Sera Ch. 14

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“Gina, relax,” I laughed.

We’d reached the library, my black haired friend still fretfully tugging her hem down, still flushed red. I loved the expression on her face, but I felt a bit bad and wanted to calm her down a little. The command worked and she looked at me with a sort of dreadful expectation that I loved even more.

“Gina! C’mon, let’s have a game.”

She got the game set up while I got us a couple of stiff drinks, watching her trying to keep that hem down.

“God, I’d love to see a great big cock screwed up that skinny little bum…” I mumbled without thinking.

“What about my bum?”

“She was probably complimenting you on it,” my radiant and sensational Auntie Kathleen said as she walked into the room.

She looked fabulous in a tight, black, mid-thigh length skirt with black stockings and high heels. A stylish, long sleeved, red pullover completed her form flattering outfit and I just loved those black streaks in her hair. Her eyes, like her mouth and the rest of her face, were all smiles and all over Gina. She walked right up to her and I held my breath while I waited for her to see what I’d done.

She saw, alright.


Besides that, she looked at me with a funny sort of questioning smile, but didn’t actually say anything about it right then.

“I’m sorry about this dress, Kathleen,” Gina apologized, holding the hem down in front again, “I-“

“There’s no need to apologize, hon. You look fantastic. I think it’s very considerate of you to dress for Kitten like this.”

Gina smiled and looked her in the eyes. Auntie looked back with her special smile and I watched as Gina swooned, actually giggling with desire for the voluptuous blonde. This was spectacular.

“I- I’m glad you like it, Kathleen. I like you a lot.”

“You’re sweet,” she replied with sincerity, taking my friend’s nipples between thumb and forefinger for a little pinching and rolling through her thin ‘dress’.

“Ohh-h! Ohhhh! Uhhh-hhh…” Gina excitingly moaned in surprise and pleasure.

After a moment, Auntie let go with a horny smile, breaking eye contact to check out Gina’s incredibly erect nipples through her top.

Gina blinked a little, but a flickering smile returned as Auntie approached me. Her expression was even more loving when she stopped in front of me and our eyes met. That’s when it just sort of happened, this mutual ‘falling into one another’ that caught me completely off guard. For a long moment where time had no meaning, I was surrounded by a garden of her and her love for me, more beautiful than any earthly garden and so safe and secure, warm and perfect that I never wanted to leave.

Then I was looking at her, blinking and suddenly giggling at this totally awesome little way Auntie had of saying ‘hello’.

“I love you, Auntie.”

“I love you too, sweetie pie. I’m assuming you know what you’re doing here?”

“Uh huh.”

“Uh huh,” she repeated, looking at me thoughtfully while Gina waited at the table. “I’m sorry I couldn’t mention anything about all this, but Ashleigh made me promise not to. Actually, her reasons made sense, as much as I hate to agree with her on anything, but… just know that you can do damage if you’re not a bit careful, and this is Gina, hm?”

“Yes, Auntie.”

“I don’t know a lot about what this is, but I do have experience and, if Ashleigh doesn’t hold true, I’ll inform you myself. Don’t worry, okay?”

“I won’t. Thanks.”

“In the meantime, like I suggest, do be careful because you know Gina’s good people. Right now she’s in a nice place where she’s co-operative, but with some will and an awareness of ego that lets her… be her. Best to leave her like that, okay?”

“Okay, I will, Auntie.”

“So, ummm… have you been playing… with her?”

“A little.”

“She’s hot, isn’t she?”

“Yeah. I love her.”



Monique gave me one hell of a hand-job while my aunt’s hand stroked inside her bikini bottoms, thighs spread as she watched.

“Oh god…” Sheila sighed. “I’d love to do that to you while you suck your mother’s pussy…”

“Oh, ffuu… fuuuck,” I groaned, about to orgasm.

“In your mouth, Monica,” Sheila told her. “Open your mouth and get as much as- ohhh!”

I was coming, getting most of it into the obedient pool attendant’s mouth as I held her there, gyrating on the lounger. Sheila was encouraging me on with her broken sounds of desire, spreading her legs as far as she could. Monique truly made her best effort and was actually able to swallow a lot of my jizz, as far as I could tell, but her attractive face looked better and better with each shot she took to her cheek, upper lip or chin while she was swallowing. She smiled when she was finished and it ran from her bottom lip, over her chin and on my belly as Sheila came right then and there.

Monique continued to slowly, softly stroke my softening member while both Sheila and I came down to the point where we could answer a question youporn porno about drinks. She went away with our orders and left us watching her ass, looking at each other with big smiles afterward.

“That was so good,” she said in a conspiratorial tone, yet with a laugh added. “Oh my god, that was incredible. And since you told me about things last night, I’m finally getting why Ashleigh’s staff are the way they are: They’re- (giggle!)- sex slaves!”

“I know. I’ve been looking at that little situation from my vantage point since I’ve been here and, the way I figure it, they’re all spelled. They’d have to be. That’s not what actually concerns me about them, though.”

“Oh?” she asked, only now removing her fingers from her bikini bottoms.

“Don’t these people move on? Is this their career for life? I mean, they couldn’t possibly be left to just seek employment elsewhere after seeing the things they have.”

” … Good question.”

“I’ve been thinking of-“


I looked across at her, wondering why she was shushing me until Monique emerged from the pool house a second later. The attendant, her lower face still splattered with my seed, served our drinks and then cleaned me up, asking us if there was anything else we required. We thanked her, told her we were fine and once again watched her leave.

“I have to ask why I wonder about them,” Sheila confided.

“What do you mean?”

“Well… do I ask about Ashleigh’s staff out of concern for their basic human rights, or am I only worried about what’ll happen to me if something goes wrong, if it ever gets out? Let’s face it, this is a sexual paradise. The news, the cops and everyone else would cut this place to ribbons if just one of these staff members blew the whistle. We’d be…”

“Fucked,” I filled in for her.

“Ironically, yes. But you see my point, right?”

“Yeah. That’s a tough one. No offense, but I wouldn’t have thought you’d wrestle with something like that.”

“Everybody wrestles, but who’s to say if we win or lose based on choices?”

“I don’t get it.”

“If I find a married man attractive, and all I can think about is fucking him, I’ll be as miserable for wanting him as I should be about having taken him. What’s the difference in the end?”

I looked at her, keeping my features open rather than blank because everybody knows a blank face is holding something back. In this case, I was holding back the obvious answer to her question, that being the difference that existed in that man’s home life after she’s done with him. I thought she’d be offended if such an obvious sentiment had to be pointed out to her, but I also wondered at how she couldn’t come to it on her own, and that was something else I was holding from my features.



“I’m starting to feel like a retiree,” Auntie Kathleen stated with a grin.

She leaned against the pool table and swirled the ice in her drink as Gina almost adoringly replied, “I think you’ve got a long way to go before that, Kathleen.”

“You could retire here when you’re ready, or now if you wanted,” I reminded her. “Auntie Ashleigh said.”

“I’d rather have my own place,” my auntie decided. “Maybe something like this, but not so overblown. Steven and I have gotten used to what you might call ‘the simple life’ lately, and this is a bit much for me.”

“Plus,” Gina observed with a knowing grin, “You’d be Ashleigh free in your own place.”

“Weeell… Ashleigh isn’t that bad, she just doesn’t know her place. Once I grind her down a little, she’ll be a bit more mellow. I might even invite her to my place,” she laughed.

“How gracious of you, Kathleen.”

Auntie Ashleigh’s face held an amused smirk as she moved confidently into the room, eying my other auntie and enjoying her sudden discomfort at being overheard. She wore a very nice, opaque black dress with polka dots. We could see her bra and panties underneath the short sleeved number that looked great on her, and even Gina’s eyes were distracted from the voluptuous blonde we’d been conversing with.

“It was never like you to eavesdrop,” Kathleen dryly observed as her sister reached the wet bar.

“And it’s still not. But then, you were never one to talk about people when they might walk in and hear you. Are we slipping?”

“When you’re enough of a concern to warrant my care in such matters, I’ll consider it.”

Ashleigh actually laughed, a good natured laugh at that, as she mixed herself a drink, saying after, “You’re not that bad either, sis. You look very nice this evening, by the way.”

Auntie Kathleen didn’t know quite how to take this. Her brow raised and she smirked at her older sister as the taller woman approached me with her drink and a warm smile.

“You look really good, Auntie.”

“Thank you, so do you. I love that vest,” she imparted.

Looking across to Gina, she froze for a second, no doubt noting her attire and maybe the look of a person under the Jedi spell. Again zenci porno I held my breath.

“Hello, Gina,” she greeted.

“Hello.” She smiled back.

“I love your outfit.”

“Uhh, thanks. It’s… a little short.”

“I see that,” Auntie Ashleigh said, smiling wider and walking closer. “Turn around and show me your ass in that little thing.”

“Uhh… I-” Gina replied.

“Ashleigh,” my other auntie softly interrupted.

“What? I just want to see her ass in that little dress.”

Auntie Ashleigh’s eyes locked with Gina’s, my friend’s green ones wide in sudden adoration for Auntie Ashleigh.

“Turn around and show me.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Ashleigh,” Auntie Kathleen said more firmly as Gina turned anyway.

“Oh, fuck off, Kathleen!”

“She belongs to Kitten, not to you!”

“Oh, for god’s sakes, I think Kitten knows-“

“Kitten knows next to nothing, and I don’t think it’s appropriate for you to be-“

“Fine!” Ashleigh said. “Kitten, you know I didn’t mean anything by that, right?”

“Well, what’s she supposed to say now that you’ve put her on the spot?” Auntie Kathleen answered for me.

“Kathleen, I swear to god…” Auntie steamed. “One of these god-damned days…”


By the look on Auntie Ashleigh’s face, I really didn’t want to get in between the two older women, but I felt I had to do something before there was a total meltdown.

“Aunties, please! It’s okay, really! I love you both any you can do anything you want with Gina, can we please just not fight?”

That seemed to calm things down somewhat, but I had a real problem seeing these two cougars ever cohabitating on the same territory. Almost carefully, I moved to the loveseat, telling Gina to take a seat in the nearby, huge paisley armchair while Auntie Ashleigh collected herself. She cleared her throat and sat between us, trying not to glare as Auntie Kathleen leaned against the end of the pool table. Her nose slightly lifted, she pretended to check out her opulent surroundings as though they may someday meet her personal standards, as though the previous words with her sister never even took place.

Gina now watched all this from her armchair, feet curled underneath her like a green eyed kitty-cat, her black heeled shoes left on the floor. Sitting like that, her dress rode high on her hip, but she seemed not to notice.

“(Ahem) it really is a great outfit, Gina,” Auntie Ashleigh told her. “I’m a little surprised, though.”

“Actually,” Gina politely informed, “I dressed for Kitten. I don’t dress like anything this, not even back when slutty and I met.”


“Nicknames, Auntie,” I explained with an embarrassed smile, just glad they weren’t upset about me mesmerizing Gina in the house, or something. “I’m slutty, she’s smutty. Kind of a personal joke between us.”

“I love it,” she replied with a dirty smile. “So, Gina, how did you used to dress when you met Kitten?”

“More like Kathleen is now.”

“A lot of women my age look to twenty somethings for fashion cues, but you did the opposite,” Ashleigh observed.

“Trying to grow up,” Gina offered with a smile.

“Don’t,” Auntie Kathleen advised with her own cautious smile back in place. “Growing up is highly overrated and nobody respects it in women.”

We all laughed at this, including Auntie Ashleigh, who retorted, “You’d know.”

“Look who’s talking, pothead.”


Auntie Kathleen laughed as we all looked at Auntie Ashleigh.

“So, I like a little weed every now and then, so what? God, you’d think I was a crack head or something.”

“That’s what pot leads to, sis.”

“Kathleen, you’re an ignorant fool. I started toking when I was fifteen, now I’m fifty and I’ve never done anything besides weed and booze.”

“Studies have shown that potheads will eventually-“

“Studies, shmuddies! You oughta know by now that these so-called studies say whatever those who fund them want them to say. Just look at-“

“Oh, shut up, pothead.”

They both stared one another down and, were it not for the slightest smirk on each of their faces, I would have been worried about World War Three breaking out once again.

“You were always such a little bitch, Kathleen. Why the fuck do I put up with you, anyway?”

“Watch your language, pothead.”

Gina and I, both of us grinning nervously as we observed this strange interaction, gasped softly at Kathleen’s nerve as Ashleigh subtly straightened in her seat.

“Fuckin’ pretentious, bitch snob.”

“Foul mouthed old bag.”

” … Fuck off, Kathleen” Auntie Ashleigh warned as she rose from the chair, although her smirk had turned just enough to be called a grin.

“Sit down you old cow, before I kick your fat ass right out the front door of your own home.”

“Oh my god, Kathleen!” Gina warned while she tried not to laugh.

My alluring, black haired aunt moved slowly closer to my pretty, blonde haired one, the latter xhamster porno not even standing straight and ready, rather still leaning casually against the pool table. She dared Auntie Ashleigh further with her challenging eyes and confident grin.

“Kathleen…” Auntie Ashleigh almost seductively breathed into her ear as I watched from the edge of my seat. “I love you, but you’re a mouthy little bitch and I’m very much going to enjoy dominating you, right in front of these two lovely young ladies.”

“Haaaaaa! You? Dominate m-aaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!”

After the family meeting, I would have expected another scene like in the library, Auntie Ashleigh grabbing at Auntie Kathleen’s crotch to do… whatever to her. In retrospect, I wonder if Auntie Kathleen also expected, perhaps even wanted that.

Such, however, was not to be the case. It turned out that Auntie Ashleigh knew about the nipple pinch, a fact I stored for later requests from her as I watched Auntie Kathleen being forced backwards and down until her back was on the pool table. With her legs drawn up, closed and bent at the knee, she tried to roll away from her grinning older sister, but her hands only rested on her attacker’s wrists, not daring to tear them away.

“Aaaaaaaassshleeeeeeeeeigh, stoooooooooppp!!”

Gina had come to a standing position so she could see this, her hand gripping her hem, holding it down in front with her bum completely exposed as her slack jaw smiled in awe. The owner of the estate finally let go, allowing Auntie Kathleen to roll away, covering her boobies protectively as her screams turned to groans, then moans of pleasure. When she finally stopped, we watched her get off the table with her face as red as a beet, nipples clearly visible under her blouse and bra. With her lips sealed angrily shut, she glared at her quietly chortling sister. Gina and I didn’t know what to do.

“It’s not funny, Ashleigh!” she leveled.

“Oh, shut up and take your blouse off, you fucking bimbo. I wanna see those tits now.”

“Go to hell!”

“Oooooh! Kathleen swore!”

“Shut up!”

Auntie Ashleigh laughed again and reached out quickly, taking a fistful of her younger sister’s blouse and roughly yanking, pulling her off balance as buttons clattered to the floor. She wore a very nice bra of green silk with gray lace edges, completely filled by her large, round boobies as they joggled and swayed violently.

“Ashleigh, stop it! I mean i- Noooooo!”

A glance at Gina rewarded me with the surprise of seeing her slowly, unconsciously caressing one of her poky nipples through her dress as she watched my aunt’s blouse being forcibly removed from her body.

“Ashleigh! I just got that blouse!” Auntie Kathleen shouted as she pointed at the ruined garment in her sister’s hands.

“You’re a hot little mummy, aren’t you?” Auntie Ashleigh commented, looking the topless blonde up and down while ignoring her comment entirely. “Nice taste in lingerie, too. It’d be a shame if I had to tear that bra right off you, wouldn’t it?”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“Take it off, blondie. Right now. Show us those nice big fuckin’ titties.”

“I don’t do what you tell me, you twisted deviant!” Auntie Kathleen seethed, still pointing, “And if you think you’ve embarrassed me, you’ve only embarrassed yourself! I’m leaving!”

As much as Gina and I liked Auntie Kathleen, I think she was as relieved as I when Auntie Ashleigh moved to stop her. Seeing this from the corner of her eye, Auntie Kathleen began running for the door as a small sound of pleading defiance escaped her throat. Apparently, she wasn’t prepared to back up her claim of kicking Auntie Ashleigh’s bum out her own front door.

However, when Auntie Ashleigh grabbed her by the back of her bra strap, she turned and fought back. She put up a good struggle too, but I realized that she must have known she couldn’t beat her larger, better conditioned, laughing older sister. She was out of breath, her hair with its sexy black streaks in complete disarray when Auntie Ashleigh forced her back to the billiards table by use of an arm lock.

“Get up there, little bitch. It’s time I taught you some respect.”

“Nooo, stooop!”

We watched as her resistance failed to stop Auntie Ashleigh from forcing her down on the table again, from having the shoulder straps of her bra pulled down her arms, the cups away from her truly magnificent boobies and big, dark, fully erect nipples. Soon, it was upside down, inside out and riding at her waist, just above her hips to allow Auntie Ashleigh to freely grope her sister.

“Oh, fuck these are nice. What do you think, girls?”

“Auntie Kathleen’s hot,” I agreed, getting up and coming closer.

“Gina, what do you think?” she asked.

She’d been standing as tall as possible so she could see, but now took the opportunity to come closer as I had, the three of us now looking down at my Auntie Kathleen as she began to enjoy the attention on her impressive chest.

“Yeah, she’s…” Gina trailed off in a small, soft voice, finishing with, “Let’s see her panties.”

“Oh, yeah,” I breathed, looking at Auntie Ashleigh.

“I think that’s a great idea,” she confirmed. “Go ahead.”

“Noooo…” Auntie Kathleen softly moaned as I giggled excitedly.

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