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Big Dick

I started going to the gym with her before we went swimming, Sheila was a very feminine woman for a lesbian, what is called a ‘lipstick lesbian’ I suppose, and encouraged me to dress for her in more feminine ways too. She didn’t like me to wear jeans or slacks other than when we went walking, or to the gym and swimming pool. That was about the only time she wore her track suit and ‘trainers’ too.

I particularly looked forward to our Friday evenings together, as I took a great deal of pleasure in pleasing her body, the body she said was mine to take care of. She also took pleasure in showing her appreciation for my attentions, giving me the most beautiful feelings too.

On the Saturday or Sunday mornings after taking our bath together I would groom her, I would give her a massage, brush her hair and do her nails. One Saturday when kneeling at her feet painting her toe nails, I looked up at her beautiful pussy. She was very hairy, not just the amount of hair but the length of it too. She often spoke of it being necessary to hold her sweetness, and when she was aroused it would glisten with her juices.

This particularly Saturday I commented on it telling her I’d never see one so beautiful, she opened her legs to give me a full view, she was never shy about that and suggested I should care for that too.

Once I finished painting her nails I leaned back on my heels and she told me to wait and went and returned with a tiny pair of scissors, a baby’s hairbrush and fine toothed comb and a little buzzing razor thing that trims it really close.

She spread her legs nice and wide as she pushed her ass closer to the edge of the chair to give me full access to her pussy.

There was no doubt she was finding this scene very sexy and erotic, as I began to clip and trim away her dark brown pubic hair. As I gently pressed and tugged at her labia clipping away to neaten up her mound, my excitement began to boil over. She looked at me in the eye and asked me if I was excited.

I nodded and she dipped her fingers into the tiny trail of juices starting to ooze from her moist labia’s and raised them to my mouth. I closed my eyes and tasted it and moaned in ecstasy before returning my attention to her pussy, opening her up for my pleasure.

I knew what she wanted and brought my face closer so I could taste her sweetness, her lips were rubbery and wet, her clit sticking out of its hood as I covered it with my mouth. My tongue slipped into the crevice with ease as I lapped at her pussy, I felt her close her legs to grip my head for a moment as she gushed in the throes of her orgasm.

Now gripping me by my hair she pulled me to my feet and leaning forward kissed my juice soaked lips, she licked my face tasting her own cum off me for a minute before pulling me onto her lap and holding me tight. I was dripping wet and she brought me to climax easily and quickly with her fingers.

Suddenly she stood up and led me to her bed where she lay down pulling me with her, and I instinctively leaned over and took one of her nipples into my mouth and felt her other breast with my hand. I loved making her quietly moan as I kissed her breasts, and sucked on her nipples. In a few minutes we had positioned ourselves into a 69, each enjoying the giving and receiving of oral pleasure. porno indir It was an astonishingly erotic experience.

That afternoon we were to go shopping together in her car that I liked as she had a late model that was much nicer than the old clunker I drove. We browsed the shops window shopping for the most part then later did some grocery shopping, then stopped in a Liquor store and picked up a couple of bottles of wine and some rum.

Closer to my home we stopped again and I rented a movie to watch after supper, and Sheila picked out a lesbian movie from the ‘Adult’ section. Of course the lady in the movie store knew me as I often stopped there to rent movies, and when she saw the titles looked at me and glanced at Sheila and I’m sure I saw a small grin as she turned her head to ring in the amount. I wished I could have crawled under a rock at the time, although there was something naughty about it.

The first thing I did once we were in my house was put the groceries away and mix us a rum and coke. Sheila had been there with me before so knew where things were, and was not a bit shy about it. She told me I had a nice place although it could use a coat of paint.

I checked my voice mail to find I had a message from my daughter telling me to call her. I called her right away and she asked me where I’d been, I told her I’d been shopping. “All day?” she said sounding disbelieving, “who are you seeing?” “No one” I told her “I just went shopping with a lady friend.”

Sheila didn’t help as she leaned over to blow in my ear, smiling as she did so knowing I was trying to be serious while I was talking to my daughter. Patricia was not to be fooled; she sensed there was something going on although I denied it as I tried to suppress a giggle. Before she hung up she told me she was coming for a visit the following weekend.

I made dinner and we had a nice meal washed down with the wine, Sheila was very complementary about my cooking skills and after we settled down in my living room to watch our movies. We were not to be going out anywhere so I was quite generous with the rum and cokes.

After the first movie, a love story she had me put on the porno and suggested we strip to enjoy it. By this time I was feeling pretty happy to oblige her. Stark naked I went and mixed fresh drinks then returned to enjoy the film. It was about a group of 5 housewives who would meet in the mornings for coffee at one of their houses, and one morning the subject of sex came up.

It was supposed to be a turn-on as they mimicked and joked about their husband’s performance in bed, and the women started kissing one another. It developed into real heavy sex as they got on the floor and undressed each other. One of the women wouldn’t participate and just sat there and watched the others making out. When they rested from their actions the woman called them names saying what they did was ‘disgusting.’

There was a supposed argument about it than the others grabbed the woman, stripped her then carried her struggling to the bedroom where they tied her to the bed and raped her. There were some awesome scenes as they all took turns sucking and biting her tits, and licking her pussy before one of the women produced a strap-on dildo and they took turns fucking her rokettube with it.

There was lots of dirty talk as well as the screams from the women as they got carried away raping their victim, who’s cries of anguish turned to cries of pleasure by the time they were finished. They were all contented women, even the supposed victim. They agreed from that time on they would meet every morning for fun and games after coffee, and they would take turns being the victim.

After the movie we went to bed happy and horny, and the first thing she did was get me to lie on my back with my hands above my head. Holding me by my wrists she laid on top of me tits to tits, pussy to pussy and licked my face. Licked it all over and talked dirty to me, she told me I was her favourite cunt and how she loved to shag me, (her word for fuck) and started grinding her pussy against mine.

With her weight on me the only thing I could move was my legs as I opened them wide to accommodate her grinding me. Another thing, the beauty about doing it in my house was we could make all the noise we wanted, as I had no neighbours to worry about hearing us, not like when we did it in her apartment.

She held me tight talking dirty to me calling me names like I said and with my legs flailing in the air she soon had me squealing from the pleasure rippling through my body. Looking into her face her eyes were wide open, smiling at me as she kept thrusting her pussy against mine ’till we had a couple of powerful cums together.

Rolling off me she laid beside me breathing heavy, once she quieted she leaned over and gripped one of my tits and squeezed it really hard, kissed it and bit it, giving me love bites. I was surprised at how good it felt, then turning over she held me tight to her body in the two spoons position and we feel asleep.

The next morning in the bathtub we talked about how good it felt and I admitted to liking it, I had love bites on my one tit as a reminder of our night of love.

After we left to go join others for brunch in a restaurant and on the way and I dropped the movies off, I couldn’t help but wonder what the staff thought when they saw the titles particularly of the one lesbian flick. Like I said, it was my local store where I went quite often to rent movies.

Brunch was most enjoyable and by now I was beginning to get to know the other ladies there, they were always so friendly to me as well as Sheila. They were quite open about what they enjoyed in private with one another, most of them were married and it seemed their sex lives with their husbands was pretty flat, reduced to ‘wham bam thank you ma’am’ once a week, and in some cases not even that.

After brunch Sheila and I were to spend the Sunday afternoon together, something that was becoming a habit as she also liked to get out and visit different places. This particular day she got talking to Martha and Joan, two of the ladies I’d met and invited them to join us in a leisurely drive along the river. They seemed pleased with the invite and agreed to join us.

Sheila drove as we were in her car and took her sweet time driving and after passing through a couple of villages stopped in the next town and parked near a park along the river bank. We got out and arm in arm strolled porno into the park where we sat on a bench and just enjoyed the view.

It was clear from their conversation that Sheila and Martha had known each other for years, Joan was like me, the quiet one who was just happy to get out of the house and away from her husband for a while. Her marriage was dead she said, she had met Martha on-line who, as it happened had been looking for a partner; they met and hit it off.

We compared notes on our marriages and I felt quite comfortable talking about it as it was now over for me, Joan was different as she felt trapped in a loveless marriage where her husband’s only interest seemed to be in sports and beer. She admitted she was thinking about getting out of it, but stayed for family reasons. She looked me directly in my eyes and said, “They don’t know about my relationship with Martha,” giving Martha a knowing smile.

It was late spring and although the weather was nice it was a bit cool after a time so we got back in the car and continued on. We spent about another hour driving and at the next town went into a Tea room where we had leisurely Tea and cookies. I was particularly pleased being able to talk to others about my situation, and how Sheila and I found each other.

We got back home around supper time and dropped the ladies off at their car that had been left at the restaurant. Before they parted thy commented on how they enjoyed themselves, saying we should all get together sometime again, to which Sheila and I agreed.

I admit to being a little excited at meeting other queers like us, Martha and Sheila had much in common as they were quire open about their feelings, whereas Joan and I were more reserved? We went to bed early after trying to watch television, but there wasn’t much on that interested us. Our lovemaking was slow and unhurried, I felt quite amorous and delighted to please my lover.

I slowly kissed my way down from her eyes, stopping at places of interest like her mouth for some deep tongue kisses then again at her throat then on to her tits. They were always so soft and beautiful, her nipples hard as I suckled them, first one then the other. Down over her tummy my hand exploring the contour of her hips and thighs, stopping for a little tonguing at her belly button.

Sighs were escaping quietly from her lips; I could smell her as she slowly opened her legs to accommodate my questing tongue. I was happy to pleasure her this way, I felt contented as I moved over her now trimmed pubic hair to taste the juices now evident on her pussy lips.

I changed positions now, moving round to place myself between her legs, lifting them as I did she bent her knees as I slid my arms around her thighs and placed my hands on her tummy and brought my face to her pussy. She was open and glistening from her juices as I tasted her, running my tongue around her labia’s before penetrating her with it.

Her moans of pleasure were louder now, her legs restless as she moved them trying to raise her hips to meet my penetrating tongue. I reached deep into her, sucking her clit making sucking noises. I felt her stiffen as she had an orgasm, and then continued on licking and sucking to bring her again and again.

Finally she closed her thighs on my head and reached down to pull me up to lie with her. Holding me tight she licked her cunt juices off my face as her hands began to roam over my body, continuing the rising pleasure surging through me to bring me to an amazing climax, the most beautiful end to a perfect day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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