Breaking in Anita Ch. 03

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Chapter 3: The end, but a new beginning

This is the third chapter in this series, and although it is a stand-alone story that can be enjoyed on its own, you may want to read Chapter 1 and 2 first, as it gives context to the somewhat peculiar carnal relationship that will unfold.

I thought I had the perfect arrangement: although Anita stuck to her oral sex taboos, as she thought it should be “saved for marriage” (see Chapter 2) she did not tap me emotionally, and left me free to indulge in work and sports. We enjoyed sex with each other, and each other’s company, but hardly ever went out on dates together. We met for a quick drink after work once or twice, and once went to the movies together, only to slip out halfway through, because it had a stupid plot, and we jointly decided that we should rather spend the rest of the evening screwing, which we duly did. She jokingly referred to us as being “friends with benefits” and I had to agree – that was exactly what we were.

The next few weeks went by with me occasionally phoning her to come over for dinner, which without exception ended up in bed. At other times, she would phone me to say that she was going out on a date, but that she would drop by later, which she invariably did, and we would enjoy a late-night drink, sometimes a nude swim, and invariably ended up in bed. Sometimes she stayed until the next morning, and at other times, when she had her neighbor babysitting, I took her home in the dead of night.

Anita had one guy at work who was really chasing after her, but she told me that although he was nice enough, she was not really interested in a serious relationship. Early on, I made her promise that she would let me know if she started sleeping with anybody else, or even considered doing so, because I was not interested in a “wet deck”. She appeared to be shocked at my choice of words, but did make the promise. In retrospect, this seems shallow and selfish, but at the time, I thought it was perfectly sensible. Although our relationship was casual, and I intended to keep it that way, I was not interested in sharing her with anyone else, and did not want to stand in her way if anything serious should develop between her and her suitor.

Our intermittent trysts were satisfactory, although the initial excitement of discovering each other’s bodies had abated, and we seemed to fall into a routine. We both knew what turned the other on, and knew how to press the right buttons. Very comfortable and convenient, I thought.

But then.

She started with sneaky and wily “I love you”‘s.

One evening, just as I was about to fall asleep with her curled up next to me with her head on my shoulder, she whispered breathlessly “I love you”.

I lay stock still, pretending to be asleep. As I lay there, I dissected what had happened: I thought we had a perfect loveless relationship – friends with benefits, if ever there was one, but it appeared as though something in her mind had changed. She wanted more, and she waited for exactly the right moment to introduce this – if I wanted to return the “I love you”, I could do so, but she left me the perfect out; If I did not want to return the confession, I could pretend to be asleep (which I did).

This happened twice more, on different occasions, and now I was sure that things had changed. Unless I loved her and said so (or was willing to lie, and pretend that I did by saying it), things were going to have to end.

And end it did, somewhat unexpectedly.

One Saturday morning, returning from the beach, I received a message from her on my answering machine: she was going on a movie date with the guy she worked with, but since she had a free weekend, would I mind if she comes over afterwards to spend the night? I had not seen her for a week, and of course, phoned her back and agreed. I was looking forward to a late evening of delight with this beautiful girl, to be topped off by slow early morning sex on Sunday.

She arrived at my apartment just after eleven, and I could see that she seemed tired. She told me that she felt drained, because she ran a park run that morning, and that she thought that she really should have had an early night. I understood that “early night” meant no sitting around and chatting, but straight to bed! She took her usual bath, and I poured her a glass of Chardonnay which I took into the candle lit bathroom (as always, I was prepared!). She told me that she would be out in a minute, but that I should go to bed in the meantime.

As I was looking forward to some delicious sex, I lit a few candles in the bedroom and put on some relaxing spa music to set the mood. I got undressed, and slipped under the covers, waiting for her with my usual semi-erection. She arrived in my bedroom shortly after, looking a little more refreshed after her bath, wearing just a white towel. When she got into bed, having dropped the towel on the floor, she kissed me lightly, but when I returned the kiss, she pulled away. I started rubbing her lower back, which always turned her on, but she gently pushed İstanbul Escort my arm away with her elbow. I asked her what was wrong, and she said “I’m really tired; I just want to go to sleep, if you would let me”. I tried again, slipping my hand in between her thighs, but this time she firmly said “No, I would really just like to sleep”, closed her eyes and turned away from me.

Suddenly, something inside me snapped, and I realised, or thought I did, that she was somehow trying to gain something on me. I felt sure that if I lied right then, and told her that I loved her, she would lose her tiredness and jump on me. If I did not do so, I would have to spend the night in bed with a gorgeous naked woman who I was not allowed to touch. Neither option was acceptable, and her perceived attempt to manipulate me made me angry.

I told her “Get dressed, I’m taking you home”. She immediately opened her eyes and said something like “Are you serious? Are you chasing me out?”. This made me even angrier and I told cruelly her that my home is not her “boarding house” to come and bath and sleep after a date, and if that was her attitude, I did not want her there.

We dressed in silence, and as we walked to the front door of the apartment, I grabbed her beach towel, which had by now been staying in my apartment for midnight swims in the apartment block’s heated pool, and handed it to her, saying “don’t forget your towel”. We rode down the elevator in silence, with her looking at the floor the whole way, lips clenched between her teeth.

As I drove out the basement, she looked in front of her, asking “Is this the end of tonight, or is it the end?”. I was still seething, and simply told her “The end”. I could see a tear rolling down her right cheek, but chose to ignore it as she wiped her cheeks with the backs of her hands. I dropped her off in front of her apartment block, and as she closed the door, I just said “Bye”.

I must admit that I did not spend much time dwelling on Anita. The next week was spent drafting submissions, and `preparing and arguing applications in Court, and I did not have time to spend thinking about her. When I did think about her, it was with a measure of fondness about what was, mixed with some resentment about the things she refused to indulge in, like giving or receiving head, and of course, my perception that she wanted to squeeze me into a loving relationship. My lawyer-head could not countenance this breach of contract: we had an agreement, after all – friends with benefits, and in my mind, if she could not stick to the agreement, she could go on her merry way.

Just after lunch on the Tuesday after the abrupt ending on Saturday, I received a text message from Anita. It is fairly long, but to understand the next chapter(s), I will quote it in full:

“Dear Brian,

I was a little emotional on Saturday night, but having given it much thought, I decided to send you this note. I don’t want to use your work email, for obvious reasons, therefore this message. If you don’t want anything to do with me any longer, you can just delete it, but I really hope that you will read the whole message before you do so. I really enjoyed our time together, and I am so sorry it ended the way it did. I was stupid, and I am stupid. I was stupid in taking you for granted, and very stupid to think that I could convince you to love me instead of being a friend with benefits by employing little tricks like withholding myself from you, and telling you “no” when my whole body wanted to say “yes”. There, I said it, the “L”-word, and that is why I am stupid. (I know you heard it, and I know now why you ignored it). Over the last few days, I realised that you made it clear on that first night when you cooked me dinner that this relationship was to have limits, and I was stupid to think that I could move the borders. I miss you. I wish we could restart, and continue from where we were on Saturday morning. If you let me, I want to be that small part of your life again. I promise to be the person you want me to be. You can let me know what you want me to be, and what you want me to do, and I’ll do it. You will never again hear a “no” from me, and that is a firm promise. Just allow me in again.

Your stupid friend with benefits,


I pondered this message, and when I re-read it, it struck me: this could be an offer to become my sex slave, and if I played it right, not causing her to bolt like a pony, I could have just that.

I decided to let her wallow for a little, and in the meantime, I wrote a very formal little note on paper:

“My dear friend with benefits,

I confirm receipt of your text message of the 14th instant.

I acknowledge your undertakings contained in aforesaid message, and on the strength of those promises, we can restart.

As a start, I wish to let you know that I would prefer you to shave/wax your genital area, leaving just a landing strip such as in the enclosed picture.

I enclose a key to my apartment and you can demonstrate your agreement with the above first Kadıköy Escort step by being there at 7pm on Friday night, without panties, and ready for the next “yes”.

Kind regards,

Your friend with benefits”

I put the note in a plain white envelope, along with my spare key, and an illustration of pubic hair shaved into a landing strip that had I printed from the Internet, and left it in her letterbox on Thursday night. I did not ask, and did not care whether she was free on Friday night, and secretly enjoyed thinking that she would have to scurry around to find a babysitter on short notice.

Late that night, I heard my phone go “ping” and I woke up to find a one-word message from Anita on my screen.


On Friday at 6 pm I turned off my computer, took a shower at the firm’s gym, changed my shirt and underwear, and drove the few blocks to my apartment block. I arrived shortly after 7pm, and when I opened the front door, I was met with the flavors of something cooking in the kitchen. Anita was waiting for me in the lounge, wearing the same black number that she wore on our first outing to the fashion show. The lights were turned down low, and I could see that although she was wearing heavier makeup than usual, she still looked like a million bucks. She said “Here I am”. I responded with “Here I am too”, took her into my arms, and gave her a hard kiss on the mouth. She gave a step back, sort of staggering a little, and said “I cooked for you tonight”.

I waited for two long seconds before saying “Show me”.

She caught on, and responded with “The dinner, or the snacks?”.

I said “I’m sure dinner can wait” and without hesitation, she lifted her dress to show that she was not wearing panties, and had a perfect little landing strip above two clean shaven labia. I went down on my knees to have a closer look. The contrast between the lighter skin and the darker landing strip was even more stark than when she had the wider triangle, and I could feel my cock stirring in my underpants. I put my right hand on her inner thigh, and she automatically opened her legs a little. I put my hand all the way through the opening, lightly grabbing her right buttock with my hand. I could feel the hair on my forearm touching the smooth pussy lips, and she gave an involuntary shudder. I looked up at her, still holding the skirt of her dress around her thighs, and said “I would like to try the snacks now”. She simply said “Yes”. I don’t know whether she had planned to say this at that very moment, but decided that I could get used to the yesses, and planned to test the promise to always say “yes” as much as possible.

I led her to the couch, and without undressing her, I lifted her legs up to her shoulders. “Hold this”, I demanded and she cupped her knees with her hands, spreading her legs to give me maximum access. I dove in, licking each of the labia in turn, sliding my tongue up to the landing strip. With the next lick, I started on the perinium, just above her anus, which looked like a pink balloon knot and slid my tongue up all the way up a smooth to the landing strip. As my tongue passed by the clitoris without stopping, she gave a low moan. I continued with the teasing, sliding my tongue up each pussy lip, ignoring her clit altogether. With each miss, her low moans grew louder. I decided that I would enjoy this moment even more if I could see everything clearly, so I reached over and put the coffee table lamp next to me on the floor. By now, her pussy was glistening with my saliva.

I put my tongue as deep into her vagina as I could, and gave the moist pleasure hole a few flicks of the tongue before slowly sliding it up her slit. When I got to the clitoris, I pressed my lips firmly over it, sucking hard, and gave it a good massage with the flat part of my tongue. She uttered an “Uuuhooo!” and went into a shudder. I took both thumbs, lifting and spreading her pussy lips to expose the head of her clitoris. I alternated little flicks of the tip of my tongue on and around her pearl, which had now become engorged and swollen. I removed one hand, and used my thumb to slide up and down her slit, continuing to lick and tease her clitoris. By this time, my hard on was straining against my pants, and was becoming more than uncomfortable; it was painful. As I looked down to find my belt buckle, I could see a thin stream of pussy juice, mixed with my saliva, running from her pussy into her anus.

With one hand, I undid my belt and pants, and with the other, I rubbed lightly on her butthole, that looked like a knotted balloon, and around it, spreading the spit and pussy juices around. I don’t remember taking off my pants and shoes, or turning her around, but the next moment we were spooning on the leather couch, me with my back against the backrest, and she in front of me, her right leg lifted high in the air, and my cock head entering that warm and soft pussy from behind. I pressed my hips against her firm buttocks, sliding in my cock as far as it could reach, then stopping, whilst curling my right arm around her raised Ataşehir Escort leg to continue caressing her clitoris. This touch appeared to drive her over the edge. As I circled her clit with my middle finger, she started bobbing up and down on my cock, her low moans now sounding like growls from some small animal. I met her downstrokes with upstrokes, my hips making slapping sounds against her bum and my middle finger keeping contact with her clit. The next moment, she gave another “Uuuhooo”, her pussy clenched tight, and her whole body shuddered uncontrollably. This tipped me over the edge. I squirted deep inside her, causing her to go into another spasm, before going completely limp. As I got up to fetch a paper towel from the kitchen to clean her up, I turned to look at her, lying on her side with one big brown eye looking at me. She purred “Yess”.

I woke the next morning to find a sleeping Anita curled up next to me, her head on my shoulder. I remembered the night before, her initial submissiveness turning into animal fucking in the end, and my cock gave an involuntary twitch. After our bout of intense sex, she had dished up a fragrant Malaysian Curry that she had brought over, and we washed it down with copious amounts of wine. We staggered into bed, half drunk and half delirious and fell asleep without thinking about showering.

Anita must have gotten up during the night, because I could see that she had cleaned her face, and was sleeping like a baby. With her long eyelashes, smooth skin and natural eyebrows, she was a beautiful creature, even without makeup. I carefully slid my arm from under her head, and got up without waking her. I went into the bathroom, and after a long satisfying pee, jumped into the shower. I washed my hair and body, and spent some time washing and inspecting my tools. I am naturally very hairy, and some years ago, I started using hair removal cream on my perinium and crack, more for hygiene purposes than aesthetics. When I performed my monthly routine on Friday morning, I decided to de-hair my ball sack as well. OK, it wasn’t just a spur-of-the-moment thing; I knew from Anita’s text message that sooner or later, these guys would get a closer inspection, and in fairness, if I wanted her to be cleaned up, I might as well do the same. Since the oral sex taboo was clearly something of the past, I was confident that I would get some head, and if she did not offer to go down on me, I intended to ask for it. I saw that the ball sack was as smooth as could be, and spent a few minutes trimming my bushy pubes down as well. I dried off, and with just a towel around the waist, I padded into the kitchen to brew coffee.

I’m not sure whether it was my showering or the humming of the coffee machine before that woke Anita, but the next moment I heard her calling from the passage “Be right there!” before she closed the bathroom door. I carried the mugs of cappuccino back to the bedroom, and slipped beneath the sheet, naked as nature intended. It was not yet six am, and in the half-light, I could hear the muted sounds of the city also stirring awake. In the bathroom, I could hear Anita in the shower. I sipped my coffee, content in the knowledge that whatever I asked next would be answered with a “Yes”. When Anita came into the room, she was wearing one of my thick white towels tied around her breasts, and the bottom of the towel barely concealing that inviting delta that I so enjoyed the night before.

She leaned over the bed, and gave me a long lingering kiss. I could feel my cock hardening under the sheet, and slipped one finger into the top of the towel, causing it to drop loose on both sides. I leaned in to get my face between her breasts, but she pushed me back, saying “There is a favour I would like to return”. She whisked the sheet to one side, and knelt between my legs, taking my semi-erect cock in one hand, and my scrotum in the other. She peered down at it, and noticed my smooth ball sack. She went “Oooh, nice!” and bent down to kiss each hidden nut in turn. The next moment, she took one of my balls in her mouth, sucking on it ever so gently, whilst cupping the other one in one hand. At the same time, she used the other hand to give my ever-hardening cock little squeezes. I moved another pillow underneath my head to allow me a good look at the magic this beautiful little minx was performing on my nether regions.

My movement caused my scrotum to pop out of her mouth, but she compensated by moving her mouth to my cock. She took the head into her mouth, looking up at me with her big brown eyes as if she wanted to say “Like that?” while giving it a gentle tug with her lips. I must have heard her thought, because I said “Yesss, like that”. She removed her mouth, giving me a sly smile, and started licking the shaft from my ball sack all the way to the acorn, which by now was fully exposed as she had pulled down the foreskin all the way. After two or three licks up and down, she adjusted her position, taking the ball sack into one hand, with the other around the bottom of the shaft. She started licking my cock head, moving her tongue in circles around the tip, alternating it with a darting tongue on the sensitive underside of the frenulum. I could see a drop of pre-cum emerging from the tip of my cock, and she noticed it too, because she squeezed it out, and licked it, again looking up at me.

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