Conference Room B Fuck Club

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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, events, and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. All characters are over the age of 18.


Conference Room B Fuck Club

There are a lot of things about my business that are beyond my control. Things that are NOT my fault.

For instance, the fact that women far outnumber men in the study of foreign languages. Also, women are generally better in sales positions than men.

It is not my fault that my firm’s target markets are mostly based out of Asia, which is eight to twelve hours behind us, depending on location. This makes it necessary for my sales staff to work between 2 p.m. and midnight-ish, local time.

It is also not my fault that these happen to be the prime baby-making hours for any couple once they are ready to do so.

What happens to be my fault, I suppose, is that we now have a sex room, in the office. Yep, you read that correctly. A sex room.



“You want me to put a what, in the office?”

I stared across my office at my three managers. The rest of the staff had already left for the day and we were just finishing our end-of-the-day meeting.

Gloria cleared her throat. “Kurt, we’d like you to provide and furnish, a room, for the purpose of conjugal visits.”

Gloria is my right-hand lady. She’s way smarter than me, more experienced, and about twelve years older. It’s been said that she’s our office’s version of Stifler’s mom or Mrs. Robinson, depending on your generation. She’s a smoking-hot older lady, that’s for sure, who is adored by my entire staff.

“Conjugal visits? Like a prison?” I frowned. “I suppose you have a good reason for this wild request? Do tell.”

Gloria continued. “As you know, our working hours are usually the times when couples would get around to having sex, for the purpose of starting families. Also, our teams are eighty percent female and of the age to begin thinking of starting their family. Although the staff is paid well for working the unusual hours, it is a detriment to their family life.”

My company is called Second Shift Sales, LLC. We are an independent sales agency, working for U.S.-based companies looking to sell their products in Asian markets. The company is paid a sliding scale rate which is based on sales. Our employees do not get an individual commission, but a flat rate salary (experience-based) plus a generous shift differential. Top-notch benefits and insurance, a bonus based on the sliding scale the company is paid, and two company excursions, yearly. Due to the nature of the work and the language skills required, turnover is a detriment to the entire company, so I see that their financial needs are met as best I can. I have a staff of thirty-six outstanding multilingual sales agents. Most of them, specialize in Asian languages. Twenty-eight women and eight men. All shapes, sizes, and colors of the rainbow.

My other two managers are a married couple, Marlene, and Donovan. A handsome interracial couple, both are extraordinarily talented and awesome at their jobs. They are both marathoners and are in impressive shape.

Marlene spoke up. “Most days, we get home at 11 p.m. or later. Our team’s husbands are usually already in bed by then and while they have mornings free, the spouses are at work during the week.”

Donovan chimed in. “That doesn’t leave time for a whole lot of … well, you know. Marlene and I have been trying to get pregnant for a while.” He smiled abashedly.

He had a solid point. My wife Donna and I are thirty-four and have been trying to start a family for a couple of years.

“Listen, I see your point, but this is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard of. I just don’t think that sort of thing is appropriate at work. Let’s find another alternative.”

I felt bad for them, I really did, but if the press ever got wind of a company letting their employees have sex on the premises during their dinner breaks, it would be a fiasco.

“Hey, gang. Why the long faces?” my wife Donna asked cheerily as she walked into my office. Donna works from home and because of that, we decided to be a one-vehicle couple. You know, carbon footprint and all that. She drops me off and picks me up on days she needs the car.

Donna had her raincoat on and was shaking a wet umbrella. “Grab your umbrella folks. It’s raining to beat the band out there.”

Gloria looked at me again. “Are you sure, Kurt?”

I met her eyes. “Yeah, pretty sure. I’ll think about it some more, but I doubt I’ll change my mind.”

My managers filed out of my office quietly, heading home for the day. Donna closed the door behind them. “Everything okay?”

I looked around for my laptop bag, “Yeah, just a weird request from the staff.”

“Good.” Donna purred. I noted the change in her tone a second before I heard şişli escort her lock my office door. Looking up, I suddenly noticed something I failed to see when she walked in. Beneath her raincoat, she was wearing dark stockings and the high heels she refers to as her “fuck-me pumps”. The ones she only wears for me.

Seeing that she had my full attention, she stepped toward me and unbuckled the belt of her jacket, before undoing each button slowly. “I hope you had no plans for this evening baby. Because your dance card is full.”

Donna took another step toward me and opened her coat. Beneath it, she wore only a garter belt, stockings, and a pair of crotchless panties. Her full breasts hung free. As wives go, I’m punching WAY over my weight class. If you’ve ever heard the legend where the captain of the chess club gets the prom queen, you’re looking at it. I found one of the few hotties in the world that were more attracted to brains than biceps. Donna’s parents had immigrated from Brazil. She has a golden skin tone, with thick dark hair and hazel eyes. Other guys would give up a limb for what I have, and I know it.

My brain, impressive from the standpoint of IQ, is shit when it comes to finding cool, sexy things to say in such circumstances.

“Holy smokes.” Was the best I could come up with.

Donna smiled broadly. “Mmhmm. Let me fill you in on our plans for tonight. First, I’m going to suck your cock right here in your office, until you are nice and hard for me. And then I’m going to ride your cock until you fill me up with your cum.”

She took another two steps toward me in that leg-over-leg way that makes my brain short out. My heart pounded wildly. “Then, we’re gonna go home and fuck like animals until we have no energy left.”

She rounded the corner of my desk and laid her hands on my chest. “I’m horny and ovulating. You are going to make me cum my brains out and put a baby in me. Do I make myself clear?”

I nodded like my head was on a loose hinge.

Grinning, she leaned in to kiss me, before sinking to her knees. She unbuckled my pants and pulled them and my boxers down, before pushing me back into my chair.

The moment I felt her first breath on my cock, I was at full attention.

“Mmm. How lovely.” She said before sliding her head down on me. As her warm, wet mouth enveloped my length an all-over body shiver raced down my body.

Donna pulled back and smiled. “I love it when you do that. It’s so sexy knowing that I affect you so much.”

I leaned my head back and moaned. “Affect me? Oh, baby, that is the understatement of the year.”

With a contented sigh, she lowered her mouth down over my cock again and began lightly sucking. She slid her mouth up and down on my cock, over and over, stopping occasionally to lick the precum off my cockhead.”

She stopped and stood, caressing my cheek. “You taste so good.” She pointed to the chairs my managers had just vacated. Unlike my office chair, they had no arms and were much better for what she had in mind. “You should be over there pretty quick, handsome.”

I kicked off my shoes and stepped out of my pants, before moving across the room. Donna was right behind me. “Mmm. You left your socks on. How kinky.” She giggled.

I sat down and she stood before me. Spreading her legs, she reached down and rubbed her hairless pussy, which was deliciously at my eye level. “I am so wet for you.” She reached toward me with glistening fingers. “Would you like a taste?”

I nodded and stuck out my tongue, mouth open wide. Grinning, she slid her fingers into my mouth and I sucked on them happily. “I hope you enjoy this because you are gonna be spending a lot of time with your face between my legs tonight.”

I grinned. “I can’t wait.”

Donna straddled my lap and lowered herself down. She took hold of my cock and guided it into her hot, wet pussy. We moaned together as she sank down on me. She wrapped her hands behind my head and leaned back. I leaned down to take her hard nipple in my mouth.

“Oh yes. Suck on my fat nipples. That makes me … ohh … just … ohh.” She moaned.

Donna began flexing her knees, sliding up and down on my cock. We moaned into one another’s mouths as she kissed me. Finally, she was ready for the home stretch and began fucking me hard and fast, her tits bouncing deliciously in front of me. I always try to hold off and try to make it last longer, but I always fail. At last, I moaned loudly as my orgasm built to an eruption.

“Yes! That’s it, sweetie, fill me up with your love. Put a baby in me! BREED ME!” Donna screamed.

It wasn’t the first time she’d used the phrase “breed me”. She knew how I fucking loved it! I shot off deep inside her, moaning loudly as I pushed her hips down onto my lap. ‘Oh baby, it feels so good,” I groaned. I fired into her over and over until I leaned into her chest, breathing heavily.

Donna held me. “That’s my good man. I can feel it deep inside me. A great start to the night.” Donna whispered into my ear.


We escort bayan cleaned up a bit and dressed. When we stepped out of my office, we were shocked to find my managers all sitting in some office chairs staring at us. Donovan gave us a slow clap. “Very hot, you two.”

Marlene giggled. “Her shoes gave it away …, sweetie.”

Gloria stood and glared at me. “So. Sex at work isn’t appropriate, is it?” She crossed her arms, and I knew I no longer had the high ground.

I looked down at the carpet. “Well shit.” Donna looked at me, mystified.

I met Gloria’s gaze, resigned. “Okay. We’ll talk about it tomorrow. But fair warning, I’m gonna have a mile of rules.”

Marlene jumped to her feet. “Woohoo!” She and Donovan began dancing toward the door.

Gloria walked up and hugged me. “You won’t regret this. I promise. I’ll see to everything.”

Donna looked at us incredulously. “What the hell is going on!”


The next day was Friday, and the office was already buzzing. Good news travels fast. Sexy good news, even faster.

I cut the teams loose an hour early and I sat down with my managers afterward on the sales floor. We talked and drank the last of the coffee.

Donovan smiled broadly at me, stirring half-and-half into his coffee. “So how was your evening boss? You look kinda tired.”

I smiled back,” Thanks to you three, I had a lot of explaining to do on the way home. But otherwise, it was a tremendous night.”

Marlene smiled. “Us too. We were so wound up from listening to you two that we umm …” She laughed brightly.

I looked at Gloria. “I’m sure a great deal of thought has been put into this. Let’s hear it.”

Gloria cleared her throat and began. “Right. This isn’t something we just thought up yesterday. So … we’ve been getting requests for rotating nights off, for this sort of thing, for a while. And as managers, we batted around some options, but this one, as crazy as it sounds makes the most sense for the business as well as the employees.”

Her eyes shifted to her co-managers, and back to me. “So, we propose redecorating a room …”

“Which room?”

Donovan spoke up. “Umm… Conference Room B.

Gloria continued as if she hadn’t been interrupted. “Outfitting it with soundproofing, dimmable lighting, a big bed, and perhaps some additional equipment in the interest of the room’s intended purpose.”

I grinned. “Additional equipment? Like a St. Andrews cross, whips, and restraints?”

Gloria smiled sheepishly and shrugged.

Our building had originally been a regional office for a local bank that had long since gone the way of the dodo. After that, it had been the home to a couple of cold-call magazines and make-up telemarketing ventures. I was able to purchase it at a fair price and convert it for our needs with very little difficulty. The single-level building has five offices, and a large sales floor, broken up into cubicles that our team is free to personalize to their individual tastes. It gives the place a homey feel that we all enjoy. We also have two conference rooms. A big one we use for team meetings and conference calls and a small one that is mostly storage and home to two terribly underused treadmills. The small one is Conference Room B.

Marlene chimed in. “Employees will have access to the room from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. They are allowed one hour, once a week at a maximum, based on the number of folks signed up. They are to bring their own sheets and any other items they require, within reason. They will be encouraged to spend forty-five minutes with their partner, and the last fifteen minutes cleaning the room. The company will provide the cleaning supplies.

I nodded. “Okay. I’ll insist that the room remain locked when not in use. Get it re-keyed so that there are two keys. One for the person using it and a master for Gloria. The housekeeping company that cleans in the mornings must NEVER get a look in there. This is gonna have to be a Fight Club-level secret.”

Gloria nodded. “Agreed.”

We all sat back mulling over the idea. “Okay. I suppose I’m being asked to pay for this?” I looked at my managers intently.

Marlene giggled. “Well, you do get to use it too.” Marlene was a genuine pleasure to work around. As well as being a beautiful black woman, her smile and radiant personality were infectious, making everyone around her feel better. The contrast to her blue-eyed, blonde husband was attention-grabbing.

I laughed. I didn’t really have a dog in this fight. Unlike most of my employees, Donna works from home, so she is able to work my hours and we have more time for … you know. Donna is a software developer who speaks Japanese and Korean, as well as her native Portuguese.

Donovan spoke up. “I have personally polled our teams. It is the team’s request that we use the money set aside for our yearly excursions.”

I hadn’t thought of that. Twice a year I provide a day excursion for the teams. Skiing, deep-sea beşiktaş escort fishing, a clam bake on the beach, white water rafting. That kind of thing. They are hugely popular events and enjoyed by even our most introverted employees. The fact that they were willing to forgo them this year spoke volumes.

I sat back and looked at my team. “You know this is insane right? A total nightmare if this gets out.” They nodded their heads.

I held up my index finger. “And, if this becomes too much of a distraction to the team, we have to shut it down. The success or failure of this venture depends on them; their discipline, and discretion.”

Gloria stood, straightened, and thrust her impressive chest forward. Looking me in the eye, she grinned. “I’ll take care of it.”

I grinned back. “I know you will.”


Construction of this sex room proved to be quite a challenge. We hired different contractors for different stages of the project. One company removed the windows, framed them in, added the soundproofing material beneath a second layer of drywall, and painted the room. Another did the floors, ripping out the old carpet and laying down laminate flooring. Electrical, lighting, HVAC, custom bed, etc. It quickly ate up every bit of the money planned for the day trips. I covered the cost of the bed myself after Donna suggested it, but let’s keep that between us, okay?

Gloria followed me into the finished room. “What do you think?”

The room was a couple’s dream, to be sure. A king-size upholstered mattress on a welded steel frame, bolted to the floor, occupied the middle of the room. No squeaks. A pair of high-end wedge pillows, two big washable bean bags, and a sex swing attached to an eyebolt tapped directly into a steel beam. Big mirrors in one corner. Foldable floor mats like the ones you used in gym class. Dimmable lights and programable colored LED tubes in the cornices ran around the room.

I shrugged. “Looks like fun. But will the staff be able to maintain their professional discipline while this is going on?”

Gloria gave me a stern look. “I’ve called a meeting for tomorrow morning. Would you be a dear, Kurt, and be late to work tomorrow so that I can address the troops without the general looking over us?”

I smiled and snapped a salute. “You got it, Colonel.”


Donna was wide-eyed when she first saw the room and gasped when she saw the swing and its associated harnesses. She whirled at me.

“Where’s the fucking sign-up sheet?”

I smiled. “Gloria has it.” She’d have dashed off until I showed her my key. “We can use it after working hours any night we want. Tonight?”

Her mind was going in a million directions at once. “Tonight? Yes, wait, no. No, I’m not prepared. I have to prepare.” She ran up and hugged me tightly. “Oh, we are gonna be sooo bad in there.” She met my eyes. “You should probably take some extra vitamins tomorrow and I want you to eat pineapple for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!”

With a delighted giggle, she turned and headed back toward my office, leaving me grinning like a mad fool as I watched her glorious peach-shaped ass disappear around the corner.



I’d had my doubts, but I was very happy they were unfounded. The day we created the signup sheet, it was booked solid for six weeks. By popular demand we added another hour to each day, making the availability from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. At first, there was a little giggling and sexy comments as the spouses came through, usually looking a bit embarrassed. But after a while, it was just part of the routine. It seemed like my Fight Club comment from our early discussions has gotten around because Conference Room B has been unofficially dubbed the Fuck Club amongst its most frequent members. And of course, no one talks about Fuck Club.

At first, a few of the ladies came dressed a little more provocatively than usual on their Fuck Club days, which was a little distracting. Gloria put the kibosh on that pretty quickly, while suggesting that what they wore beneath their clothes was no one’s business but theirs. Shoes can be changed at the last minute.

The room was a hit and folks generally obeyed the rules. The soundproofing was pretty effective. Except with Clarise. Our pretty little demure Clarise became a complete screamer when her husband was hitting the right spot. We didn’t know his name when he came in, but an hour later, we all knew Walt and when he was hitting the right spot.



The atmosphere was joyous on our little sales floor. Three of our team members have gotten pregnant. My manager Marlene, Toby’s wife Arlene, and thank goodness, our screamer Clarise. As much as I was not looking forward to losing people to maternity or paternity leaves, our sales were up a miraculous, twelve percent since Conference Room B opened for business. We’ve added one new employee since its inauguration, and we played that really close to the vest until Gloria got a good feel for the type of person she was. When they let her in on it, she was originally taken aback until Gloria explained it and Marlene showed off the little baby bump that had been created there. So far, so good.

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