Terrence’s Curious Kink

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Now that Terrence was in his mid-30s, the thing that sexually stimulated him more than anything was watching his wife Ellen get dressed for their date nights every second Friday. For reasons he couldn’t understand, he’d come to like watching Ellen get dressed to go out even more than watching her get undressed at the end of the evening.

Terrence was a good-looking man with a nice build and stood at just over six feet. Ellen was gorgeous. She was tall and lean with long auburn hair. Her boobs were on the small side but perfectly shaped with raspberry nipples. She had the tight bum of a swimmer, and her skin was a beautiful light tan.

But as far as Terrence was concerned, Ellen’s most exciting feature was her long, perfectly-shaped legs. In fact it was Ellen’s legs that first attracted him to her 15 years before. She was wearing a glittery pink mini-skirt and dancing on the top of a bar during Spring Break. Lust at first sight, he got an immediate erection. He never seriously lusted for another woman.

Now a successful business owner, it had only been six months before that Terrence developed his fascination with watching Ellen get dressed. Something about the fact that she would take such great care to make herself as beautiful as possible for not just him, but the general public, got him worked up. It made him proud and jealous at the same time.

It only took Ellen a few date nights to realize the change in Terrence’s behavior. All of the sudden he was always hanging out in the bedroom watching her prepare for their dates. She was puzzled by his behavior, but figured his paying so much attention to her rather than some other woman was a good thing.

What made it more acceptable to Ellen is that Terrence’s day-to-day behavior with her was always exemplary. He was a fabulous husband who not only made good money, but cheerfully helped around the house. What’s more, he was a skilled masseuse who delighted in giving her hour long massages without any hint of sex, just a light pat or two on her bum to indicate the massage was over.

Terrence was also generous with presents. Not a date night went by that he hadn’t presented Ellen with a fancy gift box from an high-end boutique containing either expensive lingerie or the finest quality stockings. The items were always classy, never trashy.

On the afternoon of date night, Ellen would get her hair done as well as her nails. She had unusually long and attractive fingers and toes. Then she would come home and take a shower. As sure Pendik Escort as the sun went down in the evening, Terrence would be lying on their bed waiting when she emerged naked from the shower.

Terrance had purchased some ultra soft ‘date night’ towels for Ellen, and after some initial hesitation, she allowed him to dab the water off her beautiful body. What made it acceptable to her was that he paid as much attention to her back as he did her small boobs and pussy. As with his massages, it wasn’t sexual interruption to her getting prepared.

Ellen almost drew the line at him getting on his knees and watching closely as she did a little touch up shaving around her pussy. But as he’d just presented her with some expensive gift, and always treated her so well, she felt it only fair that he could watch her groom her most intimate area. Although she did notice that he more than watched, as he also inhaled deeply to capture as much of her vaginal scent as possible.

After a couple of months Ellen had become comfortable with this new routine and began to enjoy it. So she’d seductively twirl around just out of Terrence’s reach, spread her legs open as far as possible when grooming, and playfully tap on her clit while looking him in the eye. What made it acceptable was that when Terrance’s attempts at groping were rebuffed, he took it with a smile.

Ellen’s favorite part was unwrapping the beautiful little boxes from the boutiques where Terrence had bought the expensive lingerie and stockings. He always chose well, which pleased her.

Terrence’s eyes would be glued to Ellen’s body as she slid her new silk panties up her long smooth legs to around her bum. She did it slowly and sensuously to tease him. Because Ellen’s boobs were small and firm, she rarely wore a bra. But to be playful, she’d dab a touch of rouge on her nipples to tempt him.

The favorite part of the scene for Terrence was when it came time for Ellen to put on her stockings. She would sit on the edge of the bed and he would kneel down in front of her. First he would softly massage her feet, which she loved. Then she would slowly and sensuously roll the sheer silk stockings up her long calves, over her knees, and up her luscious thighs.

As she did this with the first leg, Terrence would watch intently and take her other foot and, being as subtle as possible, gently rub it against his cock. His breathing would become shallow and fast.

“What are you doing?” an alarmed Ellen asked the first time he Kurtköy Escort did this.

“I, I, I don’t really know,” Terrence replied. “It just seems the most natural thing in the world. It feels so good.”

So Ellen let it go.

He then carefully watched as she slowly pulled the other stocking up her other leg.

Next it would be time for the shoes, which Ellen would have picked out earlier in the afternoon from her large collection. Ellen loved high stiletto heeled shoes because they accentuated her beautiful long legs.

Terrence would always take a big sniff of each shoe before he gently slid them on her feet. It almost intoxicated him.

Then came what early on had become a moment of contention. Terrence would grasp Ellen’s ankles, and with a moderate amount of pressure pull her feet toward him so her spike stiletto heels would grind right into his balls.

The first time he did this Ellen told him to stop, but he was so stimulated he was already coming and unable to stop.

Ellen initially thought this was very weird behavior, but over time came to accept it as it didn’t seem to cause any harm in the rest of their relationship. Indeed, since he started doing it he’d been even nicer to her, if that was possible. So as time passed, Ellen began to make it more pleasant for him. Staring right into his eyes, her lips parted, she would spread her legs so he could see her pussy as her sharp heels dug into his nuts.

From time to time she would tease him. “Aw, what a shame, honey, the panties you bought today have a crotch and you can’t see my wet pink pussy.”

Such taunting resulted in Terrence grinding her heels more forcefully into his balls and an inevitable eruption.

The next step in Ellen’s preparation was for her to sit before the bureau and put on her make-up. She was an expert at it, and was so preoccupied that she didn’t mind Terrence kneeling at her side in fascination. She was partial to bright red lipstick, the only flashy part of her look. Terrence loved it.

The final step was Ellen slipping on her dress. She liked thin silk dresses that hugged her thin frame. They weren’t particularly short, although if they didn’t have a pattern it was often possible to notice her taut nipples. Such a subtle cock tease, she pretended not to be aware of it.

Terrence and Ellen’s date night evenings were always wonderful. He knew his etiquette and manners, and he treated her like a queen. Women with less conscientious husbands took notice Maltepe Escort and commented on it

After date nights most couples have sex, but Terrence and Ellen no longer did. He’s already cum while she’s spiked him with her heels, and after a long day and pleasant dinner, she was more than happy to go to sleep.

The rest of their sex life was more typical and mostly satisfactory. Terrence had a greater sex drive than she did, so rather than insisting on penetrating her each time he got horny, he would accept it if she just lay back and let him eat her out. He’d finish up by jerking off on her firm tits. They would both be happy with that.

At dinner during one date night, Terrence they asked Ellen if she wanted anything more from their sex life.

Ellen said she was quite content with the way things were. So she asked Terrence if there was anything more he wanted.

Terrence spoke without hesitation and dropped a bomb.

“I would like to watch you prepare for date night the way you always do, but when you’re finished, go on a date with another man instead of me.”

“What!?” Ellen exclaimed, unable to believe her ears.

“You asked me if I wanted anything else, so I told you. I think I would almost explode with excitement if you did that for me.”

“And during this date with another man, you, my husband, want me to what, flirt with him, kiss him, let him feel me up?” asked Ellen. “Do you want him to fuck me, too?”

“I don’t know,” replied Terrence. “For me the only really important thing is being able to watch you make yourself as perfect as possible for another man.”

“I think that’s disgusting!” Ellen replied. “I’d never do anything like that.

Yet here it was, six months to the day later, and Terrance was again reverently kneeling in front of Ellen as she sat at the edge of the bed.

But unusual for her, she was wearing thigh high leather boots with lot of buckles and chrome-tipped sharp heels. Her black leather skirt didn’t come a third of the way down her thighs, and revealed that she wasn’t wearing any panties. Her white silk top was so sheer that the barbell on her left nipple was clearly visible.

Instead of wearing a small gold cross on a chain that she’d always worn before, Ellen was sporting a thin gold necklace that ran through a small gold key. As Terrence’s hands were cuffed behind his back, Ellen laughed as she drove her spike heels into his balls.

The more he groaned in pain, the more forcefully she rammed her heels into his unprotected groin.

Suddenly the front door bell rang.

“I’m so sorry Terrence,” Ellen said playful tone, “but my date is here and I have to go. I know you’re on the verge of cumming, but you’ll have to save it. Maybe you can get off next date night.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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