Surprise on the Ski Lift

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The best part of living so close to a mountain is hitting the slopes after a hard day of work for a couple of hours. The snow might not be the best due to a full day of sun and skiers flattening it into ice, but there was almost never a line for the lifts, and the discounted lift tickets meant you were getting what you paid for ten times over.

Caleb clocked out, closed his laptop, grabbed his skis, parked his car, and was walking to the ski lift by 4 pm. He had a good 5 hours before the lifts closed.

It was late in the season. That meant the sun stayed up longer and the temperature was in the forties. He took a deep breath and smiled. This was going to be a day to remember.

The resort was small, and a locals-only vibe permeated. Luckily, Caleb was as local as could be. He waved to the lift operators he had come to know and immediately took two ski lifts 3/4ths of the way up the mountain. When disembarking, most people chose the steep black diamonds to the left instead of the long flat blue that veered right, but what Caleb prided himself on was knowing this mountain like the back of his hand.

If you take the long winding “Montana Ridge,” you could cut through some trees off the beaten path and come to a ski lift that not many people knew about. It was an old, small, slow-moving two seater. It wasn’t the only lift that took you to the top of the mountain, but it WAS the only lift to get you on the side of the mountain with the deep powder through the heavy tree cover.

Even those who did know about it rarely went on it because it was known to break down due to old age, so Caleb was surprised when there was a group of people off to the side chatting. Eight girls, Caleb noted as he skied up to the front. George was working the lift that wasn’t moving.

“Sup George.” Caleb gave him a high five and fist bump. “How long we lookin at?”

“Hey man, not long, couple minutes.” George assured him with beet red eyes. Everyone here was always stoned.

Moments after George trailed off, the motor began to roar and the lift started spinning.

“Sweet, enjoy.” George continued and waved Caleb through. They exchanged another fist bump and Caleb began to slide forward.

He turned quickly as he heard a yelp and saw one of the girls barrel towards him. He barely had time to catch her and steady himself before the chair picked them up and took them up the mountain shoulder to shoulder.

“Oh my god I’m so sorry.” The girl apologized profusely as she got situated. She followed her apology with a giggle.

“All good.” Caleb responded. “First time skiing?” He continued, slightly concerned that they were on their way up to the hardest run.

“Oh god, I look like such a fucking noob.” The girl laughed. “No no, I’m an avid skier, just a little tipsy.” She continued to chuckle.

“Well in that case, cheers.” Caleb unzipped his jacket and pulled a flask he kept in his inner pocket and took a swig. Nothing like a flask of whiskey on the ski lift.

The girl fidgeted a little bit in awkward silence before turning to Caleb and continuing the conversation.

“Can I actually, uh, have a sip of that.” She stuttered.

“Yeah, absolutely!” Caleb handed her the flask.

Before taking it, she took off her helmet and flashed a coy smile at Caleb. She was gorgeous. Long blonde hair and bright blue eyes and long eyelashes. Her small slightly upturned nose was above bold beautifully red lips. Caleb gauged her early 20s. 23? She took the flask and took a long swig. She smiled again and handed it back. She then took a deep breath.

“Thanks. I needed that before I did this.” She closed her eyes, took another deep breath, and unzipped her jacket. Caleb couldn’t believe his eyes.

The ski lift was tiny and she had to press against him multiple times as she pulled her arms out of her jacket. Underneath she was wearing a small, loose, white, almost see through tank top. Something that would only realistically be worn to sleep in. A bright red bra was easily visible underneath.

Before Caleb could Ataşehir Escort even realize he was staring, she reached around to her back and started unclasping the bra under the tank top. Her tits weren’t huge, but they were perky and big in proportion to her small toned athletic frame. Reaching her arms back pushed them out and presented Caleb with a perfect view.

The girl slid the bra off her shoulders and pulled it out the side of the tank top. Her nipples were rock hard in the cold mountain air, and one pushed through the fabric of the top. Her other breast (the one closest to Caleb) had popped out the side and was on full display. Caleb could see the goosebumps on her flesh and almost drooled at the sight. He felt is cock begin to swell with blood.

The girl quickly pulled her boob back in, but it didn’t do much. Caleb could still see the darkness of her areolas, even if they were paler than his own skin. She cocked her arm back and tossed the bra into a tree next to some mardi gras beads that had been hanging there for years. She quickly pulled her jacket back on and closed it over itself without zipping up.

She giggled and smiled embarrassingly his way before quickly turning away.

“Sorry about that.” She chuckled without looking back in his direction.

Caleb was speechless for a moment before words vomited out of his mouth.

“Jesus Christ, no need to apologize. I’ve only been on the mountain for 10 minutes and this is already the best day of the season. I guess I should ask your name.” Caleb took another swig of the whiskey and offered it to her.

The girl took the drink and took another drink.

“Nope, not gonna give you my name. This is our last run, so I thought what the hell. I’m gonna get off this lift in a couple minutes and we’ll part ways. Tomorrow it’ll be the Friday and this place will be overrun. The possibility of seeing you again before we fly out on Sunday is almost non-existent.”

“If that’s your thought process, guess I won’t ask for your number. But could I at least see your tits again. You’re fucking gorgeous, so if I’m never gonna see you again it’s worth an ask.”

“Ha, I appreciate your confidence, but I’m not that kind of girl.” She chuckled with a flash of a smile.

“Just the kind of girl that tosses her bra into a tree next to a complete stranger.” Caleb retorted.

“Not typically, but, as I said, in approximately 1 minute, I’m never going to see you again, and I have to get through my list.”

At that moment there was a screech and the lift came to a halt.

“Fuck.” Caleb uttered as the chair swung back and forth slowly.

“Well, maybe two minutes.” The girl continued cautiously.

“Try fifteen to thirty. This lift breaks down a lot, but rarely with a screech like that. That’s a motor blow out.

The girl turned bright red. “I’m sorry, what?”

“Yeah, this is an old piece of shit. Only happened a handful of times to me, but when you hear that screech it isn’t a power down and a reset. That’s a blowout that needs to wait for a new belt or something. We’ll be up here for a while.” Caleb tried to sound bummed out but on the inside he was happy to keep the conversation going.

“Oh my God… how embarrassing.” The girl buried her face in her hands.

Caleb offered the whiskey again. “So what’s this about a list?”

She looked at him, sighed, took the whiskey, drank, and continued.

“This is actually my bachelorette party. My friends gave me a list I have to complete by the end of the weekend.” This was uttered through clenched teeth. She was hiding more.

“Congratulations! I feel honored that I’m the second to last guy that will see your breasts for the rest of your life.” Caleb tried to sound excited, but was truthfully disappointed. Hopefully some humor would mask it.

“Ha,” she exclaimed, “quite the opposite actually. My long time boyfriend and I just broke up. It’s kind of like a ‘bachelorette again’ thing since I’ve been in a relationship for so long.”

“Oh!” Caleb definitely Acıbadem Escort sounded excited this time. “That’s cool. Well congratulations on getting out of a shitty long term relationship. Been there myself and I gotta say, as much as being single sucks, it’s a whole lot of fun too.”

“I’ll drink to that!” She said with a smile.

“So what else was on your list?”

“Well it started pretty mundane, but I’m getting to the end of it now. Take a shot, kiss a guy, throw my bra in a tree. All stuff I got done today. Just three more to go.”

“Only three more? Nice! That will be easy over a couple days.”

“Welllll….” She hesitated. “These last few are a little harder.”

“What are they?”

It was a few seconds while she deliberated whether to say them or not. After a while though, she gave in.

“I have to jerk someone off, I have to swallow some cum, and I have to have sex.” Her face was red and Caleb noticed her breathing more heavily while not making eye contact. Caleb shifted in his seat as his cock grew some more.

He measured his words carefully. “Handjob, blowjob, sex. The big three, huh? Sounds like a fun weekend you have ahead of you.” He paused. She didn’t say anything. Caleb took another swig from the whiskey.

“You know… we’ll be up here for a while. I’d be, uh, happy to help with the, you know, list.”

She turned and studied him for a moment. Straight faced. Looking deep into his eyes. Caleb couldn’t take it and continued.

“You know, as the good samaritan I am.”

A smile broke out on the girl’s face, which helped a breath escape Caleb’s lungs.

“Oh a good samaritan are you?”

Caleb smiled right back.

“Oh definitely. Always looking to help someone in need. Especially a beautiful damsel in distress such as yourself.”

“Very well Mr. Good Samaritan, take out your cock.” She said, cocking her eyebrow as if daring him.

Caleb looked around. Her friends hadn’t followed her onto the lift. Maybe to give her privacy, expecting something like this? Caleb hoped so. There was no one around to see. Even if there were, Caleb wouldnt have hesitated.

His jacket was already unzipped, so he unclipped his bib and folded it over himself. There was an obvious tent in his base layer. He pulled his long johns down and felt the frigid wind on his ski pole as it flung to attention.

“Fuck it’s cold!” He exclaimed. He looked from his freed cock to the girl whose eyebrow remained cocked with her mouth in a half smirk.

“Not bad,” she complimented. “I thought penises were supposed to be small in the cold.”

Confidence shot through Caleb. He knew he had an above average cock, clocking in at about 7 inches, but pulling out your member in front of a stranger you just met would make anyone self conscious. The girl was right though. Through the cold he still stood strong.

She pulled off her gloves and shoved them into a pocket in her own ski pants, then reached over with her right hand and lightly grasped his cock. Her hands were warm from the gloves and Caleb softly moaned at the feeling.

She slowly started working her hand up and down, stroking him slowly. She was silent as she worked, and Caleb closed his eyes to enjoy the handjob. The mix of cold from the wind and warmth from her petite hand was euphoric.

It didn’t take long for him to start feeling the orgasm brewing. He looked down to see precum spilling out of his head. The girl must have seen it as well, because she pulled her hand away and put her hair up into a ponytail. She arranged herself more comfortably before leaning over and putting her lips around the head of his cock.

“Oh fuck.” Caleb mumbled, as her tongue swirled around his tip. Her hand came back to the base and started pumping again. The suction around his head and the fast pumping of his shaft was too much.

“I’m cumming!” He exclaimed, throwing his head back and blasting cum to the back of her throat. Without warning, the girl removed her hand and slid her lips all the way down to his hips. İstanbul Escort His cock pressed against the back of her throat while he shot semen load after load. She swallowed with every shot, constricting his cock and milking him. She didn’t come up for air until he had begun to soften. The whole ordeal lasted less than 3 minutes.

As the girl sat up she giggled and wiped the spit from the sides of her mouth. Caleb started pulling up his pants.

“That was fast,” she giggled again. “I didn’t realize these two tasks would be so easy.”

“I guess it’s been a while,” Caleb responded, slightly embarrassed. I want to say I usually last longer, but with a gorgeous girl like you, I don’t know how anyone could.”

“My ex could never cum from a blowjob. He would make me blow him for like 20 minutes then fuck me for like a second.” She was leaning back feeling good about herself. Her jacket remained unzipped and she wasn’t making any effort to keep it closed. Caleb took the opportunity to marvel at her breasts.

“Sounds like a selfish piece of shit. I, on the other hand, am the opposite. If you give me 10 minutes and the opportunity, I can last much longer inside your pussy than inside your mouth.”

It was bold, but thankfully she laughed. “I don’t think so. This was fun, but there’s not nearly enough whiskey in that flask to lead to me fucking someone I met 10 minutes ago.”

“Very well,” Caleb conceded. “At least let me return the favor, we don’t know when this will start back up.”

She turned and considered him for a moment.

“Sure, why the hell not. I was with my ex for 5 years and he didn’t make me cum in either of the last two. I’ve had enough whiskey to give it a shot.

She unzipped her ski pants and opened the flap to show a matching pair of red underwear to the bra she had recently thrown away. Caleb surprised her, though, by ignoring her pussy for now, and instead leaned in, rested his hand on the back of her head and planted his lips on hers.

She jumped for a second and began to pull away, but his lips were soft and warm and she quickly gave in. His tongue found its way into her mouth, and they sensually made out for a minute before anything else happened. She was expecting some rough fingering like she was used to, and not a pussy wettening make out session.

Caleb’s other hand found its way to her left breast and began kneading her soft flesh. She moaned as he lightly pinched her hard nipples and massaged her tits while wrestling her tongue harder with his own.

It was only then that he dropped his hand to her panties and started rubbing her slit above the fabric. Up and down 5 times before gliding his hands underneath. She let out a gasp and a whimper as his strong hand penetrated her pussy. She was completely shaved and soaking wet and Caleb had her where he wanted her.

He slid his finger in and out a couple times before inserting two fingers. He moved his lips away from hers and began licking and kissing and sucking her neck. Her right hand came up to the back of his head and she pushed him harder into her. He removed his fingers from her hole and began rubbing her engorged clit with her own juices.

“Holy fuck!” She whimpered as her thighs clasped around his hand and he kept rubbing her clit. Her head shot back and her eyes shot open as she yelped and came. She pulled his hair hard and shuddered as Caleb felt juices pour from her pussy. She quivered for a full 30 seconds before she slumped down in euphoric exhaustion.

Caleb planted another kiss on her lips before sitting up and saying with a smile, “I’m pretty sure you lasted a shorter time than I did.”

“Shut the fuck up,” she smiled back as she did up her pants. And zipped up her jacket.

At that exact moment, the ski lift began moving again.

“Perfect timing. I guess this is the last we will see of each other.” Caleb said, bittersweet.

“No chance, Mr. Good Samaritan. You are going to follow me into that bank of trees right there, and finish off this list. Your cock better be recharged, because that’s the hardest I’ve cum by someone other than my bath spout, and I’m wetter than I’ve ever been.”

Caleb almost missed the disembarkment with how in shock he was, but once he composed himself, he followed the girl as she sped off into the trees.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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