I was a Teenage Sex God Ch. 03

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Author’s Note: Greetings! I am Rubirosa, the authorized biographer of celebrity porn star SAMSON. He is paying me a lot of money to chronicle his sexual exploits in a multi-volume memoir that will run more than a million words.

The first volume, “I Was A Teenage Sex God,” focuses on our hero’s youthful adventures when the ladies still knew him as LANCE LEO.

Like many of his peers, Lance spent much of high school as a shiftless stoner and hopeless virgin. On the night of his 18th birthday, however, a mysterious hiccup in the space-time continuum transformed him into a barbarian sex god from a galaxy far, far away.

Endowed with Herculean strength and godlike charisma, Lance did not use his superpowers to fight crime or save the world. The teen used them to get laid.

This story chronicles the chaos that ensued…

TWIMC, all characters that appear in this story are above the age of 18 and freely consent to the debauchery described herein. Enjoy…

Chapter Three: Weekend Wildman

Lance slept in again. He awoke to his phone vibrating with numerous texts.

Angela and Tina flooded his phone with nudes. They sounded ready for a rematch. However, Lance decided to write back later. He knew he could fuck them whenever he wanted.

Instead, the teen opted for a late morning workout. After taking a big rip from his bong, he searched his room for some dumbbells. He found a pair of 75-pounders under a pile of discarded clothes.

With minimal effort, Lance began to do slow and steady lifts. He stood before a tall mirror to “observe his technique.” That was bullshit of course. In truth, he had become extremely vain about his transformed physique. Fuck, yeah! He looked like Jason Momoa with a porn star cock. Dropping the weights to the floor with a loud thud, the teenage strongman began to pose and thought about all the chicks he wanted to bang today.

Suddenly, a rush of adrenaline slammed into his brain and his mighty organ sprang to life. BOI-OI-OI-OING! It went from flaccid to rock-hard in a matter of seconds, inflating in his underwear like a helium tank filling a balloon. The lightning-quick erection immediately tented his briefs until RRRRRRRIP! His big knob tore right through the fraying fabric.

The horny teenager stared at his throbbing python in the mirror with awe. Lance could not control his dick anymore. It controlled him. His rational mind was withering away, making him a slave to his most primal urges and impulses. He had become like the Incredible Hulk. Well, sort of… While the comic book character kept his pants on, Lance popped a massive boner that could bust right through the fly of his jeans. And stress and anger did not trigger him like Bruce Banner. Nope, he “hulked out” after experiencing sexual arousal. Who said puberty wasn’t fun?


Lance let his beast go limp and put on a fresh pair of underwear. He then mounted his smartphone on top of the mirror, opened the video app, and hit record. The teen stood before the camera and began to flex his giant guns. RRRRRRIP! His ballooning boner immediately shredded his briefs.

“HULK WANT PUSSY!” Lance roared laughingly while thumping his massive pecs. Without a second thought, he sent the vid to Morgan. The cheerleader’s text bubble with three dots appeared almost immediately.

“OMG! You’re such a clown,” she wrote. “A really sexy clown.”

“In case the message of that video was unclear,” he answered. “Let me be blunt.

Would you like me to pound you tonight?”


“How about right now?”

“The parents came back from vacation. They won’t hear us at midnight tho.”

“They will hear us if I make you come as hard as last night. Looking forward to eating your pussy. Bye.”

Lance looked forward to his late-night rendez-vous but the lusty Lothario would have to endure nearly 12 hours of abstinence before getting to nail Morgan. He considered whether to choose Angela or Tina to be his lover for the afternoon. Both had their charms. However, he had a more urgent issue to address. His condom supply was running low…


The bell jingled as Lance walked through the door of the convenience store. A goth babe sat behind the counter. They were alone. She followed the stranger in the security mirror as he walked into the drug aisle. The teen returned a moment later and plonked two 12-pack boxes of Magnum XL’s onto the counter.

He looked the cashier up and down. Goth. Early 20s. Buxom. Jet black hair flowed down her shoulder on one side and was buzz-cut on the other. Either unconsciously or by design, her pierced tongue licked a black-lacquered lip. Without a doubt, she was checking him out too.

Lance wore a sleeveless denim vest. It used to be a jeans jacket but he outgrew the garment since his transformation. In order to accommodate his broad shoulders and giant arms, he cut off the sleeves and left the front unbuttoned. That gave Bayan Eskort the goth goddess a fine view of his insanely muscular physique.

“Hot date tonight?” the goth finally smiled.

“Actually, I am lining up TWO dates for tonight,” he explained boldly but not untruthfully. “So I’ve got to stock up on supplies.”

“Jesus,” she laughed incredulously. “You’re pretty cavalier.”

Lance gave the cashier two twenties and she rang up his bulk purchase. As the goth gave him the change, her hand accidentally touched his and an electric current surged through. They leered at each other for a moment, not moving or speaking.

“I’m free all afternoon,” he finally said.

“I get off work in 20 minutes,” she told him without blinking.

Jeanie did not understand why she accepted his proposition. He looked like trouble. But that might have been exactly the reason she went for him. This dude had this sexy badass quality that turned her on. She never had met anyone quite like him.


Jeanie held on tight to Lance as they raced down the road on his Harley. He kept to the speed limit so as to not scare his passenger. They weren’t even wearing helmets. Lance had one but never used it. He loved the feeling of the wind blowing through his magnificent mane of long black hair.

Up ahead, the green light turned yellow. Lance briefly thought of speeding up to make it through the intersection but he was too far away. So he reluctantly braked. A minute passed. Then another minute. The light stayed red. Lance quickly grew impatient. He always got stuck at this stoplight.

“Run it,” Jeanie urged him. She felt strangely bold with him. His chaotic energy was contagious.

Without a second thought, Lance sped right through the red. His foot crushed the gas pedal and the motorcycle took off like a bat out of hell. The needle spiked to 100MPH in under a minute.

Jeanie clung to him. The rumble of the bike between her legs left his passenger panting with desire. She felt soaking wet down there. And, to make things even hotter, he crouched forward and pulled up on the handlebars at the same time. The center of gravity suddenly shifted as the bike popped a wheelie. The vehicle cruised down the road for the longest ten seconds of her life before the front wheel hit the pavement again.

They reached the back entrance to his house a couple minutes later. He tapped in a code and the gate swung open. The driveway led to the pool house.

“Is this all yours?” asked Jeanie, not unimpressed by the luxurious property.

“Sorta,” he answered vaguely. His father had just left on another long trip so he would have the place to himself for a while.

Lance cut the motor and kicked out the kickstand. Jeanie hopped off the bike. Lance gave her a second look. Caught in the moment, the ladykiller had not realized what a gorgeous babe he just scored.

The goth wore a halter that showed off quite a bit of cleavage and stopped way before it reached the hem of her tartan skirt. That left several inches of her taut navel exposed to his leer. Beneath that, she boasted long legs in fishnets that tapered down to a shiny pair of Doc Martens.

“Take a photo,” she smiled. “It will last longer.”

Lance chuckled and closed in for a kiss. He backed her up to the wall of his pool house and had his way with her mouth. Jeanie’s hands roved up and down his back before descending to his butt and giving it a squeeze. The teen responded by grinding his crotch against her. He felt the goth chick shudder and a tiny gasp escaped her lips.

“You know,” she confessed. “I never did this before.”

“You’re a virgin?” he asked with a hint of skepticism.

“No, I mean… I’ve never gone home with a stranger like this.”

“I haven’t either,” he told her truthfully.

Jeanie rolled her eyes as if to say “bullshit.” She clearly assumed her companion was older than 18. As they made out, she yanked off his jeans vest and unveiled his unusually musclebound torso.

“Dayum,” she whispered. “Who the fuck are you?”

Lance wisely decided not to mention that he was still in high school. But the teen had to tell her something.

“I am a barbarian sex god from another universe,” he said with a straight face. “Nature has endowed me with an enchanted phallus to serve womankind.”

Jeanie stared at him strangely and then broke out in laughter: “OK, I’ll buy that.”

Eager to continue, Lance swept Jeanie off her feet into his strong arms and carried her inside the poolhouse.


Lance kicked open the door to the pool house. He strode into his bedroom with a squealing Morgan in his arms and flung her onto the mattress.

Barely 48 hours since he lost his virginity, the teenage megastud had pulled his first “hat trick,” scoring three babes in a single day. Lance wasn’t unaware of this accomplishment but had not yet processed what it all meant. In the meantime, all he could think about Anadolu Yakası Escort was cramming his dick into the blonde cheerleader.

Tearing off his denim vest, he climbed into bed and on top of Morgan. The two of them began to make out a furious clip. The lovers did not need to worry about making too much noise like at Morgan’s house. They owned the night.

Morgan swiftly unbuttoned Lance’s fly and fished out his limp, heavy schlong. The organ twitched in her grip, coursing with blood and growing several inches in several seconds.

“Oh, my God,” gushed Morgan. “I think it’s bigger than last time. Can I ummm….”

“Measure it?” Lance finished her sentence. He reached for the ruler he kept on his nightstand.

“Wait,” she laughed. “Why do you keep a ruler next to the bed?”

“Well, it ain’t for geometry class,” he chuckled. His penis had been growing rapidly since his 18th birthday and tracking his progress stoked him beyond belief.

Morgan aligned the ruler with his erection and measured it from base to tip.

“Fuck,” she half-gasped, unable to contain her awe. “You’ve got a nine-and-a-half inch dick.”

Now it was Lance’s turn to be floored. He only measured 8.5 two days earlier. His penis growth had accelerated.

“Does that turn you on, babe?” he smirked. “That I’ve got the biggest dick at Peoria Tech?”

The look of smug satisfaction and desire that he gave Morgan made her laugh softly. She crawled between his legs and wrapped her hand around the base of his throbbing tool. A sensual purr exited her lips as she stared up at him, his pulsing cock right in front of her face.

“Would you like me to do something special for you? Something that I never do for Steve?” She invoked her boyfriend’s name softly, yet heatedly. Morgan then leaned forward to kiss the moist tip of his cock. The quick, tentative peck sent a raging rush of illicit electricity through her body. She had been thinking about his cock ever since he sent that video of himself aping an X-rated Incredible Hulk.

Lance shuddered gently from the contact of her soft lips before he finally nodded. “Fuck, yeah,” he moaned. “Show me more of what your boyfriend doesn’t get.”

Morgan couldn’t repress a naughty smile. The next time she let Steve kiss her, he would have no idea that his girlfriend’s loving lips had touched this alpha thug’s big fat cock.

“Remember this moment…” She added with a playful smile while kissing the spongy tip of his cock before giving two slow, soft pecks down the thick, straining shaft, almost lovingly, and then added, “That time you put your dick in the mouth of the homecoming queen. Morgan looked deep into his eyes, and softly pressed her glossy lips against the tip of his cock and then ever-so-slowly leaned forward.

Her lips mashed against the huge knob of Lance’s prong before ever so slowly… so enticingly… so sexily… parting themselves open. The fellatrix took her time, drawing out the process, until Lance shuddered with anticipation. Finally, his crown popped into her hot, wet mouth, sliding thickly onto her soft tongue. He did not taste like other men. There was something about his musky flavor that made her mouth water.

Morgan clung her lips tightly around his manmeat in a lewdly stretched ‘O’ and bore down, her lips stretching her lips infinitely wider than from Steve’s girly dick. “Mmmm!” she hummed against the underside of his knob as illicit pleasure raged through her like a drug.

Impulsively, Morgan sealed her lips around his girth, and sucked as hard as she could around the thick head so that her cheeks hollowed out tightly and reddened in effort.

“Fuck!” boomed Lance, his strong hand stroking her blonde tresses as the fellatrix breathed in through her nose and sucked as hard as she could again. The other women he seduced this week all tried to suck his dick but none of them gave a performance like this stone cold fox.

Morgan’s pulse raced at the prospect of cheating on Steve. The head cheerleader pretended to be a nice girl at school but nasty desires smoldered beneath her chino mini-skirt. She mostly hadn’t acted on them up to now because she had not met the right guy. Or, better put, the wrong guy. But Lance awakened something wicked and wanton in her.

Her slashing tongue spun around his knob faster and faster until a baritone groan sounded in his chest. Having elevated him to a dizzying peak, her mouth finally sank down his pole. Inch after inch slid between her soft lips, smearing her lip gloss gently along its thick length. Morgan felt her jaw straining to take his rock solid shaft. She started to breathe through her nose as five inches lay heavy and hard on her soft tongue.

Lance felt his gonads quiver. He had his dick in the mouth of the most popular girl at school. In the not-so-distant past, she would not have given him the time of day.

But, in a cosmic twist of fate, the low-rent stoner had transformed into a musclebound Don Juan with a Pendik Escort bionic dick. He had cold-approached Morgan, secured an invitation to her bed, and made her come 18 times in a row last night. It excited him to know he now had this babe wrapped around his big prick, a chick he had lusted after for years, eager and willing to sate his lewdest whims.

“Goddamn, babe,” he moaned as she deep-throated his shaft. “This is so fucking hot. I should have started banging your box a long time ago.

Morgan pulled off his prick to speak: “And I wish I started sucking your dick before senior year. But I’m going to be doing a lot of that from now on!”

“What about Steve?” Lance couldn’t resist asking.

The cheerleader just rolled her eyes and smiled devilishly before resuming the raunchy blow job with redoubled enthusiasm


“Mmm, I love mmm sucking that dick,” Morgan purred in a husky, breathy voice after pulling off again.

“More than sucking Steve’s dick?” Lance persisted. He couldn’t help himself.

“So is that your kink, Lance?” she replied with mock annoyance. “Wanting to hear that I like your dick more than my boyfriend’s?”

“Only if it’s true,” he winked.

Morgan’s smile became even more playful.

“In that case,” she began before slipping her lips around his knob, her tongue lapping at his knob between words. “I LOVE your cock because it is so much bigger than Steve’s…Because it fills up every inch of my pussy…like his doesn’t…Because it sets off fireworks deep inside my body…like his never has and never will…Because it gave me 18 orgasms in a single night…Unlike his…And because it is attached to a badass Chad who knows how to please a woman…OK, are you happy now?”

Lance was happy. He reached for the box of Magnum XL’s on his nightstand.

“How about we find out how many times I can get you off tonight?” he proposed with a smug laugh.



Lance piloted his motorcycle down the dark road. He had dropped off Morgan back at her place and was heading for the convenience store. Jeanie had the graveyard shift and the cocksman needed more Magnum XL’s.


Fuck. Rollers. Lance knew the cops would nail him sooner or later. Lucky for him, he was actually driving the speed limit for once. The teen pulled to the shoulder and shut off the engine. He scoped out the squad car in his rearview mirror. No partner. She worked alone. The officer got out of her vehicle and walked towards his motorcycle. He instinctively undressed her with his leer.

Lance realized he should have been afraid. But he wasn’t. He was horny. Officer Regina Sanchez was thicc with succulent DD’s stuffed inside her uniform. The policewoman’s big jugs caused her badge to jut forward from her chest. Though the men on the force probably gave her shit for that, he sensed she could take care of herself. The glamazon stood six feet in flats.

“License and registration,” she told him.

Lance whipped out his chain wallet and handed her his driver’s license.

Officer Sanchez immediately noted the red bar below the photo on his ID. That meant he was under 21. The patrolwoman gave him a once-over, then a twice-over. He did not look like one of the kids she busted at the 7-11. The teenager possessed an incredibly muscular build and carried himself like the boss of a biker gang.

“Is something wrong, Officer?” he smiled, seemingly unintimidated by her authority.

“Mr. Leo, could you please step away from your vehicle?” Regina ordered him.

Lance dismounted. He stood six inches taller than Sanchez. She had not expected that.

“Kind of unusual for a teenager to be out this late,” the officer noted, trying to cut him down.

“You gonna run me in for curfew?”

“Nope. You’re 18 as of last month. But I wouldn’t mind knowing what you were doing out here?”

“I just drove a woman back to her place.”

“Your girlfriend?”

“A woman,” he smiled with obvious innuendo.

Sanchez abandoned that line of questioning. She had 19 other ways to bust him.

“Where’s your helmet?” she asked him.

“I left it at home,” he shrugged. “Is there a law against that?”

“No, you can ride without one. But you should be more careful.”

“I use protection when it matters.”

“How so?”

“I’ve got a half-dozen Magnum XL’s in my wallet.”

The officer cracked a smile. This kid had balls. However, she wasn’t finished with him.

“I’ve got to frisk you,” she announced. Familiar with the drill, the juvenile delinquent raised his arms and let her pat him down. Sanchez took her time, feeling up the jacked and ripped contours of the muscles underneath his denim vest. She squeezed his ass and felt a foreign object in his back pocket. Bingo! She pulled out a marijuana pipe.

“What is this for?” she told him, holding up the pipe like a trophy.

“That’s not illegal either.”

“No, it’s not. But you gotta be 21 to use marijuana in this state.”

“Am I carrying any weed on me?”

“Let’s find out,” Sanchez told him, while continuing to frisk him. Indeed, she had not found anything yet. However, the patrolwoman noted a prominent bulge that ran along his inner-thigh.

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