It was Bound to Happen

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Considering the number of people that had ‘used’ Allan someone was inevitably going to invite us to something more than we had yet done.

A card arrived through the post that simply said someone had put our name forward to be invited to an evening of fun. Normally we would have ‘binned’ such a thing but the invitation was on plain white card and had only the phone number on it. It was a local number and we were intrigued.

After thinking about it for a few days we rang the number and a female voice merely said “hello” at the end of the line. I explained that I had an invitation and the woman ‘Gloria’ said that was fine and could she have our names please. She confirmed we were on the list but refused to say who had put us on the list. I asked for more information and was told that it was an evening for adults only and would involve adult entertainment drawn from the guests. Dress was to be as erotic as we would dare. I asked what that meant but Gloria was no more forthcoming than that. She gave me the number and postcode of the house and told me we should be there for 8pm.

Allan and I discussed the possible meaning of what we were told and I decided to wear a see-through top, skimpy bra, short skirt and stockings and suspender belt. Allan was going to wear a suit with just a sheer thong underneath. What is erotic dress for a man?

The time arrived and we drew up at the manor house. With a little trepidation we parked and approached the house. There were 20 cars there already and it seemed a large number. At the door we were met by a good looking man in a bow tie and thong and on seeing the card he invited us in and took us to a room full of people. We estimated forty or more were there. We were presented to George and Carol who welcomed us to the party and complimented me on my attire and asked Allan if what was underneath was as stylish. George told us to mingle and if we met anyone we knew merely to use first names as that was the way we would all be known.

Finally we found Hilary and Charles who we greeted. Hilary had been to one of our parties, we knew them both well but Charles, as far as we knew, did not know what happened there. Hilary hinted that she had been the one to introduce us. She had seen Allan naked and hard and ridden by other women.

The evening proceeded with a really good meal. Allan and I were sat next to strangers on either side. Allan was sat next to a thin blonde woman whose breasts were street blowjobs porno just contained by a dress and I was sat next to a black man called Bismarck; He was really fun to chat with. He hinted at the entertainment to come and I guessed that a couple would be selected to do something but what, I had no idea.

When the meal was finished and plenty of wine had been consumed George announced that after the seating had been re-arranged we would begin. I noticed that all the ‘staff’ had sexy costumes on and the women showed a great deal of their natural charms.

The seats were placed in a semi-circle with an area at the front where we presumed the entertainment would happen.

George announced that the draw had been made for the couple to entertain and that one of the two newcomer couples had been chosen. I panicked as Allan could sing but I had no talent for entertaining. He went on to say that the couple could refuse as normally this would have been withdrawn as they would not understand what the entertainment was. He went on to say that from what had been said on their proposal form it might be that they would proceed. There was a buzz in the room and people looking at us as we were new.

He called us to the front and we went up. He explained to us, in private, that the entertainment would be us making love with everyone watching and now was the time to say no. I was shocked and about to walk out when Allan said to George that we would do it. I asked him if he had lost his marbles but he said that after being given to hordes of women he was ready and that I should be adventurous for once. I hemmed and hawed for a minute but he said I really should be as much an adventurer as he had been, so I reluctantly said yes.

A bed was pushed into the centre for us and we began, Allan and I kissed for a while and fondled each other and my nipples became very hard and obvious, as did Allan’s cock. Then Allan took control and started to undo my blouse so that my bra encased tits were very much on display. He then went behind me while I faced the audience and unzipped my skirt, lowering it to the ground. As I stepped out of it there was applause for the stockings and lingerie combination. I then removed Allan’s jacket and shirt to reveal his hairless body and the ladies applauded that too.

Next Allan removed his shoes and socks but I was still in my heels. Allan again went behind me and released student sex parties porno the clasp on my blouse, sliding his hands round to cup my boobs and as the bra slipped Allan had my boobs covered and he caressed them igniting a fire in me. The audience was watching closely and when Allan released my boobs they again applauded as he removed the bra completely. I was left with sheer knickers stockings and heels. I then undid Allan’s trousers and lowered them to the ground revealing his sheer thong with a rapidly growing cock almost in it.

There was more applause so instead of letting him finish undressing me I knelt in front of him and pulled them down and as his cock sprang free I sucked it into my mouth and used my oral skills to make him fully hard, The audience loved this and I took it out of my mouth and stroked him so that they could all see.

Allan is not a Greek god but had been getting fitter so he had a good body and 8″ of cock showing. Not the monsters all the stories on Literotica tell you about, but then Allan is real.

I too am not the blonde sex goddess that these stories tell of, I am only five feet four and curvy so I have more of what I have.

Allan removed my knickers and while doing so slipped his fingers into me making sure I was wet and ready for more. The crowd went wild as he held up his wet hand showing I was sexually aroused. He then laid me back on the bed opening my legs so that my pussy was revealed and when they had all been able to see me displayed he knelt in front of me and started to eat me out. He was slow at first just licking but then he moved on to sucking my clit in his mouth and using his fingers to find my g spot until he had me bucking uncontrollably as he always does.

After I had come at least five times he mounted me in the same position fucking my pussy with slurping noises and balls slapping against my body. Then when I had come again he moved onto the bed and had me move on top of his cock so they could see it sliding in and out. I was fucking him with all my strength and as he used his fingers to stimulate my clit I came and then came again.

I wasn’t beautiful before I started but sweat was pouring off me and I had hair stuck to my head but the audience seemed to love it with a lot of cheering and applause. As I came again I reached around and stuck a finger in his arse and stimulated his prostate so he came like submissive cuckolds porno a bucking bronco lifting me two feet off the bed and ramming his cock balls deep into my cunt. I had a crashing orgasm and we both collapsed…

There was thunderous applause and whistling and cheering as we managed to recover. Two staff came in with towels for us and while there they complimented us on the length of the show. We had been going for forty five minutes.

When we looked around we found that many of the guests were only partly clothed or even nude. Bismarck was standing with his cock out and his was a good ten incher and Hilary had her tits out and a hand around Charles’ cock.

George bounded into the area with the bed and thanked us for the record breaking show and reminded everyone that clothes that had been removed were not to be replaced. The evening was now ours and the many rooms of the house were available for liaisons should we wish them.

Allan and I were a little off our game after coming so hard, so we went in search of a drink. After five minutes Bismarck with no trousers and his wife, Amalia, with no blouse, found us and after congratulating us asked Allan if he could have some time with me. Allan said that it was my decision to make and that if I said yes, as he couldn’t do anything for a while, would it be OK to watch. Bismarck was happy with this but his wife was not. She wanted Allan to eat her as he had me and I agreed so we found a room.

After some preliminaries I just jumped on Bismarck’s cock and rode it for all I was worth, occasionally noticing Amelia screaming with pleasure in the corner where Allan eventually recovered and fucked her too. We all four were hot and worn out when Charles and Hilary walked into the room.

Charles said that he would like to have sex with me not even considering Hilary’s feelings. We were all too tired for anymore and the evening was breaking up so we all got dressed and said our goodbyes and thanks to George and Carol for a fun evening as promised. He reminded us to keep this confidential but if we wanted to propose a couple we should contact Gloria. Because we had performed we were now part of the club and could do so.

We drove home giving Charles and Hilary a lift as they had attended with another couple and I promised that we would have fun together at the next evening. On the way home I explained to Charles how Hilary knew we might perform as she had been to an evening of Allan being exposed and used. He was amazed as that had been their second evening of attendance and they had not yet performed. He said he now realised why Hilary had become more adventurous in sex and thanked us for the change.

We didn’t go in for coffee and have sex as we were tired but it has happened since.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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