Her First Time Squirting

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My wife and I have been working for the past couple of months to get her to squirt, ever since her friends at work told her how good it is.

She has been a little jealous of them being able to do it and and after seeing how excited I was to help, we began to research the best methods to achieve this.

Both of us have watched a lot of porn and have seen many a video of girls squirting. But in our 13+ years together it has never happened and she has began to think that maybe she just can’t.

I purchased a G Spot curved vibrator for her and practiced the “come along motion” with my fingers in many different positions with no success. She could feel a pressure build but never the release required.

My wife wanted to squirt and I was determined to help her.

We have had a lot of sex in the past week or so. If we have sex in the morning she needs it again by the evening. That’s how my wife has worked ever since we met. Once she gets worked up we can go weeks without missing a day and if we do she becomes cranky.

It has led to us having a very, very happy marriage. A lot of people our age or who have been together as long as us aren’t having sex on average 4-5+ times a week and a lot more than that on other weeks and they just don’t seem as happy.

Every little problem explodes into something bigger due to their other pent up frustrations. She has a bad day or isn’t in a great mood, sex will always make her happier.

Fast forward to this week. Wednesday night the kids were asleep and we decided to head to the bedroom early for some quality time together.

My wife suggested we watch some porn together and chose a video of a girl I had mentioned to her that squirted a lot. The video we watched was actually of her riding a dildo in her car in public. My favorite one of hers I had seen.

While we were watching this video, my wife was snuggled up next to me gently stroking my cock. Her beautiful soft hand wrapped around my shaft had me rock hard and leaking a healthy amount of pre cum.

She had a soft breast pressed against my side and I could feel her hard nipple push in to me with her every breath.

The girl in the video had mounted her dildo to the dash and was bouncing against it doggy style. When she would pull at her nipples I would do the same to my wife. My wife would in turn stroke me in rhythm with the girls bounces.

The video and having both our almost naked bodies pressing into each other along with the other touching had both of us extremely horny.

I put the phone down and paid full attention to my beautiful woman. I kissed her passionately and began to make out with her while I explored her with my hand. I massaged both her breasts while our lips were locked, tongues invading each others mouths.

My hands continued their journey south. Anadolu Yakası Escort I made sure to caress every part of her I could reach. By the time I got to her panties a small wet patch had already formed. I kneaded her pussy through the thin material. Our kissing intensified. I ducked my finger around the fabric and headed straight for her bare pussy.

She was positively soaked by this point. I ran my fingers the length of her dripping slit. I caressed her clit and then drove my fingers back down before inserting two deeply into her.

We continued to kiss more roughly now. I would break away from her lips to suck and bite at her neck and breasts then return back to her awaiting mouth.

My fingers continued their assault into her warm wet hole and back up to her clit. The pleasure was becoming too much for her and she was having a hard time concentrating on the kissing side.

I broke our kiss and moved up to my knees next to her. I helped her remove her underwear so I could have unrestricted access to her entire body.

My hard cock was poking into her right side just above her hip. My left hand was free to work each of her breasts. My right hand busy on and in her pussy.

Big and small, soft and firm I alternated my circling of her swollen firm clit. I would duck my index and middle finger into her to encourage more of her pussy juice to flow then back up to her clit.

I bent down and took her left nipple and areola into my mouth. She held her breast to allow me to take as much of her into my mouth as I could.

Her pussy continued to leak an absurd amount of fluids. I sucked hard, causing her nipple to elongate. I would flick it with my tongue then concentrate on hard pulses of sucking, then back to flicking her nipple with my tongue again.

The base of my hand was maintaining a firm pressure on her clit, my index and middle finger busy thrusting away in her warm hole. My ring finger had found her tight bud. She was writhing with this combination assault on so many of her erogenous zones.

I raised back up to see the scene unfolding below me. Her face was contorted in ecstasy, she was biting her bottom lip, eyes opening and closing tightly with each wave of pleasure.

I decided to jackhammer away at her pussy with my fingers. I alternated between her nipples with my left hand again. She was losing total control of her body now. I jackhammered as hard and as fast as I could.

All of a sudden I felt her pussy become wetter as she bucked to meet my fingers. I stopped and held my hand up to show her. I let her see that my entire palm was now shining back at her.

“I think you just did a little squirt.” She didn’t quite believe me but I know pussy juice and this stuff felt a little different and she was noticeably wetter.

I Avrupa Yakası Escort took this as a sign that I should double down and continue to fuck her as hard and as fast as my fingers could manage. I had forgot about the earlier pressure I was applying to her tight ass.

She looked at me and through ragged breath told me to “touch her ass too.” I pressed harder against her hole now with my ring finger while attacking her with the other two.

The room was filled with her now loud uncontrolled moans and the slapping sound of my palm colliding with her hard little clit. I tweaked and pulled at her nipples. I strongly mauled her breasts with my left hand every time I changed nipples.

All of a sudden I felt her pussy gush. I looked down and saw her juices colliding with my hand. They splattered the wall, the bottom sheet, the covers.

Everywhere was wet. My hand, my forearm, both of her thighs, her ass cheeks and holes. Nothing around her had been spared this explosion.

I turned my head to look at her face and saw her look of total shock. “You just fucking squirted everywhere babe.”

She laid there for a moment and gathered herself. I was ecstatic for her. We had tried and failed several times and she had finally squirted.

I bent down to kiss her gorgeous face. She looked as sexy as ever laying in her own soaking juices. She had ruined any plans of sleeping on these sheets tonight but it was all worth it.

Then a concerned look came across her face and she asked me “Do I still loved her.”

“What kind of crazy question is that? Of course I do that was so fucking hot I want you to do it again.” I replied before burying my face in her pussy for my first taste of her after squirting.

I came back up after some kisses and licks. Her juices coating my cheeks, tip of my nose, my lips and most of my beard. I then bent down and kissed her hard again. Letting her taste herself on my face.

This relaxed her. She thought that “maybe I wouldn’t like it or would think it was gross.”

“I think it’s sexy and I’m so glad it’s finally happened.” I replied and immediately returned my hand to her opening and buried the same two fingers into her.

Within seconds she was once again bucking trying to meet my fingers. I tried to keep the same pace as before and the same pressure on her tight ass hole. The harder I pushed with my finger the more violent her movements became.

In less than a minute the flood gates opened once again. I continued hammering away as the sounds of splashing took over the room.

“The sheets already ruined I may as well see how much I can make her squirt” I thought to myself. I removed my fingers abruptly and enjoyed the final stages of her ejaculation.

Pinching her nipples with my left hand and now massaging İstanbul Escort her clit heavily with my right, she reached down and took a hold of my semi hard cock. She began the process of softly stroking me while I enjoyed playing with her body.

Seeing that she appeared to have recovered from squirting for the second time in her entire life I started gently sliding two fingers into her again. Her pussy was clamping down with my every stroke.

She was now stoking my cock rapidly in a pulsing, stop, start fashion. I could feel my balls tightening and an eruption building. I told her if she “keep stroking me like that and I’m going to cum all over your tits.”

She just smiled and said “you can cum wherever you want.”

I replied “I want to try to get you to squirt one more time before I cum and I also want to feel your dripping cunt on my cock before our night was over.”

She stopped stroking me and moved her hand down to my balls. She alternated rolling and squeezing my balls with pulling hard on my sack. My cock was leaking a large amount of pre cum from her amazing touch.

I worked my fingers in and out of her. I pulled at her nipples again and could sense she was getting close. I rapidly hammered my fingers in her causing her to explode for a third time.

As soon as she had calmed down enough I climbed over her leg and took up position in the splash zone. I rubbed my cock a couple times along her drenched slit.

With little to no resistance I pushed the head in followed by the rest of my thick, steel like cock. Her pussy grabbed at me with every exit stroke.

My hands explored her clit and both breasts as I slowly buried myself in and out of her.

“I want you to cum on me.” She said.

When my wife wants something I always try to provide. I quickened my pace, our bodies now making a wet slapping noise as we collided.

I can feel I have her cunt juice from my belly button to my knees. I hammer into her without mercy. I withdraw until just my knob is in her and drop my body weight into her hard. There’s a loud smack noise every time our bodies meet and my balls hit her rear hole repeatedly.

I feel my orgasm building quickly. I have been on the verge for around 30 minutes now so I know it will be a big load. Our bodies smack again and again. Once I reach the point of no return I push off her.

I aim my cock at her stomach and shoot 7 large thick ropes of cum onto her. She reaches her hand down and squeezes my balls to make sure she gets every drop. I’m exhausted and move back to her side to steady myself.

I take in the view. My wife flush faced, erect nipples, cum covered belly, glistening pussy juices from belly button down her thighs, the bed is soaked, a pillow somehow got soaked, I can see remnants of her explosion on the wall beside the bed.

Her hands are now massaging my cum into her stomach. She is smiling at me, eyes closed just enjoying the moment. Only once she is satisfied that she has rubbed all of my cum in does she open her eyes. She looks down at the bed and says “I guess we need to do a load of laundry.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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