Sunshine’s Needs

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(This story is a sequel to “Sunshine,” so if you want to know who these people are you may want to read it first. If you like that one, you’ll come back to this one. For those who’ve already read it, enjoy.)


As I lay there in the dark, I heard the door close, saw the light created by the TV extinguished, and heard Sunshine enter the bedroom. I listened to the muffled sound of her disrobing and the metallic tinkle of the hanger as she hung up her dress. Then I felt movement on the bed, the heat of a naked body pressing into my back, and the tickle of erect nipples dragging across my shoulder blades.

There were so many questions I had for her, but somehow this didn’t seem like the right time to ask them. She slid her hand over my hip and grasped my still throbbing erection.

“Wake up, baby. I need to cum.”

I was so turned on by all of the wild and crazy things that I had just witnessed in the previous six hours that I moved immediately to meet Sunshine’s needs. I didn’t have to be asked twice. My need was her need, and I was now convinced that I was the only human in her world that could fulfill her needs. Rolling onto my back, I reached up and pulled Sunshine’s face close to mine where our tongues danced with each other around sensuous kisses.

Sunshine’s lips are full and soft. I allow myself to linger when kissing them. To be kissed by them is indescribable, but I must try. When her lips first make contact with my skin, the initial sensation is that of cool, moist flesh mushing gently against the much hotter surface of my skin. The sensation can not be duplicated by any inanimate object. I’m immediately struck by how alive and exciting her lips feel. Her breath is warm and feathery as it tickles the tiny hairs on my body and adds contrast to the cool wetness that’s left behind when her lips disengage.

We covered each others’ face with kisses of pure love and passion. I focused on her neck and the special spot just below the back of her ears; the spot that when kissed, always results in a shudder. As her body began to reflect the urgency of her need, I intensified her journey by gently dragging the backs of my knuckles over her completely distended nipples. They were so hard they barely moved, but the gentle flutter of a muscle spasm jiggled the flesh on her inner thigh and exposed the affect my nipple play was having on her. With my other hand, I caressed the skin on her back with a long, slow stroke that started at her shoulders and ended with my grabbing as big a handful of her left ass cheek as I could grab. I shifted slightly on the bed in preparation for my next move. Sunshine knew exactly where I was going.

I slid off the bed and stood up, as she rolled over to her stomach and lay diagonally across the bed propped up on her elbows. Now, this is the hottest position any woman can assume. It all comes down to the way the taut smoothness of a woman’s back suddenly balloons into the two protruding mounds of flesh that is her ass; the essence of her womanly form. I reached over and flicked the light on. I needed to be able to see. She knows that the visual aspects of sex really turn me on. She also knows that when I get turned on, she gets royally fucked. That’s why she moaned as the room was completely filled with light.

Sunshine hung her head, pressed the toes of her right foot into the arch of her left, and slowly ground her bottom in sensuous, circular patterns. I stood and stared. She had left that nasty little G-string on, and with each rotation of her hips erotik film izle most of it was swallowed by the swollen lips of her freshly fucked pussy. I grabbed both her feet and slowly spread her legs until her thighs parted enough to fully expose her pussy. It was sticky, swollen and pink, like a candied apple. The labia majora on the right side of her vagina was glued to her right inner thigh, so that when I spread her legs apart, her inner lips were parted and they jiggled invitingly as a puff of air escaped.

“Ooh!” she cooed.

I knelt on the floor behind her, kissed the backs of both thighs, and leaned in closer for a better look. Spanning her gaping fuck hole was her thong. The tip of the little triangle of material covered her clit. The Y shaped crotch where the thong and the waist band meet was positioned directly over her puckered asshole. I jabbed the tip of my tongue against the side of the material covering her clit and pushed it to the side. The underside of my tongue dragged across her protruding clit and she gasped. Her whole pelvis trembled. My tongue was hooked under her thong, so I dragged it wiggling backward, up into her opened pussy, and beyond to where we needed to be. I pulled the thong to the side as I pried apart both ass cheeks and gazed down into the valley. There I paused.

I paused to take in the beauty of my perspective. There I was, poised between the thighs and the upturned ass cheeks of a beautiful woman who was giving herself to me in the most vulnerable of positions. I paused to remember what Thor’s cock looked like as it was being mercilessly fucked by the gaping pussy before me. I paused to breath in the aroma of her excited scent. But mainly I paused because I knew the suspense was killing her. She knew I liked to take in the view and all, but I just lay there motionless, just staring. I wondered if she thought I could tell that she’d just been fucked. I wondered if Thor had been the only guy to fuck her that night. Who was this woman into whose cheeks I was gazing?

“Please, Jay. I need to cum,” she said looking over her shoulder at me.

Her expression was a combination of fear, desperation, and lust. I believe that the argument she had had with herself when she was deciding whether or not to climb onto Thor’s cock was about when the best moment would be to come clean and reveal to me her relationship with her brother. I believe that as she looked back over her shoulder at me, she feared that I would not only reject her, but that her marriage may have ended. I believe that as she looked over her shoulder at me, she saw the only man that had been able to make her cum so hard that she’d sometimes pass out; and she hoped he wouldn’t take too long to give her what she needed.

I raised my right hand and came down on her upturned butt cheek as hard as I could. SMACK! She squealed. The buttock rippled and immediately turned hot pink. I came down hard on her other cheek. SMACK! It reacted the same way. Left, right, left, right, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK! She began to whimper.

“Ohmygod, that stings so good,” she said shaking her head back and forth, her eyes squeezed shut with tears having formed in the corners. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK. Her ass cheeks glowed a bright pink. I could feel the heat emanating from them as I planted a wet kiss on each one.

“Oh yeah, baby,” she said as she looked back over her shoulder and wiped the faint traces of saliva left by my purposely sloppy kisses into her smooth skin. “That’s my ass.”

She turned facing film izle the head board again and leaned forward on her elbows thrusting her ass back even further toward me. I put two fingers in my mouth and coated them with saliva while I hungrily stared at her ass wiggling as she searched for a comfortable position.

“Fuckin’ do what you do to me, baby. I need to cum so bad.” She paused, but didn’t look back. Then, after about ten seconds of inactivity on my part she whispered, “PLEASE!”

I pulled her ass cheeks apart and painted a wet circle around her asshole with the tip of my tongue. Her whimpering turned into trembling moans. Her whole body began to shiver as if she were truly chilled, though she was anything but cold. Her orgasm was revving up, and it looked like it was going to be memorable. I shifted slightly to the side and slid the two fingers I’d just prepared into her open pussy. My thumb massaged her clit as my fingers probed for the sensitive ridges of her G-spot.

“Oh, shit, that feels so fuckin’ good,” she said, lowering her head to rest on the bed between her outstretched arms. Leaning into her upturned ass, I slipped my arm around her waist and forced the tip of my tongue into her clenching sphincter. She gasped and rotated her pelvis so that her back bowed and my face was fully enveloped in her clasping buns. I was up to my armpits in ass. My tongue probed deeper, her sphincter opening wider to accept more of my wiggling intruder. Then, her first orgasm hit.

“OH, FUCK!” she screamed into the bed, muffling it so that it sounded like a growl.

This was one of her combo-orgasms. Her gaping pussy suddenly collapsed around my fingers and flooded with her juices. Her grasping asshole tried to pull my tongue further into the pulsing orifice. I could feel all of the muscles in her thighs, back, and buttocks lock up and begin to tremble from the tension. We held on and rode out the first one together.

Once Sunshine began breathing again, I pulled my tongue from her anus and slid the thumb on my right hand down into the crack of her ass, over her asshole, and into the puddle of cum that was welling in her upturned pussy. Coated as it was with her creamy cum, I retraced my steps and inserted the tip of my thumb into her asshole.

“Wait, wait,” she protested, but I ignored her and wiggled my thumb in her asshole. She began to tremble again. She hadn’t quite fully recovered from her first orgasm, and here was more stimulation pushing her back into her orgasmic world. When I did this right, I could keep her in a state of orgasmic bliss for up to a half hour; orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. Eventually she’d just pass out from exhaustion and I’d cuddle and sleep with her until morning. That’s when she’d wake up and tell me how I did.

Sunshine’s clenching pussy continued to grip my fingers as I rotated my hand to bring my left thumb to within range of her asshole. Pulling slightly with my right thumb, I squeezed my left thumb in alongside it and leaned forward to again plant a couple of wet kisses on her upturned ass.

“God, what you do to me,” she said to the headboard. She rolled her head from side to side moaning as I slowly opened up her ass with my two thumbs. My cock was bobbing and dripping, eager to join the action. I wanted to cum too, but I couldn’t allow myself to be that selfish. I had to proceed with caution.

I forced my tongue in between my thumbs where I wiggled and tickled the stretched flesh as I withdrew my fingers from her cunt. She gave a little seks filmi izle coo of protest. With my thumbs still buried in her ass I rotated them so that I could grab each ass cheek with my fingers. That’s when I stood up and buried my cock into her pussy with one glorious thrust. We both groaned as it felt so good.

I’ve heard that big cocks will stretch out a pussy so much that it would never feel a smaller cock again. Bullshit! Pussies stretch, and pussies contract, especially after orgasms. The pussy I had just plunged my cock into was wet and tight. I drove my cock deep into her five or six times, my balls smacking up against her clit with each violent thrust. Her vagina rippled around my erection as it slid in and out.

“Ohmygod, baby, you’re so hard,” she said, this time looking up at me from under her armpit.

“It’s from looking at your fucking ass, baby. It makes me so fucking hard,” I said through clenched teeth.

“Oh, yeah, that’s my ass!” she said. It was her mantra. It was my mantra too. I rose on my tip toes so I could drive the head of my cock down onto her G-spot as I fucked her. She bowed her back again to better facilitate the angle. Schlop, schlop, schlop it went as it plunged again and again into her juicy pussy. I just love that sound.

On the brink of shooting my load, I quickly withdrew my cock and my thumbs. Sunshine knew instinctively what to do. She rolled over on to her back and pulled her spread legs up to her chest. Her manicured fingers dug into the soft flesh on the backs of her thighs as she gripped them and waited for me to enter her. Looking up at me was an expression I’ll never ever grow tired of seeing. It was my love waiting for me to plunge my cock into her soul, into her ass.

I grabbed my cock at the base and smacked it down a couple of times on her open pussy. She clenched her pussy and her asshole as she seductively licked her lips. Pussy juice was forced out of the bottom of her pussy. It trickled down and eventually dripped into her asshole which she had managed to flex open and closed with her incredible muscle control. I pressed the swollen head of my cock up against her pulsing orifice and slipped it in.

“Yeah, that’s my ass,” she said again. “Fuck my ass, baby.”

I leaned forward and applied a slow but steady pressure until I had stuffed my entire eight inches into her yielding sphincter. We both stared wide-eyed at each other, amazed at how good this nasty union felt. I pulled back about half way and slid back in. She groaned and began to tremble. I pulled back about three quarters of the way and then plunged back in. She laid her head back on the bed, closed her eyes, and opened her mouth in a silent scream. I continued to thrust evenly, slowly, and consistently. Her breasts rocked back and forth on her chest as I plowed into her. Finally, a strangled gurgle bubbled from her throat as her second orgasm hit. Her face, neck, and chest turned bright pink as she dug her nails into her own thighs. She twisted her head from side to side and began to openly sob.

“Oh, god, oh fuck, oh my fucking god,” she cried.

I kept fucking her, slowly, steadily, and deeply. She had become a quivering mass of orgasmic flesh. With each of her orgasms, her trembling ass cheeks squeezed my balls when they found themselves wedged in her crack. That marked the end of my staying power. Without warning I unloaded in her bowels. I never stopped thrusting. My cum covered shaft withdrew and deposited a ring of semen around her asshole with each driving thrust. Her ass crack was filling with our combined froth. Finally, I stopped thrusting. I collapsed on top of her, my cock locked in her still pulsing asshole.

“Ooh, that’s my ass,” she whispered and drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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