Daddy Saw His Chance

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All participants are over 18.


Every girl wants to be loved – by family, friends, and cute guys – but especially by her daddy. Girls want their daddies to lift them up when they are down, and laugh and celebrate them when times are good. They want daddy to think they are smart, kind, funny, and beautiful. Girls and their daddies should be best friends.

Things were rough at work. Daddy taught me a good work ethic; unfortunately, it was being taken advantage of. I was working long hours for moderate pay and low appreciation. I would leave early and come home late, completely drained from the day. My brain was practically mush after working such crazy hours for months, and I was too tired to do anything except zone out and sleep. It was making me crazy, but I needed the money. Daddy let me move back in with him after I finished college. He said it was to keep him from being lonely since his divorce, but I think it was to help me get on my feet financially before I moved out into the “real world.”

One Friday, I worked my usual 12 hours and moped into the house at 7:15. I started my usual routine: enter the foyer, close and lock the door behind me, drop my purse, take off my coat and work shoes, and slump into the kitchen where Daddy was usually sitting, working on his laptop at the table, wearing his black-rimmed reading glasses. He would always say something sweet, like, “Hi Baby Girl – long day?” and I would put my arms around his neck and sigh, “Soooo long.” He would smile, pat my hands, and go back to work. This night was no different; he patted my hands and went back to the charts he was working on before I got home. I turned toward the fridge to look for something warm and comforting to eat.

I opened the door to the fridge and stood there pouting – nothing comforting at all. I sighed (like I always do) and closed the door. I was prepared to give up on dinner and head to the couch, when Daddy said, “Go change. I’m going to finish up this presentation and then we’re going to eat pizza and watch a movie.” A huge smile crept across my face. Daddy is so sweet! He knew I was down and needed a lift, and he stepped up. I went back to my place behind him, wrapped my arms around his neck, and gave him a big kiss on the cheek. Daddy laughed and took his glasses off. He set them on the keyboard and reached for the phone. I squealed, “Thank you Daddy!” and ran up the stairs to change.

I burst into my room and flopped down on the bed, totally drained, but excited to eat and hang out with Daddy. He is such a good friend… I am a very lucky girl! I took a deep breath of air, signed, then rolled to the other side of the bed, stood up and started to undress. I pulled my blouse up over my head and tossed it into the laundry basket. I unbuttoned my pants and let them fall to the floor, bent down to take off my nylons, and tossed them all on top of my shirt. My favorite yoga pants were in the bottom of the basket, so I had to find something else to wear. I opened the closet door and started searching for comfy clothes.

I don’t know if he was super quiet or if I was just too tired to listen, but either way, I didn’t hear Daddy head up the stairs. If I had, I would have wrapped myself in a robe or towel, or ducked behind the closet door. I was only wearing my bra and panties! Daddy came up to ask me what movie I wanted to watch, and there I stood, back to him, almost naked. I don’t know how long he was there because he stayed silent. I was totally surprised when I pulled a hoodie off the hanger and turned around to toss it onto the bed.

“Daddy!” I shrieked and jumped backward about a foot – he startled me! I dropped my sweatshirt and instinctively covered my bra and panties with my hands. My face turned fire-engine-red, and I realize now that my brain was too exhausted to tell me to duck into the closet! I stood in front of the open closet, my small hands trying to keep me modest, looking at Daddy, who was looking at me. He looked right into my eyes and I felt my face flush even more.

Daddy saw his chance. If this has been an unwanted outcome, he would have turned around and apologized, telling me he didn’t see anything. Instead, Daddy stayed silent, kept his eyes focused on mine, and took two large steps forward. His stride brought him to the edge of the bed, where I had been just minutes before. He kept his eyes on mine and slowly walked around the mattress, coming closer to me. When he got to the end of the bed, I broke eye contact and turned my face away from him. I pulled my arm tighter to my breasts and spread my fingers wide across my crotch, nervous and embarrassed.

Daddy ended up on my side of the poker oyna room, standing beside me. I could feel his presence but I couldn’t see him – I was still turned away from him, very unsure of the situation. Daddy quietly walked over so he was standing directly in front of me. I closed my eyes, so, so nervous… He put his hands on my shoulders and pulled me close to him. He wrapped me into an uncomfortable hug, my arms between him and me, my feet still planted where they froze when he came in. Daddy whispered to me, “I love you Baby…”

Still in our awkward stance, and still totally embarrassed, I responded, “I love you too, Daddy.” He whispered back, “Baby Girl, can you move your arms? I want to hug you tightly.” I slowly dropped my arms, shuffled my feet closer to Daddy’s, and wrapped my arms around his waist. I turned my head slightly to rest it under his chin. My body fit against his nicely; my breasts were comfortably pressed up against his chest.

Overworked and overtired, I nestled in closer to Daddy and sighed. His hands started stroking up and down my back, and the nerves and exhausted overcame me. The dam inside me broke and I started to cry. Daddy’s shirt started to get wet from my tears. He heard me sniffle and pulled back from our hug. He put his hand under my chin and lifted my face; embarrassed, I closed my eyes and turned away. He kept his hand on my jaw and gently turned my gaze back to him. I looked at him through blurry, tear-filled eyes and saw him smile at me.

“Why are you crying, Baby Girl?” Daddy’s smile made me smile – I started to laugh at how silly I must look, almost naked, crying and smiling. I wiped my eyes, sighed, and told Daddy how exhausted I was. I used up all my brain power every day at work, and when I got home I was so tired that I just wanted to sleep forever. He told me we had about an hour before the pizza would arrive, and that he be happy to hold off on the movie so I could rest. I was going to protest, but he put his hand on my elbow and lead me toward the bed. He sat down on the edge and tugged me down beside me.

I was sitting next to my Daddy, wearing only my delicates, and he was looking at me. I started to flush again. Daddy reached behind my back so he could put his hands on my shoulders and urge me to lie down. Too exhausted to resist, I turned my body and settled down into the mattress. Daddy took his hands off me and made sure I had a pillow beneath my head before I dropped. The duvet and pillowcase were sort of cool, but not enough to keep me from flushing again…

Daddy laid down beside me on his side. I turned my face toward him and nervously grinned. He looked comfortable, like we had done this together 1,000 times. He put his elbow down and propped his head up with one hand, and stroked my short hair with the other. Daddy looked into my eyes and talked to me, softly and seriously:

“Baby Girl, I love you very much, and I hate to see you so stressed out. You are a very smart girl, and you do so much for other people – your friends, your colleague, your bosses – and I would like to do something nice for you. I would like to treat you to a day of pampering. You can stay in bed late, and I will bring breakfast to you. After that I will draw you a nice warm bath, and I will wash your laundry while you soak. When you’re finished, I’ll bundle you up in blankets on the couch and wait on hand and foot. We can have whatever you like for dinner, and when you are ready to sleep, I’ll tuck you into bed. Does that sound nice, princess?”

I was grinning from ear to ear, astounded by Daddy’s generous offer, wanting to say yes but feeling guilty that he would need to take care of me like that. I shook my head light and said, “Daddy, that is very sweet, but I can’t let you do that. It’s too much!”

Daddy shook his head back at me, still smiling, and said, “Nothing is ever too much for my princess.” He bent down and kissed me. My eyes opened wide in total shock, but it felt so, so, so good… Craving the intimacy, I closed my eyes and kissed Daddy back. He put his hand on my stomach and moved closer to my body as we kissed, his tongue starting to explore my mouth. I rolled onto my side, holding my breasts against his chest, lost in the sensations of kissing my Daddy.

Daddy’s hands moved up my arms as we kissed. He stopped them on my shoulders and broke our kiss, pulling his head back to look into my eyes. I didn’t speak, but I know that he was reading my mind – he knew that I was too tired to think about the implications of my actions, and that a little affection and attention was going to break down any of my remaining barriers. Staring into my eyes, looking all canlı poker oyna the way down to the depths of my soul, Daddy whispered, “Do you trust me?”

I blinked a few times, trying to register the question, and then I nodded. Of course I trust my Daddy; who doesn’t?! I knew he would always love me and care for me, protect me and keep me safe, and I would always love and care for him in return. Daddy kissed me again, turning my body flat against the bed, and moving himself over me. He held himself up on his arms and intertwined his legs with mine. He slowly lowered himself down, pressing me into the mattress.

It had been a long time since I’d been intimate with anyone, so it didn’t take long for my arousal to make itself known. I moaned as Daddy kissed me, and he slid his hands to the sides of my breasts, rubbing and caressing them gently. He slid his leg up mine so his denim-covered knee was touching my crotch. I opened my mouth to catch my breath, gasping, moaning with delight. Daddy took it as a cue to move his right hand to my pussy, replacing his knee with his fingers. He moved his hand slowly up and down my dampening panties, making me whimper.

Daddy rolled off of me, but he kept his hand on my panties. He alternated between rubbing his fingers in small circles and sliding them up and down my lips. My eyes were closed while I enjoyed his touch. When I turned my head to see Daddy’s face, he looked very serious, concentrating and focusing on my body, looking down my stomach to my crotch where his hand was playing. He dragged his hand up over my lips, over my waistband, over my stomach, and he stopped at my breasts. He rubbed the tops that spilled out over my bra, and then he smiled at me again. I smiled back and he leaned down to kiss me.

“Baby girl, Daddy wants to see your body naked… Can he take off your clothes?” I squirmed uneasily, embarrassed and nervous, my cheeks flushed. I started to turn my head away when Daddy caught my chin. He turned my face toward him and asked again, “Do you trust me?” I nodded. Daddy asked me to sit up, and helped me up by the arm. He unclasped my bra from behind my back and pushed it forward over my breasts. He let the bra fall and cupped my breasts in each hand. He fondled them for a minute, rubbing his thumbs up over my nipples. I tipped my head back and moaned, thoroughly enjoying the new feelings. Daddy whispered, “Good girl…”

He laid me back down and stood up from the bed to take off his clothes. He pulled his tshirt up over his head and unbuckled his jeans. They fell to the floor and I was mesmerized by what I saw – Daddy’s tight black underwear concealing his big bulge. I love seeing men’s packages straining against their underwear; it’s so sexy! I couldn’t help myself… I sat up, turned toward Daddy, got onto my hands and knees, and crawled cross the matter to him. He smiled as he watched and moved closer to the bed for me. I opened my mouth wide and put it over his package. I let out a warm breath and heard Daddy grunt with pleasure. My pussy started to spasm at the erotic sound.

Daddy reached over me and rubbed my lower back and my butt with his hands while I held my mouth over his cock. He started to roll the waistband of my panties down but couldn’t really reach, so I reached back to help him. I slipped my panties off over my butt and they fell to my knees. I rocked back to sit up and looked at Daddy’s face. He whispered again, “Good girl…”

Daddy pulled his underwear down and stepped out of them. He stood in front of me totally naked. I stared at Daddy’s cock, hungry for it, dying to suck it for him. I leaned forward onto all fours again, opened my mouth wide and stuck out my tongue. Daddy put one hand on the back of my head and one on his cock. He moved his cock into my mouth, over my tongue, filling my mouth up. I closed my lips around him and moved back and forth, sucking his shaft, swirling my tongue around the head of his cock. Daddy moaned and grunted while I sucked. He let go of his cock so I could take more of it into my mouth. He laid his head back and encouraged me: “Good girl… Yesssss that feels so good… Oh princess, suck Daddy’s cock…”

I took as much of Daddy into my mouth as I could and sucked faster and faster. My pussy was dripping wet, juice running across my lips and onto my thighs. I was prepared to suck until Daddy came, but he stopped me. He held his shaft and pulled out of my mouth. “Good girl… Daddy likes having his cock sucked by his princess…” He caught my gaze again and said, “Scoot back to the edge of the bed.” Daddy walked around the mattress so he was positioned behind me. My pussy was in line with the end of the bed, my knees and elbows supporting my weight. I smiled, knowing Daddy was about to fuck me from behind, one of my favorite sexual positions.

Daddy rubbed his finger up my sopping wet slit and whispered, “Good girl…” He put his hands on my butt and stepped closer to me. I could feel his warm cock head nestling in between my pussy lips. I leaned down on my arms so my body was angled up toward him. Slowly Daddy pushed his hard cock into my cunt, quietly moaning and grunting as he did so. I whimpered with excitement, which made Daddy laugh. “Good girl… so excited to fuck Daddy’s cock!”

Daddy’s slow entrance into my cunt was followed by a slow exit, another slow entrance, and another slow exit. The next time he pushed in faster and deeper, and the next time he didn’t pull all the way out. Daddy was fucking me steadily, holding his hands on my butt. My face was bent down toward the mattress, and as Daddy picked up speed, I buried my face into the duvet. I whimpered and moaned as he fucked my pussy. Daddy was groaning and repeating, “Good girl… Good girl… Let Daddy fuck your beautiful cunt.”

Daddy was fucking me hard and fast. It was too much to bear; I balled my fists and shoved my face into the mattress to scream. I came on Daddy’s cock, squirting on his dick. Juices dribbled onto the blankets while Daddy fucked me. “Oh yessss, good girl, cum for Daddy…” Daddy never slowed while I came. He fucked me fast and hard while he brought me toward another orgasm. I came again, screaming into the blankets, squirting more pussy juice onto him. Daddy smiled and said, “Good girl, give it to Daddy. Give Daddy your pussy, baby…” I lifted my head from the blankets and moaned in ecstasy. “Daddyyyyyyyyyyy…”

Daddy cried out, “Fuck baby girl, Daddy’s going to cum!” He slammed into me a few more times, and then stilled as his cock spasmed and spurted into my pussy. Daddy came hard. He stood behind me with his cock pulsing inside me, his hands still squeezing my buttocks. I dropped my head to the mattress, tired and satisfied from our fuck. Daddy pulled his relaxed cock out of my pussy and gave me a pat on the butt. “Good girl,” he said. I hesitated to sit up, knowing that our cum would drip all over the duvet. I stayed on my elbows and knees with my butt up in the air, a position that always makes me feel naughty.

Daddy walked back around the bed and picked up his underwear. He handed them to me and told me to put them between my legs. I slid them down to my crotch and clenched my thighs around them as I sat up. Daddy’s cum dribbled through my hole and onto the undies, practically soaking them. I laid down on my side and put my head on the pillow, facing Daddy’s naked body. He sat on the bed beside me and stroked my hair.

“You are my very special princess, you know that?” He smiled at me and leaned down for a kiss. My heart was full of love at that moment, more so than it had even been. I told Daddy that his offer of a day of pampering sounded nice, but I would much prefer to be fucked by him again. He laughed and bent down to kiss me on the forehead. He said he agreed one hundred percent, then he scooted close to me so I could rest my head on his chest.

I snuggled with Daddy for a few minutes while we replayed the recent events in our heads. Knowing that I would fall asleep if I stayed like that for long, I told Daddy we should get up and get ready for our movie date. He smiled and helped push me up off of him. I picked up my hoodie from the floor, pulled it on over my head, and turned to the closet for pants. Daddy cleared his throat, getting my attention. I turned around to face him and he said, “Unh uh, no pants.”

I flushed again, confused and excited. Daddy said, “I want you to sit with me on the couch, and I want to touch your pussy while we watch the movie.” I smiled an excited smile and picked up a throw blanket from my chair. I wrapped it around my waist and walked over to where Daddy was lying. He held out his hand so I could help pull him up. When he was in a sitting position, he pulled me down onto his lap. Daddy kissed me hard and deep. When we broke the kiss, he said, “You’re such a good girl… Let’s get you to the couch so you can relax.”

I stood up off his lap. Daddy picked his clothes up off the floor and took my hand. He led me down the stairs into the living room. He pointed to the couch, and I took my cue to be seated. I watched as he pulled on his tshirt and stepped into his jeans, preparing to greet the pizza delivery man. Daddy headed back to the kitchen to close up his presentation for the night.

I sat warm in my hoodie and blanket and smiled, closing my eyes and replaying the night over and over. I was totally exhausted, totally satisfied, and totally overwhelmed with love. Daddy is my best friend, and now my lover, too.

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Between the Stacks

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Author’s Note: I was sitting in the library doing some work and this vignette popped into my mind. I wrote it in an hour. It’s barely 2,000 words so it is a quick read. Please enjoy, please vote, please comment. Thank you.


Tim kicked his shoes off as soon as he got inside his apartment. The shoes smashed into the wall above the small rubber mat by the door. Well, he’d would wash those fucking marks off the fucking wall later. He settled onto the chair at the kitchen counter with a sigh. Both a beer and the laptop were popped open.

“Leadership” picked the boss’s cousin for the newly-opened management position today. The guy had been there for half a year. Tim, who hit all his metrics and knew the business in and out was passed up. Two years of effort and development and now this. He had seen commiseration in his coworkers’ eyes when the name was announced.

Janet: “That’s too bad, Tim. I thought they were going to put you in charge after Mariam retired.”

Chris: “If you want to go get some beers and smash some golf balls after work, I’m down.”

Trevor: “If you plan on quitting with outrage, I’ll follow you to whichever company you end up, man.”

Beverly: “You don’t need a fancy title for us to know who really leads the group.”

But on to other things.

Tim would now settle down, watch some porn, drink a beer or six, and recover for work on Monday. Still, it was shitty. His fingers danced across the keyboard with a mind of their own entering name and password. Moments later the main screen showed up and the usual girl (nude) held her sign welcoming him back to the site.

Tim always first clicked on the MESSAGES icon at the top of the main page. His eyebrows went the message looked like an actual comment. All the messages so far had been poorly-written notes from beautiful 20-year old virgins who lived right down the street and who wanted to fuck him and he didn’t even need a credit card.

“Saline, MI?” the title asked.

Tim, indeed, lived in Saline. It was a farming community south of Ann Arbor, an hour west of Detroit. The population hovered around a few thousand people clustered around a mile’s worth of ‘downtown’ Michigan Avenue. Tim was surprised someone identified it from his one picture. He had a more generic “SE Michigan” as his location. He was doubly surprised someone was contacting him even though the porn site was geared to be as much social as it was visually stimulating.

He clicked red envelope icon and read.

Hello, it started, I recognize the background of your profile pic from Saline and I’m curious if you’re still there? I have a proposition for you if you are. My name is Nancy.

Tim clicked on the link to the profile. There was no headshot. The profile pic was shadowy outline of a person holding binoculars, reserved for the semi-serious voyeur. There were no pics or videos submitted by the profile but their favorites were exhibitionist and voyeuristic in nature. The first few favorited pictures were nude men at beaches, standing in windows of buildings, and in public poker oyna places. The favorited videos featured women being groped, flashing their breasts, and nude beaches. The first video showed a woman in a small closet, arms coming through holes in the walls. The hands attached to those arms roamed all over the woman’s body.

Tim couldn’t do much more research but the person, “Nancy,” had been a member on the site for over a year according to the profile information. Maybe she (he?) was legit. Today’s work events left Tim feeling frisky and daring so he did something he had never done online before.

He responded.

I currently live in Saline somewhere north of town. You?

The response came back five minutes later.

My fantasy is to have a handsome stranger touch my body. I feel confident and aroused today and both your profile picture and your proximity motivated me to reach out. Are you interested?

The language wasn’t what Tim expected. He figured it would be more vulgar and aggressive. The vocabulary did suggest someone who actually thought out what they were doing. Tim didn’t currently have a serious relationship and he felt the right set-up might actually lead to some fun. His dick encouraged him to take the next step.

I could be interested. The most important question is if you’re female? I’m not into guys, sorry.

Yes, the response popped up a minute later, I am female for sure. I’m mid-40s, not-so-recently divorced, and I work at the library. But don’t tell anyone if you actually know me, please.

The ‘please’ sold it for Tim. He was once complimented by a waitress at a Big Boy because he was so polite and said please and thank you. He doubted sex offenders and murders were so polite. But, wait, wasn’t Ted Bundy really charming and charismatic?

He typed.

I use the Ann Arbor libraries so I haven’t been to yours. You are right around the corner from me, though. How do you see this going?

Tim’s cock stirred in his pants as he typed. This had to be a set-up, right? But it was a porn site and the whole point of being there was sex. Maybe it was legitimate. If she said something about meeting at the library, he was in. If it was at her house, he was out.

Moments later: I am at the front desk at the library and I want you to come ask for An Indian Winter by Russell Freedman. It is in the older youth section in the far back and the kids are still in school for another hour. It is dead quiet now if you can come here in the next few minutes.

Tim, heart thumping from anxiety and excitement, headed out the door. It was just after 1:00 and he had to squint in the light until he got his sunglasses on. May in Michigan was one of the few months everyone could enjoy. Tim, who didn’t have kids, figured anyone who did would be at a park since perfect days like this didn’t come all the time.

The library’s parking lot off Maple was almost empty. The few cars present filled the employee spaces. Tim parked under the shade of a tree and walked across the abandoned concrete. He was hit by a comfortable canlı poker oyna blast of air conditioning when he went through the doors into the building.

“Hello,” he said, approaching the woman standing behind the desk smiling at him. She was brown-haired and freckled. Red glasses perched on her nose and she might have been mid-40s. NANCY was on her name tag. “I’m looking for An Indian Winter.”

Her eyes lit up briefly and the hints of a grin tugged at the corners of her mouth.

“Please follow me,” she said as she came around the desk and walked to the youth section. She passed him with barely a glance. Tim followed her. She wore a purple and white sleeveless blouse with a scoop neck that showed a strip of pale smooth skin across the top of her chest. She was slightly heavier for a woman. The long pink skirt, cotton, swished at her feet as she walked quickly to the back corner of the library. Bright sunlight flooded through the tall windows and the only sounds were the low whoosh of the air conditioning and the wooden beads of her necklace clacking together.

“Let’s see,” Nancy said, stopping and facing a bookshelf. She described the spot well. They were in the far corner of the deserted children’s section and no one could sneak up on them. She stood for a few moments with head cocked to the side, not moving, scanning titles. Tim, heart in throat, almost walked out just then. Was this a prank? Was he about to do something to get himself arrested and charged as a sex criminal? Nancy had smiled at him but she really didn’t indicate anything out of the ordinary. Tim wasn’t especially arrogant but women did smile at him from time to time. It could have just been a smile. In the end, his cock won out and he did what he considered one of the stupidest things in his life.

His hand came to a rest on Nancy’s hip.

There was no reaction.

Nancy continued tracing book spines with her index finger. The thick material was warm from her body heat. Tim traced the lines of her underwear under the skirt with his fingers. He gave a gentle squeeze. She stepped to the right and his hand trailed along the top of her ass, round and soft. She said nothing and continued looking. Tim stepped directly behind her and put his hands on her waist. She stooped down to investigate the lower shelf and pushed her ass into Tim’s crotch. His cock swelled. His hands came up her body to her arms. He ran his fingertips along her skin from her shoulders to her wrists and back.

“I’m pretty good at this,” Nancy said to herself, “So I’ll probably find this book quickly.”

Tim could take a hint. Fully confident, his came off her arms and went around the front of her body. Her heavy breasts filled his palms. He hefted each one in turn, enjoying their weight. Tim had dated only thin, athletic women and he wasn’t used to large tits. His cock strained against his pants as he reached over her shoulder and down her blouse. His hand slid under the fabric of her bra. She didn’t make a noise, didn’t move when his fingers brushed against her nipple. He teased it between his fingertips, rolled it, and felt it harden.

Tim didn’t question the reality of what was happening. He was standing in a library, in a kid’s section no less, playing with some woman’s tits. He tried to commit every moment to memory. His heart pumped and his body zinged with excitement. How long would she let him touch her? He didn’t know but he hoped for a long time. Her big tits felt wonderful.

Tim groped her once last time and stepped back. Her skirt rustled as he pulled it up her legs and held it up around her waist. He put a hand down the back of her panties, playing with her ass. She inhaled sharply and moved her feet wider. The waistband rasped along his wrist as he reached around her hips and moved his hand along her belly. His fingers slid through a patch of soft hair and he pressed his fingers against her clit.

Nancy stiffed, her body tightening. Tim, sensing, pulled his hands out from between her legs. She relaxed and her body loosened as he continued to grope her ass. He squeezed harder and was rewarded with a quiet gasp.

Nancy finally straightened and pivoted neatly to the left. She pulled a book off the shelf.

“I found it. Here you are.” She held the hardcover out to him, her shining eyes meeting his.

Tim, turned on beyond sanity, reached for the book and placed it on top of the shelf. He looked her in the eyes as he took her hands and positioned them behind her back. Her chest stuck out, offering her breasts to him once more. He took both in his hands. His thumbs circled her nipples poking through the material of her blouse. Nancy continued to hold his gaze. She was mildly attractive in a nerdy sort of way.

“You can take it to the counter to check it out,” she finally said, glancing down at his crotch. He pulled his t-shirt out from under the belt to conceal his tented pants. Nancy turned and walked away, never looking back.

Tim left the book on shelf. He walked out of the children’s section and cruised through the lobby. The other two librarians, women, were standing behind the desk and smiling at him.

“Find everything you’re looking for?” one asked.

“Yes, thank you.”

“Maybe we will see you again?” the other one asked.

“With any luck, I’ll be back,” Tim said. The librarians laughed when he left. Maybe they were in on it too.

He got home minutes later, cock throbbing in his pants. He saw the message alert up on the website when he passed the computer. It could only mean one thing.

“Cameras In Use” was the title. Nancy had sent him a message just a few minutes ago.

There’s a sign that says we use cameras for security at the library, if you didn’t notice. I may have used a camera and the video may be posted already. Check my profile.

He did. And there he was in full-color digital. The camera, wherever she hid it, was high quality. He watched and relived the experience. Somehow seeing himself do it again and play with the woman’s body from third-person turned him on even more. Tim’s excruciatingly hard cock got harder. He stripped his pants off and stroked himself to pleasure. He hadn’t cum so quickly in a long time. Moments later, after catching his breath, Tim knew he would have to start using his local library.

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Slightly, Once Ch. 06

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I couldn’t leave her. This is the first time I’ve ever recommended reading the preceding parts. You’ll get the jokes and references.

Perfume. The perfect amount. My nose was nuzzled beneath Kim’s earlobe, and I sniffed, taking it in. My Christmas present to her. “Opium.” Intoxicating.

I hugged her tighter, and sniffed loudly. “Oh, my God, Kim! You’re so…so…irresistible!”

“Don’t make fun of me!”

“I’m not making fun of you! You’re irresistible! I want to gobble you up!”

“Stop it!”

“I do! Here, I’ll show you!” I bit her neck, lightly.

“Ow! Stop it!”

“I’m out of control! That perfume makes me wild!”

“David! Stop teasing me!”

“Teasing? Me? I would never do that. Just like you would never tease me.”

“I never tease you!”

“Never? You never tease me? So you want a list?”

“Let’s go to the fair.”

“Don’t change the subject when I’m teasing you about teasing me.”

“Do you love me?”

“Personal foul! Illegal use of the mouth! Fifteen yard penalty!”

“Do you?”

“Double technical! Illegal change of subject! Two free throws and ejection from the game!”

“If you loved me, you wouldn’t tease me.”

“Well, then, if you loved me, you wouldn’t tease me.”

“But that’s exactly why I tease you! When I tease you you’re so…adorable!”

“But that’s unfair!”


“Because, Kim, you’re adorable all the time! I don’t need to tease you to find you adorable!’

“Then, don’t!”

“But I like it.”

“And I like to tease you.”

“So, the only way you can find me adorable is when you tease me?”

“Well, not the only way.”

“When else do you find me adorable?”

“When you’re a big oaf.”

“A big oaf!”

“Yes. When you do something clumsy or oafish I just find it so…cute.”

“I’m cute when I’m a dork.”

“Well, yes.”

” So I’m adorable when you tease me, and I’m cute when I’m an oaf. Wow. Now there’s a strong basis for a relationship. How flattering.”

“Oaf! Those aren’t the only two words I think of when describing you.”

“Let’s go to the fair.”

“Oh no, Buster. You started this, so you can take it like a man.”

“OK. What other words do you use?”

“Handsome. Sensitive. Caring. Wonderful. Loving. Generous. Thoughtful. Sexy. Delicious.”

“Now you’re just trying to weasel out of it. Penalties still apply.”

“What are you going to do? Spank me?”

There was a long silence while I engaged in a delightful daydream. “That might not be a bad idea. Would you like that?”

“Depends,” she said, with a trace of wickedness, “On what else we were doing at the time.”

“Kiss me, you fool,” I said, reaching for her.

Let’s take a moment and describe what I reached for. Six feet of lithe All-American basketball player, long blonde hair loose on her shoulders. A perfect, athletic body, incredible long legs. Mesmerizing blue eyes, and incredible charisma. She was spectacular in every way.

And today, a hot mid-summer day, had brought her to her front door in her father’s white Oxford shirt, unbuttoned, sleeves rolled up, a navy blue tube top that emphasized nice-sized breasts by just hinting at cleavage and clinging so nicely. The famous cutoffs, and way at the other end of those legs, sneakers and rolled-down socks. She also wore the necklace and earrings I had given her for Christmas, along with the perfume that had started all this trouble. Casual, yet elegant.

“No more teasing, David,” she said plaintively, and kissed me.

“You’re just trying to escape.”

“Yup. I don’t want to tease any more.”

“Won’t the shirt be hot today outside?”

“Maybe, but it hangs down enough to cover my butt.”


“I don’t want guys staring at my butt.”

“What about me?”

“In your case, think of it as the reverse: Touch, But Don’t Look.”

“Mmm. Sounds good to me. Can I ask you a question?”


“Where else did you dab perfume other than your ears?” I grinned.

“A girl never tells. You’ll just have to find out for yourself. Let’s go!”

I figured I’d have to find a way to find out later, as she brushed past me and walked to the car. I had to run to catch up and open the door for her, as I always did. It earned a smile and thanks.

Since we had decided on college, the whole atmosphere of our relationship had improved. It was like being relieved from pain that you didn’t realize you had. All of a sudden, everything was better. Kim had signed on to Duke at a press conference, coach in attendance, reporters, flashes of cameras, film cameras. It was before the day of portable video. We watched her on local TV that night. I had given my formal letter of acceptance of my academic scholarship to Duke to one of the representatives, who more-or-less dismissively put the folded letter in her briefcase. That was fine. It was Kim’s moment.

From that point on, we made a quantum leap closer. Not physically, but emotionally. It was like our spirits emerged from our bodies poker oyna and merged. It was a little weird. I could almost always read her mind, and she mine. While we never had arguments, we did disagree sometimes over little things, but understood that they were little things, and so we could always settle differences quickly. Sometimes we pretended to argue, just so we could kiss and make up. The making up part was always so sweet, that eventually we dispensed with the argument part.

In other words, I learned about unlimited love. I had thought that I couldn’t love her any more than I did. But each day, love grew. We’d talk about that, shaking our heads in amazement while we giggled. “How can it get any better?” we’d ask each other. Then it would, and a week later we’d ask again, usually sharing a milkshake, cheeks touching as we used two straws. A heart can stretch to any size, and keep on stretching. Love becomes infinite when you have someone like Kim.

We were off to the county fair for the day. Typically hot, the fair was the gathering place for young people, and we were bound to see many friends.

“I want to see the farm animals,” I said.

“I want you to win me prizes on the Midway,” Kim said.

“Maybe I want you to win me prizes?”

“Nope. I’m the girl here. I deserve to be pampered.”

The fair was hot, crowded, and fun. I always had fun watching men watch Kim. She was a guy magnet, no question about it. While she seemed oblivious to it, she had, in fact, worn the white shirt. For her part, she would hold my hand or take my arm, clearly establishing territory (not that other girls gave me a second look, except to see what a stunning package like Kim would choose. I’m pretty sure they were disappointed in her taste.), and also signaling to the guys that she was taken. It reassured me, not that I really needed it.

We ate really bad, expensive food: tasteless Italian sausages with limp onions and peppers, fatty hot dogs with too many trimmings, fried dough sprinkled with too much powdered sugar, cotton candy that stuck to your nose, French fries dripping in grease with runny ketchup, Sno-cones with too-sweet syrup melting all over your hand, fresh-squeezed lemonade watered down by too many ice cubes. A fair is meant to be eaten through, in my experience, to heck with the cost. Or quality. I would burp and pat my belly. Kim would feign disgust at my manners. We would laugh and hold hands.

We strolled the aisles in the barns looking at the cows, hogs, horses, and sheep. We laughed at the looks of some of the exotic chickens. We perused the displays of prize-winning pies, cakes, and cookies. I bought Kim a thick leather belt adorned with lots of metal bits, large enough for her to wear loose around the shirt, slung low on her hips. I told her it was sexy, which was no lie. It accentuated the flare of her slim hips even over the shirt, and drew attention down to her classic legs. I think every guy in the place over the age of twelve stared at her. Younger ones, too.

We spent time with friends, going to the Demolition Derby in the sun on a hot afternoon. It was really loud, and I can’t admit to becoming a lifelong fan. We laughed a lot, and even our friends saw our closeness. They were true friends, and happy for us. We were so obviously in love.

We made it to the Midway after yet another round of food, in the evening when the summer sun was low. Kim in low, warm sunset light was breathtaking. I’d like to say that my distraction with her beauty was the reason I sucked so badly at winning her prizes, but if truth be told, it was oafishness. I wondered how cute I was.

Kim was a little impatient. “Oh, here, let me try!” She did, and won. She did again, and won. A third time, and won.

“This is fun!”

“Yeah, I really enjoy being shown up by my girlfriend.”

“Don’t be a grouch. Being a grouch cancels out the cuteness of being an oaf.”

She kept on winning most of the time. She also won the hearts of every hard-core carny in every booth with her warm smile and laughter. I think she got better prizes than most other winners. I was loaded down carrying all of them.

“I want that stuffed dog!” she said, pointing at a huge St, Bernard with a pink hanging tongue mounted on the wall behind the carny.

“OK. But it’s my turn.” I gave the money to the carny. He handed me a pellet rifle. “How many hits to win the big dog?”

“Eight out of ten,” he said, lethargically. It had been a long, hot day.

I approached it scientifically, figuring that the sight on the rifle was off, intentionally. Not much room to spare, needing eight out of ten. And the targets were moving. Squeezing off a test shot, I predictably missed, but I had a good idea of how the sight was off, and had a sense of how far to lead the target. Taking a deep breath, I aimed.

To make a long story slightly shorter, I hit the next eight in a row. For a capper, I hit the last one, too.

The carny looked at me angrily, and took the dog off the wall. “Not to you,” he said.’ “To her.” He handed the stuffed animal canlı poker oyna to Kim with a smile, who was clapping and hopping up and down. She took it and hugged it tight. The carny’s grin widened. He gave me thumbs-up with a laugh. I think she made his day.

“I can’t top that,” I said. “Let’s go home.”

“Or somewhere,” she said mysteriously, eyes flashing. How did she do that?.

Weighted down by all our treasures, we walked what felt like miles to my car. Kim hugged the big dog, and all the guys looked envious of it. The treasures and prizes went in the trunk, except the dog. It rode in the back seat.

Kim was all smiles. I got a huge hug and smooch when I climbed behind the wheel. Pressed against me in the middle of the bench seat, I could feel her silky leg along the length of my thigh.

I started the car, and we had another adventure trying to get out of the parking lot with hundreds of other cars also leaving. We chatted about the day. There was nothing we could do except be patient.

“Where can we go that’s private?” Kim asked, eyes soft and seductive.

“Hmm. Let’s go to the park. By the time we get there the pool will be closed, and there are some secluded spots in the parking lot.”

“Sounds good!” Kim kissed my neck. Just the thought of parking with Kim had me hard as stone. We’d never parked before.

Forty-five minutes to get out of the lot. She had made her suggestion after five, so I was a little less patient after that, but it made no difference.

Finally, we were free of the fair’s parking lot. Kim put her hand on my obvious bulge. “Finally!” She sighed. “I didn’t want to do this with all those cars around.” She unzipped my shorts, dug into the fly and brought out my hardon. Adjusting herself, she took me into her mouth.

“Kim, I don’t know how safe this is,” I panted.

“Keep your mind on your driving,” she said, and resumed sucking. I could feel her smile as her lips slid on my shaft.

“That’s easy for you to say,” I said.

“It is,” she replied. “I’m concentrating on what I’m doing. Why can’t you?”

“Teasing again,” I said.

She took me all the way down her throat, her nose in my pubic hair. When she came up, she gasped. “I don’t think that quite qualifies as teasing.”

“This is so unfair,” I said.

“Too bad!” And she swallowed me again.

“Kim, this is dangerous.”

“Only if you crash.”

“Why only if I crash?”

“I’m liable to clench my teeth.”

Now, there was the unthinkable. So I thought about it. I actually felt pain at the idea. I steadfastly put my mind on my driving, but the two opposite distractions were considerable.

Relieved to have arrived safely, I parked the car in the swimming pool parking lot under the branches of a huge oak tree in a corner, deep in shadow and more-or-less out of sight. Shutting off the lights, I raised Kim’s head from my crotch and took her chin in my hands, kissing her. She giggled and kissed back.

“That’s one of the nicest car rides I’ve ever taken,” she said.

“That’s because you weren’t in mortal terror,” I said.

“Scaredy cat,” she said. “I knew you could do it.”

“Let me kiss you”

“Yes, please!”

We necked, kissed, Frenched, nibbled. After a few minutes, my hand worked inside the Oxford and cupped a tube-topped breast. Her nipple poked the fabric, and I caressed it. She took my hand and moved it to the top of the tube, taking my finger and hooking it into her cleavage. She looked at me, eyes hungry.

“Take the hint.”

Slowly, I pulled down the tube top with my finger. Soon, it was around her waist, exposing her beautiful breasts to the warm summer night air. My hand resumed its caresses, now on bare, soft skin. Soft except for hard nipples and goose bumps on aureoles. Her breathing was getting a little labored. We kissed for a long time.

I bent to kiss a breast, and took a furtive sniff. “Perfume!” I declared.

“Caught me,” she admitted with a smile. I kissed her nipples a little more, then resumed with her lips. My hand came up, and I kneaded and pinched and held and rubbed.

Her hand took my forearm, and pulled it off her breast. Moving it down, she slid her hand to my hand, and put me between her legs, spreading them. This time, I needed no hint. I cupped her pussy through her cutoffs. Her hand moved and grasped my dick, still exposed from the drive, standing it vertically and stroking it, stopping her fingers just under my head, with a firm grasp.

I unsnapped the cutoffs, and lowered the zipper. Putting my hand inside, she lifted up so I could wrap my hand and cup her, my fingers on her labia. I began rubbing her pussy. She rocked against me. Our lips were locked, as we took turns sucking each other’s tongues. I felt her wetness against my fingers. My middle one found its way, and I penetrated her. I continued stroking her with my hand, finger inside, palm against her clit. Her breathing increased, her stroking of my cock more urgent, her bucking against my hand more energetic. It excited me to feel her climax building. I added my index finger, my palm massaging her clitoris. I fucked her with my hand, and she was more than excited.

Then she came, pushing against my hand, breaking our kiss, and moaning. She bucked and bucked, and slowly came down.

“Take me into the back seat and make love to me,” she said, looking into my eyes.

I looked in the back seat. “It’s occupied.”

“You mean, Hubert?”


“That’s what I’ve decided to name him. Hubert.”

“Well, Hubert’s taking up a lot of space.”

“Can we fit there with him?”

“Are you asking me for a threesome?” She slapped my arm. “I don’t know if I’m ready to share you, even though it might be a turnon to watch.” She punched me, hard, in the arm. “I was curious about whether you wanted him for that big tongue.” For emphasis, I stuck mine out at her. That made her laugh.

“No, silly. But is there room?”

“Tell you what, Hubert can drive the getaway car if we need it.”

In a moment, Hubert was installed behind the wheel. Both back doors were open, because both being so tall, we needed the room. I found myself with a beautiful naked woman lying on top of me on the back seat. Oh, and my clothes seemed to have been shed, too. My boner was squeezed between us, stretching from her pubic hair to nearly her navel. She kissed me and tickled my chin with her hand.

“I would be delighted to have you crush my ears with your legs,” I offered. “I may not have Hubert’s tongue, but as the lady says: ‘It ain’t the meat, it’s the motion!'”

“You just want to know if I put perfume down there.”

“I will admit to curiosity along with my desire to please you.”

“Thank you, but I need you inside me.”

“Ah, well. Maybe next time.”

“That’s a date. And by the way, yes.”



“Oh. Thank you for telling me,” I kissed her.

“Dave, I want you so much!” She moved her hips, and almost magically, my penis inserted itself into her. She moved again and I sank all the way. We held each other, kissed, and just enjoyed the feeling, the stillness. In that moment, skin-on-skin for the length of our bodies, stillness was all we needed.

Bzzzzzt. Mosquito. Looking down, in the dim light I could see one on her butt. I smacked it. Bullseye. I flicked the corpse off with my finger.

“Spanking me, huh? You couldn’t wait to do that.”


“Yeah, right.”

“I saved you from malaria.”

“You smacked my cheek.”

“I did. It was a selfless act.”

I smacked the other cheek.

“Ow! What was that for?”

“I needed to restore balance to the universe.”


“I felt the universe was tilting to one side because I had only smacked you on one cheek. I had to restore balance to everything by smacking your other one.”

“That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.”

“But it’s true. Would you have wanted to slide off the seat as everything tilted? I haven’t vacuumed the floor of the car.”

“You’re teasing again.”

“It was another totally selfless act.”

“I’d prefer a different selfless act.” She clamped her pussy muscles around me.

“Can I spank you later? You deserve to be punished for teasing me the way you did.”

Her eyes closed, and she rocked atop me. “You can do anything you want as long as he’s where he is.”

Instead of spanking (or balancing the entire universe), I grabbed two hands full of delightful butt. “OK, then how’s this?” I countered her thrusting with my own, moving her hips with my hands.

Her breathing picking up, “Oh, yes, David, you can punish me this way any time. Punish me more! I’m such a bad girl.” She started really fucking me. I kept steady, letting her do most of the work. Watching her ass buck up and down in the soft light was an incredibly erotic sight. My hands cupped warm flesh and just followed along.

She sat up, putting her hands on my chest, and grinding her pussy on my cock. “Fill me up! Punish me with that cock! Fuck me, David! Fuck me!”

I did. She did. We did. She rose and fell and I looked down to watch. I loved to see myself penetrating her. Stiff rod parting her puffy lips. Her hair hung down and tickled my chest. I moved it out of the way for a better look, ending up holding her chin in both hands. She panted, working towards an orgasm.

Me, too. No way I was going to last.

“Kim, here…I…cum!” I arched my back and my cum burst into her womb. She cried out and froze, orgasm flowing from her in wave after wave. It was always so special when we came together, bodies and spirits merging, love welling up. It was a full-body, almost out-of-body experience. The intensity surpassed description. It was sublime.

Kim lay on top of me, and we snuggled with millions of little kisses. We lay that way for quite a while. Fortunately, no more mosquitoes. I could just rest my hands on her butt, or stroke her back. Soft breezes rustled the leaves overhead. The night was perfect.

“Dave?” she asked with a lilt.

“Yes, my love?”

“Oh! It still gives me goose bumps to hear you say that! But Dave?”

“Yes, my most darling love?”

“Now you’re teasing! Stop it!”

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Legend of Mustang Sally Pt. 01

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Introduction, this is a 4 part fictional story, told from a woman’s perspective. Its about horny old ladies, going to a fraternity house, to get their rocks off. Think modern day, with 1970s frat house etiquette. Some sexual violence, and racial slurs, along with a pathetic attempt for comedy. Special thanks to Brian Griffin from Rhode Island for editing. Brain also wants people to know, there’s no underage Shenanigans going on in this story.


Part one.

In the beginning.

My son, just got accepted into a fairly good University that’s a couple of hours away from our home. Finding it difficult to be happy for him, knowing my past indiscretions are link to my son’s college of choice. Before getting into the weeds, on how I was recognized by former acquaintances, when tagging along on a college campus tour. It’s best to start from the beginning, before giving an over arching reason, that is my immediate cause for concern.

Years ago, my husband and I were separated.

Thinking divorce was in our future, because of our constant fighting. I never thought for a moment the marriage would end up being saved. Otherwise, my decision during that time would have been much different.

A long time friend, thats never been married, and was in her late 30s at the time. Not to use her real name, I’ll call her Amy, just to keep things moving. She a tall, leggy, blond, with a taste for the younger male companionship. Amy’s life has always been a revolving door of endless partying. Convincing me to get out of the house for a weekend, to meet some of her boy toys.

Thinking it would be fun to peek into her love life, or at the very least, get some free drinks.

We eventually set off on our girls night out.

It wasn’t until after the two hour drive, when we pulled up to a frat house. This of course being the same university my son and I, would be taking a campus tour of, three years later.

Amy, finally deciding to tell me where the parties at, saying, “we’re here. This is the place where I meet most of my boyfriends. I know what you’re thinking, but if I told you we’re going to a college party, you would have bailed on me tonight.” Amy said, while convincing me to get out of her car. “I’ve known most of these guys for awhile, so don’t worry, they just like to party. Who Knows, you might even get a chance to cheat on that prick of a husband, before the divorce is final.”

Being a couple years older than Amy, I held up nicely for a woman who had just turned 40. I always ate healthy, stayed away from gluten, jogged at least four times a week. Wouldn’t say I’m tall, and skinny like Amy, but definitely not fat. Being a Latina, I hold most of my calories in my ass, tits, and legs. I believe the best description for my body type would be voluptuous.

Even though Amy was joking, I thought if opportunity presented itself in the form of a young man, seeking to practice good bedroom etiquette, with a married woman. Of course depending on if, and only if, I’m attracted to him. Celebrating the ending of my marriage with a bang, sounded like a good idea to me. Besides, I didn’t spend hours putting on makeup, to then walk around in fuck me pumps all night. Just so I could be the only person knowing, what my designer bra, and panties look like with my clothes off.

Being mostly fraternity guys at the party, there were handful of other young college girls at the house. Nervous, before walking into the party with Amy, I heard one the girls shout, “who the fuck invited their moms.” I started blushing immediately.

“These college bitches are always like this when they’re drunk. I fucked a lot of their boyfriends, so they don’t care for my company.” Amy said to me, before waving at a guy standing on the staircase.

Amy, then introduced me around to the group of young men before slipping away. They were all very nice and plight young gentlemen. I knew that they all saw me as an easy lay, considering who I came to the party with. Not to say there wasn’t any attractive young men there. It just felt like I was partying with my son’s friends. Thinking if I was going to celebrate the ending of my marriage with a bang, it definitely wasn’t going to happen with anyone at that party.

Having three Long Island teas, and being talked into several shots of tequila, all while rapidly becoming the center of attention. Thinking, Amy has known these guys for some time now. I stupidly put my trust in a bunch of frat daddies.

Waking up the next morning, in a strangers bed, only to find my bra on the floor, with a pile of used condoms inside the cups.

Unable to find my panties, and deciding to leave my bra where it was. I then put my dress on, after retrieving it off the poker oyna ceiling fan.

With spiked heels in hand, trying to walk downstairs with out anyone noticing me, only being able to take three steps on the staircase.

Amy, still drunk in the living room, looking up at me on the staircase. Slurring her word, with a fuck you grin on her face. “Its soon to be, divorced mother of the year! Plenty of pledges, saw your big Mexican jumping tits in their point of view last night. Can you say, choo choo! Just look up at the wall, that number is nasty.” Amy yelled excitedly, playing announcer to my arrival.

Soon thereafter, other drunk party goers started shouting, “Mustang Sally, Mustang Sally!” Not my name by the way.

Noticing, my lemon yellow lace hip huggers, stapled next to several other women’s panties. Along with a placeholder underneath, with my full maiden name, and a double digit number. Amy’s panties where there to. She had the number 6 next to her name. The numbers of course being a representation of the different guys who banged you from that fraternity house. In one night, I fucked more then double what Amy had on her best night coming to these parties.

Still standing on the staircase, as a chubby young man coming up behind me, holding my bra in hand. “Mrs, you for got your bloomers. I retrieved them from the floor I did. Perhaps a small token of that spanish rump, for me troubles.” The fat fuck said to me, while doing a bad British accent.

Upset, realizing what happened, while the continued shooting, of “Mustang Sally” was rattling my central nervous system. With my breath smelling of several dicks, I spit in his fat face, simultaneously silencing the crowd in the living room. Not pleased with my reaction. The chubby young man, still holding my bra, grabbed a handful of used condoms, then slapped me across the face.

“You have offended my honor, and I challenge you to a dual. For God and queen, I shall make mincemeat of you. Unguard Spanish harlot.” The chubby young man said, grabbing his crotch, while laughing uncontrollably. Followed by the crowd in the living room shouting, “fuck,” repeatedly.

Standing there, with a mixture of semen, lubricant, and my own vaginal juices dripping off my left cheek. I still remembered the weight of ejaculate infused condoms, hitting my face, and loud slapping noise it made.

Most of the night however, was fuzzy at best, and a complete blackout at times. Remembering things in pieces, starting with playing drinking games in the kitchen the night before.

Finishing off my last two shots, noticing the time was after 11 p.m..

I went upstairs looking for Amy to see where she might have disappeared to.

As I roamed the second floor. Three guys, standing outside a bedroom door, on the far in of the hall, started waving in my direction. Approaching closer to the three, the bedroom door they were standing next to opens up, and I see Amy, looking like a nude corpse. Her eyes wide open, while on her back at the edge of the bed. My vision locked, on the young man’s nude muscular frame, and seemingly heavy thick cock, ruthlessly going to town on Amy’s insides.

Looking more like a serial killer having sex with one of his dead victims. With Amy’s legs spread, and arms just laying at her side, not making a peep. That’s when I noticed ejaculate slowly dripping out of her mouth.

“Don’t worry, that’s just moose in your friend’s hair.” One of the fraternity bro’s said, standing in front of the doorway.

Taking a closer look, I could see small chunks of coagulated ejaculate mixed in with the hair follicles. The sick fuck that was on top of my friend, start fucking her mouth manually, moving Amy’s head around with his hand.

As I stood in the hall way looking forward into the bedroom. I could hear the wet plunging sound that a dick makes entering in and out of my friend’s throat. Watching Amy, completely inebriated, as Robert, who’s name I come to find out later. His eyes lock on to mine, while he mouth the words, “do you like what you see pervert.” I immediately turned around and started heading back towards the stairs.

With my hart rate up, from what I just witnessed, not wanting that for myself. I abandoned my friend to the mercy of horny 18, and 20 something year old boys. Feeling guilty, making it to the staircase, with my last two shots of tequila now kicking in.

I can see the front door at the bottom of the stairs for my exit, coming in and out of focus. As a pair of strong arms wrapped around my waist.

Followed by a man’s voice, saying, “mrs Sawyer, let me help you to your room.” Not my real name by the way.

Not remembering how I got on the waterbed, besides being extremely tired. canlı poker oyna It felt like I was paralyzed with the ability to feel everything. Words leaving my mouth, came out as incoherent rambling. With no energy to resist, my arms now rubbery useless objects hanging at my sides. Face down in the sheets, completely slouched over, with my knees tucked underneath my stomach. Feet in spiked heels, hanging off the side of the bed, and my dress pulled half way up my back.

As guys, drunkenly walked around the room, occasionally bumping up against the bed’s wooden box frame. Besides hearing music playing downstairs, as young men told jokes at my expense, while the sound of cellphone cameras started going off. I could feel several hands roaming around my body. From going underneath my panties, play a game of finger trap, to pinching my nipples, and squeezing my breast.

After the boys had a brief discussion, on leaving my spiked heels on, and who would go first. I could feel someone pulling down my panties around my thighs.

Blinking Christmas lights, stringed around the room for illumination. With my head turned to the side, I saw the first of many who would have me that night. He looked fresh out of high school, matter of fact they all did. I’m not sure, but I might have been the sacrificial ass, for making it into the fraternity.

The first guy, was having a hard time getting it in.

I could feel the head of his penis pressed up against my vaginal lips, only to slip underneath me, going between my thighs, and rubbing up against the top of my stomach. Complaining that my pussy was to tight.

The guy next in line, impatiently waiting for his turn, started yelling, “then get the fuck out of the way! I didn’t spend all night listening to this bitch complain about her husband, only to find out now, the prick going first, is to drunk to stick it in!”

As the young man continued to try, I could feel my vaginal lips opening up just enough for the tip of his cock to enter me.

Three hard thrust later, he was now on the inside, fucking me like the world was going to end.

As the others waiting for their turn, started to encouraging each other by chanting. “1, 2, 3, 4, we’re bouncing on another whore! 5, 6, 7, 8, someone’s mom, will be home late! 9, 10, 11, 12, hurry up, her pussy smells!”

Someone then lifted my head off the mattress by my hair, as my lower jaw opens my mouth, by the sheer force of gravity.

With the first, of what would be certainly more dicks to come.

My mouth had became the seconded hole to be penetrated by a cock. The sound of a dick plunging with the top of my throat, as saliva drooled off my bottom lip, wetting his ball bag when it occasional came in contact with my chin.

From behind me, was the galloping sounds of a horse high stepping on wet pavement. I could feel two fingers up my ass, while my clit was getting slapped by heavy wrecking balls. My thighs dripping wet from being fucked so hard. To eventually hitting my wall with his last couple of thrust. It was so painful, I let out a squeal that sent everyone laughing.

Five minutes, and under, was the average time from when the commuters got on, and off the train. Even if I was sober, I would’ve had a hard time keeping up. Like the little steam engine that couldn’t, I was flying down a bullet train track, slamming into every bump at full speeds.

Sometime during the second guy humping me I passed out.

Maybe five minutes, or an hour later. Finding myself on my back, completely nude, as Robert is holding my head up with one hand, and forcing my right erect nipple into my mouth. Humping me just as brutally when I first saw him on top of Amy.

With my eyes bulging out, looking up at him. “I can see why your husband is divorcing you. You’ve been spreading your legs like a whore, all night.” Robert said, as he started hitting me in the face, using my breast as a battering tool. Repeating, “Stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself!”

Amy, standing in the doorway to the room with only a t-shirt on, giving me hand signals from thumbs up, to the electric shock. Before walking over to whisper in Robert’s ear, as he pulls out of me, removing the condom while approaching my face.

At this point I’m able to move, but was unable to think clearly about putting up any protest against what was being implemented. Robert, kneeling on my right side, masturbating over my face. As another young man takes his turn fucking me.

My legs, now position in the air, with spiked heels just reaching over the young man’s head. The sweat, from his upper body running down the backs of my legs, soaking the bed sheet underneath me. Applying pressure between my crotch with his body, stimulating my clit as he slowly rubbed up against it.

While a hairy sweaty nut sack, sponged off my anus, like a fat tongue giving me a rim job.

Wasting no time, he starts pounding away like his brothers before him. His sweaty nutsack, now like tiny fist, punching on the rim of my anus. Eventually he grabs my ankles, while leading his fellow fraternity Brothers, in singing the school fight song.

Moving my ankles, like they where cheerleader pom poms, he starts punching back and forth. Followed by spreading my legs in a in a V formation, before closing them together in rhythm to their singing. I let out several high pitch moans in Spanish, every time my spiked heels clapped together.

I sounded like, “I, I, I I I, I I I I, I I!”

As I hear Robert’s voice, hovering over me, saying, “I think the whore likes it. Thats the sound they make in their native language when giving their approval.”

Then followed, by all the boys going back to chanting. “1, 2, 3, 4, we’re bouncing on another whore! 5, 6, 7, 8, hurry up, It’s getting late!”

Watching everything that was happening in the room, from mirrors placed on the ceiling. Robert, pulling on his dick, to being humped senselessly in a ongoing gangbang. With every thrust, the waterbed, and my boobs rippled, from the young man’s lap slapping up against my bottom.

Exhausted, and still very much so drunk. I start seeing the room spinning in slow motion. From the ceiling fan propellers over head, to the blinking Christmas lights flashing different colors. Now nauseated, feeling like I was in a hypnotic trance, a natural occurrence started to dictate my actions. Going off instinct alone, I begin to lightly scratch Roberts ball bag with my greenish turquoise colored fingernails. As I then watched three streams of ejaculate burst out of his penis, each seeming to float in the air for three seconds, before landing on my face.

The guy fucking me then pulls out, removing his condom while making a clinched fist around his dick. Telling me to open my mouth, before getting the head of his cock behind the back of my teeth. Releasing the grip around his cock. I could feel the penis pulsating between my lips, as warm ejaculate began to fill up the inside of my mouth. Attempting to swallow, I immediately started gagging from the taste, spitting it out on the pillow next to me.

Like a dog, that just pissed on the carpet. Laughing, Robert starts pushing my face, into the semen soaked pillow, before saying, “look at what you did! Next time, you swallow that shit. Do you understand me?”

My friend Amy had left the room sometime after Robert ejaculated. Even if she was still there, I’m doubtful she would have been much help. Unable to speak coherently in response that I understood. Robert moves his butt hole over my face, spreading his cheeks apart, with the rim of his anus puckering up, he gives me an ultimatum. Eat his ass out, or he was going to take a shit on my face.

Of course I treated the situation like ice cream in a waffle cone rapidly melting on a hot summer day. Except for the knowledge knowing, it wouldn’t be a delicious rocky road splattering all over the place. Giving big licks between his ass cheeks, before shoving about a inch of my tongue up his spincter. I went to town on the rim of his anus, like it was my first time french kissing my boyfriend, when I was in the eighth grade. Basically, just stuck my tongue out far as I could, and hoped for the best.

Not to go into what I was obviously tasting, but it’s not hard to imagine what was collecting inside my mouth. Fearful of what Robert might do if I spit it out. I did my best to try and keep it from going down. However, the more ass I licked, the more saliva built up in my mouth, naturally I swallowed everything. From what he might have had for breakfast that morning, to the bits of toilet paper crumbling around the inside of my mouth, from the last time he wiped his ass.

While I was in the middle of snacking on recycled food, the sound of a spray bottle starts going off. I could feel cold soapy water hitting the backs of my legs and crotch area.

Like a piece of gym equipment being cleaned up for the next user to come and do his repetitions. As the last guy who ejaculated in my mouth, wipes off his sweat from my body using a towel.

As Robert gets up from sitting on my face.

Knowing the train would be pulling back out of the station, while I watched the next guy in line strip off his underwear.

No longer wanting to witness anymore. I deliberately close my eyes to pass out, dreaming of a warm rain showers, before waking up at 5 a.m., smelling like bleach. Only to find my bra on the floor, with used condoms inside the cups. And my dress slowly spinning around on the ceiling fan.

End of part one.

From the mind of, Epcy 6,9, & Angry Hubby.

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Justice of the Peace

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My name is Scott. I’m a Justice of the Peace in a small rural county in a western state. Things are quiet out here. I help the police occasionally, help sort out land titles and deeds, preside over our small claims court, and perform marriages. I have a small office at the Town Hall, nothing fancy, just a place to work.

I had wanted to be a lawyer, but life got in the way. My girlfriend got pregnant when I was in my first year of law school. So, we got married. Our baby was born but, tragically, he was a sick little fella. He died before he’d turned three. After that, my wife and I just grew farther apart until we finally split up.

That was a while ago. Now I’m 38, I never remarried. The death of my son, and of my marriage, kind of put a damper on my desire for a relationship, I guess. I fell into this Justice of the Peace job and I’ve been doing it for 15 years. I’ve got a place in the country on a little piece of land and I’m happy there. I mean, I’m a good looking guy and everything, thin and strong, and people like me OK. But, I like my privacy.


So anyway, I perform marriages one day per month. Some months nobody gets married, other months two or three couples show up to tie the knot. I had just finished marrying a young couple last month and was back in my office when there was a knock at the door. In walks a big long-haired fella.

“Are you Scott Waters?” he asked.

“I am. What can I do for you?” I’d seen this guy around before. He’d had a few legal scrapes. I knew that he was a heavy truck mechanic.

“I’d like for you to marry my girl and I next month. I’m Calvin Clark.”

“Alright, Calvin, you’ll have to fill out these forms and pay the fee. You can just take them with you and bring them back, with your check, next month on the 15th at 1 PM. Those papers tell you everything you need to do, like get blood tests, provide some folks as witnesses, and get a marriage license.” I handed him the paperwork.

“Thank you, Mr. Waters. Well, the thing is that my girl and I have a sort of special request to ask of you.”

“I’m all ears.”

“You see, my girl is a bit of a wild thing. So am I, I guess. Anyhow, the way she has always thought of her wedding day is a little, well, kinky.”

Now, we didn’t get much of this sort of thing out here. Folks are pretty straight-laced and, well, boring I guess. But, hey, it was their wedding day and I tried to give people what they wanted. I looked at Calvin and waited.

“She wants to be having an orgasm when she says ‘I do’.”

I nearly dropped my coffee cup. “Say that again?”

“You heard right. She and I want her to be cumming when she says ‘I do’. We won’t touch each other. But, she’ll be wearing a vibrator and she’ll have an orgasm during the ceremony.”

To say that I was stunned would be an understatement. I just looked at him for a minute or two. I don’t consider myself to be a prude or anything, but this was a new one on me.

“Look, Calvin, I can sort of understand you folks wanting to do this, but you have to understand. I’m a county official and this is a public building. We can’t do this sort of stuff here.”

Calvin stared at me for a few seconds, then set the paperwork back on my desk. “Alright, Scott, I guess we’ll just have to look for another county or something. Thanks for your time.” He rose and moved toward the door.

I don’t know what came over me. I knew that this was nuts, but I spoke anyway. “Now, just hold your horses, Calvin. Sit down.” I had an idea. Calvin sat back down.

“OK, Calvin, we’d have to do this on a Sunday when this building is closed. We can’t have the County Clerk or somebody walking in. The 15th is a Friday next month. How about if I marry you on Sunday the 17th? Let’s say four PM. We’ll be alone here and you can do what you want.”

“Alright, Scott! That’s what I wanted to hear. You won’t believe how much this means to me and Tricia.”

“Just keep your traps shut about this. Bring another couple to be witnesses poker oyna and don’t tell anybody else. I could get in some deep shit if you do.”

“You’ve got my word. Nobody else will know.” Smiling widely, Calvin stood up and grabbed the pile of paperwork. I stood, we shook hands, and Calvin went out.


What the hell was I doing? I’ve asked myself that many times in the last few weeks. I finally decided that I was just bored. Life was dull, and here was something different. I guess I just wanted to be a part of somebody else’s life that had some excitement in it.


When I got to the Town Hall at 3:45 there was another car waiting for me, with Calvin at the wheel. I had decided that we’d pull our cars inside, into the Township truck repair shop, so that nobody driving by would notice that we were here. I had a door opener on the visor of my truck and hit the button, then waved for Calvin to follow me inside.

As the garage door closed I got out of my truck. Calvin and his party piled out of his car, and I led them back to my office. I stuck out my hand to Calvin. “Hello, Calvin, are you folks ready to go?” We shook hands.

“You bet, Scott. This is my girl Tricia, and these are our friends Bart and Angie.”

Tricia pushed forward. She was dressed in a denim jacket, a little black skirt, and high-heeled boots. She was pretty, with long dark hair falling around her shoulders. “Ooo, Scott, glad to finally meet the man that’s going to make my naughty wedding dream come true.” She quickly wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a kiss on the cheek. She smelled good.

“Leave some for me, Tricia.” Angie nudged her friend aside. “Well, well, who would have guessed that our Justice of the Peace was such a handsome rascal?” Angie was blond, and oozed a sort of sex appeal. She was dressed just like Angie. “And I hear that you’re single? I love single men.” Before I could react she had me in a tight hug and was kissing my cheek.

Angie finally let me go, and Bart stepped up and held out his hand. “Hi Scott, I think we met at the police station once when I was young and stupid. Thanks for doing this, these crazy girls have been planning this for a long time.”

“My pleasure, Bart, glad to help out. Now, why don’t we get the paper work out of the way, then I’ll see about marrying you two.”

Calvin had all the forms filled out. We spent a few minutes going over them and getting signatures, getting everything squared away.

As Calvin and I finished, Bart spoke. “I’m going to set up a couple of video cameras out front, Scott. Why don’t you show me where everybody will be standing? That will give the girls a chance to get ready back here.”

“Sounds good. Follow me.” I led Bart into the big room that we used as a court room and for marriages and showed him around. He had two video cameras that he set on tripods on opposite front sides. Calvin came in a moment later carrying an old boom box. He was wearing black leather pants and a leather dinner jacket with no shirt.

“The girls are almost ready. Are you ready to go, Scott?”

“Ready when you are,” I replied. Calvin set the stereo on the floor and hit the play button. A traditional wedding march began playing. Bart started the cameras, and I took my place near the front.

No sir, I wasn’t ready for what came next. I’d wondered for a month how they were going to do this, even done a little fantasizing. But I didn’t expect this.

The door opened and Angie strode in taking short, slow, measured strides toward us. She was stark naked except for her tall black boots. The view from the front showed a pretty, smiling face over a pair of big, firm tits over a small flower bouquet. Further down was a hairless mound over a prominent pussy, the protruding labia painted with red makeup. She stared into my eyes and watched me take in the sight.

When she got next to me she turned to face Bart. Sticking out of her ass was the end of what must have been a butt plug attached canlı poker oyna to what looked like a short horse tail. She kissed Bart passionately, then turned and kissed Calvin the same way.

Holy shit, what had I gotten myself into?

Calvin, Bart and Angie then turned back to face the door again. Angie brought me out of my stupor with a wink and a nod toward the door, so I turned, too.

In walked Tricia. She was also naked except for her boots. She walked slowly and proudly as we all stared. Her dark hair was piled on her head, highlighting her pretty face, delicate ears and long smooth neck. Her large, pale tits swayed as she walked. They were capped with big, thick nipples that each had a large, gold ring through them. She held a small bouquet at her waist. Below, her pubic hair was shaved in the shape of an arrow that pointed down to her pussy.

Strapped firmly over her pussy was what must have been a vibrator. A thin, black strap went around each thigh, another went up and over each hip. She looked stunning and excited. Like Angie, she stared into my eyes until she reached us, then turned. I looked down to see her ass. It had several bright red stripes running across her cheeks, and a butt plug and tail like Angie. She hotly kissed first Calvin, then Bart. The four of them turned to face me. Tricia and Calvin were in the middle, with Angie next to Tricia and Bart next to Calvin.

Well I’ve got to say, for a minute my mouth just refused to work. The foursome smiled at my obvious nervousness. I then watched Calvin take something from his pocket and push a button on it. I heard a soft buzzing and saw Tricia jerk, then smile.

“It’s a remote control for her vibrator,” Calvin smiled. “Why don’t you do my part first, then do Tricia’s?”

I shook my head side to side and we all burst out laughing. I guess that broke the tension, I could finally speak. I felt almost giddy.

“We are here today to join this couple in marriage. Calvin, do you come here today of your own free will, to take Tricia to be your wife?”

Calvin held up the remote control and pushed the button. The buzzing got louder and Tricia’s knees nearly buckled. “Yes,” he replied.

“Do you promise to keep and care for her, through good and bad, for as long as you both shall live?”

“I do.” He pushed the button again and the vibrator got louder. Tricia moaned and the other three laughed.

I guess I was getting into it a little, too. I decided to play with Tricia a bit. It seemed like I was in a movie, I might as well play my part.

“Tricia, did you, of your own free will, come to your wedding naked?”

She smiled and answered. “Yes, I did.”

“And, Tricia, did you come to your own wedding with a vibrator on your pussy and a butt plug in your ass?” Calvin pushed the button and the buzzing got louder.

“Ahhh,” Tricia shook as she moaned. She was in danger of falling to the floor. Calvin put his big arm around her waist to hold her up. Angie put her arm around the bride’s shoulders, pushing her large tit into Tricia’s arm.

My dick was getting hard. I had no way to cover myself, so I pushed on.

“Are you here today to take big Calvin to be your husband?” Tricia looked at me through glazed eyes. She was trembling slightly as she replied.


Calvin looked from his bride to me, then handed me the remote control. “There’s one more speed to go, Scott. Would you do the honors?”

Well, why not? This was the best time that I’d had in a long time.

“Do you promise to keep and care for Calvin, through good and bad, as long as you both shall live?” I pointed the remote at Tricia as she watched me, and pushed the button. The buzzing became very loud.

Tricia began shaking like a leaf in a tornado. Her mouth came open and her lips shook. Calvin grabbed the nearest nipple ring and pulled and twisted. Angie grabbed the other one and twisted hard.

Bart stepped behind the bride. “Well, do you?” He spanked her ass with all his strength. That did it.

Tricia’s legs collapsed as she howled. “I dooo…..” Her entire body vibrated and convulsed as she came hard. I watched as her eyes rolled back in her head, and listened to her scream. Her shaking seemed to slow so Bart smacked her ass hard again. This put her back into full orbit. I’d never seen anyone come that hard.

It took almost five minutes for her to stop shaking. When she’d slow, Angie would twist her nipple are Bart would spank her. Finally, they let her come down. I handed to remote back to Calvin and he turned it off.

“With the power vested in me by the state of Idaho, I now pronounce you man and wife. Calvin, you may kiss the bride.”

Calvin put a hand behind her knees and one behind her back and scooped her up. Tricia put her arms around his neck. They looked into each other’s eyes and kissed deeply as Angie and Bart applauded. I was clapping, too. For some reason it was the most romantic thing I’ve ever seen, even though Tricia had a horse tail hanging out of her ass.

Then I heard Angie. “Bart?”

“Go ahead, Ang, but remember that the bride gets the prize.”

Angie stepped up to me and took my hand, pulling toward my judge’s chair. She smiled as she pushed me into the seat, then fell to her knees, her big tits bouncing. She started unbuckling my belt.

“Now, wait a minute, there’s no need..”

“Shut up, handsome.” Angie firmly pulled my pants to my knees and grabbed my still-hard cock. “I’m just the warm-up act. The bride gets the prize.” She winked and began taking long licks of my cock. Bart took one of the cameras and came over to capture the moment. Angie smiled at the camera, took my hands and put them on her tits, then took my cock deep into her mouth.

Well, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s that sometimes you are better off not saying anything. So I didn’t.

I squeezed Angie’s tits and pulled on her nipples as she sucked me. I saw that she had one hand rubbing quickly between her legs. All of the sudden she pulled her mouth off of me. She looked into my eyes with a crazed expression and started shaking, so I pinched both nipples hard. She immediately exploded, shaking and cumming until she fell to the floor.

Suddenly, Tricia was in front of me. She stepped over her friend, got on her knees, and inhaled my cock to the root. Calvin came up to watch.

“Man, Scott, she’s been talking about sucking your cock since the day I told her you’d marry us. Isn’t she something?”

I hooked a finger into each of her nipple rings and tugged gently. She pulled her body away from me so that I was now pulling on her tits quite hard. Her hands were on my balls and she was sucking me hard and fast. I vaguely noticed Angie was back on her knees next to Tricia.

“Come on, stud.” It was Angie. “Shoot that big load into her mouth. She wants it. Be the first guy to come in the new bride.”

It was as much as I could take. Both girls were staring me in the eyes. I pulled hard on Tricia’s nipple rings and shot my first blast into her mouth. She never slowed and neither did I as I sent shot after shot down her throat.

I was slumped in the chair as I watched Tricia give a deep tongue kiss to Angie. Both girls had cum on their faces as they turned and smile into the camera.

The two naked girls helped me up and buckled my pants as the guys collected their gear. We went back to my office where I signed the final paperwork and the girls dressed.

Calvin spoke. “Do you know the old Jefferson place out on highway BB?” I nodded. “Well we just bought it. All four of us are living there. Come on out and see us, you’re welcome anytime.”

“Better yet,” smiled Tricia, “Come out for dinner on Friday night. I insist. We’ll watch our wedding video.”

Well you know, maybe it was time for me to start living life a little. Heck, maybe an old dog could learn some new tricks. “OK, see you Friday.”

We went back to the shop for our vehicles. As they loaded into theirs, Angie stuck her head out the window. “See you Friday, handsome,” she said loudly. “And this time, I get the prize.”

I shook my head back and forth and we all laughed as they drove off.

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Learning to Surrender Pt. 04

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Rick was careful to hide the lingerie and plug he brought into the house. He carefully washed them and left them to dry in his closet behind his suits and shirts. That night, all he could think about was the next day. What could have Jack thought of to make him smile the way he did? How much further could be taken and used by a man he still didn’t know that much, but clearly knew him to his core? What did the neighbors think when they saw him mounted writhing and squealing and finally pumped full of semen outdoors in broad daylight?

The work day went by fast. Rick eagerly drove to Jack’s house. Immediately he noticed a car in the driveway he had not seen before. Did Jack have friend’s over? How would he be introduced? How should he interact with Jack until the guests left? He thought about staying in the car until the guests left but decided to go in. It was dark anyways, surely the guests wouldn’t stay long. He quickly stripped naked in the car and got his “outfit.” He licked the plug and coated it with his saliva and eased it into himself. It fit even better than it had the day before. Maybe he was getting stretched? He tied on his thong and his bra and stepped barefoot into the dark night, walking carefully to the front door. He wondered if anyone had spotted him. He knocked hoping Jack would hurry up and open the door before someone drove by.

The door opened. But not by Jack. There was someone else at the door and that someone was very surprised at what he was seeing. The man stammered until Rick heard Jack’s voice behind the door saying to come inside. The man let Rick in and closed the door. He was tall, also very built, wearing an oxford and khakis. Rick stood awkwardly in the living room as the man took a seat on the sofa. Jack was in an armchair, smiling, enjoying the view of his boy leaving nothing to the imagination…

“Oh, this is my girl Rachel. We just met recently but she is the most talented virgin I have ever deflowered and enjoyed. Her moans and screams will drive any man insane. And that ass… as you can see… amazing.” Rick’s face went red and he could see the guest was uncomfortable too.

“Rachel, this is my friend Matt. Matt and I used to work together. He’s straight and married, not like you though, haha. He knows my lifestyle and how much I love young flesh. Come sit next to me sweetheart.”

Rick went over and was pulled next to his man. As the two men began talking Jack kept an arm around him and both his hands constantly touching and exploring his skin, tracing along the strings of the bra and thong.

“Why don’t you bring us two 7-and-7s from the kitchen?”

As Rick walked away, he could feel both men’s eyes on his legs and ass. He couldn’t help swinging his hips as the plug was moving inside him with each step. And he was right. Both men could see the sparkling plug winking through the thin thong strap.

“So Matt what do you think?”

“He’s … cute… where did you find him?”

“Online. He was looking for a mentor. He was so scared but he gave it up to me so good. I think this one may be the one for me long term.”

“Are you saying that because he’s Asian? I know you always wanted one…”

“No… I haven’t met a boy more devoted to pleasuring me. He doesn’t poker oyna have the skill but you know he wants to please. You can feel the desperation and passion.”

“Lucky you. At least you’re getting sex.”

“Trouble at home?”

“Oh you know… kids… no time for any release.”

“That’s too bad… I know how much you need that too haha.”

“Yea… ”

Rick came back with the drinks.

“Rachel, why don’t you go sit next to Matt over there. He looks so lonely on the long sofa.”

Matt and Rick looked nervously at each other. But Rick obeyed and sheepishly did as he was told, being careful not to sit too close to this stranger. The two men talked until they finished their drinks. Rick wondered what would happen to him tonight. All he wanted was to go prepare himself and be mounted in the sex room and be filled with Jack’s virile sperm. Then he could go home happy.

“Rachel, come with me to the kitchen, let’s make another round for me and our guest Matt. Matt, we’ll be right back.”

Rick followed his man into the kitchen. Jack grabbed him close, gripped his ass with both hands, and passionately kissed his boy. Rick was melting and dripping, forgetting all about another man in the living room.

“I want you Jack… I need you so bad… I don’t want this plug in me… I want the real thing.”

“Rachel, this is another step in your proof to me that you will submit to whatever pleases me…”

“You want me on my knees here?”

“No… you see, my friend Matt is going through some tough times with his wife. He hasn’t gotten any for months now. He’s also very clean.”


“I want you to go in there… and let him use your mouth to release.”

“But I don’t know him! I want you, not him!”

“Shh… listen to me Rachel, you are mine right?”


“And sometimes, it arouses me and pleases me to give someone else a small taste of what I own…”


“I want you to please me by pleasing him.”

“… Ok… But I don’t want to do anything else with him.”

“Of course. I haven’t allowed that. You think you can do this? You think you can make me proud? Will you treat his dick like mine and swallow his seed the way you do mine?”


“I’ll be listening… and if you do this, there will be a big reward for trusting me with your body even further.”


Jack and Rick walked back to the living room together. “Hey Matt, I have to go make a quick phone call so Rachel will keep you company here ok?”

“Ok man…”

Jack winked at his boy and smacked him on the bare cheek as he walked over to his friend. Rick sat down next to Matt and the air was tense with awkwardness.

“I hear your you don’t get much sex lately…”

“Oh my god did Jack tell you that?”


“Why would he… umm… yea… wife and I are a bit distant…”

“Would… you … let me help you with that?” Rick got off the sofa and onto his knees in front of Matt who looked startled. He scooted up a bit. Matt seemed stunned into silence and Rick was equally quiet as he was so nervous. Usually he was led by Jack’s demanding action.

“What? No. No. It’s ok. I’m not gay. You don’t have canlı poker oyna to do this…” There was a quiver in his voice that even Rick could notice. He thought about stopping but remembered what his man told him. What was the reward? Jack was right… his body did belong to Jack to do as he pleased. He had the right to fill it with his sperm or, like tonight, let his closest friend try a taste. Rick decided to be bold.

“I’m not being forced to do anything…” He moved his hands onto Matt’s thighs. Matt shook a bit from his touch. As scared as he was, he couldn’t believe that Matt was more scared.

“It’s ok… you don’t have to…”

“No Matt… I was wondering since I saw you how much of a man you were under these pants…” Rick’s fingers moved to the tenting hardon. Matt was also a big man too it seemed… “I want to give you pleasure. I want to help you relax. I will pleasure you and I will swallow you… Let me help…”

Rick began to undo the belt and heard no response. He continued to unbutton, unzip, and tug the pants off this quiet man. Matt didn’t wear boxers, he wore tightie whities. Rick pulled those down too and out flopped a good sized package. Matt wasn’t as long or as thick as Jack. Matt’s balls were not as big as Jack’s either. He smelled different. Matt moaned when Jack’s feminine fingers wrapped around his shaft. Rick reminded himself to be brave and put the second penis of his new life of sex into his mouth.

He used all he learned with Jack on this man. He barely touched Matt’s scrotum and it made Matt begin grunting very familiarly. Jack recognized the tightening of the testicles, growing of the shaft that he was about to receive. As soon as he started sucking harder and swirled the tip with his tongue just a few times, Matt let out a shout as he pulled Rick’s head as far down as it would go, pushing the tip almost into his throat as it spasmed load after load down Rick’s throat. Rick noted it wasn’t much to swallow as his man produced and Matt’s balls deflated alot immediately after orgasm. Strangely, he preferred the taste of Jack to this man. He buttoned up and fixed up Matt’s clothes and sat down sheepishly beside him. He couldn’t believe he had just given oral sex to someone he just met because he was told to and wanted to please his actual man.

“Wow… That was so hot to watch. Rachel, you really sucked the life out of him. Matt, how you feeling?” Jack had been watching from the stairwell for some time.

“Yea… That was amazing.. I guess I needed that…”

“Rachel, what do you say?”

“Thank you Matt for your gift…”

“I uhh… better get home to my family… Talk to you again soon Jack.” Matt hurriedly got up and was out the door. He looked disoriented and embarrassed having enjoyed it so thoroughly. Rick found himself staring at the floor feeling a bit dirty and used.

“Rachel, go prepare yourself. I want you wearing only only that plug and waiting for me in the middle of the bed in your room. Ok?


Rick went to the bathroom and quickly cleaned himself and went into the sex room. He laid down in the middle of the bed looking up at himself in the ceiling mirror. How many boy’s had enjoyed this view before? How many of them thought they internet casino would be the one for Jack? How many of them did Jack move on from? Was he doing the right thing? He began to spread his legs and touch the plug with his fingers, twisting it and pushing on it.

The door opened. “Watching you obey my wish even to submit to another man I picked and allowed was so hot.” Jack looked hungry and his eyes were on fire to see his young boy waiting for him. Rick was excited but nervous at how horny his man looked. Jack grabbed both of the boy’s legs and put each one on his shoulders. Rick knew that he was in for one heck of a pounding. He could hear Jack furiously lubricate himself in a hurry. He slapped the young ass.

“Lift up.” Rick felt a pillow being put under his hips. Needy hands grabbed and stroked Rick’s smooth thighs, hips, and ass. Jack pulled out the plug leaving Rick feeling empty for only a second as soon a thick, hot penis began to slide into him and soon bottomed out, grazing softly along his prostate. Rick howled.

Soon, all one could hear throughout the house were the cries of a young man being pounded into the bed with his legs pinned on his man’s shoulders. Big heavy balls slammed against his bottom. Every time Jack leaned forward a bit more, Rick could feel more and more folded over, completely at the mercy of a man who needed a hot young body to cum into. Jack had the young man folded over almost completely, mouth open, eyes closed, gasping for breath or a kiss every time he long stroked his manhood in and out of Rick’s body. He felt his massive balls tighten each time they smacked against the boy’s ass. He reached his right arm down and grabbed the soft smooth ass cheek and violently gripped it, pulling the hole even wider for his entry.

Rick reached up, put his hands on his man’s face and pulled him close, kissing him submissively, offering his mouth and tongue for his man’s pleasure. He moaned into Jack like a true woman. Jack was impressed at how much power he had over the boy. Rick only broke kisses to breathe and gasp his most intimate and submissive thoughts.

“Fuck me… oh god… fill me… fill me… I’m yours… I’m yours… I… love it… I love being yours… I love it…” And then words neither of the two expected burst out of the younger man’s mouth. “I … love… you…”

That did it for Jack. The surprise and genuine surrender in the boy’s voice put him over the edge. He bellowed victoriously as his body shook and unloaded his biggest load of cum into his boy. The pumping and shaking continued. Rick never felt happier than having made his man lose control and fulfill his manly needs inside of him. Jack rolled off him, catching his breath. Semen dripped out onto the bed.

“Why did you say that?”

“I… don’t know… It just came out…”

“You better hurry home Rachel… I’ll… call for you tomorrow.”

“Ok. Thank you for the amazing fucking giving me every drop of your semen, my King.”

Rick rolled onto his man and showered his face, neck, and chest with kisses. He made sure to slide his soft skin all over his man’s recovering body. His hands reached for the very relaxed testicles and gently caressed them. He was so proud to have been the one to empty them. With one last kiss, he got up and collected his tossed lingerie and left. Jack was left on the bed listening to his young lover leave. He began to think of how to take their relationship to the next level.

To be continued…

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Learning to Surrender Pt. 02

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Rick awoke in a daze. He opened his eyes to see a messy bed still damp in some areas from the sweat and semen. His bottom was so sore and his small balls felt achingly empty. He looked around the empty room and felt used. He wrapped a towel from the floor around his waist and went out looking for Jack. He went upstairs and came to the master bedroom.


“Come in Rachel.”

Rick went in and saw Jack lying on the king sized bed stroking a new hard on.

“Glad you’re awake. I couldn’t stop thinking of your sweet ass Rachel. Go back downstairs, clean yourself up, and wait for me in the sex room.”

Rick did as he was told, washing himself and brushing his teeth in the shower. As he sat back down on the bed in the sex room, he couldn’t believe what had happened. He had willingly given his anal virginity to a man he met online and was currently waiting for him to come down and use his body again. But the thought excited him. Should he leave? Why was he wondering how else a real man like Jack use his body for pleasure?

The door opened. Jack saw his younger lover smile as he walked up to him. He leaned down and kissed him tenderly. He smiled as there was no need for a warmup. Rick surrendered his tongue and his mouth to him as willingly as his best trained boys. He stood up and closed his eyes and put hands on Rick’s head.

“How does a good girl greet her man?”

Rick bent down, got on his knees, untied the robe, opened the cloth and began worshipping his man’s pleasure tool and heavy hot balls. His left hand rolled the sacs while his right wrapped around the massive veiny shaft and began to stroke it. He wondered how this man could be so full and heavy again after the sex earlier. Rick opened his mouth and began to orally and manually worship. All other thoughts and doubts melted away when pleasuring his man. He learned how Jack reacted to different motions of his hands and tongue. For example, when he would roll the testicles with his fingertips, Jack would grunt in pleasure and it would fill Rick with joy to the point it was almost shameful. Why did it make him so happy to hear each grunt and groan according to his lips, tongue, and fingertips? Was he gay now?

“Lie down on your back with your head hanging off the edge Rachel.”

Rick did as he was told and was looking up at Jack’s manhood. Everything looked twice as big.

“Now you’re going to begin to learn to train your throat to take me deep. Don’t be scared. I will be gentle. Do you trust me?”


“Ok, open your mouth for me Rachel. Breathe through your nose.”

Jack began slowly teaching and teasing his boy with his manhood into the awaiting mouth and face. Rick was shocked as all he saw were his man’s glorious testicles lowering onto his face. Big, heavy, hot eggs of a real man were being dragged across his face and then rested against his lips. Rick knew what to do and began lapping at them like an eager dog. He tried to suck them into his mouth.

“Feel how heavy they are for you?”


“It’s your job to drain me again….”

“Mmmm Ok.”

“That’s a good girl, Rachel. Work my balls. Worship them. Show me how much you want what’s inside them. See how full they are for you? That’s a good girl…”

Rick did the best he would do, eagerly listening for the slighest grunt or moan from his man. To gain more control, poker oyna he reached up and put his hands on Jack’s big hips and muscular glutes. Everywhere he touched, he felt the man’s power. He tried his best to pull him closer so that he could better pleasure the massive scrotum. Meanwhile Jack’s powerful hands and fingers roamed over the boy’s chest, grabbing his pecs like breasts and even twisting and pinching the nipples a bit. He loved hearing his boy’s learn that their chests were also for a man’s pleasure.

Jack then pulled back. “It’s time, Rachel. I’m going to show you a new talent you have to build with me because I like depositing into my girls deep. You’re going to learn to control yourself and deep throat me. Relax and open your mouth…” Jack began to feed his manhood into a perfectly awaiting and angled mouth and throat. Rick semi choked when Jack’s tip reached the back of his throat.

“Calm now. Be a good girl. Calm…” Jack slowly inched his cock deeper and deeper. He could start to see the tip of his shaft fill the throat of the moaning boy beneath him. He felt his balls crush down on the boys face and nose. Gently he moved in and out edging a bit deeper each time. Rick reached up with his hands and began gently massaging and fondling the balls hitting his face. Jack smiled at how quick his new boy was learning what he liked. Rick was learning to control his breathing, learn when to swallow saliva so he could tighten on the thick shaft, and even dance his tongue along Jack’s manhood during every stroke. He slowly pulled his manhood out and let Rick catch his breath.

“Present yourself to me like a good girl Rachel.”

Rick got on all fours then lowered his face onto the mattress. “So good…” Jack caressed the ass he earlier enjoyed. He reached for the lube and began gently fingering in more and more. Rick knew what was coming and moaned in approval. Rick felt thick fingers explore him and manipulate him into squealing whenever they pressed on his prostate.

“Jack… Oh God… don’t tease me… Oh God…”

“Don’t tell me what to do. A good girl accepts whatever her man does.”


Jack tossed the lube to his boy. “Prep me for your breeding Rachel.”

The young man jumped to his knees and started coating his lover’s glorious manhood with the lube. He couldn’t stop thinking about how lucky he was to be with a man who had such a tool and knew how to use it. He wondered how many boy’s before him had been on its receiving end and thought to himself that he wanted to be remembered forever as the one who brought Jack the most pleasure. He wanted to be the best in bed for Jack in the whole world – again, an embarrassing but truthful thought.

Once the shaft was ready, he went back to his position to receive his man. But Jack put his hand on the boy’s back and pushed down until Rick was flat on his stomach. He wondered why he was in such a pinned position. He felt the bed rock as his man got on top of him, knees on each side of his thighs, clamping them shut.

“Do you know why you will love this position?


“This way, I can pin you and pound you and best hit your G-spot…”

Rick realized he was going to explode in delight if that were to happen. Already the physical control this man had over his body position was thrilling. It was strange to think that he couldn’t move or get away if he wanted. canlı poker oyna

Jack began kneading the boys butt, spreading and exposing his love hole. He aimed his manhood the hole and pressed forward. He popped in. Rick gasped and moaned. He couldn’t believe it was the same dick he took earlier. Everything was infinitely tighter in this position. Jack lowered himself balls deep in a few slow strokes each time hitting or rubbing his boys prostate. Rick moaned uncontrollably. He knew he was no longer in control of his body. The older man began more and more forcefully bottoming out and hitting the prostate. The sound Jacks hungry muscular body pounding Rick into the bed filled the room, each crash triggering the boy’s screams. All Rick could do was wiggle himself deeper into the bed under his lovers weight, his hands frantically grabbing at the sheets and his lower legs kicking up, toes curled tightly.

Rick was in another dimension and couldn’t help exploding. The feeling of being pinned under a man and Jack’s thick manhood hitting his prostate was more than he could bear. Jack was whispering in his ear more and more dirty things.

“You’re the best Asian I’ve ever had. I’m going to love pounding this pussy I own every chance I get. God, you’re such a good girl to me.”

“Oh my God Jack… Jack…. Jack… I’m going to cum…. Jack! I’m cumming. I’m cumming. I can’t help cumming!”

“Good, cum for me Rachel. Cum for your man.”

Rick nearly blacked out again as his body shuddered. Spray after spray of watery sperm came from his much smaller cock soiling the bedsheets. Jack pulled out of him and sat back as the young boy’s body curled up and rolled over onto his back, eyes closed and chest heaving from pleasure. It was a look of bliss he had seen so many times before.

Rick began to be able to open his eyes and look at the ceiling. He realized where he was and what had just happened again. His bull of a man was sitting next to him as he recovered from the earth-shattering orgasm. Rick couldn’t believe that just a few hours ago, he would have called himself straight. Jack and his talented manhood had totally turned his life around and shown him the joys of receiving a real man and his semen.

He caught his breath only to realize that Jack was still rock hard and hadn’t cum yet. reached out and grasped the thick shaft and whispered to his older lover, “Can I ride you?”

Jack smiled and turned onto his back with his head and upper body propped up against pillows. He put his arms behind his head and smiled to see his boy’s transformation into an amazing girl. Rick straddled him with his hands on his lover’s chest, aimed his lubed bottom properly and slowly began to sink onto the hot flesh until he felt the warmth of his bottom resting on Jack’s big balls. He began slowly bounce up and down and loved seeing Jack’s face react in pleasure each time he impaled himself on his real man. Jack’s hands moved to the boy’s butt, helping to lift him up and crash him down all the way. His hands set the pace and it was quickening. Rick couldn’t help being mesmerized by his lovers face and grunts. He reached out, put his hands on the older man’s face, and leaned down to kiss his man. He felt embarrassed to say what was in his head but he couldn’t help it.

“Fill me up… Fill me up Jack… I love it…. I love being your girl…. Fill me up… I love being internet casino your girl. I was born to be fucked by you.”

Jack couldn’t help hungrily kissing back.

“You really love it?” Jack was now pistoning up into the boy’s ass. Rick could barely breathe.

“Yes… I love… y… it.”

“Thatta girl. Don’t stop kissing me. Show me how much you love me.” Rick’s brain hesitated but the strokes of a hot manhood impaling his body and the emotions of the moment got the better of him.

“I’m yours… I’m yours Jack…. Oh God…. I’m totally yours…. I love… you…”

That put Jack over the edge and he gripped his boy’s ass tight as he erupted up into his lover. Rick felt the thick manhood inside of him convulse and pump warm jets of semen into him. He felt complete lying still on top of a shaking man who was still giving his load. Rick held his man’s face and kissed him deeply, moaning each time he felt the manhood deep inside him flex and squirt until he felt nothing. He rolled onto the bed on his back next to Jack, his gaping ass leaking semen onto the bed again. He smiled as he saw the flaccid shaft and relaxed balls, knowing everything Jack had was inside him.

Jack couldn’t believe the intensity of the orgasm he just had. He also couldn’t believe what he had heard his young lover say right before he came. Surely it was just the moment. Rick was thinking about it too, embarrassed at the things that came out of his mouth, how much he loved kissing his man during sex, the electric connection to have a real man’s dick and tongue inside of you at the same time.

“We better get you home before someone starts looking for you. I’m going to go up and get dressed. See you down in the living room.” Jack slapped Rick’s now red butt and got up left, leaving Rick in amazement at all that had happened since arriving at this man’s house. As he got up and walked out into the living room looking for his clothes, he couldn’t believe he had so intensely given up every bit of his body to this man, again old enough to be his dad and unknown more than week ago. It felt strange to put his clothes back on. It was strange to walk. His bottom was so sore.

Not many words were said on the drive back to the cafe where Rick’s car was still parked. Jack didn’t put his hands on his boy’s legs like he had on the way home earlier.

“You will be sore and should take a few days to recover. I’ll contact you later.”


Rick got out and closed the door. He watched Jack drive off. He quietly drove home wondering if he would ever see him again. Maybe not. Maybe he was just one of countless boys brought home to be bedded, conquered, bred, and discarded. Maybe he shouldn’t have surrendered his body to a man he didn’t know. But the memories of how he felt receiving a man’s desire and taking a man’s cum confused him. It felt so good to pleasure a real, larger man. It was so fulfilling to make Jack cum inside of him. Nothing felt better than being held and used to dump semen. He hoped to hear from Jack again but decided to not meet someone online again. Maybe this one time, being an girl in a stranger’s bed was enough.

For the next few days, it was hard to walk. Rick told people that it was because he had been working out. He even deleted his online posts for an older lover and deleted all the replies he had gotten so far. He even deleted Jack’s emails. But he couldn’t delete the photos of Jack’s manhood, his thick penis, his enormous heavy balls, and huge loads of semen. He kept them on a secret drive and found himself staring at them multiple times a day.

To be continued…

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Just Letting Go

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A story published on an special-interest internet site finds an enthusiastic reader, giving her the impetus to experiment with water-sports, first alone, then with a male partner.


About me

Hi, my name is Gwen. I’m a fit, attractive, lively twenty-something and I live in the west of England. I live with my male partner, Clive, who’s almost twice my age. It’s an established and mutually satisfying relationship, which just keeps getting better. One reason for that is our firm agreement, which I insisted on from the start, that I could have sex with other men, on a frequent basis, according to my needs.

Clive is fit and in excellent health, and he has above-average stamina, but even so, it was obvious to both of us, from the start, that my needs would exceed his capacity to meet them. Any man I’d met would have faced the same situation. The fact is, I’m getting hornier and hornier, all the time. As time went on, the discrepancy would simply become steadily more obvious.

I should mention that Clive is entirely straight, with no fetishistic tendencies, and he isn’t in any respect submissive, and I have no intention of pushing my luck by openly going against his wishes. He likes the idea of having me around, as his unruly, uninhibited “Slut Wife”, but only up to a point.

Now, our agreement isn’t just that I’m totally free to fuck other guys, whenever and wherever I feel like it. I’m working towards that, but it will take time. It’s not quite that simple, but the rules are straightforward. I arrange all the meetings, at times convenient to both of us, the condition being that all events take place in threesome or small-group situations, with Clive as an active participant.

That works well, in the party situations, as Clive is a sociable bloke with a laid-back attitude and a dry sense of humour. The threesomes sometimes need a bit more work, especially with first-timers, as the guys aren’t always sure where the limits are, but things soon settle down, and then we can concentrate on having fun. Quite a few of our party guests come back for a threesome, and in the same way, it’s always nice to welcome a guy whom we’ve met on his own, to one of the parties.

So I can truthfully say that I’m still a devoted, dutiful partner, as I wouldn’t get involved in anything that Clive wouldn’t be happy about. But when it’s a question of wanting to meet a guy I like the look of, on my own, my imagination can get very active. So active, in fact, that my fantasies can be full of surprises.

Amy’s story

A short time ago I discovered an Erotica item on a special-interest website, written by a young woman called Amy. In her story, Amy is at home on her own one day, spending her time watching porn films and masturbating, much as usual apparently, and on an impulse, decides to find out what it’s like to bring herself off at the point where she’s absolutely desperate for a piss. She describes the resulting orgasm as “mind-blowing”.

Amy begins her story by talking about how incredibly aroused she can get when she’s on her own indoors. She wakes up feeling horny, and she has to masturbate. She keeps teasing herself, over and over, pausing for a while and then starting again, and carrying on like that until she can’t take any more.

Then she has to bring herself off; she says the orgasm this gives her is truly mind-blowing and well worth the wait. She gushes heavily, and the tension in her subsides for a while. That’s never the end of things, though, as by then her clit is so sensitive, that before long she feels compelled to start wanking, all over again.

Next, she describes what happens when she discovers how all that sexual tension is heightened still further, by the feeling of having an urgent need to take a piss. She tries holding on to that feeling for as long as she can, wanking her clit vigorously all the while, until the compulsion becomes unbearable, and then she just lets go, completely, soaking her jeans and making a huge puddle of piss all over the kitchen floor.

As she does that, a massive orgasm shakes her body. The excitement has become so intense that she just has to keep wanking, and seconds later she climaxes again. Her legs almost give way underneath her, and she ends up sitting down in her puddle, delighting in the warmth and wetness, and in the sheer wanton dirty naughtiness of what she has just done.

Taking Amy’s advice

Having read Amy’s piece, I decide straight away to try her experiment for myself. She explains exactly what you have to do, to take the most intense pleasure from the experience. Patient, careful preparation is clearly the key to getting the best possible result.

To begin with, you have to be in the right kind of horny state of mind and body, from the time you get up in the morning. Then you have to work on yourself, getting some nice fantasies going, and keeping your clitoris well stimulated. At intervals, in between, you have to give poker oyna yourself a thorough fingering, stoking the fire underneath your G-spot until the pressure really starts to build.

The only question is, how much pressure will you actually be able to stand? The longer you hold out, the more dramatic the release, when you finally decide to “just let go”.

When I decide to put Amy’s advice to the test, I follow her guidance as closely as I can. I even select the same location in the house, namely, the kitchen. There’s plenty of space there, and it’s a functional environment, which is easy to clean. Somehow, too, it feels naughtier to be playing there, than in the bathroom.

Unlike Amy, though, I don’t really fancy wetting myself in denim jeans, and so I take a look through my wardrobe, to see if I have anything suitable. I put on my latest outfit, a short, sleeveless sheath-style dress in soft, shiny, ultra-smooth black latex. With nothing at all underneath, it clings to my body very closely, and gives a nice fetish feel to the proceedings.

With the dress, I wear some black stilettos, with shiny steel heels, to complete the effect. Dressed like that, I like to imagine myself as a guest at some kind of kinky fetish party, or as the star of a hardcore video shoot.

I’ve thought about having a session with one of my favourite toys, but Amy doesn’t mention anything like that. She’s obviously very skilled with her fingers, and knows exactly where to touch herself, and how, to get the most intense response. I think about her, as I work on myself in just the same way.

I love the way she talks about getting turned on by her own state of arousal. She quickly realises how excited she’s getting, and that way she gets herself even more worked up. As her pussy gets wetter and wetter, she pulls out her fingers and delights in their glistening stickiness. She takes a moment to inhale the subtle, bittersweet fragrance of her fresh juices, and she relishes the tangy flavour as she licks her fingers clean.

For me, eventually, the point is reached where I’m simply not capable of holding back any longer. I’m desperate to take a piss. I make my way into the kitchen, roll up my dress, and then take up my position, leaning back against the worktop, legs well apart. My patient, delicate finger-work has brought me to a state of extreme arousal, and now I’m willing myself to come.

And then, just as Amy had said it would, it all happens very fast. A few sharp, spiteful slaps of my fingers against my swollen clit, and suddenly the juices are flooding out of me, as a violent orgasm rocks my body.

Gripped by a compulsion to push myself to the limit, I keep slapping, releasing a showering gush of juices all over the floor in front of me. I succumb to an overpowering wave of relief as the piss pours out of me, spraying and splashing in a wide arc, right across the floor. The sense of release is so overpowering that I lose myself in it completely.

Hardly aware of what I’m doing, I keep slapping away at my pussy, and within seconds, with the piss still streaming out of me, I’ve climaxed again, letting go with another spraying gush.

Barely able to walk, I stagger back to the living room, with my dress still rolled up, and sit down on the sofa. My juices are still oozing from my soaking wet pussy, to form a warm puddle of sticky moisture underneath me. I sit there like that for quite a while, overcome by the intensity of the excitement that I’ve just experienced.

I wish that I could pick up the phone to call Amy, right here and now, to share it all with her, every detail of it, from start to finish. It has been, as she’d promised, an amazingly intense experience.

At the end of her story, Amy starts to wonder where her discovery is going to take her. I’ve been hoping she would submit another Erotica item, about what happened next, but so far, she hasn’t done so. Still, I’m grateful to her for getting me started with this most exciting and gratifying fetish, and now that I’ve tried it once, I, too, have become hooked. Just like Amy, I know that this is merely the start of something that I’ll have to take further.

Not just that, though. I know, as well, that I’ll want to share this experience. Now, as I’ve said, it’s already clear that Clive isn’t going to be interested, and I shan’t be raising the subject with him, for the time being, at least. I’ll have to find someone who shares my interest. If I could do that, then, as Amy said, who’s to say where this could lead?

Introducing Matt

At our most recent party, a week or so ago, Clive and I met a lovely guy by the name of Matt. He had a great time with us, and it didn’t take him long to realise that I really fancied him. He was a nice-looking bloke, a little older than me, well educated, very clean and presentable, and an enthusiastic participant from the start.

I’d say he was a man of roughly average endowment, but with plenty of experience, and canlı poker oyna no lack of imagination. I enjoyed his company, and I was impressed by his stamina. I really liked his attitude, which was laid-back and good-humoured, and he and Clive got on really well, too.

There was just one awkward moment, and that was during a brief lull in the proceedings, about an hour after we’d started. I said that I’d need to go to the bathroom, for a pee, and Matt asked if he could accompany me. He was charmingly shy and discreet about it, but evidently keen enough to feel able to put the question, in front of Clive and the other party guests.

I was intrigued, and would have agreed, straight away, if only to satisfy my pressing curiosity. It so happens, though, that Clive wouldn’t have approved of anything like that, and I had to offer Matt a demure apology.

Somehow, though, I could see he was aware that, but for Clive, I’d have responded differently. I wasn’t at all surprised, then, to receive a text message from him, the following day, asking whether I could arrange to meet his request, in a one-to-one session. Now, I’d already explained to him that, as things stood, I never offered one-to-one appointments, of any kind, but he must have thought that he’d have nothing to lose by getting in touch.

When Matt contacted me, I still wasn’t sure exactly what he had in mind, though of course I had a rough idea. I didn’t want to take the edge off our shared fantasy, though, by having him spell it out in so many words. Instead, I took the opportunity to tease him a little. I sent him a message in reply, worded as though I knew precisely what he was after, and suggesting that his ideas were much too kinky for my tastes.

As I’ve said, he’d no doubt guessed that he’d aroused my interest, and that I’d be open to persuasion, without too much more effort on his part. From my side, however, I had no intention of agreeing straight away. I explained that this would be very tricky to arrange, even if I was willing to agree to his requests – which, I assured him, I wasn’t – and reminded him of the details of my domestic situation. I also suggested that there would be other girls willing to offer the services he was after, for the right price.

Just as I’d hoped, Matt immediately became even more insistent. He knew all about the situation with Clive, of course, but he also knew that I was often at home on my own, when Clive was at work. After a little more playful prevarication, I told Matt that he could ring me, so that we could talk about his request.

I was intent on giving the impression that I was in no hurry to meet, but Matt kept the pressure on, and eventually I said he could call round on the next weekday morning, which was the Monday of the following week.

On the Sunday before that, Clive and I were up rather late, and we got through quite a few glasses of one thing and another. We were celebrating his birthday, a couple of days in advance, as some of his friends wouldn’t have been able to join us, on the day.

To try to alleviate the effects of a hangover, I switched to drinking plain water, for a while, before going to bed. The next morning, Clive left for work at the normal time, and I slept in a little later than usual. When I got up, I had some more water, and then some fresh fruit juice, followed by several cups of tea with my breakfast. As far as Matt’s visit was concerned, I could hardly have been better prepared!

Waiting for Matt

This morning, I’ve put on an outfit that’s just like the one I’d been wearing at the start of our last party. I’ve gone for the smart, secretarial look, with a provocative edge: crisp white short-sleeved blouse, pleated charcoal miniskirt, and shiny black stilettos, with no underwear. I feel great, dressed like this, but if I were to decide that I didn’t want to stay dressed, I could be naked in seconds.

Now, I’ve already told you how I discovered the awesome pleasure of home-alone solo piss play, after reading a story that I found on a website. Well, today I’m going to be having fun with those naughty piss games once again, but this time, I shall have a playmate.

I’m so excited that I can hardly contain myself. I still don’t know quite what my playmate is going to want to do with me, when he gets here, but even the thought of a fit young guy just standing close by, watching my antics, as I put on a show to let him see how dirty I can be, is a massive turn-on for me, and I just can’t stop thinking about it.

Matt’s visit

I’m on my way to the bathroom when the doorbell rings. Matt has arrived a couple of minutes early. I’m dying for a piss, but the last thing I want is to have a male visitor loitering on the doorstep, in full view of the neighbours, and so I turn around and scurry to the front door, to let him in.

This isn’t how I’d wanted our session to start. My plan had been to welcome my guest while I was still in a relaxed and comfortable state, internet casino and to ease into things slowly, with some nice, gentle teasing, continuing from where I’d left off, at the end of our phone conversation, last week. That way, I’d have had time to work out exactly what it was that Matt was looking for, and to make up my mind about how far I was willing to play along.

As it is, though, I’m just bursting for a piss! I know I can hardly wait a second longer. I consider asking my guest to wait, while I simply go on my own to the bathroom in the normal way, but this isn’t a normal situation, and it doesn’t seem right to do that. I take Matt’s jacket, to hang it up, and I tell him what the matter is.

He seems pleasantly surprised, as if I’d very cleverly managed to set the situation up like this on purpose, with my timing just right. He also seems to think that I’ll know what to do next, and so I decide I’d better have a stab at pretending that I do.

I take him by the hand, and lead him into the kitchen, where I stop. Now it’s his turn to have to ask what’s happening.


“That’s right, Matt.”

Now, as I’ve already mentioned, the kitchen has a fairly wide expanse of smooth, polished floor, which is easy to clean, and so I’m not worried about making a mess. If necessary, we could always move to the bathroom later on.

I unfasten my skirt, and toss it onto a chair, and then take up my position, leaning back against the worktop, legs well apart. I begin to finger my pussy in a delicate, provocative way, carefully exposing the tip of my clit, but not daring to touch myself anywhere near it, as it’s unbearably sensitive.

I’m expecting Matt to stand opposite me, to watch me, but instead he drops straight to his knees, and gazes up at me. Even at this point, I haven’t fully understood what he has in mind, as he kneels beneath me, in his smart, formal work clothes, his smiling face just inches from my pussy.

“Matt, what on earth are you playing at? I’ve got to go! Right now! You haven’t got time to take your clothes off!”

“Don’t worry about that, Gwen. It’s all machine-washable stuff. Shirt, tie, trousers, boxers, all of it. And I’ve got a full change of clothes in my briefcase. So, go on – go!”

And as he says those words, that’s what I do. Unable to hold back a second longer, I simply let go, releasing a mighty torrent of steaming piss into Matt’s mouth, drenching his face and showering his body. In seconds, his shirt is soaked through. To my amazement, he holds his position, keeping his mouth wide open, to gulp down as much of the rushing flow as he possibly can. The piss just keeps pouring out of me, and he can’t get enough of it.

As the tension in me subsides, a sense of relief sweeps through my body like a wave, and I know that I’m on the point of climax. As the stream gradually slows to a trickle, Matt raises his head to get closer, so that he can take all those very last drops. I reach down with my left hand, to hold him back. With my right hand, I’m at last starting to put a little gentle fingertip pressure on the soft moist flesh around my clit, and that is enough to tip me over the edge.

I know that Matt loves to see me gush, and he is already in his favourite position to enjoy what happens next. I fail to stifle a sharp, shrieking gasp as I let go for a second time, this time dissolving in a massive gushing ejaculation. The spray seems to fly in all directions, but mostly over Matt, drenching him all over again. By the time it’s finally over, my legs are shaking so much that I can hardly stand.

I have to keep holding Matt at arm’s length, quite literally, for the moment. He is obviously desperate to shove his face between my legs, and give me a thorough licking. Just at this moment, though, I simply couldn’t handle any more stimulation, and I shall have to forgo that most desirable pleasure, for a little while at least.

I beckon to Matt to get up from his knees, and we stand facing each other. He’s soaked from head to foot, and he’s beaming, gleefully. I draw him towards me, to feel the warm wetness of his body against mine. The excitement is exquisite. I feel an overwhelming urge to kiss him, and before I know what I’ve started, I’m flicking my tongue across his face, licking up little droplets of the wetness, a tantalising blend of my piss and my juices.

The sensations, as I hold my face against his, are just amazing. Matt is a fit, masculine sort of chap, with nicely weathered skin that feels fantastic as I press against it. The moisture from my piss and juices is warm with his body heat. And to add a subtle finishing touch, I pick up a hint of a lovely, sophisticated manly fragrance, from whatever it was that he’d dabbed on, after his morning shave, and my legs start trembling all over again!

I know Matt wants more, but I’m simply not ready. What I need to do, right now, is to sit down, and try to let myself drift gradually back to earth. When the moment seems right, I pick up a towel, from a pile of clean ones on a nearby chair, and I give Matt an appreciative smile as I hand it to him. Neither of us is saying anything, but he takes his cue, and ambles off to the bathroom.

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Pledges Ch. 07

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Publication of any and all trademarks contained herein are not authorized by, associated with, nor sponsored by the trademark owners.



by Stephanie Rose

(The hottest black sorority recruits new members.)


Chapter 7: The Pledging Process

The Sisters continue the abuse.



Nadia’s eyes shot open as the searing pain raced through the back of her head. “Ouch!” she said sharply as she rubbed the newly sore spot and tried to orient herself to her surroundings.

She touched her hair again and frowned. “What the hell?”

In addition to the sharp pain now at the back of her head, she found that her thick, curly, reddish-brown hair was matted like a helmet. Then she licked her lips, only to find a sour taste in her mouth.

“Ugh,” Nadia said, frowning again at the taste of her morning breath. “Have we been here all night?”

As she fluffed up her curls, she looked around. She was surprised to see that she was sitting on a thick, carpeted floor with her back against the wall. Kara was on one side of her, Mickie on the other. Roxie sat on the end, completing their foursome.

She looked down and found that she was still in her black sweatsuit. Not only that, they were still in the well-furnished basement of the Rho Sigma Tau Sorority House. She then realized that she’d been sleeping with her head hanging down and banged it when she suddenly jerked backward.

Nadia carefully raised her head again, trying not to bang it on the wall for a second time. Then she peered at the clock on the wall on the other side of the room. It read just before 6am. Still somewhat groggy, she started to recall the events of the night before:

At just after 6pm, they were led downstairs to the lower level of the Sorority House. The Sisters called it the basement; however, this was unlike any basement the pledges had ever seen.

The “basement” had wall-to-wall plush carpeting, a full bar in one corner and a pool table in the opposite corner. Several steel-tipped leather chairs and matching tables were spread out around its perimeter. The room was filled with all types of freshly-cut flowers in heavy, antique vases, giving the room a sweet-smelling fragrance. The pledges also noticed the exotic, ethnic artifacts on the tables and the expensive artwork adorning all of the walls.

Unfortunately, the pledges couldn’t readily appreciate their surroundings because immediately after they were situated, the Sisters put them through a rigorous pledging session from 7pm to 2am that morning.

Being drilled on pledge history, being embarrassed, being ridiculed and being tormented made up their seven-hour marathon pledging session. The pledges did their best to keep up, but found themselves no match for the twenty-two Sisters of Rho Sigma Tau.

Finally, just after 2am, the Sisters abruptly ended the session and left the pledges in the basement, trembling, exhausted and scared out of their minds.

Still sitting up against the wall and watching the clock inch closer to 6am, Nadia frowned when she suddenly heard a set of feminine voices. She looked around at the other pledges, but they were all still asleep.

“What the hell?” she said, looking around. “Am I going crazy?”

Then she looked up to see a dark space just above her, covered with silver-plated metal rods. “Are those voices coming from the heating vent?” she wondered.

Once Nadia quieted herself and strained her ears to hear, surprisingly, she could make out the voices pretty clearly. She bristled once she realized that the Sisters were talking about her and her pledge line sisters. Using her keen powers of deduction, but still a bit tired and groggy, she figured out that the room above them was most likely the study, and that the voices were most likely those of Lina and Miko.

Then, in an instant, everything went silent.

She sighed as she rested her head back against the wall. “I wonder what this day is going to bring,” she mused as she watched the clock inch even closer to 6am.


At that exact moment, Lina stood in the kitchen pouring herself a glass of orange juice. Noting that the clock on the wall was about to strike 6am, she yawned and stretched. Dressed in a tiny white tank top and a matching pair of boyshorts, her lithe, cinnamon-colored dancer’s body was nearly nude, but yet proudly on display.

“Ready for another pledging session,” she said as she took her glass and padded barefoot back to the study. She’d been there for the past hour making notes for the upcoming lessons she wanted the pledges to learn. She frowned at the sight of all of her papers scattered across the desk.

“You’re so messy,” she laughed as she began putting the papers in order.

A minute later, she was almost done gathering up the documents when she heard a knock.

“Hey girl,” Miko said, as she strode into the room. “Ready for the 6am pledging session?”

Lina laughed. “More ready than we were when we were pledging!”

Miko smiled and put her hands on her poker oyna hips. As she did so, the thin, lacy soft-pink camisole that hit just under her firm, rounded ass, raised even higher. “Well, just for the record, I think you’re doing a great job getting the pledges in shape.”

Not having made love to anyone but herself for the past few weeks, Lina took a long, seductive look at Miko’s soft, silky skin, but quickly composed herself. “You do, Soror? You think I’m doing a great job with them?”

“Absolutely,” Miko said. “I mean, when we were pledging, we had it rough. You know that.” She pursed her lips as Lina shuddered at their memories of freshman year.

“Rough is an understatement. We were flat-out hazed,” Lina mused.

“True,” Miko said, “but with these girls? You’ve been nothing but fair. And I respect that.”

Lina smiled. “Thanks. Thanks a lot. I needed that.”

“So, what’s on the agenda for today?” Miko asked.

They spent the next minute or so going over the day’s lessons and assignments. Each of the pledges individually, and as a group, had daily Sorority history that they had to learn. They also had a daily volunteer activity and a daily gift that they had to present to the Sorors and the Sorority as a whole.

Sometimes the gift had to be a handmade item, but most of the time, the pledges gave daily gifts consisting of just verbal speeches about what the Sorority meant to them. Each and every day, Lina wanted the pledges to show appreciation to the Sorority and respect for its rich history. By doing so, Lina wanted to install into each pledge, a sense of pride and belonging to her beloved organization.

Though the Sorors were tough and oftentimes stern, they each loved the pledges and wanted to induct them into the Sorority with lots of love and affection. To insure this, their stringent selection process made sure that each of the pledges would be proudly accepted by each and every one of the Sorors.

Additionally, what the pledges didn’t know, and wouldn’t find out until the very end of their pledging process, was that each Soror prepared a daily gift for each of the pledges in return. Thus, on the night that the pledges crossed into the Sorority, each Soror would shower each pledge with the gifts they’d made and bought over the pledging period.

As a result, most of the time on their Induction Night, also known as their Crossing Night, each new Soror received upwards of several hundred gifts each. The gifts were most often small Sorority trinkets and handwritten poems and letters, but also included elaborate handmade paddles and other Sorority paraphernalia, cute, yet expensive clothing with the Sorority’s letters emblazoned on them and generous gift certificates for clothing and beauty & spa treatments.

And, despite the undergraduate Sorors’ lavish generosity, these items didn’t include the gifts they’d receive from each of the Alumni Chapter members.

“How’s that sound?” Lina asked. “Think their daily assignments sound good?”

“Sounds great!” Miko said, returning her smile. “But between you and me, Soror, I’m gonna go back upstairs, get dressed and get ready to give them another verbal beatdown!”

Lina chuckled as Miko gave her dap. Then she watched the gorgeous, Asian Amazon leave the room, swishing her pert ass all the way.

“I wonder what this day is going to bring,” Lina mused as she continued gathering her papers.


At that exact moment, Sierra opened her eyes and immediately checked her alarm clock. Finding that it was almost 6am, she yawned, stretched out her milk-chocolate nude body and lay there for a moment.

Still missing Lina’s body next to her, a feeling she hadn’t had in weeks, she sighed. “I hope we get this right,” she said as she gazed at the ceiling. “I hope we get back to where we were.”

Finally, Sierra tossed off the covers, jumped out of bed and headed for her bathroom. Turning on the faucet for her glass-enclosed shower, she frowned. “I wonder what this day is going to bring,” she said as she stepped into the steaming hot spray.


At that exact moment, Monica was lying in her bed, upstairs in the sorority house, watching her wall clock inch closer to 6am. She remembered that the pledges were still downstairs and that there was another pledging session scheduled to take place in just a few minutes.

However, she had something else on her mind. She stretched and her head began to throb from the events of the day before.

She remembered meeting Luci after their chemistry class. Monica tried to talk to her, tried to console her about not getting to pledge Rho Sigma Tau. However, Monica soon learned that Luci was dealing with much more than just pledge rejection:

In an instant, Luci broke down in Monica’s arms, saying that she’d done something terrible.

However, she wouldn’t give any information. She just cried and apologized over and over. It took all of the skill Monica had to get Luci to at least agree to come to the sorority house. As it were, Luci was scheduled to arrive first thing that canlı poker oyna morning.

“I wonder what this day is going to bring,” Monica said as she got out of bed and headed toward the shower.


At that exact moment, upstairs in her Vice-President’s suite, Tamryn slipped on her midnight-black, oversized Sorority sweatshirt. She’d already put on her black biker shorts, black socks and black gym shoes.

Wearing the ominous black outfit that she reserved solely for pledging sessions, she quickly pulled on her fingerless black leather gloves.

Her long, jet-black hair pulled into a tight ponytail and secured by a black headband, she turned and she admired herself in the mirror.

“Ready, Chief?” she said as she winked in the mirror. Then she checked her alarm clock. At 5:59am, she grabbed her pledge paddle and her keys.

“I know exactly what this day is going to bring,” Tamryn grinned as she opened the door. “Pledge torment and abuse!”

She whistled gleefully as she left her room, hopped on the elevator and headed toward the lower level.


At exactly 5:59am, and still seated against the wall, Nadia nudged Kara until the caramel-colored girl began to stir. Then Nadia tried to shake Mickie awake, but Mickie was too far gone. Nadia glanced down at Roxie who was still fast asleep, her head cocked oddly to the side.

Kara yawned as she slowly opened her eyes. “Are we still here?” she murmured.

“Yeah,” Nadia whispered. “But maybe we’ll get to leave soon.”

Kara, smoothing back her jet-black curly hair that had been pulled into a low bun, shot a hopeful look at her pledge line sister. “You really think so?”

“Yeah,” Nadia answered.

Then they laughed together, leaning against each other, until they both dissolved into giggles. “Probably not,” they said in unison.

As they settled down, Nadia perked up. “Oh yeah. Guess what?” She pointed to the ceiling above them. “See that heating vent up there? Did you know that you can hear –”

All of a sudden, Nadia was interrupted by the ding of the elevator bell. They looked at each other, not having any idea what was to happen next.

“Rise and shine, pledges!” Tamryn boomed as she stepped off the elevator. “Time to begin your early morning activities! So stand up and come to attention!”

Her smile quickly turned into a frown as the pledges struggled to stand.

“Hurry up!” she barked.

The foursome stood on wobbly legs against the wall. Before they could fully orient themselves, Tamryn pointed her paddle at them and started barking orders.

“I want to hear the Greek alphabet. Now!”

The foursome took a deep breath. “Alpha, beta, gamma, delta, – “

Throbbing veins seemingly popped out of Tamryn’s neck and she exploded. “Excuse me!” she screamed. “Where is my greeting? How dare you forget my greeting!”

“Yes Big Sister Tornado!” they said in unison. The pledges immediately launched into Tamryn’s personalized greeting:

“Greetings, Big Sister Tornado, seer of all that is right, protector of all that is good! We are but worms, worms that slither on the ground! Worms that need direction and focus and discipline! And if we prove ourselves worthy, then maybe, just maybe, our beloved Big Sister Tornado will see fit to provide us with the direction, focus and discipline that we so desperately need to become worthy members of Rho Sigma Tau!”

Tamryn glared at them as she twirled the paddle in her hands. “I swear, you four are the worst pledges I’ve ever seen! You worms know better than to forget my greeting!” she barked. “All right. The Greek alphabet. Now!”

“Alpha, beta, gamma, delta –”

“Tamryn, calm down,” Lina said as she walked down into the basement. She took a look around, then she sighed. She turned to the four girls who were standing against the wall. “Pledges stop,” she said quietly.

Tamryn shot Lina an icy-cold look. “They were in the middle of the Greek alphabet, Lina!”

Lina formed a sharp retort, but chose to close her mouth in front of the pledges. She motioned Tamryn over to the corner of the room.

Once they were alone, Lina put her hands on her hips. “I know what you’re doing, Tamryn. But we first need to make sure that they’re all right. They had a rough session last night.”

Tamryn snorted and shook her head. “We weren’t coddled when we were pledging. Why should we coddle them?”

Lina rolled her eyes. “Making sure they’re physically okay is coddling them?”

Tamryn gave her a steely gaze. “Lina, you know we were pledged way harder than they were. All that mess that happened to us? That shit was borderline hazing. Remember when we were left out in the friggin’ cold to fend for ourselves for over three hours? Remember when we were paddled to within an inch of our lives? Remember when we didn’t eat for three days straight?”

“Yes, and I remember how demoralizing that was,” Lina said softly. “And that that shit had nothing to do with the true bonds of sisterhood. And you know that I vowed not to do that to anyone else.”

Tamryn internet casino sighed. “Yeah, I know. But I still think you’re being a pussy about this.”

Lina cut her a cold look. “Like you’ve gotten any lately. I’m surprised you still know what it is,” she shot back. Then Lina turned and left Tamryn standing in the corner with her mouth open as she went to rejoin the pledges.

Lina clapped her hands. “Alright ladies. Listen up. You’re going to have thirty minutes to eat. We have some things upstairs in the kitchen, so go help yourselves. And after you eat, you’ll wait for our instructions. So go upstairs, now!”

The pledges scrambled upstairs, in sheer disbelief for their luck.

“Now what?” Tamryn asked as she rejoined Lina in the center of the room.

“We wait thirty minutes. That’ll put us at just about 6:30am. The rest of the Sisters should be up, so we can get started with their session then.”

Tamryn shrugged. “All right. But I still think you’re being soft on them.”

“Anyway,” Lina winked, “who said their session was going to be short? Hell, we still have a lot of morning left!”


At just after 8am, the doorbell to the sorority house rang. With all of the Sisters in the basement crowded around the pledges issuing orders, demands and instructions, Monica was the only one who heard the bell.

Hoping it was Luci, she headed for the doorway. “I’ll get it,” she said over her shoulder as she climbed up the stairs.

She ran all the way to the front door and threw it open. She saw Luci standing there, dabbing her eyes with a tissue.

“Luci?” Monica said, staring at the distraught young woman.

“Monica!” Luci cried. “Oh, Monica, I’m sorry! I’m so, so sorry!”

When Monica reached for her hand, Luci broke down sobbing. Monica quickly put her arm around Luci’s waist.

“Come on in, Luci,” Monica said, ushering her into the study. “Come on in and tell me what’s wrong. Tell me right now!”


“All right, ladies,” Sierra said, walking in front of the pledges, eyeing them one by one. “I want to hear the Sorority Motto. Now!”

As the pledges launched into yet another test of their knowledge about the Sorority, Monica came downstairs and went right to Sierra. She whispered in Sierra’s ear for several long moments.

Everyone watched silently as a deep frown crossed Sierra’s face. Finally, Monica stepped back and waited for Sierra’s reaction.

After several long moments, Sierra finally spoke. “Ok, pledges, we’re taking a break. Go and sit down right over there,” she said, pointing to the same spot against the wall where they’d sat earlier that morning. “And don’t move, or even speak, until I come and get you.”

The pledges scrambled and went to go sit against the wall. They huddled next to each other, waiting for further instructions.

Then Sierra turned to the rest of the group. “Sisters, I need all of the members of the Executive Board to meet me and Monica in the study.”

Instinctively, Nadia looked up at the heating vent just over her head, but obediently kept quiet.

“Aww, come on, Sierra,” Miko grinned. “We were just getting started on these worms!”

“Not now, Miko,” Sierra snapped. “Just go into the study with the rest of the E-Board!”

Miko raised her eyes, but obediently followed Tamryn, Brandi, Lina, Angela and Candace upstairs and into the study.

Then Sierra turned to the rest of the Sisters. “Everyone else wait in the living room until we’re done, okay?”

Everyone nodded and went to follow Sierra’s instructions to the letter.


When the Executive Board walked into the study, they saw Luci sitting in the chair near the desk. Sierra took her seat behind the desk as the other six E-Board members filed into the room. Lina, Tamryn, Candace, Brandi, Miko and Angela all sat on the two sofas that sat on either side of the small, but quaint Victorian-era designed room.

Sierra looked around at everyone. Luci, her head down, had clearly been crying, as she was still dabbing at her reddened eyes with a tissue. Monica, a stern look on her face, had her gaze coldly fixed on Tamryn.

Strangely, Tamryn was silent. Her eyes were fixed on the carpet. The remaining five Sisters just sat there, confusion written all over their faces.

Sierra cleared her throat. “Ok, everyone. Here’s the deal.” She chose her next words carefully. “We have a…a situation. And it involves Luci.”

Sierra turned to the trembling girl, still hunched over and still sniffling. “Luci, why don’t you tell us what’s going on.”

“Wait!” Tamryn interjected. “She’s a reject! Do we really have time for anything she has to say? I mean, this is nonsense! We need to get back to our business downstairs!”

“Tamryn, quiet down,” Sierra warned, anger rising in her like quickfire. “And keep quiet until I say otherwise!”

The Sisters raised their eyebrows at Sierra’s scolding tone, but they all kept silent.

“Ok, Luci,” Sierra said. “Begin.”

Luci looked around the room at the expectant faces. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, blocking out the penetrating glares. “Well…it all started with Jade. You know Jade, the president of the Mu Lambda Sorority? Well, Jade…she…she wanted to get even with you all.”

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Junior Year Abroad Pt. 11

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This is Part 11 of the Survivor Revival Challenge, organized by Tara Cox. This is the story of Jim & Marybeth, and eventually others, of course. This might be my last installment.


The conclusion of the saga of Jim & Marybeth, & their friends


Marybeth wore comfortable clothes to travel in. She met Jerome at the Gare de l’Est in the early afternoon. They took a slow train to Reims, which takes around 90 minutes. They talked the entire train trip. By the time they got to Reims, they knew a lot about each other.

At Reims, they stayed at La Demeure des Sacres, an amazingly charming hotel. If Jerome was trying to seduce Marybeth, he was off to a great start. Jerome could see it in her eyes. After the previous night, when despite her claims to the contrary, Marybeth had let Jerome do anything and everything to and with her, with the exception of copulation, he figured tonight it would be one step better. He had been thinking about little else than laying this fabulous sexpot of a woman.

When Marybeth dressed for dinner, Jerome almost lost it when he saw her. Claire had really outdone herself! Granted, she had excellent raw material, but somehow Claire had found the clothes that accented all the best features of Marybeth, and at least in the mind of Jerome, there were a lot of those: breasts, ass, tiny waist, flat tummy, legs, and – most of all – her pretty face.

Claire had even taken the trouble to have Marybeth get her hair done at the Dessange beauty salon just off the Champs Elysées. Marybeth looked ravishing. Jerome, however, did his best to play it cool, and he acted like a proper gentleman, even if Marybeth herself had given him the best blowjob of his 39 years of life, just the night before.

The two arrived at the restaurant right on time, their reservation being for 8PM. They arrived by taxi from the hotel, as the restaurant was a bit out of town, and their hotel was in the center of town, within a stone’s throw of the cathedral, Notre Dame de Reims. The cathedral, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, was traditionally where the kings of France were crowned, back when there were kings of France. Marybeth wanted immediately to see it, but Jerome had had other ideas. They had kissed and made out for some time, while Marybeth was constantly thinking about seeing the cathedral. Then they had dressed for dinner, each in their own room.

As the taxi pulled up in front of the restaurant, a man literally ran from the restaurant down the long walk to get to Marybeth’s door of the taxi to open it for her. Marybeth felt elegant in her work-of-art dress, and her heels. Her heels were high enough to be high heels, but low enough so that she could easily walk in them.

Marybeth’s father was only 22 years older than Marybeth; he had knocked up her mother and they had enjoyed a hastily arranged marriage. Marybeth’s mother was only 17 when she gave birth to her. Therefore, Jerome was only a few years younger than her father, who was 42, while Jerome was 39. Marybeth wondered if that was why she was so attracted to older men? She hoped not. She hoped it was just because they had money, power, a certain elegance that comes with age, and most of all knowledge. They were suave, and wise to the ways of the world. She liked those traits in a man.

Jim had spirit and youthful exuberance. Marybeth loved Jim, everything about him, but especially how kinky he was as regards sex. Jerome was not kinky. He was a straight as an arrow, conventional man. His one kink was that he was a dominant. For a natural submissive like Marybeth, this was both a welcome and a dangerous fact. She knew Jerome would have control over her. He already did.

A pretty woman, in a drop-dead gorgeous outfit, with brilliant colors (probably by Kenzo, Marybeth thought) greeted then at the door, asked their name, knew without checking that they had a reservation, and ushered them to their table. In heavily accented English she asked if they would like a drink before dinner? She suggested their special welcome cocktail, which was (of course, since they were in the heart of champagne county) a glass of champagne mixed with some peach liquor, served with special, little, savory, ‘amuse-gueules.’

Before Marybeth could even taste one of the amuse-gueules, which Jerome called amuse-bouches, because it was easier to pronounce, she had to look at them and give Jerome her opinion on their appearance. She realized the entire evening was going to be like that: Jerome took his job seriously.

“This is supposed to look like a romantic date between lovers. You’re supposed to be trying to get inside my panties,” Marybeth remarked, in a whisper, to Jerome.

“I am, believe me. I hope I do. It’s just that I have a job to do, too,” he said.

Marybeth gave her opinion on the appearance and display of the amuse-bouches, and then she popped one in her mouth and had a dainty, feminine sip of the welcome cocktail. The two lovebirds poker oyna talked about Reims and Jerome mansplained the history of the cathedral. Marybeth already knew its history, but like a good little submissive, she pretended to be fascinated by Jerome’s knowledge, even if he got a few details wrong. She didn’t correct him, she just enjoyed his attempts to look down her dress as he talked.

When it came time to order, as they had agreed, they both ordered the extensive tasting menu, which looked to Marybeth as if it might be enough food to feed a family of four, for a week. Jerome explained to her she only had to taste each course; she didn’t have to finish them. At each stage, starter, main dish, pause and “le trou Normande,” and then salad, cheese, and dessert, there were choices, and whatever Marybeth chose, Jerome chose something different.

A few minutes before the starters began, about a half hour after Jerome and Marybeth arrived, two women walked in, holding hands. Everyone looked at them, and not just because they were both gorgeous and sexy, but because they were obviously lovers. They were seated two tables away from Jerome and Marybeth. In between them were two young American businessmen, apparently wine importers for New York State, and also for Massachusetts.

The two men looked over the two women carefully, checking them out in shameless detail, and Marybeth overheard one of the men say, “Such a pity. Why is it that such gorgeous women waste themselves on other women?”

His dinner companion said, “Take a look at the beauty with her Sugardaddy at two o’clock, you moron.” He gestured with his head directly at Marybeth, who blushed. She wasn’t supposed to hear that. This being a super fancy restaurant, the tables were not close to each other. Marybeth had always been blessed, however – or was it a curse? – with bionic hearing. Nobody on earth could out-eavesdrop Marybeth!

So that’s what they think? They think Jerome is my Sugardaddy? Marybeth thought to herself. Hey, that’s a kink she’d never even thought about before. She smiled, a private, little smile, not enough for Jerome to pay attention to it. She’d learned, again from eavesdropping, that both men were in their mid-twenties, and they were Mark and Dylan. Mark was the New Yorker, and Dylan was the guy from Boston.

Marybeth continued to eavesdrop on the two men, especially when they were discussing “the two babes” sitting at the neighboring table, namely Claire and Susie.

“Those two men at the table next to us are ogling Claire and Susie,” Marybeth whispered to Jerome.

“Susie, maybe. It must be obvious Claire is a lesbian,” Jerome said.

“I think Claire is bisexual, like Susie,” Marybeth replied.

Jerome didn’t answer, because just then more food arrived. Marybeth realized she should have paced herself better. She was already full, and she had the main course, the salad, the cheeses, the “trou Normande,” dessert, coffee, and cognac still to go! She really didn’t want to explode from all the food. The problem was it all looked so good, and it also tasted so good, she felt compelled to eat everything!

At the end, an overstuffed Marybeth, and a (very) well fed Jerome, waddled out of the restaurant to their waiting taxi. It was raining (of course) but for the walkway to the taxi, the restaurant’s doorman held open a huge umbrella, sheltering both of them, while he got wet. Marybeth was impressed; anyone would be.

Back at the hotel, the two overstuffed Americans collapsed into armchairs in the hotel bar. Jerome ordered a Bas Armagnac, and Marybeth ordered a bubbly water. She hoped, since it had bubbles, maybe it would be like Alka-Seltzer? Soon Claire and Susie joined them at the bar, and shortly later the two American men did, too.

One thing led to another, and soon Susie, Marybeth, Dylan, and Mark, were all discussing college sports. Jerome wasn’t interested in college sports; he wanted to autopsy the meal they all had just had. Claire knew nothing about American college football and basketball, so she was happy talking to Jerome.

The idea that Claire might be bisexual, and not a die-hard lesbian, had taken root in Jerome’s mind, especially because Claire looked both pretty and sexy. Also, both Marybeth and Susie seemed infatuated with the two younger men. So Claire and Jerome became lost in their own conversation.

The four Americans in their twenties got noisy, and at one point, Claire decided to retire to her room. Jerome escorted her there, and to his surprise, Claire invited him in. Marybeth and Susie didn’t even notice that they had left, until finally, when the hotel bar closed at 2AM, they looked around and noticed Jerome and Claire had left.

“Did your Sugardaddy abandon you?” Dylan asked, and ordinarily Marybeth would have slapped him; but he said it innocently, and it was so obvious he liked her, that she let it go.

“Apparently, he and Claire left earlier,” she replied. She saw Dylan’s eyes canlı poker oyna light up when she said that.

Mark was a little smoother, saying, “It appears your dining companion has turned in, too?” as he looked at Susie. Susie gave him her best come hither smile when he said that.

“Hey, if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with,” Mark said. Susie just smiled.

There were three floors in the small hotel, but everyone seemed to be on the third floor. They walked by Claire’s room and Marybeth suddenly stopped. She put her ear to the door and distinctly heard soft moans that absolutely had to be those of Claire. She made the Shh symbol with her fingers and mouth, and beckoned Susie over. Susie looked through the keyhole, which you could do in this charmingly old fashioned room. She turned away, smiling broadly.

She beckoned the three of them to follow her, and they all piled into Susie’s room. With the door closed, she whispered, “Jerome and Claire are getting it on. Marybeth, I don’t think you nor I are getting any sex tonight.”

Dylan then piped up, “Don’t be hasty now, little Susie. The evening is still young.”

“It’s 2AM,” Susie said.

Mark began to sing, “Wake up, Little Susie,” the 1950s era song of the Everly Brothers. Dylan put his arms about Susie and began to dance with her, to the tune of Mark’s singing. Marybeth then took out her iPhone from her purse, and chose one of her playlists. All four of them began to dance, Mark with Susie, then Mark with Marybeth, while Dylan danced with the woman Mark was not dancing with, at the time.

If you asked Marybeth how it happened, or when it happened, in all honesty she wouldn’t have been able to tell you, but at some point the kissing began. Marybeth and Mark were kissing, while Susie and Dylan were kissing, and then the men swapped. Marybeth and Dylan, and Susie and Mark; all were kissing. It was fun. Female giggling was a constant, seductive sound throughout the kissing and dancing.

They were in Susie’s room, so at one point she excused herself, went to the room’s bathroom, and emerged later, having ‘slipped into something more comfortable.’ It also gave the men easier access to her body, should they want it. Marybeth thought she should do the same, but the two men begged her not to leave, even if only to change clothes and then come right back.

“Can’t you just remove your dress?” Dylan asked.

“And dance in my underwear? I don’t think so. No, thank you,” Marybeth replied, although she wasn’t angry. More like she was amused.

“A bra and panties? It’s like a two piece bathing suit. More modest than a bikini,” Mark said, giving Marybeth the classic line. “I’m sure Susie will strip to her underwear too, to keep you company.”

“My lingerie is not like a bathing suit. It’s late at night, we’re all drunk, and we’re in a hotel room somewhere in France. Plus, my underwear is lace, and skimpy,” Marybeth said. “It might be skimpier than a bikini, even.”

“You’re my kind of woman!” Dylan said. “Here, let me help. You help Susie,” he added, addressing Mark. He unzipped Marybeth’s gorgeous dress, that fit her like a second skin.

“You’ll ruin the dress. Let me take it off. It’s very expensive, and delicate, too,” Marybeth said. Dylan backed away from her, holding his hands in the air, and smiled broadly, kind of like a cat about to pounce on the canary. He didn’t care; he was goal focused, and getting Marybeth’s dress off was step one towards his goal.

Both Marybeth and Susie were now dancing in their underwear, taking frequent breaks for kissing, and being passed from one of the men to the other. Marybeth liked that nobody was pairing off. It made her feel just a wee bit safer, and she was feeling pretty damn vulnerable right about then.

After around a half hour of this, Susie sat down on the room’s couch. “I need a break. I think my body wants to digest the mountain of food I ate. It all tasted so good, and looked so appealing, I just kept eating, and eating, and eating.”

“Me too,” Mark said, and he plopped down next to Susie. There was also an armchair in the room. Dylan offered it to Marybeth, but she insisted he take it, and she sat, Indian style, on the floor, her back as straight as a board. She didn’t realize it, Dylan guessed, but her panties gave her precious little modesty when she sat Indian style. Dylan was naive: Marybeth knew exactly what she was doing, and what she was showing. She always did.

Finally, they talked about the meal. Dylan suggested that at the end of the meal, they should have offered some Alka Seltzer. I wish Jerome were here to listen to us, Marybeth thought to herself. Susie thought of Claire, as Mark continued to kiss her.

So, Claire is finally getting it on with Jerome? Susie secretly know Claire had a thing for Jerome, and she was happy for her. She had been hoping for some raunchy super-hot lesbian sex, but she felt happy for Claire, and anyway, Mark internet casino seemed quite interested, now didn’t he?

Susie let Mark take her bra off, and her boobs popped out to delight the six eyes of Mark, Dylan, and yes, Marybeth. Mark took advantage of his location, and he began to lovingly fondle Susie’s boobs while he kissed her. Susie had only rarely had sex in front of an audience, the two times being publicly fucked in bars/clubs being the major exceptions, but those times had been so public, so very public, that she felt it was different than it was in this intimate setting.

Susie felt self-conscious having her boobs out for all to see, and now clothed only in panties, but she had to admit she was turned on, and really enjoying Mark’s gentle and sweet caresses of her boobs. Susie was proud of her boobs; she felt they were her best feature.

Dylan looked over at Marybeth, who was peacefully sitting Indian style on the floor. She looked delectable, and he hoped he could live up to whatever standard she was used to, with her Sugardaddy, who was off fucking the dyke, of all people! Marybeth was watching the Mark and Susie show, and Dylan, looking closely, saw a small wet spot on her panties! So, was the lovely Marybeth was getting aroused? It was time to act!

“Marybeth, come over here, will you, please?” Dylan said, trying and failing to sound all innocent.

Marybeth rose, knowing exactly what Dylan wanted, and she walked over to him and stood next to him. “I’m tired. Do you mind if I sit on the arm of your chair?” she said.

Dylan was enthusiastic, and Marybeth took her seat on the arm. Shortly later, Dylan pulled her onto his lap, to Marybeth’s giggles and delight. Marybeth squirmed around, ostensibly to get comfortable, but in reality, to give Dylan an impromptu lap dance. Dylan got hard as a rock, and Marybeth, who had been spoiled by Jim’s big cock and Denis’ monster cock, and not Eric’s size but the familiarity of his longstanding love for her, discovered that she had lucked out once again, with the handsome wine merchant known as Dylan.

However, Marybeth began to question herself. What the fuck was she doing? She knew Jerome had wanted to spend the night with her, and she was still undecided if she was going to do the deed with him, she had just dumped her essentially life-long fiancé, and she had a boyfriend she was hopelessly in love with, namely Jim. What was she doing, thinking of having a one-night stand with a guy she had known for what? A couple of hours? Was not her life complicated enough, without these two rakes trying to score with the two bimbos, namely Susie and herself?

As Marybeth was having these self-doubts, Susie’s phone dinged. Susie’s good friend April was on the field trip with Jim. “News about Jim, Marybeth!” she called out, trying to read the text, while holding onto her panties as Mark continuously tried to pull them off her.

“Well?” Marybeth asked. Marybeth had gone still, ending the lap dance, and Dylan was smart enough to let her sit there, his naked cock (which somehow had left the confines of his pants) nestled between Marybeth’s ass cheeks, up against her panties. Marybeth was wearing genuine bikini panties, not a thong.

“I’m reading!” Susie said, as she slapped away Mark’s one-track minded hand, constantly pulling at her panties.

“Your boyfriend Jim laid Alexa the first night, and then Michelle the second night, and now the two girls won’t speak to each other, and everyone’s mad at Jim,” she said.

Some boyfriend! Marybeth thought. “You have a boyfriend and a Sugardaddy, both? Oh, honey, you’re something else!” Dylan said, and he quickly, and expertly, removed Marybeth’s bra while she was still in shock over Susie’s text, giving the ‘Jim Report.’

“You’d better believe it, you wine merchant, you,” Marybeth said, and she stood up and removed her panties, too. “Game on! Who wants me?”

In a sneak attack, Mark used both hands, overpowering Susie’s hands, and off came her panties, to her delicious giggles as they left her body. Seeing Marybeth’s reaction, Susie was going to match her, blow for blow.

Dylan stood and led Marybeth to the bed. “How conventional of you,” she said, and he threw her down onto the bed, spread her legs, and got on top of her, his cock falling almost automatically at her entrance. It was a practiced move. This man had laid many a slut before me, Marybeth thought to herself.

Dylan pulled Marybeth’s legs up onto his shoulders, and he wasted no time. Evidently, Dylan was a man of action. Boom, his cock was balls deep inside Marybeth! Luckily, she was already wet. “If Jim laid two, then I want three!” Marybeth said, to nobody in particular, but her words were certainly noticed by Mark, who was still in the midst of seducing Susie.

“Move over, Dylan. You’re hogging the bed,” Mark said, as he tossed Susie onto the bed right next to Marybeth, once Dylan had dragged Marybeth off the center of the bed. Marybeth was truly enjoying the way Dylan was fucking her with his big cock, and as is typical of the wench that is Marybeth, she was not shy about letting him know (and a fortiori Susie and Mark) what she thought of his fucking technique.

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