Sex from Planet X

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When I spread my legs and let my insides open wide to an alien donkey dick… wait, I know what you’re thinking…I probably asked for it. But no…I wanted it and I loved it. I myself am 5’3, 102 lbs. and red on the head like a dick on a dog. I’m small on account of all the meth that I snort and smoke all the damn time. I can take a dick tho. I can take the biggest, longest, hardest rail spike dicked sumbitch that those bastards at the motor lodge turn loose on me for the pornos they do on the weekends, so I just knew I could take this ‘un right here standing in front of me. He was huge and grey and hung like an Army mule.

I live in the Oklahoma panhandle between Hooker and Guymon. It’s like one big, great plain just a sprawlin’ and a rollin’ off into the distance. We had a trailer home out by the power lines. T’weren’t nobody else around. The wind was always high and blowin, and there was just a sea of endless green, cut off in half of course, by the power lines. Off in the distance I would see ’em on the horizon, against the setting sun. They were tall and always watching me. I could never see their faces though, maybe because they were against the sun. They would always stand on a hill and watch me. Herbert, my boyfriend never believed me. He’s such a fucking tweaker, erotik film izle to be running the shit for Severin. Severin’s the top man in the ring…for now anyway. He’s cookin and he got Herb and about 4 others to mule out for him.

Anyway, on one particular night when Herb had to do a run, I was left all alone. The sun was about to set and I could see em on the hill in the distance. I was bringing in some sheets off the line and I saw them against the sun. I aint been more scared in my life, ’cause I aint ever been alone when I saw ’em. Herb was always inside tweaking or dosing.

Now he was gone. Later that night around 11 is when things got peculiar. I was layin’ in my bedroom in my double wide when the walls started to disappear. They literally vaporized and there was a big ass ship on the horizon out by the power lines. It looked like that scene outta Independence Day, that old ass movie that came out back in tha day. I was petrified. I couldn’t move. There was just a bright light in my face and a white beam that surrounded me. Then He stepped into my living room. I was held down and I could feel my tank top and the shorts that I was wearing be stripped away from me.

So here I lay in this white, blinding light, bucked naked. My legs were pulled film izle apart and this thing mounted me like a stallion. I didn’t want it, but I could tell, nothin’ was up to me. I felt him between my legs. His skin was gray and cold. My thighs forced apart, I had to take it. I could feel his enormous rod penetrate me. My vagina tore apart and I had to take his whole dick inside me. Then the rhythm began…in, out, in, out, in, out. It was unbearable. I screamed to the top of my lungs as I was being pulled apart. No one heard me. I felt the bed I was on but I began to feel myself being pulled towards something.

He finished inside me with a big hot load. It was like someone dumped a quart of hot sauce inside my pussy. I knew it had nut inside of me. Usually that meant the pain was over and a man was finished with you. You cleaned yourself up and went on your way. Uh uh. Not this time. I was left exhausted with my legs gaped open and I was pulled from the bed and shot across the entire plains, right from my whole trailer up into the ship. The next thing I knew, I was in this big white room.

I was floating in this huge cathedral, and all around me was white. Everything was porcelain and white. Then my legs were shot open and all I could do was see three tall aliens seks filmi izle come towards me. They floated down from the light and penetrated all my holes. I felt the first, huge cock tear open my mouth and shove its way down my throat. I began to violently gag. The second took home in my pussy already opening the wound from the very first. The other’s cum helped to lubricate the entry to the back of my box. I was amazed at how easily my pussy now took this huge, hard alien dick. My butt was another story. I felt my asshole rip wide and I passed out.

When I came too I was a human pin cushion. I remembered their limbs like three octopi going in and out of me, but I somehow wasn’t inside myself. I felt disconnected from everything and saw it from a bird’s eye view from up above in the light. My body was being torn apart by huge alien dick like a helpless ragdoll. My insides were coming out as they filled all my holes with gushing, black semen.

Then, the next morning, I woke up in my bed. Herbert was beside me, drooling and fast asleep in the morning light. I looked down at my body and I was fully clothed. My tank top and shorts that had been disintegrated were on my person, newly washed, and pressed. My organs were intact. I wasn’t sore anywhere. I looked out on the horizon and saw the beautiful morning sunrise. No monsters. No aliens. There wasn’t any sign of anything ever happening to me. So, I got up and made pancakes.

Three weeks later, my pregnancy test came back positive…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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