Stuck 04 – Aunt Vicky

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She walked into the bedroom and plugged the vacuum in. She vacuumed it and picked up the bigger items the vacuum wouldn’t pick up. Vicky got on her hands and knees to look under the bed. She began pulling trash out and reached way back as she tried to clean it up.

She was on her knees, her ass was in the air and her night gown had slid up to her waist. Vicky went to get out but couldn’t as the bed held her down to the floor. She looked around as she tried to move her knees out, but couldn’t. Vicky was stuck and her phone was downstairs on the table.

He opened the door and walked into the house. He heard Vicky yell for him upstairs in the bedroom. He put his bags down and went up to see what was going on. He walked into the room and stopped as he saw her predicament. He looked at the bare ass and pussy in front of him as his cock tingled with the thought of an easy fuck. Vicky was his aunt and he had watched her in her pool many times wishing he could nail her big, round ass and motorboat her double D’s. Now here was the perfect time and he smiled as he was rock hard.

Vicky heard foot steps walking towards her as she looked around thanking them for helping. She felt hands grab her ass and she realized, they weren’t going to help her, but fuck her. He ran his hand down and slid two fingers into her hole. Her eyes widened as he began fingering her with one güvenilir bahis hand and undoing his jeans with the other.

Her pussy grew moist as she tried to stop getting turned on, but couldn’t. He decided her thirty six year old body was ready and put the tip to the entrance of her pussy. Vicky felt it slowly sinking into her she held her breath as it felt so good. He gripped her waist and began fucking her as she closed her eyes. Vicky knew who it was and didn’t care as her sex starved body needed a good fuck.

He rammed his dick in and out of her tight hole as her moans grew louder and louder from under the bed. He had dreamed of fucking his hot, red headed aunt Vicky for years. He was making her cum as he was living his dream finally. Vicky moaned and squealed as her hole got invaded by her nephews cock. Her cum spurt out with each thrust as he slammed his cock deep into her body. She was stuck in the perfect position and he was using it to his advantage.

Vicky was at his mercy and loving it as he was banging her with his nineteen year old, ten inch cock. Her pussy dripped with happiness as it soaked into the carpet. Her feelings of pleasure and lust had taken over her senses. Her nephew was banging her and she was loving it. She didn’t want him to stop as he made her get off over and over.

He picked up the pace and the sound of two bodies slapping türkçe bahis together filled the room, along with her moans. He looked at the stand and saw a drawer open slightly. He picked up a pink dildo and looked down at Vicky’s asshole. He grabbed the lube and squeezed the bottle onto the dildo. He was about to have more fun with his hot aunt.

He continued fucking her as he put the dildo on her ass she shoved. Vicky’s eyes widened as she felt the dildo sliding back and forth in her ass as his dick kept doing her pussy. She moaned and bit her lip as the ass fucking made her get off again. He laughed as he heard her whimper and moan as he used the dildo on her ass. Vicky wasn’t one for anal but she was loving it as he used the large dildo.

Her nephew slammed the dildo deep into her ass with each thrust. He also slammed his dick as far as he could into her pussy. He was growing closer and closer as he picked up the pace. He couldn’t stop as he went faster and groaned. Vicky moaned loudly as they both got off together. He stopped using the dildo and filled her hole up with cum. Vicky hung her head blushing as she felt good but ashamed of letting her nephew fuck her.

He didn’t pull out and wanted to fuck again but knew his uncle would be home from work soon. He pulled out and pulled his cell phone out and snapped a picture of her ass. Her pussy dripped with güvenilir bahis siteleri a mix of their juices, the dildo was sticking out of her ass and she was trying to get unstuck, making the dildo go deeper little by little. He smiled and recorded it as her ass wiggled around. He jerked himself off as he watched the dildo almost disappear. He got off all over her ass cheeks and lower back, startling her. He reached down and pulled the dildo out.

He grabbed her ankles and pulled back. She was pulled from under the bed, her gown was pulled up over her face, exposing her bare breasts. He rolled her over and began titty fucking her as she felt him teasing her breasts and nipples. Vicky’s hand went down and fingered herself as her mind was still in slut mode.

He held her big tits together as he fucked them. She finally got her gown off her face as he smiled at her and sprayed her face with cum. She closed her eyes as he soaked her face in cum. She licked her lips and smiled as he stood up, letting the cum drip onto her tits. He looked out the window as his uncles truck pulled into the drive. He took a picture on his phone of her facial and big tits. He helped her up and went to leave. Vicky grabbed him and pulled him back. She grabbed his cock and gave him a hand job as she whispered in his ear. He spurted more cum as she giggled, he left the room as she went to shower.

He sat in the room wiping himself off. He smiled at the pics on his cell phone and what she had told him. His aunt Vicky wanted him to fuck her daily while his uncles not around. He laid back as he closed his eyes and relaxed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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