Not Quite a White Knight Vol. 04.3

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Not Quite A White Night Vol. 4.3

By LolaPaul49

Club Chronis

Note the change in the title format, this follows Vol. 4.2 of “Not Quite A White Knight,” subtitled “Tony Comes In.”

The hotel/club Chronis in the story is a part of a group of hotels, clubs and eateries that form an association. Blank is the lead establishment in this association. The association members share suppliers, markets, and most importantly, information.

The chapters include:

Chapter 21. Sleepy sex with Li. One of us is dreaming, and it is good.

Chapter 22. A petty request, a touch of danger. Why not?

Chapter 23. Resha reports on Pope change.

Chapter 24. Jaz, the petty reason gets jizzed.

Chapter 25. Connection, doing the White Knight thing again.

Chapter 26. “How can I repay…?”

Chapter 27. Wild sex with Li. Shadows from warped youth. Cat-tastic!

Chapter 28. Comeuppance part 1, Joe Pope feels violated.

Chapter 29. Nia is a horny pregnant slut cousin with needs.

Chapter 30. Intersection of Pammie and Cynthia, secrets shared.

Chapters 21, 27 and 29 have sex. Chapters 24 and 25 have BDSM elements because Chronis is that type of place.

Chapter 21. Very Soft Pleasure Event

Tuesday August 5, 2008, Around Noon

The Mansion

What a way to almost start the day in bed with Li.

I was in a state, between asleep and awake, not unlike self-hypnosis. My voluntary muscles were relaxed and off-line with my mind essentially disconnected from my senses except touch. Sleeping is a voluntary action, and my learned ability to control it was the key to this. We trained for this with me hooked to a brain-wave monitor, learning and adjusting the routine until it said that in every way, I was very lightly asleep. In this state I was still aware, but it felt like a dream, with time distorted. That was my part of the routine.

Li was awake, she was doing what we call “small-mouth” on my cock. It is something we developed together over our first year. She was using her lips and the tip of her tongue very lightly on my semi-erect cock and balls. The sensation of her tiny nips and licks and touches at the right places was quite wonderful, so my body responded. The thing was, they were so light I was not aware of the individual acts – I was feeling a good, long wet dream while aware but not awake. It wasn’t penetration, I wasn’t moving, but it was sexual and getting stronger, more intense. I had no choice, my body I was reacting.

The object was for Li to deliberately stimulate me to climax while I was in a state of dream sleep, without breaking the surface to reality.

Most females could not do this, they lacked patience and demanded attention. But Li was special, she could completely set her ego aside.

One thing we found was the being under the covers was important to “keeping the sleep going,” it was one of the involuntary triggers the body monitored. Li could work with that, a silent fan blew just a whisper of air under the sheets, she enjoyed the luxury of air caressing her body.

Li is a consummate oral whore. She can take my entire erect cock into her throat with ease, to get me off without moving if that is my desire, or on the other extreme using her throat muscles to squeeze me, swallowing while I was stroking hard and fast, fucking her throat without mercy. But not today.

This was inactivity for me, the opposite, the other end of that scale. It was more of an externally guided dream. We talked about it and came up with a plan that, with feedback, worked keeping my brain at the edge of the dream state. It took some time with expensive gizmos, but she liked the challenge. What a wonderful attitude she had. Our shared consensus for this exercise was that I would climax, but I would not wake up. I would instead enjoy her attentions slowly, at a low level for sufficient time, sort of like a wet dream of my youth. Some of those were very memorable. With Li I could return to my youth, I could enjoy the physical response without waking. We did it about once a month. It was good as her piercing healed.

Most of Li’s youth was not so pleasant, so for her “specials” we focused on the present and future, with one “payback” exception. This was plain and simple fun, a game she could play with a man who had never gotten mad or upset with her. That made me the only person in the world she could ‘play’ with as she wished. It was a special gift her soul needed.

She would really enjoy what I eventually gave her in the form of a messy release on her face and upper body. Because of the lightness of her actions there would be little buildup and no warning, climax would just happen. After my climax she would continue her actions, gently cleaning us both up, then fall asleep with her head in my crotch, “like a young kitten.” It was one of the totems of her youth.

I have concluded that no White, Hispanic or Black woman could do this, because inside their mind and personality, pride demanded the at least acknowledgement of their eskort taksim womanly part in the act. Kittens, on the other hand are uniquely proud creatures, the pride in entirely internal, they care nothing for the applause or derision of any audience. They perform, when the choose to, purely for themselves. If they want to lick themselves on the neighbor’s front lawn, that is what they are going to do, without the slightest care or concern about anybody else.

Li soul was a kitten. Her nature and upbringing was that of a Chinese submissive. Centuries of servitude without acknowledgement had crushed the concept of the master showing appreciation for the servant’s work. The whoremaster in San Francisco and then her mother made her this way as the natural order of things, it was how they were raised.

In addition to the question of performer and audience, the state of relaxation and trust needed for this act was possible only for two people who were truly close, sharing intimacy at an emotional level was a starting point. The level of skill to maintain the right contact through the entire process required the most skilled and self-controlled whore. It was a case where we could not communicate (because I wasn’t awake) so she had to be hyper-aware of my body at all times, to excite my cock while not exiting me to the point of waking up. Li was the only one who even achieved such a balance from me.

Today it worked better than ever. I had a wonderful erotic dream. Staying in sleep-time it seemed to last for a long time, the pleasure took forever to build and wash over me. Dreams have their own way of doing time. Eventually I climaxed in the dream, my balls started to release and it felt like I was cumming for hours. In dream-time I felt it distinctly as each surge built and released. The climax is different from fucking, because fucking involves the nerves on the outside of the penis responding to the pussy or mouth or whatever. But this climax was entirely internal, every bit was focused on my balls and the inside of the shaft, including those very sensitive nerves at the very end of the shaft, where I felt the cum jetting out.

Li let me cum all over her face, her hair and her torso, she accepted it my creamy shower like a gift as she kept the lightest stimulation going, with tiny licks and nibbles, as I jetted my cum out at her. For her it was something from ancient history, when humans were not so concerned with pristine and antiseptic in their bodies, but connected more with each other.

I simply had a wonderful long dream-time not waking up as she cleaned my cum from our bodies with her tongue.

Then I had the true luxury of sinking back, releasing the glimmering shadow of reality and drifting down to a lower sleep level, happily chasing another 40 or 80 winks in the land of nod before my mind said “enough” and woke me as my body declared the natural course of the day had begun. For that time I also had Li’s body curled against me, like a loving contented kitten (is such a thing possible?) with a warm place to rest.

Li knew when I woke, but after some subtle adjustment of position, feigning sleep, she played possum to let me return a fraction of what she had given me.

I distributed her gift of soft kisses on her eyes and cheeks and ears and nose. Where I found a drop of my creme I licked it up with my tongue and put it on her lips to share as a wet kiss. She really liked that, sharing my cum was validation. After she was done with my kissy-face-time I let her stretch and yawn and change her position to settle anew. She settled in a pose that said it was my turn to work some more, moving down her body.

I spent some time pleasure-teasing both her nipples with my lips. At this time of day “gentle” was what she wanted, she liked me to grasp each nipple with just my lips and pull on them, teasing them ever so lightly. No tongue, no teeth, just gentle “grasp and tug” which I could do with my lips. It was like I was trying, but not too hard, to wake her.

Then when she spread her legs and openly used her hand to casually spread her valley open, I moved down into position. I was not the only one who liked my wake-up with a passive, pleasured release. I was allowed to use my tongue on her valley, and to enter her a little once she was ready, which was indicated by the sweet juices starting to flow. Later she touched my head someplace, just a touch, and it was time to move on to a finish. My tongue slowly worked up the valley, approaching her little sweet nubbin, to move around it and make nice with it until it was finally ready for the big moment.

That was something she taught me. She didn’t want me to do her bidding in any way, it wasn’t passive and wasn’t her nature. But a cock and a clit are rather different in terms of signaling their state, and the state of her clit was the issue, so I had her guide me, to show me when her body was ready to get the most out of this. That was what actually took the most time and work learning, as the little lady is very, very subtle.

When escort şişli she was ready I used my lips as I used my arms when kissing, to hold her and move around, to cherish her, showing her how I loved her like no other man or woman ever had. Then the tip of my tongue planted the kiss, pressing her just where she liked, just as hard as she liked. Finally, to take her to the peak I gave her one perfect stroke followed by some suction. As her clit was sucked in my lips I felt her body rise with her climax.

She had a good start to the day as well.

There was one more thing, closing the cuddle properly. Climax was followed by tight hugging and kissing and stroking with the hands. This takes just a few moments but it is so essential to show that the physical release is part of a deeper emotion. Women need and treasure those few moments to close the loop, even the ones who seem to jump out of bed immediately after. Because those few moments are the promise that we will do this again because “we” love each other. If you neglect this part you are saying “that was good for ME, maybe we will do it again some time.” It makes her feel less worthwhile.

Chapter 22. An Extreme Request

Normally, Li does not get to my house early, and she usually does not sleep over until Tuesday night. But in this case, I had a long day-night (30 hours without sleep) and I was heading up to bed when Li walked in from the garage, at 6 Tuesday morning. It seemed she got to bed very late Monday after arguing with her mother for half the night about something less than trivial. She got a few hours of sleep in her own bed and then decided to grab a few more hours of “quality cuddles bedtime” in a friendly bed with special company. There was usually somebody at my mansion who would sleep nice with her. Zar would do, Nia too, but I was best.

The timing was good for both of us. That was when we made arrangements for my delightful dream-time wake-up. After lunch together I would drive to work in the early afternoon, before rush hour when most people would start heading home.

I am not sure when I did we started dream-time thing (that is the point). I do know that I woke up and pleasured Li starting at about 1 in the afternoon. After we closed the cuddle and were ready for the day we shared a very friendly shower. When we came out Zar had set out a meal in my bedroom.

We both immediately thought of the dinner we shared at the Blank at the end of May: great food while our naked bodies were joined together at the good parts. I was not going to get off again, but I could manage enough of an erection so we could be “together.” She noticed and got excited. We made it work on the bed with a pair of bed-chair pillows, these “sit up in bed” half chair wedge pillows. Our legs made an “X” shape with my 90% hard cock comfortably resting inside her still wonderfully tight pussy. The finger-food Zar had prepared was well suited to eating while conversing like this with thrills thrown in.

We were sitting comfortable, eating and admiring the view, when Li made a suggestion about some entertainment that changed the mood. “Boss, could we go to the Chronis Circus? I have heard of it but never been there. I understand the rules are that you have to wear a mask.”

I knew the place she was talking about, 49 sold a custom branded form of our high quality party drugs to an association and Chronis was part of the group, I was a critical supplier. Chemically it was the same as our standard pill, but the packaging was distinct (deep red with gold flecks – real gold – in a heavy tablet instead of a pill form). I charged 10 times as much for the drug with a 100% markup on the gold. Some customers insisted on paying for the best.

(The gold passes through the body essentially intact. I don’t like to think about what people might do a day or two later.)

Chronis is the type of club where, if there was just one in the country, it would have to be in LA. Here they could run full-page ads in some newspapers, but word-of-mouth was all they needed. Chronis appeals to a special class of clientele that just might be clustered at the fringes of the entertainment business. Or the nuthouse, except those folks make poor customers.

I had not been a guest at Chronis but I dropped by a few times on business, so I knew the drill. “The rules are a little more complicated than just a mask. First of all, it is called the ‘Chronis Underworld Circus Of Pain’ and it is pretty real BDSM with a double dose of humiliation. I don’t mean spanking, and I don’t mean hurting people who like to be hurt, those poor souls have no entertainment value. They are weasels who regularly cross the line in terms of consent with real pain and blood, which means what they do is illegal except in LA. Everyone enters voluntarily after paying a big cover charge and signing a vague waiver, so the cops and the courts really don’t care. They use cell jammers, which are illegal, but the feds can’t or won’t keep them shut down. Maybe they give a pass eskort beşiktaş to a confidential source. How did you hear about it?”

“I would rather not say. It was important to somebody, so I am asking. Can we get in?” She gave my cock an extra squeeze inside her body. No fair.

“Getting in is not an issue. But I would never enter the place alone or as just a couple. One needs a party of four to six, men and women of a certain type. You would rather not say…? Hmm, am I going to be upset when I find out why?” I ran my fingers over her ticklish tiny feet which were in reach, I knew her weakness. Her reaction, the internal squirm as she tried to hold her impaled body still was very delightful, especially where we were connected. Also revealing. It seemed her interest was deeply personal. She was ashamed. Often our strongest motivations are the most childish.

“Maybe… okay, it is petty, make that very petty of me. Nobody you know, it is neighborhood stuff, not work. But it is important to me, so could we?”

“I will try to put an entourage together for tomorrow night. No promises. Good enough?”

“You are beyond wonderful to this poor skinny Chinese girl so undeserving…” With that she proceeded to squeeze the part of me that was inside her body, it is a wonderful feeling, like her hands were stroking my cock, except it was hot and wet inside her so it felt better than any hand. She did give the best mouth loving, of that I had no doubt. It was so good I had to distinguish it from “oral sex,” it was far beyond what the best girls at work could do, plus the other things she did were so delightful. Also she was also a top talent in other things sexual, like that squeeze. Damn, she felt good.

After I was done enjoying Li I went to work. It was the afternoon, but I was starting to get into the non-rush-hour drive, there are a lot of crazy drivers in LA and it stood to reason that low traffic meant fewer crazies on the road. It was a better time to think.

I was also getting used to this ‘regular sex’ thing. These days I was getting plenty and I could count on who and what. I never had that consistency before. Besides Li during the week, Abril and Cynthia spent weekend nights at the mansion. At about 10 weeks pregnant with my child Cynthia was very affectionate to me. Thanks to her hormones Cynthia was also very friendly with Abril, and even Zar. That would change, in September Cynthia was going to the the Colony and the Tribe for six to eight weeks, to learn the ways of her child’s people. She alternated enthusiasm and anxiety, sometimes both at once with an extra dose of hormones.

Since she tricked me into giving her a baby she deserved the inconvenience of the travel and life with my people, both the Colony and the Tribe. I expected both the Patron and the Chief to exercise “family celebrations” in her pregnant body. Possibly with some other male relatives joining in. She talked about the practice with Marta, so it would not be a surprise. She had also talked to Resha, who had good reasons to say very positive things about both older men, which helped Cynthia’s attitude about going back without me.

Abril was around more often, checking arrangements for our Hall-Jagger-style faux wedding for the law firm’s benefit. I required something flashy enough that it would impress the lawyers and their wives, but would not be real or public or come back at me. It was all a con, and Abril was very good at doing a flashy con job. Her role was all style, another person was doing the details. Her “mellowing” since June had been the most significant. Of the various shocks that affected her, I think Cynthia’s pregnancy was the biggest and most dramatic. Abril was the one who brought Cynthia to my bed. Now I believed the previously aloof Abril found herself mired in love with both Cynthia and me; she was not sure where it would lead. She still cared about her father and her family, and her sense of urgency about freeing her father was still there, but now she also recognized other needs and some more mature feelings.

Chapter 23. Change In The Pope

Tuesday August 5, 8:00 in the evening

Resha had more or less accepted being an active spy for me. It was a difficult adjustment of mindset. I had not sent her on any specific missions, I just told her to let me know if she saw anything at work that was a noteworthy change or out of place, or did not belong. She had trouble with what I meant in terms of “noteworthy” so I told her to report more instead of less and then tried to explain what I was interested in. Li helped her distinguish, but I said they had to keep conversations limited when others were around – no questions at work. Sam also tried to help, giving Resha some perspective and piece of mind.

Resha was a little hyper about the whole thing, partially because she did not understand what I was looking for yet. Unlike Li, Resha did not know I planned to rob and break the firm at the first opportunity. Plus, the ‘reward’ part was fuzzy. After more than two years Li got the car and the diamond and the room in my house. Would she get anything like Li got? Maybe half of what Li got? Her life was so day-to-day. Still, the good thing was that she was keenly focused on the people I knew, so she took note of them.

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