Fun with Dick and Jane Ch. 01

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Part 1 “Gee Spot Run”

I seem to get into the darndest situations.

It all began a couple of weeks ago, when I was jogging in the park and ran across my neighbor, Jane, as she was strolling on the wooded trails. I slowed down to her leisurely pace, and tried to strike up a conversation as I caught my breath from my vigorous workout.

She and I have been friends in a sort of light and social way, but the discussions that we’ve had have been mostly about the weather, the neighborhood, politics, and the like. Nothing that cuts through the layers of social veneer that shroud our deeper thoughts and feelings; the layers that make us feel both safe and lifeless.

But today, Jane didn’t seem up for the usual small talk, so for a while we walked together in silence, enjoying the crisp air of early winter. She was shy, and I knew from visiting her home that she and her husband Dick were fairly straight-laced, with a decidedly religious bent. They were always talking about how inspiring Jerry Falwell was, and a few years ago, they had knocked on my door to distribute “Pat Robertson for President” literature.

Eventually, I began to ask questions that steered the subject matter around to what was on her mind. She didn’t seem too comfortable with this line of talk, but at the same time, she didn’t shut down and pull away. It was clear to me that there were things that she needed to say, but it was unfamiliar territory for her.

I tried to give her the space to let it out at its own pace, and I was genuinely supportive about the problems that she eventually blurted out. We talked and walked for well over an hour, and to put in a nutshell, she was bored and repressed. Her thoughts and feelings weren’t in exact correspondence with the traditions and teachings of her family and her church, and she now felt trapped and helpless.

Of course, knowing me as many of you readers do, you can probably guess that I wanted to know about their sex lives. It took a lot of subtle prodding, and a lot of blushing on her part, but eventually we got around to the heart of the matter, which was that her husband’s idea of sex was a once-a-month, tab-A-in-slot-B, lights-off session that had no spice, no feeling, and no tenderness. For Jane, there was no orgasm. She had resorted to an occasional masturbation, but she felt dirty and sneaky about it, so that wasn’t making her happy either. In fact, the whole situation was making her feel distant from her husband, and ashamed that it was all her fault.

I know that this all sounds like a classic, stereotypical situation, but here was a real woman who was suffering through anxieties that felt familiar and sad to me. So after hearing her out, I took the risk of revealing some stuff about myself, things that I normally only talk about anonymously through the Internet, or with my trusted lovers. I told her about my fascination with erotica, and that I wrote stories based on my wildest fantasies, which I posted on the ‘Net for all to read. She had heard of the sex story newsgroups. They had been reviled at length in her church group. So Jane was amazed that she was now talking to an active participant in such an illicit activity, and that a woman could be involved. A woman who was that “nice lady down the street,” as she put it.

After getting over her shock, she stammered, “What kind of things do you write about, Susan?” It was really a struggle for her to ask, and her face was inflamed with a scarlet blush.

I didn’t want to scandalize her too much, so I just answered, “Well, I write about things that are kinky and graphic, but that I don’t get into stuff that involves pain and humiliation. It’s really all for fun; a way to explore my own flowering sexuality in a full and safe way.”

Now Jane’s embarrassment was abating, and she asked more and more detailed questions, so that eventually, I offered to lend her the printouts of some of my stories. At that point, we were back to the parking lot of the park, so we both drove over to my house, where I handed over some printouts for a couple of my more tame erotic stories. The one on the top was “Craftsmanship.” She handled the white papers as if they were covered with germs.

I suggested, “Maybe you’re not ready for this kind of stuff, Jane,” and reached to retrieve the printouts.

She pulled them farther away from me, saying, “No, please. I really want to read them.”

Still, I was worried about what the impact of my stories would be on her fragile psyche, so I recommended, “OK. Then why not sit and read for a bit to see if you really want to take these home with you.”

Jane seemed to be in kind of in a daze, so I took her hand and led her into the den where she could sit and relax in the wing-back chair there. “You look over the stories here with some privacy while I go and shower off after my run.” My jogging had left me coated with stale sweat, and I didn’t think that Jane needed someone looking over her shoulder türkçe altyazılı porno just then anyway.

It felt so good to let the spray of scalding hot water blast onto my shoulders and back. Acting as Jane’s mentor in her attempt to break out of her marital jail was making me tense, so I just stood under the shower for 10 or 15 minutes. I let my hands trace lazy circles over my breasts, my tummy, my thighs, and occasionally over the sparsely-furred mound of my cunt. But I resisted the temptation to slide my finger into the furrow between my vulva. I wanted to keep my focus on Jane and her problems, not become absorbed in releasing my own sexual tension.

Finally, I stepped out of the shower, and toweled myself off briskly. I wrapped my sopping hair into a towel turban, and covered the rest of my pink body in the wonderful polar fleece bathrobe that I had been given for Christmas by my new friends at Victoria’s Secret.

I walked back toward the den to check on my guest. I figured that by now Jane would have read enough to have some questions for me. Or she would be ready to attack me for my lewd and perverted thoughts. In fact, it wouldn’t have surprised me to discover that Jane had fled to the safety of her car and her home.

But when I got to the door of the den, what I beheld was not anything that I had anticipated.

I discovered Jane with her head tipped back and her eyes clenched tightly closed. She was slouched down deep into the soft cushions and her legs were spread wide, knees angled outward. One of her hands had crept up under the bottom of her white, flower-speckled turtleneck, where it was cupping and squeezing one of her breasts. Her other hand had insinuated itself under the elastic waistband of her tight pink stretch pants. Through the taut fabric, I could see the outline of her fingers as they extended down over the juncture of her thighs. The bumps of her knuckles quivered as she prodded into the needy flesh. A sustained, warbling hum emanated from her throat.

I’m not sure what made her aware that I was watching, but all of a sudden, Jane opened her eyes, saw me, and let out a high-pitched little squeal. Her hands whisked out of the confines of her clothes, and she folded them in her lap demurely. “Oh heavens, I’m so mortified,” she said. “I can’t believe that I got so out of control. You must think I’m horrible.” Jane looked like a child who had been caught stealing candy, and she was clearly about to cry.

I wanted to reassure her that it was OK, so I closed the space between us and knelt down beside her chair, pulling her into my arms in a comforting embrace. I could feel her kind of shaking in my arms, and her breathing was ragged and rapid. I’m sure that this was because of the combination of the sexual stimulation and the embarrassment.

I let her be like that for a few minutes, massaging the back of her neck and shoulders (her hands were still clenched in her lap). When she had settled down, I let her go and rocked back on my heels. We began to talk it all out. I assured her, “Your reaction to reading my stories is completely normal, Jane. In fact, that is just the kind of response that the stories were designed to get, so your loss of control like that is really a great compliment to me.”

I told her, “Even when I’m writing the stories, I get so turned on sometimes that I have to stop typing so that I can reach down and rub my cunt for a big orgasm. When I read other people’s stories, I usually masturbate. I’m sorry that you feel bad about what you were doing, and I’m even more sorry that I interrupted you. So I’m going to leave the room again so that you can finish what you started.”

I stood up and started to turn around, when she stopped me by entreating, “Please don’t go yet… there is something that I wanted to ask you about. Aaahh, I don’t know how to say it! I’m not used to talking about sex at all.” She was blushing again (had she stopped at all in the past two hours?), and her words were whispered and raspy. But she forced herself to continue. “I’m not sure that I’m doing it right.”

At first, I didn’t know what she meant. When I finally figured out that she meant that she wasn’t sure if she knew how to masturbate, my first inclination was to say that it couldn’t be possible; that every person knows how. But I caught myself before those words left my lips, and instead I reassured her some more, letting her know that everyone figures it out for themselves. “Practice makes perfect, you know. Just figure out what works by experimenting.”

But Jane persisted by telling me, “I guess I’m wondering about it because some of the things that you talk about in your stories, well, I just don’t get it. Like I was just reading about this G spot thing. And I don’t know what you’re talking about. I wish I knew what to do.”

So I explained it to her as clearly as I could, and then I guess I just decided to go for broke. All xnxx this talk about sex was making me more and more bold. I said, “If you show me what it is that you are doing when you masturbate, maybe I can help you figure it out.”

She was quiet for a few moments, as the prospect of going ahead with my idea wormed its way past her ingrained defenses. I thought for sure that she would turn me down, but again, Jane surprised me by saying, “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but… I guess I could do that, but only if you do it too. I want to see how you, uh, play down there, and you could show me how you do your G spot.”

Well, I’m normally not into having sex with a woman. That just isn’t my thing, or it hasn’t been in the past, anyway. But this was different. I wasn’t going to be actually touching her. It was more like “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” I was certainly ready to masturbate, after hours of various kinds of mild stimulation. I was also very curious to see what Jane would do with herself. It was hard to remember back to when I was learning how to please myself. So I agreed.

Jane stood up and I could see that she was a bit shaky on her feet, sort of drunken with the reality of what she was about to do. I asked her to take off her stretch pants, and after she hooked her thumbs into the waistband, she hesitated for a few seconds, then stripped the pants down to her ankles in one fast push. She almost fell over as she stepped out of them. Straightening up, I saw that she was wearing the most chaste white cotton panties. Her hands crossed in front of her cunt, like fig leaves. But she finally let her arms relax and her hands fell to her sides. Not surprisingly, the crotch panel of her panties was dark and moist with the stain her secretions. She was frozen in that position, until I asked , “Are you sure you want to go on with this?” She answered wordlessly, by peeling her panties down her long slim legs.

“Why don’t you sit back down in the chair, and show me what you were doing when I came into the room?” I coached.

As she sat down, I positioned myself a couple of feet away from her, sitting cross-legged on the thick plush carpeting, so that I could look right up at her. As I did this, my bathrobe parted, and my own cunt came into view. I untied the belt of the robe, and then let the whole thing slide off my shoulders into a pile behind me. Now I was completely nude, and with my thighs spread wide so that Jane could see my cunt. She could see my pink labia, as well as the slick moist surfaces of my vaginal entrance. Looking down at myself, I noticed that my inner lips were stuck together, so I reached down, and peeled them apart. Now the shadowy mouth of my vagina was open, framed by the jagged crimson skirt of wet skin.

Looking back up at Jane, I saw that she had bent herself forwards at the waist, and she was mesmerized by the view that I had made available to her. When I asked, “Have you ever had the chance to look so closely at another woman, or even yourself?” she admitted that she hadn’t.

She added, “I have seen naked women in the locker room back in high school, but I basically averted my eyes. When I masturbate (she almost choked getting that word out), I usually do it in the dark, or at least with my eyes shut.”

“You should really get to know yourself better,” I suggested. “You can use a hand mirror. And right now, you really should spread your legs before you get bruises on your knees where they are clamped so tightly together!”

Jane let her legs open up, but still neither of us could see much, since the bottom edge of her turtleneck draped downwards, shrouding her pubic area. So I asked her to take off her shirt, which she did, revealing small breasts clad in a simple white bra that reminded me of my training bra when I was an early teenager. No satin, silk, or lace, just innocent thick cotton jersey material, with the clasp in the back.

Although her breasts weren’t particularly big, Jane was exhibiting the hard nubs of her nipples through the fabric, and it was more evidence of how aroused she was, for the size of her nipples made up for the size of her breasts. They poked out like big ripe strawberries, tenting the cotton cloth into pointy mounds. Her breathing was now more relaxed, but I enjoyed the sight of the white triangles of her bra lifting and dropping rhythmically as she inhaled and exhaled. In fact I found myself really getting into checking out her entire body. She was much shorter than me, maybe only five-foot-two, or so, but she was compact and strong. Petite, really.

When my attention had roamed all over the rest of her body, I let myself focus on the juncture of her thighs, which she had closed again as she skinned off her shirt. I reached forwards and lightly touched her knees, and she didn’t resist my insistent but unhurried efforts as I gently drew her thighs apart. She was eagerly cooperating now, ready to explore and enjoy the secrets of porno izle her suppressed sexuality.

All the while I stared eagerly at her cunt, and Jane, too, kept her eyes locked on that target. It was like the grand unveiling of a magnificent sculpture. Her brown pubic hair was very tightly curled, but not thick and bushy, and it sprouted all over the surface of her barely mounded cunt. As her knees spread more, a dark vertical line became visible through the fur, and then the line divided into two distinct lines, with deep pink between. The image of a Chinese fan came to my mind, as more and more ridges of flesh were revealed in the widening gap between the hairy parentheses of her vulva. The moist pink flesh was tinged with grayish-brown tones that fringed the ragged edges of her inner labia. Above that, where the ridges joined, the nub of her clitoris was mostly hidden under the darker hood, but a hint of swollen whitish flesh peeked out. Now I could inhale the sweet-and-sour scent of her juices, and I could see the secretions seeping from the barely open entrance to her vagina.

Before I let go of her knees, I pulled her forward so that her ass perched on the very edge of the chair. Then I fell backward, and I put the soles of my feet onto her ankles. This kept her from pulling her legs back together, and it maintained the contact of skin-on-skin that I found I was enjoying very much.

I let my knees splay outwards, reopening my own cunt to her view. Staring deeply into Jane’s eyes, I said to her, “You deserve the very best, you deserve to be happy, and you deserve to have the greatest orgasm of your life. Go for it, Jane. You have a beautiful body, and a beautiful cunt. Touch yourself the way you need to. Watch me, and watch yourself. I’ll guide you if you need.”

With that, I took one hand and enveloped one of my breasts and began to fondle it, with two of my fingers straddling my hardened nipple. My other hand zeroed in on my wide-open cunt. Jane did the same as me, pushing her bra up so that it creased into the flesh on the upper slope of her breasts. Those huge nipples made their first true appearance, and I saw that they were chocolate brown and cylindrical, and quite sensitive to the touch, judging by the electric jerk that jumped through her body as she raked her fingernails over the swollen pegs. Her breathing was getting faster, and again her body jerked and shuddered as her other hand made contact with her cunt.

She started by using all her fingers together to form a flat paddle, which she rubbed in wide circles around her entire pubic mound. So I told her to watch me, and I led by example as I took my index finger, dipped it quickly down into the sopping entrance of my vagina, and then brought the moisture back up to my clitoris. I used my first and third fingers to spread my fat outer lips and sparse pubic hair out of the way. Then I pulled the tip of my middle finger up towards my palm, so that it made direct contact on my exposed and rubbery clitoris.

That felt so, so good. I sighed deeply.

As my finger started to poke and prod in a regular circular motion, my sighs turned to raspy whimpers. I had to exert self-discipline to keep from going too fast, but I wanted to make sure that Jane stayed in my thoughts.

She had followed my example, but seemed to be having trouble keeping her lips spread. I suggested, “Try using one hand to keep your lips out of the way while your other hand concentrates on toying with your clitoris. Your inner labia might also enjoy being rubbed and massaged, too.”

She seemed reluctant to stop playing with her breasts, but eventually, she got the idea of what I was talking about, and it worked for her. Now she too was moaning, and her hips started tilting and pivoting, as if she was fucking her hand.

That reminded me of one of her earlier questions, about her G spot. I was reluctant to interrupt her again, but I wasn’t sure that another opportunity would arise like this, so I asked, “Do you want to try something else?”

She didn’t stop flicking at her clitoris, but of course she said, “Yes.”

I imagined that she was now as eager as a puppy. What a change from the shy and repressed little housewife that I had known before. I said, “Watch me. I’ll show you where my G spot is. If you can find yours, rub it gently while you keep playing with your clitoris. It doesn’t work for everyone, but let’s find out.”

I took my hand from my breast and used my middle finger to hook upwards into my vagina, and I found the vaguely rounded lump of tissue an inch or so inside. I started a slow back and forth rubbing action that was matched by the up and down pressure that I put on my clitoris. By now, my cunt flesh was so swollen and puffy that my outer labia stayed spread by themselves, so I could use three fingers to chase and trap my clit. Wet slurping sounds filled the air, and my own potent fragrances mixed with Jane’s.

Looking up, I could see that Jane had discovered her G spot, and her moaning was becoming louder. She got a slightly worried look, stating, “The only problem is I feel like I have to stop to go pee.”

I reassured her, “That sensation is normal, and it will go away in a couple of minutes.” She relaxed again.

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