Personal Training

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Sylvie always took good care of herself, so when her fancy gym started offering personal training at a discount for members, she thought, why not? Her gym promised that the trainers would go above and beyond and that many of them were also trained in sports massage. Even if she hated the workouts, at least she’d get a good massage. 

Despite being in great shape, Sylvie was nervous about meeting her trainer. She knew his job was to help her reach her fitness goals and that she was an objectively attractive 27-year-old, but she couldn’t help but harshly review her own body as she waited in the gym lobby — despite her efforts to stay trim, her stomach still retained a bit of softness as her hips flared out from her waist. She wouldn’t mind this if her chest were bigger, but her modest B cups simply weren’t enough to turn her pear shape into an hourglass shape. She often worked out to help counteract that, but she daydreamed of having that perfect body. The thought of a trainer studying her body at length and criticizing her made her nervous, but also a tad excited. She was curious about what he thought of her. 

It was while she was studying her figure that James the trainer came out the door. She looked up and immediately felt embarrassed to be in his presence: the man standing in front of her was a paragon of athleticism, with lean, wiry muscles. He had the look of someone who’d spent their entire life on the field, the type of person who went to college on a sports scholarship. Sylvie then recalled that his ‘About Me’ section said he had been a rower at college. She couldn’t help but linger her gaze on his biceps poking out of the moisture-wicking t-shirt he had on. 

“Hi, Sylvie, I’m James, I’m going to be training you for the next six weeks. How about you step into my office and we can discuss your goals before we hit the floor?” he asked. Sylvie nodded. James smiled at her, always excited to take on a new client. It also never hurt when the client was a cute girl. 

As Sylvie got up, James stepped aside so she could walk in first, ever the gentleman. As he stood behind her, he felt his eyes drawn to her backside. Like many women, Sylvie had mostly focused on building her glutes to accentuate her figure. Although she hated that it just made her pear shape more pronounced, James couldn’t help but admire the shape of her ass in the tight leggings she was wearing. He eskort mecidiyeköy tried to snap himself out of it, though, knowing that he’d only come across as creepy if she ever caught him staring at her like that.

As they sat down, she and James chatted for a while about her current fitness routine and goals. Sylvie appreciated how he listened intently and offered useful suggestions to her form as she showed him all the movements she currently did. Her fears of being judged were unfounded, although she did feel her heart race every time he gently placed his hand on the small of her back to help correct her form. 

James enjoyed his session with Sylvie. Unlike some of his other clients, she listened intently and followed his instruction without an argument. Not that she needed much instruction; James was always shocked at the number of fit, sexy women who came to trainers as if they were slovenly pigs. He really had to work on not getting too entranced by Sylvie, though. He’d originally gotten into personal training as a way to parlay his lifetime of fitness into a career, but he quickly discovered his own penchant for dominance, especially when paired up with young, beautiful women. He knew it wasn’t the best to take such intense sexual pleasure from seeing a girl contort her body in painful positions, but it sure was a job perk! He felt himself harden a bit as Sylvie repeatedly practiced her squat form at his behest, without complaint and with her thin tights spread across her ass. 

“Alright, our session is done for the day. How are you feeling?” James asked as he unracked the weights.

“Tired, but good! My legs feel a little sore, is there any kind of stretch you’d recommend?” Sylvie said.

“Actually, since we’re here, I can probably work that for you on one of our massage tables,” James answered, pointing to a cluster of rooms to the side. “They’re all private, so you won’t be exposed or anything.” 

Sylvie had been hoping he’d offer a massage. “I’d love that! Doesn’t the gym close soon?” Sylvie asked. 

“I’ve got a key, so I can lock up. If you want to wash up, I’ll meet you upstairs,” he said. He tried not to think too hard about her stripping down and taking a steamy shower less than 20 feet away from him.

Twenty minutes later, Sylvie joined James in the massage room. She came in wearing her work outfit, a nice pair of slacks eskort bayan and blouse.

“So for this to work best, I actually need direct access to your skin,” James said. 

“Oh of course,” Sylvie replied, and she quickly took her slacks off. She wore boyshorts as underwear, so she felt no issue with him seeing her like that. If anything, she was hoping that he liked what he saw. 

James was stunned, he couldn’t believe she just listened. He blushed a little bit, and then motioned for her to lay down.

As he began the massage, they continued to chat. As he slowly began working up her thighs, Sylvie began growing wet. She now understood why he had said to wear shorts, and hoped he didn’t notice her growing heat as he told her about his experience on the rowing team. 

“I’m noticing a lot of tightness in your inner thighs. Do you mind parting your legs a bit so I can work on them?” James asked.

Sylvie nodded, and at that point, he saw the growing wet spot on her panties. He tried not to pay too much attention and worked on her inner thigh. But as he did, Sylvie couldn’t help herself from moaning. James’ head snapped up to look at her, in case she was in pain.

“Fuck, sorry, it just feels really good, please keep going,” she said breathlessly. James kept working, but at this point all he could think about was burying himself between her legs. He wanted to test just how much she would take. 

“I’m done your legs, but I think it’d be best for you if I worked on your back as well. Do you mind removing your blouse and bra?” he asked, sternly. He looked her in the eyes, hoping to signal what he planned on the night becoming.

Sylvie was a little nervous but also excited. “Sure,” she said, as she slowly pulled her blouse and bra off. She was now mostly naked, with a thin strip of fabric covering her privates. 

“Good girl. Now lay on your front,” James said. She did as she was told, warm at his words, as he began to rub her shoulders. She felt herself relax even more, turning into a puddle. His hands began to work through her hips and then reached the top of her panties. He slowly pulled them down, poured a bit of oil on her ass and rubbed it in. Sylvie moaned again, as some of the oil started to drip between her thighs. She needed to be plowed, more than ever. He leaned in toward her ear. 

“Sylvie, I’m going to fuck you now. you’re kağıthane eskort going to lay on your front, I’m going to tie up your hands, and you’re going to be quiet in case the custodial staff here. If you’re not, I will punish you. nod if you understand,” he whispered. 

She nodded. James found a resistance band and tied up her hands. He then pulled her legs apart and began to eat her out. He was slow with it at first, savouring the sweet aroma. As Sylvie began to squirm, he wrapped his arms around her legs and began to really work at her clit, pushing her to a crescendo. 

Sylvie struggled to stay quiet. “James, please, oh my God, please don’t stop,” she whimpered. She arched her back and stuffed her tied-up hands into her mouth as she came. James only pulled her legs tighter around his head and kept at his pace. As Sylvie calmed down, James pulled himself away with a look of disapproval. Sylvie could’ve cried.

“I told you to be quiet,” James said. “So now I have to punish you. Now get up on all fours.”

This proved difficult for Sylvie, who settled on resting on her forearms with her ass in the air. 

“Remember, any noise and it’ll only extend your punishment,” he said. He started to spank her, each slap reverberating in the small room. Tears welled in Sylvie’s eyes, but she kept quiet. All the while, she only felt herself get wetter. 

After about 2 minutes, James finally stopped his assault on her ass and felt it time to sample the burning hot pussy in front of him. He took his cock out and began to line it up. 

And with that, Sylvie felt her pussy stretch to accommodate James’ dick. Although she hadn’t gotten a good look at it outside of the dick print in his sweats, she could tell that it was a sizeable cock filling her up. He began to at a steady pace while fondling her breasts and pinching her nipples. Sylvie tried her hardest to stay quiet, with a few whimpers escaping. She felt herself reach another peak and moaned loudly as she felt herself cum. James almost came himself, but managed to stop himself despite the vice grip her pussy had on him. He pulled out.

“I told you to not fucking say anything. As punishment, I’m going to finish on your face. Now get on your knees,” he said. Sylvie nodded, and then took his whole length in her mouth. 

Fuck, I might just come in her mouth, James thought. He extracted himself from her mouth and began to jerk off as her big eyes watched him. He looked down at her body, her perky tits, sexy hips and rounded ass and finally shot ropes across her clavicle, chin, and cheeks. 

“So when are you available for another personal training session?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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