! No fingers tonight – I’m going to pleasure myself using items around the house!! If I was horny before, my body was more than ready now to spring into action. I quickly made my way around my apartment, looking in each room for things to use on myself. Once I had completed my masturbatory scavenger hunt I stopped at the bathroom sink to wash and sanitize some items, and quickly made a beeline for my bedroom.

‘It’s times like these I am thrilled to have a king-sized bed,’ I thought to myself. I sprawled out on my bed, my head resting on two plush pillows. Silky sheets cooled my warm body. I took off my top instantly, and began pulling off my shorts. Slinging them off the bed with my foot, I knew my body was ready for my night of self-pleasure. Dressed in just my soft green panties I felt so energized, and a little bit naughty. I know my own body well enough. I mean I’ve ravished myself more times than I can remember. Yet, with these new thoughts of creativity and nastiness, I was feeling a new excitement. My body wanted my touch – it craved my hands and especially my fingers. But I wasn’t going to give in to myself that easily – I had other intentions. I grabbed the tennis ball off the nightstand and rolled over on to my tummy. The ball still had that new ball smell…I giggled to myself – the ball would soon not be so pure. Lifting my hips, I placed the ball between my legs so it rested against my clit. The pressure of the ball pressed my panties against my slit. I could feel the cool fabric contrasting with my warm insides. I had my legs together and crossed at my ankles. Slowly, I began squeezing my inner thighs together and worked the ball in a humping motion so that it pressed directly against my swollen clit. Sparks shot through my body. I’ve never felt such instant clitoral stimulation and I loved it. The best part was feeling a wet spot soaking into my panties from my leaking pussy. Humping the ball faster, my body took over and I fucked it so good and so hard. Using the ball felt so incredible, but if I was to continue my naughty night, I needed another thing to play with.

My body was radiating tingles and warmth. Slowly I began using my panties to masturbate with. The soft feeling of them against my skin was making my pussy leak more. I rubbed over the front of the material with my finger, able to feel my lips stretching out through the fabric. I tugged the panties up between my lips, so I could feel them not only rubbing against my clit, but also being başakşehir escort pulled up into my ass crack. I pulled on them in a rubbing motion. Moaning instinctively, I felt my clit being stimulated. I felt on fire. My clit pulsed and shot tingles through my legs, making me squirm all over my soft sheets. I continued the pace. I felt a new sensation – not only was the fabric rubbing my clit, but it was rubbing back and forth over my tight little butt. This was new for me. I had read before in magazines how intense anal stimulation can be, but I had always been too nervous to try. I loved how I was making my body feel. Feeling a little adventurous, I knew I needed to see it all too.

I walked over to my closet door and laid down in front of it. My full-length mirror had saved me many times when I needed a second opinion on my choice of outfit. Tonight it would serve a totally different purpose. My head rested on a plush silk pillow – propped up just enough to view. With legs spread and pulled back a bit, I could fully see my pussy. I had seen it every day of my life, but tonight it looked so different…so surreal. The lips swollen and pinkish – almost as if blushing. Closed tight normally – tonight they opened up, inviting me inside myself. I reached beside me and grabbed the next object.

It felt so smooth and firm in my hands, yet slippery as I stroked my hand up and down it. With eyes wide open, I watched myself as I brought the candle between my legs. Bright red in color and about one inch thick, the candle would serve me well. My pussy was pulsing – it wanted more. My fingers spread my lips so I could see inside – so pink and glazed with my juices. Watching myself was so exciting. I could feel the warmth invading me, and moisture filling up inside my hole. As the candle rubbed up and down against my lips, the tip began slipping inside my wet folds. I released my lips and watched as they closed around the candle as it worked its way inside me. I felt more and more full as the phallic object plunged deep in my pussy. My body ached for more, so I began sliding the candle in and out harder.

On instinct, I raised my hips up off the ground, bucking wildly as I fucked myself with the candle. I closed my eyes and saw fireworks going off in my head. An intense orgasm engulfed my body. When my breathing returned to normal, I slowly opened my eyes and realized not only could I see my pussy in the mirror, but so much more. My eyes focused on my bare asshole. It was tight-looking and puckered, and the dark pink color contrasted well with my light skin. This made me wonder even more. I have friends who have talked about how nice anal stimulation feels, but I had not gotten the courage to try this myself. With wet candle in hand, I rubbed the red candle down my slit and toward my pinkish rosebud. I watched with wide eyes as the waxy tip began circling the tight hole and tickled it. My body shivered. I was getting such a rush from seeing my messy pussy glaze dripping down my inner thighs and to my ass. Putting pressure on my hole, I felt my skin spreading apart as the tip dipped into me. This made me jump – it felt amazing. I slid the candle in and out a few times. My inner walls clenched around the waxy stick. What a rush it was to watch the candle disappear inside me. I rocked my hips while fucking my ass faster and harder. Another wave of orgasm shook my body intensely. I let the candle stay in my ass while I regained my breath. What an incredible feeling it left behind!! I was a mess! I needed to take a bath and get cleaned up – and get messier too!!!

While the warm bathwater was filling, I went to the kitchen freezer and picked the perfect cherry popsicle from the box. I giggled – beşiktaş escort now this was certainly a first for me. I looked in the bathroom mirror and wondered if I was still the same girl, or had my nasty side completely taken over my senses of good reason. I didn’t care – I was having fun and I loved it!! As I slid into the water, my body felt instantly relaxed and soothed. The first few minutes of a bath always feel great. The warm water tingled all over my skin. I made sure the water was only half full, so I could have full access to my special parts. My nipples stood at attention as I let the first drip of the popsicle fall on my nipple. Ohhh!!! So cold, yet it sparked my body and made me shiver. Drip after drip fell on my left nipple, and then on the right one. The contrast of the coolness with my warm skin was a great experience. Red streaks of cold sticky popsicle juice were forming their own paths as they traveled down my boobs toward my smooth tummy. This made me even hotter! Now for the main event – I moved the popsicle below my tummy and toward my slit. My clit was swollen and bright pinkish-red now and it wanted whatever I had to offer. I rubbed the popsicle just above my warm hole, and watched as small drips slid down my skin. My hand moved the cherry stick so that it made circles around my clit. I pushed my hips up to meet the popsicle just as it touched it. Closing my eyes, I let my body take over as I dabbed my clit with my new toy. The cold sensations drove me crazy! I was about to put it in my soaking wet pussy slit when I heard something….

“Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry Mandy!” I opened my eyes and saw my roommate Kim watching in the doorway. She was supposed to be out for the night with her boyfriend. Kim’s eyes were wide and she looked embarrassed. I didn’t know what to do or say. “I…uhh…would you believe I was eating the popsicle and it fell on my lap?” I was mortified. Kim looked at me with her wide green eyes and shook her head. “Yeah right,” she laughed. She smiled and walked out.

This had to be the most humbling moment of my life. I was caught and it’s not like I could make up some lame excuse. I hoped Kim wouldn’t think less of me. I sat in the tub for a few minutes, soaking and relaxing, eyes closed and trying to forget what just happened. Lost in my own thoughts, I didn’t see or hear the door opening again.

“I’ve always been fond of grape,” Kim said slyly as she stood again in the doorway. She was smiling and sucking her own grape popsicle. She had changed her clothes, and now she was wearing just her long white Minnie Mouse t-shirt that covered just below her hips. Her wavy brown hair cascaded past her shoulders and to the tops of her chest. I looked her up and down, not sure what to say. Her smooth long legs seemed to go all the way up and disappear inside her nightshirt. Her chest stuck out, with tiny nipples barely poking through the fabric. She came and sat down next to me along the tub, not saying a word.

I spoke up hesitantly. “Kim, I’m so sorry about’s…it’s just that…”

She stopped me by putting her finger to my lips. “Shhhhhh,” she whispered as she met my stare. She took her grape popsicle out of her mouth and touched it softly to my lips. I felt frozen as she leaned in and kissed me softly on the mouth. Her lips were so cold, yet her tongue so warm as she licked the grape flavor from my lips. Moving down my body slowly, she watched my face, looking for signs from me to stop whatever she was about to do. She got none. I’m not sure if I was just shocked, paralyzed, or aroused. I couldn’t move. She did all the moving for us. Kim moved the purple stick to my nipple and rubbed it in circles, making me messy and sticky. escort

Her mouth immediately took care of that, as she covered my nipple with her lips. She sucked on it warmly and tenderly, savoring the flavor of me mixed with grape. Her body was enchanting. Her stares electric. I was completely captivated. I just sat there in awe, watching as she traced my belly button and down my tummy further. My pussy was on fire. I felt my juices pooling up inside me, craving to leak out at any moment. She took the ‘sicle and traced around my soft folds, exploring me for the first time. I think this all surprised her too, as she had a look of pure curiosity and wonder on her pretty little face. I felt the tip of the frozen dildo rubbing up and down my wet slit. The coolness gave me shivers – the kinds of shivers I wish I had all the time. She took her hands and spread my legs wide and back, so that my knees were pushed back toward my tummy. In what seemed like one swift motion, Kim pulled her nightshirt over her head, and then climbed into the tub, kneeling between my legs. I could barely see her shaved, smooth pussy lips as she splashed into the shallow water.

Everything started to blur now. Kim slid the tip of the purple popsicle inside my hole. It felt so incredible – words cannot describe what I was feeling. She pushed it in further, until I felt so full and so cold inside. I thought I wouldn’t be able to stand the cold inside me all the way, but yet the only thing I hoped was that she wouldn’t stop. She began sliding it in and out of me. My hips pushed up to meet the popsicle’s thrusts as she fucked me with it, just as I had planned to do with myself before – alone. The friction inside me was warming the ‘sicle, and I’m sure it must be melting all inside me. After a couple minutes, it felt smaller against my wet walls, but I didn’t care. My pussy was pulsing. I felt warmth radiating from within. I was so ready to cum. But Kim pulled out the popsicle, drawing it to her lips. It was half the size than when it first began fucking me. She put it in her mouth and greedily sucked it. I wondered what she thought of my taste – I had never even tasted myself. I was always too shy. It was that instant that Kim offered the popsicle to me. Without hesitation, all traces of my shyness gone, I took it into my mouth and sucked it sensually. I began sucking on it, as Kim leaned down between my legs and cleaned my pussy with her tongue. Her hair dipped into the bathwater and I smiled as I saw her wet locks gliding against my thighs. I felt suction as her lips and tongue dove into my pussy as she sucked out the grape-flavored juices. My hips bucked against her face as she latched on to my clit with her teeth. Her tongue fucked me deep and hard!! I could hear the sounds of my sloshing pussy, along with the splashing water in the tub. A wave of warmth and tingles flooded me as an intense orgasm filled my body. My hips shook and shivered as she drank my juices until my orgasm subsided. She leaned over me, her face glistening with my juices, and kissed me full on the mouth. I was smiling inside. My numb, trembling legs, and the taste of myself on her lips were the only remnants of the best orgasm of my life.

Afterward we showered together and I explained everything to Kim about my plans for my creative masturbation that night. The idea appealed to her, as she was full of questions. “So you mean you just grabbed whatever items you thought would be fun to get yourself off? I think I’d really like trying that sometime. What other things did you use? What didn’t you get to use yet?”

My response was simple. “Kimmy, you’re about to find out!” I led her by the hand to my bed. She sat down on the bed and looked over at me, and then to the nightstand next to us. On it were the last items for the night: my long thick hairbrush, a carrot stick, a cucumber, and a thin plastic rolling pin out of the kitchen drawer. She smiled at me and laid back, spreading her legs. I grabbed the cucumber and smiled too, thinking ‘I guess I’ll get to use everything on my list after all.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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