She’s Got Freckles on Her Butt

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Jim Dugan walked from the courthouse to the first eating place he could find for a quick lunch. The divorce proceeding was postponed until after lunch because the judge had arrived so late that morning. He left the courtroom quickly so he would not have to face his soon to be ex-wife Janet. Both of them had recently turned 50 years old and were planning on an early retirement because their investments had really paid off. The plan was to sell the large home they had lived in for the past 28 years and to move into the three bedroom condo they had just purchased on the beach.

That was until Jim had noticed strange marks on his wife’s body. At first he just figured they were scratch marks and bruises from her yard work but when he noticed them on the side of her breast and her hips he knew something was up. At the same time Janet started an exercise program which was something she never did and had refused to try. Mixing that with the bags of Victoria Secret clothing came up to only one answer: She was having an affair.

Instead of golfing that Friday morning Jim decided to park around the street from his house and wait. He was reading the morning paper and drinking a cup of coffee when a dark BMW pulled up into his driveway. He was too far away to see the license and could only see the back of the man who exited the car and walked up to the house.


Janet Dugan waited until her husband left the house before she ran up the stairs to take a shower and to dress in her new cream colored teddy. Her heart was beating fast while she imagined her lovers body on top of hers with her legs wrapped around his waist. Friday mornings when her husband played golf allowed them more time for foreplay and to try new things. She quickly dried her hair, perfumed her private parts, and slipped into the silky teddy. She thought about putting on a robe but decided to surprise Bob when she opened the door.

Bob Johnson got out of his car and looked around to make sure no one was looking. He smiled and walked quickly to the door. He ran the bell and yelled, “Real Estate!” The door opened and his mouth opened wide as he saw his morning prize. Standing in front of him was his latest conquest wearing a sheer teddy that did little to hide her large dark nipples or the shadow and mound of her brown bush.

“You coming in or are you just going to stare?” Janet giggled.

“Coming in,” he grinned. She closed the door behind him and jumped into his arms.

As Bob’s tongue pushed between her lips Janet thought about the first time they kissed.

They were standing in the new Condo overlooking the island sound. Bob Johnson was the real estate agent who represented them in purchasing the condo and had been a flirt with her from day one. At first Janet never thought he was really interested in her because he was at least 20 years younger and had a nice wife and two kids. But, as they looked at the many condos available his innocent touches became more intimate and longer. Jim had an appointment and could not make it the day so Janet and Bob looked at the condo alone. “I think this is the one,” she said smiling as she looked out over the untouched marshes to the white strip of sand near the ocean. As she stared outward she felt his body gently push up against her backside.

“I knew you would like this one,” he whispered as his lips moved to the back of her neck. The tiny hairs felt his breath and stood upward. He moved his hand down to the side of her waist. She did not object or pull away. “Wouldn’t it be nice to make love here on the balcony under the stars?” He pushed his loins forward until his hard bulge pressed against her ass.

Janet gasped. “You….we…shouldn’t be doing this.”

“But I want to and I think you do to.” He whispered, while his fingers moved down the side of her hip. He could feel her bikini panties under her loose shorts.

It was decision time for Janet. In her twenty one years of marriage, no one had ever really propositioned her before, especially a younger handsome man like Bob. She had fantasized about Bob the past few weeks but never thought it would actually become real. The hard penis pushing into her ass was definitely real.

“What about your wife?” Janet asked. She was also wondering about her husband.

“My wife is frigid,” he whispered. Bob had heard the same question many times with the other married women he had hit on as a real estate agent.

Janet’s body was trembling feeling his hand move up and down her side. “I can’t do this,” she said, not even believing it herself.

“You know you want to do it as much as I do. If you don’t you will always wonder how it would have been,” Bob said. It was another great line of his. His fingers moved up under her arm and slowly across to press against the sides of her round breasts.

Janet knew he was right but he was as young erotik film izle as their son. She had met his wife Nancy and had seen how beautiful she was. “I’m old and fat,” she said feeling his fingers rising up her mounds. Soon they would find out how hard her nipples where and how much she wanted his touch.

“You’re beautiful,” he whispered as his lips pressed against her earlobe and his hands opened to gently cup her full breasts. She gasped. No man but Jim had ever touched her there. “Oh,” she moaned and turned her body to his. Passion was dripping from her pussy.

Her eyes closed as his mouth and lips moved forward to hers. She felt so inexperience as his mouth opened and his tongue licked gently across her trembling lips. As her mouth opened her legs did as well to allow his thigh to press against her pulsating mound. She forgot the difference in their ages as her fingers curled around his firm butt to pull his hardness tight against her stomach.

The next couple of minutes were frozen in time as Bob quickly pulled her blouse and shorts off of her body and released the bra holding her massive mounds. As his lips suckled a hard nipple his hands pushed her damp panties down her shaking legs. She stood naked on the balcony and watched as he undressed. It was like she was watching a movie until his naked body pressed against her own.

“I’m not very experienced.” She confessed. Although Jim had tried to get her to be more adventuresome in bed she had always refused. She had tried oral sex only once and never again.

“Don’t worry I’ll teach you.” Bob smiled as his fingers moved down into her full and very thick dark bush. He would have to get her to trim it later on he thought as his fingers searched for her pleasure button. He found it and did his magic rub.

“Oh God,” Janet moaned. She was about to come and he had just touched it.

“Go ahead.” Bob laughed as he rubbed it faster and harder. He wanted her to come so he could have his own pleasure.

“OHH!” Janet cried as she climaxed. She was embarrassed to be coming so fast and she knew her pussy was so wet. Her mouth moved to his and her fingers searched for his penis. She touched only the second hard-on in her life. She started to jerk him off like she had done to Jim on those nights he wanted more. But, Bob pulled her hand away.

“Not that,” he grinned. “Turn around and grab the rail.” He knew she was his now. Janet looked at him and did what he said. He grabbed her hips and pulled her back until her body was shaped like an “L” with her ass point at him. His fingers moved up under her ass until he found her dripping hole. The thumb slipped upward to brush across the small puckered opening.

“Tell me you want me to fuck you.” He commanded as he pushed his hard-on to where his fingers were. The tip pushed against her outer lips.

“Yes do it,” Janet moaned as she spread her legs wide. She knew he could see everything now.

“Say it.”

“Please……….” She hesitated. She never used the “F” word.

“SMACK!” Bob’s hand slapped down hard against her right buttock.

Janet was in too much shock to even speak. Suddenly his hand slapped down again. “SMACK!”

“YES…FUCK ME!” Janet cried from fear he was going to smack her ass again and also because she wanted it. Her whole body jumped as his hard shaft slid deeper and deeper into her depths. Her face pushed against the hard rail as he pumped his hard prick in and out. She raised her head and looked out at the empty marsh.

“Don’t stop,” she cried. He didn’t until he couldn’t hold back anymore and pulled his prick out and laid it on top of her ass as he emptied his last drops.

Janet smiled when she felt him explode inside her and as his penis emptied itself on her ass cheeks. “I think this opens the house.” She laughed as she turned to see him standing with his hand on his penis holding it out for her.

“I think we can go again if you give me a little help,” he grinned.

Again Janet grabbed his penis and started to jerk him off. Again he stopped her. “I was thinking of something else.”

Janet moved back. “I don’t do oral,” she said nervously.

“That’s for your husband. I know you want to do it for me.” He said confidently.

Janet looked down at his semi-hard penis. As much as it made her uneasy it also made her excited. “I don’t know what to do.”

He moved closer to her and placed his hands on her shoulders and pushed downward. Janet’s knees bent and her body moved down until she was on her knees in front of him. Her eyes were now even with the tip of his shaft. She looked up at him.

Bob smiled and watched the older woman decide if she was actually going to open her mouth to allow his sucker inside. He had experienced about half of the women he had seduced did not give their husband’s head. But, they all had caved in to his wants. He pushed his tip forward until it crushed against her large soft but closed tightly lips. The sponge head pushed open her lips until it rubbed across film izle her pearly whites.

Janet closed her eyes and opened her mouth at the same time. The large mushroom head moved in between her white teeth and rested on top of her tongue. She didn’t move her mouth but did close her lips tightly around it as she started breathing through her nose. It had a salty taste that wasn’t as bad as she had remembered it.

Bob smiled as he took her head in his hands and held her tightly while his hips pushed his prick to the back of her throat and then back out to her lips. He was actually fucking her mouth instead of her giving him a blowjob. He pushed too far the next time forward and she gagged slightly. He stopped until she got her breath back. “You move your mouth,” he directed as he removed his hands. By now his prick was rock hard.

Janet did as he said. She scraped her teeth along the top and felt his body shutter. Her tongue started licking as much as it could while her mouth moved forward and back. She peeked up at him and saw the passion on his face. It made her feel good that he was pleased. Right now she wanted to please this handsome young man anyway he wanted. Her face started moving faster and faster until she suddenly heard her cell phone go off. She pulled her mouth away which made a popping sound and dashed for her purse which was across the balcony. She looked to see Jim’s cell phone number on the display. Shit. She wiped Bob’s pre-come off her lips and answered the phone.

“Hi honey,” she said nervously. She hoped he was not calling from downstairs. “Where are you?”

“Still in the meeting,” Jim said. “How is the condo?”

Janet looked over at Bob who was leaning back against the rail with his hard-on sticking up and ready for her to come back. “I think this is the one,” she smiled at Bob who smiled back. “Bob was just pointing out all the good features.”

“I won’t make it home for dinner so why don’t you pick up something to eat while you are out?” Jim said.

Janet looked again at Bob’s eight inch hard-on. “I’m sure I’ll find something to eat,” she grinned. “See you later,” she said as she hung up.

“He told me to get something to eat,” Janet laughed as she moved over and resumed her previous position on her knees. This time she did not hesitate as her mouth quickly engulfed his pleasure pole. She had not planned on what she would do when he climaxed until it was too late. His spunk splashed hard down into her throat. She gagged again but quickly swallowed his load to keep from choking.


Jim recognized the car as soon as he got close to it. It was Bob the real estate agent’s car. He was not sure if maybe Bob was paying an official or unofficial visit since they were getting ready to put their own house on the market. He quickly slipped down the side of the house and looked into the living room window. He knew rapidly the visit was unofficial as looked at the naked buttocks of his wife who was standing in front of Bob sitting on the sofa.

He could hear what they were saying.

“Did you get it?” Bob asked the nearly naked woman.

“Yes. K-Y jelly right?”

Bob smiled and shook his head yes. “You sure you want to do this?”

“Yes,” she giggled. Bob wanted to have anal sex with her but she had been afraid. He told her to buy some K-Y Jelly to make it go in easier.

Jim didn’t recognize the woman who was stripping off her teddy as she watched a strange man undress in his living room. He thought about going in and ripping the man apart but something held him in place. Janet had never even let him touch her back there and now she was going to let another man ram his prick up her bowels. He had to see it to believe it.

“Here grease it up for me.” Bob directed as he handed the jelly to her. Janet sat next to him and squirted some of the greasy stuff on her right hand. She curled her fingers around his shaft and started stroking it up and down.

Jim found himself getting hard as he watched her jerk off the younger man.

“Let me grease you up.” Bob chuckled as he took the tube and moved her into a doggie position on the sofa next to him. He squeezed the tube down the crack of her ass and took the large gob of jelly on his middle finger and pushed it down and back up into her anus. “OH!” Janet exclaimed not ready for the new sensation. She pushed her ass back to allow him complete access. He fingered her ass for a minute or so and pulled his finger out and wiped the excess on her ass cheeks.

“Ready?” He asked as he took the ram position behind her. She shook her head yes and rested her head on the sofa cushion as she reached back to spread open her buttocks.

Janet’s eyes opened wide along with her mouth as his thick penis slid forcefully deep inside of her ass. She spread her legs wider to take some of the pressure away and it helped for a little while until he moved deeper inside. Shit. It hurt. “Ahhh!” She moaned. “Stop-stop.”

“Come on. You will get used to it,” he laughed. They seks filmi izle all complained the first time. He moved his hips harder and faster as he fucked deeply into her bowels.

“AHHH! OOOH!” she groaned. “Stop please!”

Jim could see his wife asking him to stop and he thought about going inside to break them up but he figured this was her punishment for cheating on him. Shit. She was 50 years old. Why did she have to cheat on him now?

Tears of pain came to Janet’s eyes as the young man she so trusted raped her ass. She had said stop but he kept fucking her. What she didn’t know was that this was the last time she would be intimate with him because after he fucked their asses he dumped them. She held on as he climaxed deep inside of her. Finally he pulled out the greasy pain stick.

“I thought you said it would be a lot easier with K-Y Jelly,” Janet said as she moved her sore body off the sofa.

“It is easier on me,” Bob laughed. “You know I think we should not see each other again. It’s just too risky.” He picked up his boxers and slid them up his thighs but stopped to grab her new teddy to clean off the jelly from his prick. He tossed it on the floor.

“That’s it? You fuck me in the ass which gave me no pleasure and now you want to call it off?” she said pissed off.

“Why do these women have to get so mad?” Bob thought. “I’m doing it for you.”

“Me? You fucked me in everyway imaginable and now you want to stop for me. You are so full of shit.”

“I’ve got to go.” Bob said as he quickly finished dressing. He moved over to give her one last kiss when he saw something moving out of the corner of his eye. He did not see the lamp until it broke across the back of his head. He fell immediately to the floor.

“Holy shit,” Jim exclaimed as he watched his wife crash Bob on the head with the lamp. He jumped from the bushes and crashed open the front door. He found his naked wife crying on the sofa.

“Jim! Oh God, what have I done?” she cried. Not only had she hurt the man lying on the floor, her husband knew she was cheating on him. “Please forgive me,” she sobbed.

Jim pulled Bob’s head up and saw that he was still breathing. Good. She didn’t kill him. He quickly got a cold cloth and put it on the man’s forehead. Bob slowly came to. “What happened?” He looked at the nude woman and then at the husband. “Oh shit,”

“I should kill you.” Jim threatened the man who was now crawling away from him. He watched as the man who was still wobbly staggered to the door and then quickly outside.

“Jim. I can explain,” Janet said.

“Go ahead. This should be a good one,” he laughed.

“He……….” She stopped. “He made me.”

“What? He made you go buy a tube of K-Y Jelly and made you buy a sexy teddy and what did I hear? Oh yes, he fucked you in everyway imaginable?”

“You were watching?” she asked in fear.

“Uh huh,” he said. “I saw my tramp wife grease up his prick and he did the same to her ass. What else have you done for him that you wouldn’t do for me?”

“I only love you,” she cried. “Right,” Jim said as he walked up the stairs and quickly packed as much stuff as he could carry. Janet was still crying on the sofa as he walked out the front door.


Janet begged him to stay with her and not get a divorce but all he could see when he closed his eyes was the young stud fucking her in her ass. As much as he still loved her he couldn’t trust her anymore. He moved into the small café and took a rear booth. He was staring out at nothing when he heard a voice.

“That bad huh?” the young blonde waitress asked as she stood next to his table.

“You could tell, huh?” He smiled back at her. He read her name tag. “Claire.”

“We get quite a few from the courthouse who are not having real good days.” She said. “I wish I could cheer you up.”

Jim thought about what she had said. He had some nasty ideas of how she could cheer him up but if he said them he would be tossed out of the café. “I wish I was twenty-five years younger and I would take you up on that offer,” he grinned.

“What’s age got to do with anything?” Claire said.

“I doubt it if we have anything in common.” Jim laughed. His eyes quickly swept down her body. Her breasts were small but firm and her waist very thin which made her hips look a little wider than they probably were. He really couldn’t tell too much with an apron on top of the dress.

“Well, do you see anything you like?” She giggled.

“What?” Jim asked embarrassed he had been gawking at her body.

“The menu,” she giggled again. She knew he was checking her out but helped him get out of it.

“What do you recommend?” He smiled back at her. He wondered how old she was.

“The chicken salad is very good,” she smiled. It was her turn to check him out. Not bad for an older man.

“A chicken salad it is,” Jim smiled back. “I’m glad I came in here.”

“Me too,” she turned and started to walk away. “I’m twenty in case you are wondering.”

“Shit. She can read my mind,” Jim thought. From the rear her body looked real good. Claire made it back to the kitchen when the other waitress Babs came up to her. “Were you hitting on that old man?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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