Jack and Tina: The Train Ride

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Jack and Tina

Jack – 6’2″, lanky, thin but strong, 8.5 inches

Tina 3’10”, busty, small hands, waist and biggish butt

Jack and Tina were an unlikely pair. He is 6’2″ and lanky, she is 3’10” and busty with a great ass. But they were in love. They had been together since high school. He was teased relentlessly about her being his girlfriend, and he fought more than once over someone being incredibly rude to her. He defended her often. They graduated and got married, but kids were not in the cards. They tried for a few years and decided it was not meant to be, so they accepted this and went on with life.

The pair had gotten into some different sexual habits and spiced it up often to keep them wanting more of each other. Jack, a very creative person, decided he wanted to have sex in public, but with no one the wiser. He crafted a harness that he can wear, and she can be strapped into on the front of him. It had a cape down the back of her (or front depending on which way she was sitting). It draped down to his knees while standing and almost to the floor when seated. It covered her almost completely. The only thing showing was her head, face and occasionally her hands.

Jack showed this to Tina, and she squealed in delight. She wanted to try it out as soon as they could. That next week was spent tweaking the harness to both of their likings, so it had optimal coverage and access to her. The following week, they decided to try out their new toy. He donned the harness under his jacket (it was fall and chilly out). She was strapped in wearing no panties or pants, just a top that Maltepe Escort was loose enough to pull her voluptuous breasts out for him to see her play with them. The train schedule was on the table, they had to be ready at the station at 10:00 am to ride to the next town.

As they boarded the train and took their seat in the riding car, he started getting excited. He made sure the cape covered her and was down over his legs. Her legs were around his sides, leaving her pussy easily accessible. Tina slid her hand down and unzipped his pants, pulled out his huge cock and started stroking it. He was already semi hard, but this took it to a full on hard on. He caught his breath as her tiny hands worked his cock wonderfully, she was rubbing herself too to make sure she was wet for him to enter her easily. Finally, she rubbed his cock head over her slit, pressing a bit to get it to the entrance. As he felt this, he pressed slowly into her. His movements went unnoticed. She sighed into his chest as she buried her face in him to quiet her moans. She loved his cock in her.

Slowly she started riding him, just enough to keep him up, but not enough to let everyone know what they were doing. She leaned back, lifted one breast out of her shirt and twisted the nipple, pulling it and getting it into a stiff peak. He loved her breasts. He loved to fuck em, and suck em, and just play with them. He was a breast man. As he watched her playing with her nipple, he caught his breath and jumped a bit, thrusting into her harder. She moaned a bit louder than intended and got looks from a few İstanbul Escort passengers. She giggled and gripped onto him as the feeling washed over her. She was getting closer to orgasm. She loved what they were doing and the fact that no one knew. She continued playing with her nipple with one hand but slid the other to her pussy. She started rubbing her clit to bring her to an orgasm quicker, she wanted to feel it on this train. Wanted to cum while all these people had no idea what was happening. Her breathing became erratic, and her muscles began clenching around him as the first waves of the orgasm hit her. She buried her face in him again as it was strong, and she did not want to alert anyone to their activities. She bit his shirt as the orgasm strengthened and washed over her. Her hips slowly grinding on him as her cum seeped out between them.

The waves softened but she was still pulsing inside. The train stopped at their destination, and as he stood up, she slid lower onto his cock. He was now balls deep in his wife. She gasped and held his shirt in her hands, pulling up and down on him as they walked out of the train. They took a seat and waited on the train home. He had not yet cum and he was excited to do it on the next train. He did not care that he would have cum and pussy juice in his pants so long as she enjoyed it as much as he did. The train home arrived, and again they boarded. Only this time, he was already in her.

The had a better, roomier seat on the ride home, with fewer passengers in this car. They had the row to themselves and the row across Anadolu Yakası Escort from them was also empty. She could move on him more this time. He slid over to the center seat, and she used the arm rests for her feet. With the leverage this gave her, she could properly fuck her husband on this train. First, she was slowly moving up and down on him, with her breasts out under the cape. He leaned into the hidden area and took her nipple in his mouth to suckle while she rode him. She was so slow at the beginning, no one noticed, but as the ride went along, she moved a bit faster. The man behind us seemed to notice a bit. She whispered to me that he had a raging hard on and was rubbing himself watching her move up and down.

There were no other passengers behind us, so he took his cock out with his jacket covering him from the train attendants seeing and was stroking himself. Tina took this as encouragement and started riding faster and harder. Making faces as she was fucking him. Jack held onto his wife’s ass and slid a finger in with his cock to get it nice and wet. Once it was wet, he slowly slid it in her ass. She squeaked a bit, loving the feeling. Her speed and force increased a bit, and she was cumming in no time. The man behind us, with his eyes wide and staring at Tina, increased his jerking too. With my wife cumming on me, I could hold it no longer and felt the semen engorging my cock and start shooting my hot load into her. As my cum started filling her, she orgasmed harder and could not help but let an audible moan out. The man behind us started cumming too. His load landing on his shirt and inside his jacket. Tina thought this is the most exciting sex have ever done.

At home that evening, after showers and dinner. They discussed possibly doing it again. They both had fun and great orgasms. But even better, they got caught and that person got off too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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