Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 47

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Jenny was in the middle of a strange and sexy dream — it was the 1960s, she was at a party, and different crazy things were happening in every room — when she felt herself being gently shaken awake. “Hey, Jen,” whispered Kristin.

Blinking, fighting to remember who and where she was, Jenny responded “Hmmm?”

Kristin grinned at her, finding her especially adorable in that moment. “Sorry,” she said, “I just wanted to tell you, I have to take off for a little bit. My dad’s car broke down and so he and Carl need a ride back from the city. I’m gonna go get them, but you can stay here.”

“OK,” said Jenny, yawning.

Kristin leaned over and kissed Jenny on the forehead. “My mom and Lina are downstairs making donuts.” This was another part of their annual tradition: making homemade donuts. It was time-consuming and labor-intensive project, but the results were always spectacular. “I’ll be back in, like, three hours.”

When Kristin left Jenny closed her eyes and rolled over onto her side. She spent the next hour drifting in and out of consciousness, a series of dreams and fantasies floating through her head. At one point, she imagined that Carol Thompson and Lina Santini had come upstairs and crept quietly into her room. Standing beside the bed, they quickly stripped naked and then slipped under the covers on either side of her.

Even in her semi-conscious state, Jenny knew that this was very naughty, but that was part of what made it exciting. She imagined the two older women’s mouths all over her, kissing and licking and exploring every inch of her luscious young body. As the scenario unfolded in her mind Jenny reached one hand down between her legs and began to rub herself.

She started to moan, fighting to remain quiet, as her orgasm approached. She came hard, and only after the spasms had subsided did she open her eyes. To her surprise, Lina Santini was standing there in the doorway holding a tray of coffee and donuts.

Jenny had no way of knowing how long Lina had been watching, but the look on her face said, long enough. Their eyes met and Jenny flushed red but didn’t look away.

In that moment a battle was fought inside Lina between her libido and her conscience. She knew that what she wanted to do right then would be crossing hd porno a line — a somewhat blurry line, but a line nonetheless. Then again, how many times in life did you get a chance like this? To throw caution to the wind, to live fully, to indulge in delightfully forbidden pleasures?

Lina put the tray down on Kristin’s bureau and sat down on the bed, leaning over to give Jenny a kiss. Jenny wondered if she should resist; she felt like maybe she was supposed to, but she didn’t want to. She returned the kiss gently at first, then with increasing ardor, then it was like a dam broke; she was pushing her tongue into Lina’s mouth and fumbling to get the older woman’s clothes off as quickly as possible.

Down in the kitchen, meanwhile, Carol was wondering what had happened to Lina. She was only supposed to be gone for a minute to take Jenny some breakfast — what was taking so long? Then Carol heard a noise from upstairs — a faint vocalization, was it a moan, or a sigh? — and began to wonder. After a brief internal battle her curiosity won out over her discretion, and she began to climb the stairs.

The door to Kristin’s bedroom was cracked open and Carol peered through. What she saw was Jenny sprawled out spread-eagled on the bed, clawing at the bedclothes as Lina’s tongue pistoned in and out of her pussy. In a way this was shocking, and in a way not surprising at all; seeing it now, it felt almost inevitable.

Carol was sorely tempted to join in — that Jenny was certainly a delectable little peach. But after watching for a minute Carol thought of her daughter and decided against it. She wasn’t sure exactly what Kristin and Jenny were to each other — it was something more than lovers, and something less than an exclusive couple — but it would be better to steer clear. Instead Carol went to her own bedroom and masturbated while listening to the moans drifting over from down the hall.

Having satisfied their animal needs, Jenny and Lina did not linger with each other. They both immediately felt a little guilty about what they’d done, though neither regretted it. They’d had a moment, that was all; could anyone blame them?

After getting dressed Lina gave Jenny a kiss and crept out of the room. Of course Carol would know what had happened, there sex izle was no way for her not to; but she would understand. What Kristin and Nicola might think would be a different matter, but there was no reason for them to find out.

Jenny got back under the covers and ate her breakfast. The coffee was cold, but the donuts were delicious. She wondered if she should tell Kristin what had just happened; after thinking about it she decided, no, it was OK for her to have this little secret.

Then she wondered if she should take a shower. The smell of pussy was strong on her — but then that wasn’t exactly anything unusual, and at the moment she felt extremely lazy. In a minute the question was moot anyway, because Kristin came into the room, looking even more beautiful than usual. For a second Jenny had an impulse to blurt out her indiscretion, but she got hung up on the question of how to phrase it, and then the moment was gone. Kristin was kissing her and saying, “Come on, lazybones, let’s hit the road.”

Jenny had forgotten that their train was at 1:00, and it was almost noon. She quickly showered, dressed, and packed. After saying goodbye to everyone — including Nicola, who had showed up shortly after noon with donuts on her mind — they were driven to the train station by Carol.

“I hope you girls had a nice time,” she said.

“Yeah, Mom,” said Kristin. “Great.”

“Yes, Mrs. Thompson -” said Jenny.


“Carol,” repeated Jenny. “I had an amazing time. Thank you so much.”

“You know, Jenny,” said Carol, looking at Jenny in the rear view mirror. “You’re welcome here anytime, with or without her.” She gestured to her daughter sitting next to her. “You’re a member of the family now.”

“Gee, thanks, Mrs… Carol,” said Jenny.

They pulled up in front of the station just as the train was pulling in. There was only time for a quick hug before Kristin and Jenny ran to the platform, turning only once to wave, and were gone.

* * *

At Alpha Beta Delta, the day had been slow to get started. The first Sister to arise was Sasha, who drifted downstairs in the early afternoon. Groggy and a little hung over, she went to the corner of the kitchen where the coffee maker was. There was fresh coffee in it, which altyazılı porn meant that someone must be up; but only after taking a couple sips did Sasha turn around to see two figures at the table across the room from her.

She usually wore contacts and couldn’t see very well without them, so it was only as she got close that she realized what she was looking at. Jodie was bent over the table, naked and blindfolded, hands bound behind her back. On the table next to her sat a bunch of produce — carrots, bananas, a couple kinds of cucumber, a few kinds of squash. Next to her sat Miss White, holding one end of a zucchini, the other end of which was inside Jodie’s pussy.

As Sasha approached, Miss White saw the look in her eyes and grinned devilishly. “We’re just playing a little game,” she said. “If she can tell me what I’m fucking her with, she gets to come.”

Sipping her coffee, Sasha asked, “How’s she doing?”

Miss White shook her head. “Not so good.” Gesturing the vegetables she said, “Would you like a turn?”

“Well, gee…” said Sasha. Rummaging through the pile, she found a nice, thick carrot about 10 inches long. Miss White pulled the zucchini out of Jodie with an audible pop and brought it around to Jodie’s mouth, pressing it against her lips. Jodie obediently stuck out her tongue and began to lick her own juices off the vegetable.

Sasha wiggled the narrow end of the carrot between Jodie’s pussy lips, then slowly began to push the rest of it in. Miss White meanwhile had shoved the zucchini into Jodie’s mouth; when the carrot was all the way inside her, she started trying to say something, but all she could get out was “Crrt! Crrt!”

Finally Miss White pulled the squash out of her mouth and she gasped, “Carrot! Carrot!” Miss White and Sasha gave her a nice round of applause, Sasha leaving the orange root vegetable dangling lewdly from her cunt.

When they were done Miss White cocked an eyebrow at Sasha. “Well?”

“Oh,” said Sasha. “Right.” Dropping to her knees, Sasha started to lick Jodie’s clit while fucking her with the carrot.

Just then Polly walked into the kitchen and wandered over. “What’s the haps?” she asked.

By way of an answer, Miss White pulled off Jodie’s blindfold and put it on Polly. She then bent Polly over, removed the length of cloth binding Jodie’s wrists, and used it to tie Polly’s hands behind her back. Pulling Polly’s pajama bottoms down around her ankles, Miss White said, “We’re going to play a little game…”

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