Sabine At School Ch. 05

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I really didn’t want to go out right now. I wanted to be with Melanie alone. I wanted her to touch me and maybe, if she would, lick me like I had done to her. I wanted to come. My insides felt as though they were all knotted up and my pussy almost felt like it had its own heart. I could feel it throbbing. My nipples were still stiff and poking out and up. I still stood; stupidly leaving my dress pulled up around my neck, in full view of our window and anyone who might look through it.

Melanie looked at me, smiling, noting that I made no attempt to cover up.

“Fix your clothes, Sabine. We’re going to do a little shopping.”

I was curious but for some reason I didn’t ask her why or what for. I just bent and pulled up my underpants. Then I pulled my dress down and looked at her.

“Should I change, Melanie.”

“No, the dress is perfect for now.”

She led me out the door and down to her car. I followed meekly and silently. We got in and she drove south in town. I was looking but not seeing. My tummy was in knots and I needed to come so bad. She had teased me to the brink and I needed to finish, but it wasn’t going to happen. In my reverie of what had already happened this afternoon, I didn’t see where we were going until she stopped, then I looked.

I flushed as I saw the store. Triple X BookStore and Novelties. I was shocked! Melanie turned her car off and looked at me. She opened her door and got out. Her hand motioned and I got out too, looking at the store and then around. I was nervous, I didn’t want anyone to see us here. Melanie started off, directly to the door and I stood, rooted to the spot, until I realized she had stopped and was frowning at me. I scurried after her and when I reached her side, she opened the door and went inside. I followed.

I noticed that the clerk was a man, heavily tattooed and rather large and that there were several men standing about the store, looking at books and magazines. I also noticed that they all looked up and stared at the two of us openly. That made me feel embarrassed and I crossed my arms across my chest, very conscious that I was braless. My face was getting hot.

Melanie walked over to another section and I followed her. When I looked at the displays I gasped softly. There were all sorts of vibrators and dildo’s. And there were some things that I didn’t have a clue as to what they were. They had wide bases that tapered down, then swelled back out and tapered again to almost a point. Everything was in shrink wrap or packages with plastic bubbles so you could see what they were. My face was hot and I knew I was blushing. I peeked out of the corner of my eye and saw that a couple of the men had edged closer to us. I moved closer to Melanie.

She was looking through the display. She got a smile on her face and she took down a dildo. This one had a suction cup for a base. She looked at it. It was much bigger than any penis I had ever seen. She looked at me and smiled and I smiled back weakly. Melanie handed it to me.

“Hold this for me.”

I reflexively took it and then wanted to drop it, but I didn’t. Melanie moved down a bit. She was looking through a harness type display, which I didn’t understand. She took one down and looked at it.

“Which one would you use with this?”

At first I thought she was talking to me, but she wasn’t. The clerk came over and looked at the harness, then Melanie, then me. He smirked. I blushed. He looked at the dildos and then picked out a larger one.

“This will work nicely.”

Melanie took it and handed it and the harness thingy to me. I took them silently, my face burning. Melanie didn’t seem to be at all bothered by the clerk looking at us and smirking or the now three guys who were standing at the end of the aisle, watching us too. I was mortified. Melanie moved to the funny looking things with bases.

“What would you recommend?”

The clerk stepped up beside her.

“Are you used to them or is it a first time thing?”

“It’s not for me and it will be a first time.”

“Well for a first time most start out with a small one.”

Melanie looked at the smallest and shook her head.

“We’ll start a little bigger, I am sure she can take it.”

I had no idea what she was talking about, just that I wished I were anywhere but here. I kept peeking at the men who had stepped closer and were smirking at me. I wanted to leave right now.

Melanie handed me the base thingy and she moved down, looking for something else. Not finding what she wanted she turned to the clerk.

“Handcuffs and restraints?”

The clerk smirked again and looked at me. I flushed even redder. I understood handcuffs. He led us into another aisle with the other men moving so they could see down it. My hands were full of stuff that I was embarrassed to have anyone see me holding. Melanie was looking through the display of handcuffs and I was shifting from foot to foot. My eyes were on the floor; I couldn’t look at anyone.

She took a pair of handcuffs down.

“Are these sturdy?”

“The best are şişli eskort these.”

I glanced up to see a pair of handcuffs with furry rings, chain holding the two rings together. Melanie looked at them, then at me.

“Are they big enough for her ankles?”

The clerk looked a little confused by that, so Melanie opened the package and knelt down. Then she opened the cuffs and fastened one end around my ankle. I wanted to fall through the floor as I heard a chuckle from the men who were watching everything. It wasn’t tight but it felt very unreal to be standing while a handcuff was fastened to my ankle in a store. I just stood stupidly while she did it.

“That seems fine, but how do you get it off?”

The clerk knelt down and showed her, taking the opportunity to look up my dress. Melanie had made it easy by tugging it up and out a little while he showed her how to open it. She held it out and I watched as he opened it and then looked right up my dress. I knew he could see my underpants and I was ashamed to think that they might have a wet spot on them from her teasing me earlier. I closed my eyes and sucked in a breath, then opened them to see the clerk still on his knees, his eyes still looking up my dress. If anything, my face got even hotter. I stood like a cow, not moving, but wanting to die. Melanie looked up and smiled at me.

“We’ll need four of those. You’ve been so helpful you deserve a treat.”

With that she reached up under my dress and her fingers touched the waistband of my underpants.

“No, no, Melanie, no.”

She only smiled at me, at my face looking down at her and the clerk. The she tugged down and my underpants slid down with her hands. She pulled until they felt loose and then let go of them. I gasped as I felt them slide down my legs to puddle around my ankles. I looked at the clerk who was staring right up my dress at my bare pussy. I sniffled and felt my eyes fill up with tears. I knew the other men could see my panties around my ankles too. I was so humiliated!

The clerk took a good look before he got up, smiling at me.

“Nice pussy, darling.”

I flushed bright red, standing there with my panties around my ankles.


“Over there.”

Melanie followed him, leaving me standing with my panties down. I couldn’t believe it! I couldn’t pull them up with my hands full so I stepped out of them and with an embarrassed look at the guys who had edged closer, I walked behind Melanie, leaving my panties on the floor. I was really embarrassed, but having the clerk look up my dress made me tingle inside. I heard hurried footsteps behind me and nervously looked back to see one of the men holding my panties to his nose. I flushed even redder. I wanted to die!

Melanie and the clerk were looking at the lubricants.

“Which one is the best for anal?”

I stopped and my mouth gaped open. The clerk held up a bottle and Melanie began to read the label as the clerk looked back at me, smirking again. Looking at the red-faced girl who was holding two dildos, a harness thingy, a bunch of handcuffs and that funny looking base thing. The girl who had let her panties be pulled down and then had stepped out of them.

Melanie seemed satisfied and walked to the counter. The clerk and I followed. She motioned and I set all the stuff I had on the counter, looking at the floor. I didn’t hear any of the conversation between her and the clerk; I didn’t look up or at the men who had clustered nearby. I didn’t want to see the one who had picked up my panties. She paid for everything and then handed me the bag and started for the door. I meekly followed, ashamed. My head was down and I was walking behind her. We got to the car and she got in, then unlocked my door. Two of the guys had followed us. I was getting in as one spoke.

“Hey babe, do you want to party?”

I ignored him, but Melanie didn’t.

“We have our own little parties, don’t we Sabine?”

I was silent and got in the car, setting the bag on the floor. Melanie giggled. I looked up to see both guys on Melanie’s side, looking through the window. Melanie looked at me and then her hand was at my dress’s hem.

“Lift up.”

I swallowed and did as she told me. She pulled up on my dress and I felt it slide up my legs. She pulled it up behind until my ass was bare and then tucked it up in front too. I had my legs clenched together, showing just a bit of my hair. The two men looked in, smirking.

“Do you want to, Sabine?”

“Ah, want to, ah want to what?”

“Take it off? It’s perfect, two guys watching and a chance to be naked. Just what you like isn’t it?”

I was red and warm all over. All the humiliation of holding that stuff and losing my underpants was definitely getting to me. I looked at her, then the two men. I had to do it, I had to. I grasped my dress with shaking hands and slowly pulled it up, looking at them again. Then it was over my head and I clutched it to my breasts. Melanie reached over and gently pulled it out of my hands. I sat naked but for stockings and heels escort bayan şişli in her car. The two men moved over to my side and stared at my breasts, nipples, my hair and me. Melanie let them look for a few moments, and then she started her car and pulled out. I was still naked.

As she pulled onto the street she looked at me.

“Do you think you should get dressed?”

All of a sudden I realized where I was and that I was naked. I hurriedly grabbed my dress and pulled it over my head and down. I was blushing because I had been in a daze after she had me strip in the parking lot with the two men watching and then looking at me. The tingling and throbbing in my pussy was worse than before. It seemed to take forever to get back to campus. I was a wreck by the time we did.

After parking, Melanie had me take the bag from the naughty store and we went back to our room. When we got there and the door was closed, Melanie looked at me, grinning.

“Take your clothes off, Sabine, all of it.”

I meekly stripped while she reached into the bag, taking something out of it. She went into our bathroom and I heard the water running. I stood, then sat after I had undressed, feeling a little foolish. I mean, here I was naked and she was dressed still. She came back and fiddled with my chair, standing so I couldn’t see what she was doing. Then she turned to me.

“Sabine, are you still horny?”

I flushed but I nodded yes. She took my hand.

“Close your eyes.”

I did and she pulled me up and walked me to my chair, making me straddle it. Then she pushed down on my shoulder. I went down to her touch and felt something touch my pussy. I held myself up, shivering, not knowing what it was. Melanie reached under me and fiddled and then pushed me down again, gently. I felt something cool and hard press at my lips and then slip a little bit inside. I was still wet and tingling.

“Sit, Sabine.”

Nervously I lowered myself, feeling my pussy stretch open. I whimpered. I felt I knew what it was. It had to be that dildo with the suction cup, but my eyes were still closed and I wasn’t looking down anyway. I felt it go up my pussy, filling me, until my ass was on the chair. I groaned, feeling dirty and so good. I sat, enjoying the feeling of being stuffed full.

“Open your eyes.”

I opened them to see Melanie lying on my bed, facing me. I blushed red as she held a small mirror so I could see. The dildo (I had been right in my suspicions) was stuffed inside me, feeling huge. I whimpered softly when I saw it.

“Go ahead, Sabine.”

I didn’t know what she meant, my only experiences with sex had been on my back with a guy humping merrily away on top of me. I looked confused and she giggled.

“Lift up, Sabine.”

I did and felt it slide out of my pussy until just the tip was inside me.


I did again and gasped as it filled me once more. Another new experience, I thought, flushing redder as she watched, a smile on her face. I sat, feeling the fullness in my pussy. Then I laid my hands on the chair’s arms and feeling very bad, I began to raise and lower my ass, filling and emptying my pussy with the dildo as Melanie lay back and watched me. Watched me naked and humping a dildo for her. I felt slightly humiliated but it felt good too.

I rose and fell until I felt the tingles get stronger and stronger inside me. Then, without any warning, my pussy clenched hard and I sat down hard. Then my insides spasmed and I threw my head back, mouth open, panting as my orgasm exploded inside me. My pussy clenched and relaxed over and over until my body had had enough. I slumped back, limp, and still plugged with the dildo. I glanced at Melanie and she smiled at me.

“Feel better, Sabine?”

I nodded weakly, embarrassed at what I had done in front of her. She stood and helped me up. I blushed hotter, hearing the wet sucking sound as I rose. Then I felt so empty inside. She kissed my cheek, making me feel better even though I was still embarrassed.

“You’re so cute when you blush, Sabine. Go shower and get dressed.”

I did, I showered, cleaning myself and then dried off. I walked back into our room naked and put on underpants, bra, top and jeans. Melanie was studying and ignored me. I stood, not knowing what to do, then sighed and sat down on my chair, the dildo gone. I tried to study also but it was hard. I was remembering the whole day and how shameless I had been. How my panties had been pulled down in that store. How I had humped that dildo for Melanie. I finally got those thoughts out of my mind. I studied also.

Later we went to dinner and had a nice meal, for a cafeteria. Melanie didn’t say anything about what we had done. We studied some more, listening to music and much later we went to bed. I wanted so much to talk with her about what we had done, but I didn’t know how to bring it up. As I lay there, thinking and remembering, I heard Melanie get up and go to the bathroom. I was still in my reverie when she came back, but instead of going to her bed, she leaned over şişli escort bayan mine and pulled the cover and sheet back.

“Sit up, Sabine.”

I did and she tugged my nightie over my head, dropping it on the floor. The light coming through our window let me see her shape but not her features. She felt between my legs and giggled as she found me moist. She teased me a little, making me moan and then she pushed me back, gently.

I lay there, submissively. She pulled my right leg open, baring me and then she was kneeling between my legs. I sensed her reaching between us and felt pressure at my lips. Her hand felt around my lips and spread them open. She pushed forward and I whimpered as I was penetrated once more. Melanie pushed until another dildo was deep inside me. Then I realized what the harness was for. She had a dildo fastened to her somehow. In the dark I didn’t know how but as she lowered her body, I felt the softness of her breasts touch mine. She felt with a hand on my face and in the darkness her lips found mine, kissing me. As I became more passionate as she kissed me, her hips lifting and falling, driving the dildo in and out of my pussy.

She hadn’t asked me if I wanted this, she just took me. It was like a rape, but she was my friend and she was so gentle and loving. I couldn’t deny her anything. I moaned into her mouth as she kissed and I kissed back. I felt her soft breasts rub on mine. I felt her nipples stiffen and rub on me. I felt the second dildo in a few hours penetrate and do me. My legs came up and clutched her body as she did me in the dark. It was good, so good.

It took a while but I did come, whimpering into her mouth as the spasms ran through me. Melanie left me, tingling and weak. She went back to the bathroom and I heard water running, then the light was off and she fiddled at her dresser. She moved to the side of my bed and helped me sit up. I was still weak from my orgasm, but as she pulled my face gently forward I felt her pussy hair on my lips and I had to.

I licked her as she clutched my shoulders, happy to give her pleasure after she had given it to me. I licked and kissed and sucked on her lips, tasting her, feeling her press against my mouth and whimpering just as I had. My hands went behind her, holding her ass as I licked and kissed her pussy. Then she pressed hard on my mouth and I felt her spasm. Her hands held me tight against her pussy, her body grinding on my lips. She gasped once, twice, three times and then slumped against me. For a few moments she stood and I still kissed her pussy, tasted the now familiar flavor of her. Then she seemed to shake herself and stood upright. She pulled up my sheet and wiped my face, gently. Then she bent and kissed me softly

“Thank you darling.”

Melanie went to bed and I sat for a few moments, shivering, reliving what we had done. I listened to her breathing become regular and then I lay back down, naked, and covered myself with my covers. I lay quietly. I touched my pussy, feeling it wet, my hair sticky. I sniffed my fingers and then tasted. I was not unlike her. I turned on my side, facing Melanie and smiled to myself. In a few minutes I was asleep.

Nothing was said the next morning by either of us. I felt that we were both thinking of what we had done. Everything went back to normal, classes and meals and studying at night, listening to music and sometimes talking with other girls. I wanted to talk to her, but I still didn’t know how to bring it up. What we had done was forbidden by society, our school, our parents and our friends. It was something one talked about easily. We were in our own, safe, college world.

On Wednesday after going to bed, I heard her get up and fiddle with her dresser in the dark. I lay silently. Soon she was at my side, pulling me up, stripping me again. This time I spread my legs for her. She felt and teased me until I was wet and ready. She knelt between my legs once more. I knew what was going to happen and I reached out with one hand. I felt the dildo; the harness and her bare skin I clutched the dildo in one hand and pulled her on top of me with the other, The dildo slipped into me and Melanie made love to me. She kissed and I kissed back. I felt the fullness in my pussy and then she humped me, slowly and steadily. Our breasts rubbed together. Our nipples poked each other. It was so nice, so good. She made me feel so good. I felt the dildo go in and out of me until my body clamped down on it, spasming. I came, whimpering into her mouth as she kissed me gently. When the tremors ceased, she held me for a few moments, then got up and went into the bathroom once more. I listened as she washed and then the light went out.

I sat up, waiting for her. She came to me. I took her hand and led her to her bed. I had her sit, then lay back. I climbed on, between her legs and bent down to kiss her pussy. I still had only seen naked that once, that first time that I licked her pussy. The day I was tied. Even so I was happy to do this for her. I licked, kissed and sucked on her, happily listening to her soft moans and whimpers. I kissed and licking until she came, licking up what leaked out of her pussy. Once her spasms had ceased I softly kissed her pussy, still curled up between her legs. She seemed to doze off, but I kept kissing her. In a while she seemed to shake herself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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