Room 187

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I pulled into the lot of the broken-down strip motel, taking in the bedraggled hanging plants and decorative wreaths hung by permanent residents. It was a futile attempt to make their rundown digs look more habitable. I found a spot and parked, then reached under the jacket of my crisp suit to adjust my black satin bra. I needed maximum cleavage for this job. I slipped out of my flats and into matching black stilettos, too high for driving but perfect for the afternoon I have in mind. Then, stepping gingerly out of the car, I made my way through fragments of smashed vodka bottles to the door of room 187, which Adam had left slightly ajar.

I opened the door just enough for any passers-by to catch a view of Adam, face down on the bed and naked, head resting on one arm across the pillow and facing the entrance, just as I had instructed. I smiled broadly as he gave me a hesitant wave. “So here is my little man,” I said cheerfully, “I wasn’t sure you’d show up for me today.” I gave the door a good slam and shrugged off the jacket of my suit, unzipping and stepping out of my pencil skirt in a quick shimmy, freeing my enormous rubber cock. I gave it a little bounce and smiled again. “You’re a brave boy!”

Adam didn’t say anything but I see him flush and squirm a little on the bed. I reached out and gently rolled him over, taking a long look at my attraction for the afternoon. He arched his back just enough to let me know he’s game for anything I have in mind. I stepped towards him and lay one hand on the small of his back, standing close enough that my cock swayed towards his face. “All in good time,” I said, using my other hand to stroke the rubber dong. He took a long look and swallowed hard.

I ran my hand down Adam’s back and let it rest on his rounded ass, rubbing it lightly, enjoying the feel of his downy hair under my palm. His back was arching noticeably now, and I let my fingers slip erotik film izle between his cheeks and across his asshole. He pushed back, craving more touch, but instead I took my hand away and whispered in his ear. “I’m going to take your ass today,” I murmur. “But first you’re going to suck this giant cock. Get up on your knees.” I gave his rear a hard smack.

Adam quickly turned to face me and scrambled to his knees, revealing his own swollen cock. I pushed myself towards his face, taking the back of his head and pulling him towards me. He swallowed my cock too quickly, gagging as I pushed it in. I laughed.

“Not so fast,” I said, stepping back and rubbing the tip of my cock against his lips. “Just the tip, and get it good and wet.” He obliged, slurping on the rubber head, sucking hard. I imagined what it would be like if my cock were real. The thought of it made my pussy throb and I pushed harder into his mouth. This time he was ready and didn’t stop, taking me halfway down his throat like a boss. “There you go,” I whispered. “Now a little more.” As he took my cock deeper, head bobbing up and down, it rubbed against my clit and I felt myself getting wet. This was even better than I’d imagined.

I wasn’t ready to come, though. “Turn around,” I said in a husky voice. “Stay on your knees and push your face in the bed. I want a good look at that ass.” He pulled away from me and clumsily obliged. I couldn’t see his face but I could hear him breathing hard as he pushed his ass towards me. I grabbed a cheek in each hand and began to massage, spreading his cheeks to reveal his tight brown hole. I pushed my thumb against it and felt it clench, then lowered my face, slowly licking the length of his crack before going to work with my tongue. Adam moaned and I pushed my tongue deeper inside, stopping every now and then to stroke a finger across his slippery asshole. His muffled whimpers told film izle me he was ready for more, and I was happy to give it to him.

Looking around I found the bottle of lube that Adam had placed on the nightstand before my arrival. “A boy scout is always prepared,” I smirked, uncapping the bottle and dripping the cold lube down the crack of his ass, stopping to pour a generous dollop onto my hand. “You’re going to need this,” I told him. Adam didn’t answer, but arched his back even more, positioning his ass as high in the air as it would go. I slowly ran my index finger around his asshole, slipping the tip in easily and gently moving it in and out, teasing him. “You want more, don’t you?” I asked, and pushed one finger, then two, all the way in. “How’s that?” I said, fucking him with my hand. “You want some more?”

His ass was tight and I could tell he wasn’t ready for a third finger, so I fucked him slowly, waiting to feel the ring of his ass relax. While I waited I reached under his ass with my other hand to stroke his balls. I was patient, but not patient enough. I thrust my third finger in and heard him gasp. “Did I hurt you, little man?” I asked. “It’s going to hurt, I’m afraid. That’s just part of it.” He’d never been pegged before and I wondered if I should have chosen a smaller accoutrement, but it’s too late now. I was horny and I couldn’t wait to see my rubber cock sliding in and out of his ass. I pulled my fingers out and rubbed the tip across his asshole, giving it a gentle prod. He was so tight, but the lube was good and I thought I could get it in. My breath quickened.

“Ready?” I asked, pushing against him and feeling his ass resist. I took his cheeks in my hand and spread them as wide as I could, pushing harder. He cried out into the mattress as the head popped in, his ass closing tight around the shaft. Now I was the one who was moaning. I was so turned on I couldn’t stand seks filmi izle it. “That’s the worst part,” I whispered. I’d had enough cock in my ass to know the burn he was feeling right around the ring of his hole. I didn’t want to hurt him, at least not badly, so I paused and moved my hands to his shoulders, rubbing him gently. “Just relax,” I said, “And tell me when to go.” He surprised me by choking, “Go now. I want you to fuck me now.”

Greedily I leaned into him, pushing in until my cock was half way up his ass, then pulling out just far enough so he could feel the motion of the dong. I slowly eased it in balls deep – or at least it would have been, if I had balls. As it was all I had was a sopping pussy, screaming for release. The end of the cock still rubbed against my clit and I knew I could come when he did. I couldn’t wait.

“You like that?” I asked. “You like my cock in your ass, little man?” I saw him nod against the bed as he pushed back against me, matching me stroke for stroke. I heard him mumble and leaned closer.

“Please can I rub my cock?” he begged. “Please? I want to come so bad. Your cock feels so good in my ass! I can’t stand it. Please…”

“Of course you can,” I told him, and he rested his weight on his face and reached for his cock. I couldn’t see but I knew he was as ready as I was. I saw his asshole clench around my cock as he grabbed his own. I wished I could have felt it. “Turn your head and look at me,” I told him.

He obeyed. His face was red and creased from the mattress. He was breathing hard as he jerked his cock faster and faster. I sped up, slamming into him until he nearly screamed with the intensity of his orgasm. “My turn,” I gasped, grabbing the rubber cock with both hands and shoving it against myself, moaning and grinding until I feel myself ready to come. I pulled it out of his ass and barked at him to flip over, climbing the bed and straddling his face as I ripped off the dong, letting his hungry licks bring me to the climax of my life. Then, daintily, I stepped down and slipped back into my suit. “See you next time?” I asked.

Adam nodded, speechless.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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