Sensualist Ch. 12

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Party Time with Lillian & X – Anal with Mrs. Travers – A Mother & Daughter Bedroom Excursion

On returning home to Savannah, I realized I had a little over a month before departing for Athens and the start of my collegiate career. My mother had told me that ‘I would need at least a week to find appropriate accommodations for living quarters.’ This meant that I would be looking at condos and town houses instead of taking Alice to various love nests around Savannah.

With respect to Alice, another problem arose. I should have anticipated that her parents would be pissed at her taking off for the weekend against their wishes. Alice was grounded for a month, and even though she was eighteen, she had no way of supporting herself, not having found a job after graduating, and so she was compelled to live under their roof and follow their rules.

In some ways this was a relief to me, and in others a loss, as I did miss fucking her senseless whenever we got together. Then too, I couldn’t get that remark her cousin Ronnie had made: “She wants to have your baby,” out of my mind.

That left Lillian, who I quickly learned would make herself available to me anytime I wanted, her boyfriend, Phil be damned. At least that’s what she told me.

So I arranged to pick her up around two in the afternoon-she had a date that night with Phil-go figure.

Lillian and I had a mutual respect for one another. She maintained that I understood her, whereas Phil didn’t have a clue as to what she really wanted in a fuck.

I took this to mean that she liked it when I called her a slut, or “You’re my fine hole, all pussy and nothing else, just a big pulsing cunt.”

Anyway, this one afternoon we’re in my favorite motel getting it on, sweat flying off of us, her screaming so loud my ears are ringing. Lillian’s on her stomach and I’m putting my back into it, balls slapping her clit, while she’s begging me not to stop. Of course since I aim to please, I tried my best to oblige her.

Lillian’s just about flattened into the mattress from our hard fucking, but I needed her ass raised in order to get my entire dick in there, so I put an arm around her shoulder to prop her up only to have her pop my thumb in her mouth.

Lillian’s suddenly sucking away on it like it’s my dick, and I thought about it before yanking it out of her mouth and finally decided to see where it led. So I whispered, “Blow me while I fuck you. Imagine two guys doing you at one time.”

She went wild. Her head was bobbing crazily-her eyes were rolled up so only the whites were showing, and her ass was heaving under me and we’re immersed in a fucking frenzy. I kept on feeding her shit, telling her how much I want to see her mouth get around something thick, dark and juicy; turning this into a fantasy we’ll both remember for some time to come.

We were both slippery, shaking and screaming when we came together.

Afterward, Lillian asked me how I would feel if we added another guy to one of our afternoon delights. I had no problem as long as it wasn’t Phil. He might present a problem although we’d already had a four-some on Prom Night.

It was Lillian who suggested someone other than her boyfriend. She said that he had mentioned marriage, and that she preferred to keep him out of any extra-curricular activities we had going on.

That suited me, and when Lillian called to tell me about a party that night, I figured that she had her three-some in mind and agreed to take her.

To my surprise she offered me some X when I picked her up. She was wearing the tightest outfit I’d ever seen a woman wear, skintight, cinched by a belt but with her top open so even a blind man can see most of her tits. But I was hyped by the time we got to the party that I didn’t care that every guy would be hitting on her.

Fortunately, the party was in full swing when we arrived; strobe lights pulsing; the rapper on vinyl had the speakers throbbing and the floor shaking. There were twice as many Blacks as Whites getting down to ‘Nigguhs an’ Bitches,’ with the dancer’s hands waving and signing while their heads bobbed wildly.

While I took in the scene, Lillian made her way back to the kitchen where she started talking with a woman I was to learn was our host. Her name was Ursula and she was having trouble taking her eyes off Lillian’s tits.

I think she spotted me headed her way and for some reason scooted out the back door after saying something to Ursula. I past the hostess with a quick “Hello-goodbye I’m after Lillian, you know, the one with the tits you can’t take your eyes off,” and fairly flew (or at least thought I was flying) down some steps and found myself in the backyard with a cluster of Black dudes swigging long-necked Buds.

I nodded at them as I tried to get my bearings, then spied Lillian’s ass in that tight outfit and headed toward her.

Only to run into a huge dude named Anthony, or at least that’s what it says across the T-shirt he’s wearing.

“S’up?” he asks.

“Um, I-I’m looking for my girl. Found her too-right xvideos porno over there, in the tight outfit.”

By this time the X is working its fullest on me, and I can’t do much more than mumble a reply to anything put to me. Furthermore, I’m dying of thirst. Anthony offered me a long-neck and I started swigging it down non-stop.

Anthony is laughing at me and has his arm around Lillian. I notice Lillian’s laughing too; and hear her say, “He’s perfect, Donnie. Where’d you find him?”

My world’s spinning out of control as I glance at Anthony who is adjusting his crotch while Lillian looks on with an amused expression on her face.

“He’s as big as you, right, Donnie? I want him to be big or bigger.”

“Yeah, at least as big,” I tell her, while Anthony gives me a ‘what the fuck?’ look.

“There a place with some privacy round here, Anthony?” I ask.

Tossing his empty long-neck against a wooden fence, he turned away from us, looked back and said, “Follow me!”

Seconds later all three of us are in what I can only call some type shed. Anyone interested in looking in can see what’s going on, but apparently in this section of town, people don’t look-it only means trouble.

Lillian shimmied her dress up to her waist. She’s panty-less. Then using one hand, she slowly flipped each breast out of her top, leaving them supported by the material of the dress.

Anthony moved behind her and laid some sloppy, wet kisses on her neck while mauling her breasts. Lillian went limp as I kissed her on the mouth and stuffed my tongue down her throat.


Anthony proves to be a team player, offering me a jutting nipple to suck on after the kiss ended. Lillian fingered her pussy trying to get one off before we touched her there. Anthony slid down her body until he faced her cooze. Unperturbed, Lillian offered her wet fingers to his mouth and he eagerly sucked them clean.

Lillian began to moan and didn’t stop until she had a big juicy cock in her mouth, and then she hummed as she blew us. That’s right; she took on two big dicks, one Black, one White, and sucked them until her face was covered with our comingled jizm.

Anthony was one fuckin’ dude. As soon as he finished cumming on her face, he dropped to his knees, and holding her by the cheeks of her ass, ate her to several loud orgasms that buckled Lillian’s knees. Anthony held her up and went on eating her.

The ecstasy began affecting me. I found myself fascinated with his cock and started to blow him, kneeling on the filthy flooring, fondling his balls and tickling his asshole while he continued his gobbling away at Lillian’s snatch.

Lillian’s blubbering, going on about how she’s still cumming and will probably end up cumming all over everyone in a great flood.

I release Anthony’s heavy dick and he turned, grabbed her thighs and hoisted her up a little so she can slide back and forth along his slick length getting it even wetter. Lillian started to shake.

At first I thought it was Anthony cumming but I quickly realized Lillian meant what she’d just said. Suddenly I felt and then saw a piss-like stream spurting from her cunt. Anthony positioned himself so that he could catch some of it in his mouth. I joined him and soon was drinking whatever the fuck it was that Lillian was spewing out.

“Oh, God, Oh, God,” she gasps. “This is so fucking hot. I’ve never done anything close to this.”

Well, I couldn’t speak for Anthony, but it was a first for me too.

Anthony started laughing. “Yo, yo, look ‘it! The White bitch cumming like a two dollah ho.”

“Ohhhhhh,” Lillian moaned as she sank to her knees. Her cum covered face was already beginning to cake on it.

I made an attempt to help her up, but she pulled away from me, crying out, “Leave me be, God damnit!”

I released my grip and she went back down on her knees. “Go on, Donnie, blow the Black guy. See if you can handle that licorice stick of his!”

I demurred and turned away.

Anthony got pissed off and turned on her, not because I turned him down but more likely because he didn’t like the idea of her taking control.

“I’ll slap you from here to Atlanta, bitch-Don’t think I’m gonna suck his dick. He placed a large hand on her shoulder and pushed her so hard she fell on her ass.

“You do it! Suck him off while I watch.”

“Hey, Anthony, my man,” I hear myself say, wondering what the hell I’m doing trying to talk jive like him. At any rate, once Lillian commenced blowing me, he left us, walking off to join the party once more.

Taking me from her mouth, Lillian started crying. “I didn’t mean to piss everyone off. Honest to God I didn’t!”

The entire situation had caught me off-guard and I can only blame the X for what I did next. I grabbed Lillian around the waist hard enough to take her breath away and perched her on a high, narrow shelf in the shed where no one at the party would see or give a shit if they did.

I squeezed one of her breasts.

“That hurts, damn it!” yerli porno She tried to slap my hand away.

I smothered her cum caked face with kisses and she melted in my arms, crooning in my ear:

“Anything … anything you want, Donnie. I love you, sweetie!”

I snarled my reply. “Don’t give me that emotional bullshit. It sounds ridiculous coming out of your mouth.”

“It’s true! Really, it’s true. My God you make-you make my titties sizzle, kissin’ me like that!”

That line had my cock sizzling, so there was a certain merit in her choice of words. I began to calm down-was it the X wearing off, or my self-control returning? I never figured it out.

I snickered into her neck, “Some flood you had back there.”

“Donnie, I swear I never came like that before!”

I could taste her breath as she uttered the words, and realized I was hard as a rock again.

“Has it gotten hotter in here?” I asked, for the air around me felt superheated.

Lillian didn’t answer, but began tracing her fingers over my lips. I made as if to bite them and she pulled them back.

“Oh, you!” she moaned and shoved them into my mouth, moved deftly over my teeth and undulated on my tongue. My mouth filled with saliva and I sucked the salt off until she gently pulled them away and looked at them.

We heard someone bump against our hiding place and froze until they stumbled away, vomiting their excesses on the ground.

“Let’s get the fuck out of here,” I said before someone else discovered us and wanted to use her, and possibly me as well. Lillian pushed her tight dress down and put her breasts back inside her top. “Where we going?”Lillian asked dumbly.

“”How about the backseat of my car?”

“Yeah, that works for me!” she said, perking up.

We quickly made our way out of the shed and passed through the house party then walked a block to where the car was parked. I drove us to a small deserted park and found a secluded spot. In fact, it was the same place we’d had our very first fuck.

“Memories,” Lillian said, and while I wiped most of the cum from her face and neck, Lillian maneuvered her dress back up, and one again displaced her tits for my enjoyment.

Then as I struggled out of my pants, Lillian began working quickly rubbing quick circles around her clit. Color rose in her cheeks as her scent rose up to permeate the car.

“Please don’t take it out yet, Donnie. I’ll cum the second I see it.”

“I can wait,” I said, and she nodded her thanks as she sent three then four fingers into her sodden cunt.

“Gonna cum big time, Donnie,” she panted.

I reacted quickly and reached under the driver’s seat for a half roll of paper towels stashed there. Peeling off three or four sheets, I crammed them under her ass and told her to make use of them, and that I had more if needed.

I contented myself with some mildly rough tit play, and feeling her nipples rise to the occasion, leaned in to suck and chew at them.

“FUCK!” The desperation in her voice made me shiver. Lillian parted her lips so I could see every ripple and fold. My hands moved to her slippery inner thighs and massaged them, chasing the heat. Her fingers were making loud squishy sounds. I touched her clit and felt it throbbing.

The paper towels were already dark with her wetness.

My fingers faltered, but then found her clit again, this time remaining in place, circling as she had moments before, soft little flicks on her clit that sent monstrous waves of pleasure up her spine. We were suddenly a closed system, defying the laws of entropy with sheer desire. I began to breathe with her; somehow I was passing my desire into her without actually entering her.

I worked my cock out without her seeing, but she knew what I was doing.

“My ass-put it up my ass, baby!” she moaned meaningfully.

I adjusted the front seat to its furthest reclining position, reached under Lillian, grabbed both of her firm round ass cheeks and molded them with my fingers. My cock was raring to go.

“I know you like it,” Lillian purred.

I released her curvy ass and slid one hand between her legs and slipped three fingers into her sopping pussy. Lillian moaned and promptly began humping my fingers.

Using my free hand, I forced a thumb into her anus. Lillian yelped happily, “That’s it, baby!”

Lillian was slowly grinding her pubis against my fingers and sucking on my left nipple when I asked if she was ready.

“Do me, baby!”

I braced myself over her and positioned her calves on my shoulders; her bare feet were rubbing against the convertible’s top.

Lillian reached down and spread her cheeks, opening her anus for me. After a missed attempt, I adjusted the angle of attack and speared her ass with my raging cock.

Before she could react one way or the other, the slick cockhead forced its way past her puckered sphincter. I held motionless, letting her adjust, and waited until she began to move against me, several deep thrusts and I was youjizz porno mostly in her tight, incredibly warm hole.

That triggered her into action. Suddenly Lillian was fucking back at me with everything she had. A random contact with her clit drove her over the top and she started to cum, but kept pulling me tighter and deeper into her ass. I know she came again and maybe more than that. I hammered at her until I came, erupting into her searingly hot anus before slipping out of her cum filled rear portal.

We cleaned up as best we could, and I took her home, even risked her father’s wrath by walking her to the front door and kissing her goodnight, while waiting for her parents to open the door.

It was her mother who opened the door. She had slipped off her heels, but her business suit still conveyed power. She was a lawyer and a member of the Savannah City Council. I won’t say she was the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, but she certainly was attractive-fashionably dressed, long red nails, horn-rimmed glasses and wavy brown hair. A nit-picker might say she was overweight, but I liked the places she carried it. In fact, I liked the way she looked a lot.

And speaking of looks-her surprise at seeing me with her daughter was quite evident.

I was about to offer some form of apology for being with Lillian when I saw a familiar expression cross her face. I had seen it the night we were caught in her living room with my cock up her daughter’s ass. She had been very interested in my cock at the time, but her husband’s presence had ended any possibility of continuing things with both her and Lillian together, or apart for that matter.

Her eyes riveted on my crotch and I started rising to the occasion. There was no mistaking the fact that she wanted me. It was clearly evident.

“I’m sorry if we’re late getting home. It was my fault,” I said, meeting her eyes.

“It’s all right … Donnie, isn’t it?”

“Yes, Mrs. Travers…”

Lillian gave her mother a strange look as well, but and went into the house. Her mother remained standing at the entrance, still holding my eye. She took a deep breath that pushed her breasts out in my direction.

When she knew I was staring at them, she said,

“Call me Edith, Donnie.”

“Um, yes, Edith,” I said, wondering what the hell was going on?

“Did the two of you have a good time?”

“We did … Edith; we had a very good time.”

There was a short pause, and then Mrs. Travers dropped her bomb. “I haven’t had a really good time in quite some time.”

It took me a moment to find my voice, “Really?” Was the best I could manage.

She stared at me, reached up an adjusted an earring, let her eyes slowly drop to my readily apparent bulge and said, “Why don’t you drop by tomorrow, say around four? You can tell me all about how you entertained my daughter tonight.”

I waited for her to continue, and when she didn’t, I said, “At four, you say?”

“Yes, four, and don’t be late, we’ll only have about an hour for you to tell me about it.”

At that I allowed my eyes to traverse her body. My guess was that she was about 40 years old, with dark hair, probably brunette if a category was needed, but really a mixture of colors, mostly brown. Her chest was well formed, with breasts that had to be close to a C-cup. Her waist was slim, indicating that she worked out and watched her diet, and her shapely legs led my eye up to a well formed ass.

Yes, Mrs. Edith Travers was eminently fuckable, and she was giving every indication she wanted me to do the fucking.

This was quickly confirmed when she reached out and brushed her fingers over my erection.

“Yesssss,” she hissed, “all about it,” and closed the front door in my face.


I hardly slept that night as thoughts of what Lillian’s mother and I would do to one another the following afternoon. All I knew was that in the few times I had been with older women-Ginger and Denise—I had learned a great deal about women’s proclivities regarding sex.

I tried to imagine what we would be doing after I got to know her, and found myself jerking off twice before finally falling asleep.

I was about to ring the Travers doorbell at exactly four the next afternoon, when it opened and I stepped inside. Edith must have been waiting behind the door for me to arrive. It was that quick.

Mrs. Travers was certainly dressed for the occasion, wearing filmy negligee, high heels and apparently nothing else. I could discern a triangular patch of pubic hair covering her pussy, and the rosy tipped nipples prominently plastered against her thin material of her negligee.

I made my cock jump and she laughed. “How big is it?”

“I’ll show it to you in a minute. In the meantime, let me take a good look at you.”

It must have been the right thing to say, for Edith began to blush, but even so, she loosened something on the negligee and it fell open, exposing her breasts and their silver dollar sized areola, and the thick thatch of dark pubic hair almost obscuring her cunt.

“Very, very nice,” I said and meant it. Mrs. Travers might have been a few pounds overweight, but not so that it was obvious; she had good sized breasts and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her.

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