Rocky Puts Min in Her Place

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Note: all characters are over 18.

Ever since that first time that Jack’s girlfriend helped Kelly and I to have sex, we have been doing it non stop. We have been having sex in my car before and after school, and at lunch we always have to sneak off to the one bathroom that locks in the back of the library.

Kelly’s parents were divorced, so she lived with her mom. I don’t know what her mom did but she made a ton and was always traveling. That meant Kelly always had the place to herself. This Saturday was no exception, as her mom was gone so she invited all her friends and me over. I was just wearing my underwear for this party, the tight mesh material showing off my thighs, and Kelly kept rubbing my stomach, keeping my cock constantly half hard.

After a few hours of sun I went back into the kitchen to cool off. As I walked into the dark room I saw the fridge open and Min stepped out from behind the large door. Min was an Asian friend of Kelly’s. She was short and petite with small A-cup breasts that she loved showing off. Today she was in a black bikini, with long necklaces hanging down in between her breasts.

“Like what you see?”

I snapped out of my trance and ran a hand through my hair, trying to act casual.

“Of course, you are looking cute today.”

Min smiled as she grabbed a drink from the fridge.

“I know it.” She gave a self satisfied smile. “You know Rocky, Kelly has been telling us all about you.

I blushed, glad to know that Kelly has been happy with where our relationship is heading.

“Oh yeah, what did she say?”

Min took two steps forward, breaking into my personal space. I was surprised this small girl was being so forceful.

“Kelly told me you are quite a handful.”

I stepped back away from her. I could tell where this was going, but I didn’t want anything from her. I was just waiting until Kelly’s friends all left so I could finally get her alone.

“Yeah, that’s what everyone says.”

She looked down to my bulge and rolled her black hair in her delicate fingers. I rolled my eyes and walked around her but she stepped in my way, my body pressed into hers. Her breasts pressed into my chest, and my cock pushed nicely on to her stomach. I stood there for a moment, waiting to see where this was going.

“Show it to me.”

I looked down in her eyes, I could Maltepe Escort see she wanted me. My cock stirred, but I didn’t think she was worth it.

“Show you what?” I asked, playing along for now. She just looked intensely in my eyes.

“Show me that big white monster you have hiding in your bathing suit.” I blushed, appreciating what Kelly had said about me.

“You know I’m with Kelly.”

Min just rolled her eyes at this. I didn’t know if Kelly had told Min that her favorite thing was to hear about me being with other women. That I would tell Kelly all about what I did with other women, while she fingered herself and sucked my cock.

“Kelly told me she can’t take all of you.” Her hand went down the waistline of my underwear, I could feel my cock start to expand as it pressed into her stomach. I put my hands on Min’s shoulders.

“Min, you’re great and all, but I really didn’t come in here for sex.” I tried to step around her but She only laughed and put her hand farther down into my underwear. She ran her fingers over the smooth skin as she got closer to the base of my cock.

“Don’t pretend you don’t want me, you men are all the same, you always want to fuck.”

I was starting to get annoyed that she wouldn’t take no for an answer. I started to walk away but she just wrapped her small hand around my cock and held me tight. I froze in my tracks, she was really starting to piss me off now.

“Min I said no, this isn’t happening.” She ignored me and got down on her knees in front of me. She kept pawing my cock, feeling it’s length and girth, her smooth soft hands were getting me hard.

“At least your body is honest. I can tell he wants me.”

Min looked up at me with a pouty look on her face. Clearly she was used to getting what she wanted.

“Use me Rocky. Bend me over that couch and let’s see how much of your cock you can stuff inside of me.” Something about this made me snap, I was tired of her ignoring me. I let out a derisive laugh at this.

“How fucking stupid are you?” I asked as I reached into my underwear and pulled out my hard cock in one hand. Min’s eyes lit up, thinking she was about to get what she wanted. I slapped my thick cock into my hand, letting out the sound of meaty slaps.

“A cock like this would break you.” I grabbed a fistful of Min’s long black Anadolu Yakası Escort hair and pressed her face into my cock. She let out a moan and opened her mouth, but I just kept forcing her face up against my cock.

“Your little pussy couldn’t take a cock like this.” I grabbed my cock at the base and slapped it across her cheek. The sharp slap noise rang out through the kitchen.

“Now open your mouth.” Min did as she was told and I forced my cock head into her mouth. She let out a moan as the fat head forced her lips as wide as they would go. I gave her mouth a few thrusts before pulling it out and slapping it across her face again, it actually looked like it hurt. All Min did in response was open her mouth wide so I thrust my cock back inside.

“Is this what you wanted? To be used like this?” She moaned at this, so I pulled her top down and palmed her breasts. I pinched one nipple, pulling it away from her body as I gave her face a quick slap. She moaned again at this. I could see the tears start to run down her face from having so much cock forced down her throat. My cock was starting to drool precum, her mouth felt so fucking good and the only thought in my mind was wanting to cum. I fucked her mouth harder, trying to force my orgasm out.

“Do you want it? Do you want my cum?” Min gave an enthusiastic moan so I kept forcing more of my cock down her throat. Min’s face was covered in spit and precum now. Her lipstick was smeared and ruined as her eye shadow now ran down her cheeks from her eyes watering. I didn’t care though, I only squeezed her hair tighter as I stuffed more of my cock in her throat. Her lips were stretched to the max but her eyes only had a dreamy glossed over expression, like she was totally lost in the moment. The pressure on my cock was too much and I felt my orgasm start to build. I grabbed her head with both hands as I felt the first powerful jet of cum spray down her throat.

“I’m cumming Min, oh fuck I’m cumming.” Each jet of cum felt better than the last and I moaned as I unloaded in her mouth. Even swallowing as fast as she could Min couldn’t keep up, and I could see my cum flooding out the corners of her mouth and out on to her tits. As the waves of pleasure started to end I slowly pulled my cock out of her mouth. I couldn’t believe how much cock I had forced in there, İstanbul Escort and my cock came out shiny from her spit and red from her lipstick. I breathed heavily as I fisted out the last few spurts of cum on to Min’s face. She looked like an absolute mess, covered in spit and cum, her hair wild from how hard I was grabbing it. She slumped back against the wall totally spent.

“Now clean my cock off.”

She did as she was told. Her small tongue darting up and down over my cock. She licked the last drops of cum from the tip of my cock and swallowed them down. When she was finished she pulled my underwear back up and placed my cock back inside. She patted her hand over my bulge trying to get it to lie down but it only looked absolutely absurd hanging over to the side. I smiled to myself knowing how good it would look in front of Kelly’s friends as I turned to walk back outside. Before I headed through the door Min called back to me.

“Rocky, wait.”

I turned around to see her still on her knees in front of the kitchen, her face and breasts a mess with my cum.


“Thank you.”

I rolled my eyes at this as I walked out into the California sunshine leaving Min there on the floor.


I walked back out to the pool and the girls feeling great. Kelly looked up and saw my smile. She raised one perfect eyebrow from behind her sunglasses as she saw my half erect cock in the front of my skin tight mesh boxers. I just adjusted myself so even more of my cock was on display to her and her friends. As I laid down next to her I let out a satisfied sight.

“What’s that all about?” Kelly asked, her eyes pointing to my bulge. I smiled.

“I’ll tell you about it tonight, I think you are really going to like it.”

Kelly smiled and rubbed her thighs together, I could tell she was getting turned on at just the thought.

“How about you tell me right now?”

That was all the encouragement I needed. I stood up and picked Kelly up by the waist. I hoisted her up in the air before tossing her over my shoulder and giving her a slap on her meaty ass. She squealed in laughter as she did. I turned to her friends.

“Sorry girls, but Kelly and I have some very important business to take care of upstairs.”

As I turned and carried Kelly towards the house I saw Min coming outside, having cleaned the cum off her face. She scowled at Kelly and I, jealous of the growing love we had for each other. But I just smiled, nothing could bring down my excitement for my life right now.

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