Caulked Tight

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Amarna Sparrow

I was spending some time helping a friend work on his new house before moving in. During one of our hardware store visits, we came across a lady that was looking for help in deciding exactly what she needed to redo the seal around some windows. This story was formulated in my mind, which I’m happy to share with you now.


“Excuse me, can you help me out?” Jenny said to Ron.

Ron looked up from the paint section shelves he’d been stocking. The perky brunette before him was a sight to behold, with a look that would linger in your head and crotch for days.

“Sure,” he replied. “What can I do?”

“I need caulk. There’s a gap that needs attention, and my friend Sophie said that I should come and ask for you.”

Sophie was the name of my girlfriend. Hearing her name connected the dots. I recalled Jenny from the pool party last weekend. The waist-tied shirt and denim shorts she wore exposed her eloquent waistline, a reminder of how I’d tried to keep from getting hard over her at the party. The image of her bikini-clad figure from then flooded my thoughts.

“I was wondering if you could show me how to wrap my arms around it,” she continued. “I was told I needed a big tube to really get it done right.”

I couldn’t help but let out a chuckle over the rehearsed phrasing she was using. Sophie had come up with those same lines when we first started dating. Clearly they had talked, and Sophie has given her the green light. She enjoyed sharing my cock with friends she could trust, then hearing about how it later while we fucked.

“I can give you what you need, but you’ll need some protective gear.”

She reached into her pocket and pulled condoms out, just far enough for me to know they were a brand that would fit me.

I looked at my watch. The midafternoon crowd was sparse, so I knew there was enough staffing to cover things while I slipped out to dip into this hottie.

“We’ll need to be quick,” I said.

She told me that,” Jenna replied, then patting her purse, said, “and to bring lube.”

“Follow me,” I said to her, then walked to the next aisle where Allen was working.

“Al,” I called out, “I’m taking my ten.”

This wasn’t the first time Sophie had let one of her friends İstanbul Escort approach me while at work. I’d used the phrase ‘taking 10’ before when Sophie stopped by for a quick fuck or blowjob.

“No problem, Ron. Watch your time, though. It pissed the Sup when he couldn’t find you the other week.”

I gave him a thumbs up. We walked to the back of the warehouse store, then up some stairs to rooms that overlooked the aisles below. We entered a filing room with a wood table, and I locked the door. When I turned around, Jenna had already removed her clothes, set the condoms on the table, and was dripping lube on her fingertips. I wanted to take in her now-naked body, but that would have to be another time. We were on the clock.

She stroked her slit as I hastily removed my clothes. My cock responded rapidly to the moment, springing from my boxers to light up the room. Jenna let out an audible gasp, followed by a pleasant hum.

“I’m taking my ten right now,” Jenna said as she dropped to her knees and tried to suck it in. She clearly had not handled a cock of this size before. Teaching her how to please such a gift was going to take more time than we had.

Still, I let her struggle with it while I tore open a condom. “You’ll need more time than we have to take in my meat, little girl,” I said to her. “Cover my cock and give me your pussy now.”

She took the condom from me with a mixed look of delight and trepidation, then pinched the tip shut and rolled it on. Jenna looked up with concern when it left about four inches uncovered.

“We’re good,” I said, “and I’m hungry.” I pulled her up by her armpits, then hoisted her atop my shoulders to taste her honeysuckle cunt.

“I always want a taste before I lay it to waste,” I said as I dove in. It was a corny line, I know, but helped to lighten the mood and relax some women before trying to enter them. And yes, I always enjoyed savoring a woman before fucking her. I found that one or more orgasms before the fucking began put most in the right headspace for the long ride. Today didn’t allow for that, but licking her helped me determine just how much lube we may need. In her case, copious juices were already seeping down her thighs.

I lowered her to the Escort Bayan floor.

“Lube my cock and your cunt,” I instructed. “We’ve got ten minutes.”

She almost knocked the lube across the table in her haste to grab it. The first squirt on two fingers coated her beautiful folds. A second squirt atop glistening fingers coated the condom length of my shaft.

I wasted no time folding her across the table. Grabbing my cock, I grazed the tip along her honey lips, gently applying pressure. Jenna was already struggling with her excitement to maintain a steady breathing rhythm, which let me know I’d need to talk her through what she was about to experience.

“You’re so hot and wet for my cock now, aren’t you?” I asked her.

“Oh, God, yes,” she panted back.

“This is a giant cock, Jenna. Are you sure you want my giant cock inside you?”

“Yes, please give me that big cock!” she said with more urgency.

“I’ve tasted your honey cunt, Jenna. It’s so sweet and innocent. Too innocent for my big cock. My beast needs a real slut to take it all. A wanton, craving slut to open up enough for my cock. Can you be that? Is there a cock slut in you?”

“Fuck, yes!” she cried back. “Take my cunt. Make me your giant cock slut!”

I pushed my glistening head past her folds. Jenna let out a squeak, then wanton sighs as I eased a couple of inches in and out of her.

“Rub your clit now,” I told her. “You’ll need to fire up your clit if your cunt has any chance of taking me.”

Her hand rifled to her nub and began rubbing. I heard her panting, interlaced with whimpers, and knew it was time to ease in a few more inches. Her moans deepened a bit, and I continued massaging her velvety opening without completely pulling out.

My girth usually made good contact with a woman’s G-spot, and Jenna was no exception. She began bucking and trying to clamp down on my cock as she released the pleasurable sounds of orgasm.

“Oh, damn, you’re so fucking big!” she cried out as she shifted to reclaim that perfect position for more of the same.

“I’m barely in there, slut,” I responded. “You didn’t lie to me, did you? I’m not sure your honey cunt is ready for a giant cock like mine. It takes a cock whore to handle Eskort all of me.”

“I want to be your good cock whore,” she let out between breaths. “Please, give me that cock! Make me your cock whore now!”

I eased in until I felt I’d reached her cervix. Jenna raised her head and let out a deep groan as I gently inched back and forth, reading her reactions to ensure she was comfortable with my depth.

“Oh, my, oh fucking, oh!” spewed from her as she rubbed her clit harder to another orgasm.

“I’m going to fuck you now, Jenna, the way a real man with a giant cock fucks his cock whore.”

“Yes, please, oh fuck, YES!” she replied.

I pulled most of my cock out, reached for the lube, and drizzled a stream down my length before grabbing her hips. Then I slid in completely before fucking her with intent.

“Clench my cock with your cunt, whore! Show me how much you want my cock.”

Her hand now began rubbing furiously on her clit. Her earlier orgasm was no match for the stream that followed. She tried to clench my cock as each built up, but it was no use. This newfound pleasure was laying her to waste.

I glanced at the wall clock. We’d been at it for over twenty minutes, and I knew I had to get back to work. It would take a focused effort on my part to cum quickly.

I slid out of her and yanked off the condom. Jenna dropped to her knees and frantically tried to take me in her mouth.

“No time for that,” I said. “You’ve been a good cock whore, my slut. I’m rewarding you with my load now.”

With just the right tension, I coaxed my cum out and began spraying her mouth and face with jets of hot spunk. She had no chance of capturing it all as it streamed across her face and dripped from her chin. Her hands captured the gobs that slid off, which she wantonly pushed back into her mouth as I finished, then rubbed any remnants into her breasts.

We quickly got dressed, then checked each other out to make sure we looked OK. I pointed out some cum on her neck, which she rubbed into her skin with a laugh.

“Cum makes the best perfume, don’t you think?” she said with a coy smile before walking unsteadily towards the door.

“Do you need to sit for a while?” I asked.

“I think I’ll go down to the patio section and sit there,” she replied. “I might find a dual purpose swing, if you know what I mean.”

I chuckled, then helped her down the stairs. I had quite a story to share with Sophie the next time we fucked, although Jenna might get to her first.

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