Conversations with Manny Ch. 05

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Manny invited me to meet him for a drink at the local watering hole. It was a quiet place, none of the noise I had experienced in my one foray into a singles bar. Armed with our drinks we found an empty booth where we ordered some food. My understanding was that we were going to talk about a prospective partnership. Manny, however took up his story where he left off.

The four young people piled out of the Porsche. “Holy shit this throws a wrench in the fucking works” Susan whispered aside to him. “The fucking Walmart express” She sounded totally disgusted. “Fuck”!

“There has to be a good reason why Auntie Jean is here”, He whispered in her ear. “She usually doesn’t just drop in out of the blue”.

Jean was lying on the couch with her head buried under a cushion.

“Mom”! Maria called. There was no response. “Mom”! , Maria removed the cushion covering her mother’s head.

Jean had obviously been crying.

“Mom”! Maria exclaimed. “What’s wrong”?

Jean looked around the room with tear soaked eyes. “Sit down dear, I have to tell all of you something”.

“Mom”? Maria’s voice was shaken.

Jean sat up and Susan and Maria sat on either side of her. Avril excused herself and went to her room. Manny sat on the edge of the coffee table facing the three ladies on the couch.

“Your father has left me”, sobbed Jean.

“What”? Maria was incredulous as Susan shot a questioning glance at Manny.

“He left me to move in with Bonnie his secretary” Jean sobbed.

Maria recoiled; Manny could see the shock on her face. The news that her father had moved in with Bonnie was obviously like a kick in the stomach.

“He says they’ve been lovers for a couple of years, that he can’t stand to be away from her any longer”. Susan reached out for Jean’s shaking hands. “What will we do dear”? Jean asked Maria plaintively.

“Don’t worry Mom, we’ll be fine, honest we will” The pain was very apparent in Maria’s voice. “We’ll manage”, as tears started to stream down her beautiful face.

Manny felt a lump in his throat. His lovely Maria’s world had just been rocked and he didn’t know what to do. He moved from the edge of the coffee table and squatted in front of Jean and Maria. “C’mere”, He reached out and took Maria’s head and Jeans head and pulled them on to his shoulders. “It’s OK to cry”, He whispered as hot tears soaked his shirt.

He looked up and Susan was smiling at him “I Love You” She mouthed. Manny’s knees were getting sore as Maria raised her head and looked at him through tear soaked eyes and sobbed “Your shoulder is wet”.

“It’s Ok” He smiled at her “Goes with the territory”.

“C’mon lets get you two outside into the fresh air”, Susan whispered. She gently took Maria’s hand and pulled her onto her feet.

“Auntie Jean, you OK”? Manny whispered. Jean nodded into his shoulder.

He stroked her hair, “C’mon let’s get you outside”. Manny stood up slowly and pulled Jean with him.

They joined Susan and Maria on the porch, where the three ladies sat on the couch.

“Why don’t I get us some drinks”? Manny turned back into the cottage.

Susan followed him to the doorway. “Listen”, She whispered. “Jean being here really fucks things up” She glanced over to where Maria and Jean were sitting. “Maria and I always use the same room anyway, so that isn’t out of the ordinary. What is though, is any of us shuffling around between rooms”.

“I understand”, Manny whispered. “Finding out that we three are in an incestuous relationship would push her over the edge. Don’t worry, it’s O.K.”

“It might be a good opportunity though for you and Avril to get together” Susan poked him in the ribs.

“Don’t be fucking stupid, She’s Gay. Or did you forget that”? Manny was surprised at what Susan had just said.

“We don’t think She’s as Gay as she thinks she is”, Susan glanced around. “We’ve been noticing the way she watches you. We’re pretty sure she’s Bi. We don’t think Avril knows she’s Bi though”.

“What if you’re wrong”? Manny looked at her earnestly. “I like her a lot; I’m not going to make a move that will drive her away”.

“We know you like her, we’ve been watching you too” Susan smiled. “It’s O.K. you have our blessing. Maria and I decided we want to bring her into the fold”. Susan kissed him on the cheek “Why don’t we just see what happens, O.K.”?

“You said she was just coming out of a relationship. That she didn’t need any involvements or crap”! Manny looked at his sister steadily.

“I know what I said. That was then, this is now”. Susan pushed past him. “Wait here”.

His sister walked through the cottage to the room that she and Maria were sharing. She came back after a few moments, something in her hand.

“Here” She said, “I hope you need these”. Susan handed him a package of condoms. “I picked them up in town from the machine in the ladies bathroom. Cost me a dollar a piece”.

“What the”? Manny looked at the package.

“Listen, Maria and I planned on seducing you. We went on the poker oyna pill a few months ago. Avril didn’t plan on anything. Get the picture”?

Susan went and sat with Maria and Jean. Manny stuffed the package into his pocket and went into the kitchen, butterflies in his stomach.

He poured three large glasses of wine, and he was just pouring himself a beer when he heard a noise behind him. He turned to see Avril smiling at him.

“Problems”? She asked, looking around.

“Yea, big ones” He whispered.

“Thanks I would love a beer” She nodded towards the bottle in his hand.

“I’m sorry, it was rude not to ask if you wanted one” He apologized. “Leo has left Jean to live with his secretary”.

“Ouch”! Avril whispered. “Poor Jean, poor Maria”

He handed her the beer. “How are they”? She asked.

“In a mess, they’re both crying out on the porch”. Manny nodded towards the door “Will you give me a hand”?

They picked up the glasses and headed towards the door.

Susan was sitting in the middle between Jean and Maria. Susan had an arm around each of them, comforting them. She looked up as Manny and Avril arrived. “Thanks” She smiled as Manny offered the wine.

The three ladies sat silently drinking their wine. The occasional sob escaped Jean, but Maria looked and sounded a bit better. “Listen I’ll leave you lovely ladies here to talk. I’m going to go sit on the dock and enjoy my beer” Manny softly informed them.

“Want some company”? Avril asked.

“Sure why not, that there dock’s big enough for both of us” He was glad of the company.

The two young people walked out to the end of the dock. Manny sat down and removed his shoes, placing them on the dock beside him. “Better” He sighed “Much better”.

“Do you think the dock is dirty”? Avril asked.

“Probably, it lives in the elements, for sure it’s dirty” He looked around him.

“I was going to join you down there, but I don’t want to ruin my dress, I’m going in to change” Avril turned towards the cottage.

“Here”, Manny removed his shirt and placed it next to him. “Sit on this” He smiled up at her.

Avril hesitated then kicking her shoes off sat next to Manny. “Thank you, you didn’t have to do that, I could have gotten changed”. She drank some of her beer. “Mm, this is nice” She took a deep breath. “The humidity is pretty bad though; it’s like trying to breath through a warm wet sponge”.

Manny laughed. “It was like this last night too”. As he said that a faint flash in the distant sky signaled an approaching thunderstorm.

“What was that”? Avril looked at him.

“Thunderstorm, It may come this way, maybe not” He took a swig of beer.

“How far away is it”? Avril brushed her hair away from her eyes.

‘She is so beautiful’ Manny mused, fascinated with the way the shadows danced on her face.

“A long way away”, He returned his attention to the distant horizon. “It may not even get here, it could be headed north. It’s a long way off though” He turned to look at her. “Does it bother you”?

Avril said nothing she just gazed out over the lake.

“Look at the Fireflies dancing, aren’t they gorgeous”? She whispered.

“You should have seen them last night, there were millions of them” Manny took another drink. “They dance around your head when you swim”.

“You swim at night”? Avril looked at him.

“Sure, we go skinny dipping” He chuckled.

“Really”? Avril sounded incredulous.

“Sure we do, we were in there last night” Manny omitted what had actually transpired the previous evening.

The sound of footfalls on the dock made them both look up. Susan was striding along the boardwalk towards them. “Hold this” She handed her wine glass to Avril.

“So what’s happening” Manny asked her as she sat down beside Avril.

“Maria’s going to be O.K., already bouncing back” Susan took her glass from Avril. “Aunt Jean’s a fucking mess though” She took a drink of wine. “Fuck it’s hot, was that lightening I saw before”?

“Storm brewing off there” Manny nodded towards the west. “Hope its heading north”

“What’s going to happen”? He asked.

“Well, Maria will be along shortly, she’s talking to her Mum. Trying to make her understand that she’s a good person. Just because Leo has moved on to greener pastures, doesn’t mean she’s on the scrap heap”. She took another sip of wine “What a fucking mess”.

“Aunt Jean is still a beautiful woman”, Manny commented turning to sit cross-legged facing Avril and Susan.

Jean had married Leo a year before Maria was born. At nineteen she was a very young bride, and from the photos that Manny had seen, also a very lovely bride. She now looked like an older version of Maria. Her eyes were coal black and her hair was now salt and pepper. She had lost none of her figure and in fact could likely have given Susan and Maria a run for their money in a swimsuit. In short, she was an extremely classy lady.

“Don’t worry” Manny took a drink of beer. “We’ll work on her, try to get canlı poker oyna her to bounce back. Who knows Leo might even have done her a favor”?

“Some fucking favor”! Susan chided.

“What I mean is that there is some guy out there who will treat her right”. Manny explained.

“I sincerely hope so, I can’t believe Leo would shit all over her like that” Susan took another drink of wine. “Maria too, she needs this like a hole in the head, exams are coming up shortly, Holy shit”.

A movement caught every ones attention. Maria was silhouetted against the backdrop of the cottage as she made her way towards the dock. Susan moved to make a gap between herself and Avril.

“Sit here Sweetie”, she patted the dock indicating the spot she’d cleared.

Maria said nothing, she handed Susan her glass of wine. Then she reached behind her back and unzipped her dress. Manny could see that she was obviously devoid of under things, as the dress slowly slid over her shoulders and floated down to the dock. The other three watched in silent awe as she reached, taking her glass from Susan. Raising it to her lips she drained it then after she handed the glass back to Susan she jumped in the water, soaking the others.

“Shall we”? Manny rose to his feet.

“No, No Manny, don’t ”! Susan’s urgent voice rooted him to the spot. “Let me go in. She, we need to be alone right now”.

Susan stood up and dropped her dress on top of Maria’s. Susan jumped into the water, again Manny and Avril got soaked.

Manny’s sister quickly made it to where Maria was standing, the water just covering her shoulders. “Are You OK sweetie”? Susan’s whisper could be heard plainly on the dock.

Manny realized that Maria had been quite right the previous evening, sound does travel over water.

“C’mere” Susan took Maria into her arms, guiding her cousin’s head onto her shoulder. A loud sob escaped Maria as her frustration suddenly boiled over.

“Poor Mom” She whispered between sobs. “She doesn’t deserve this”

“I know honey”, Susan stroked her cousin’s hair lovingly. “I know”. As she kissed Maria’s moist eyes.

Maria lifted her head and placed a gentle kiss on Susan’s lips. Susan could taste the salt tears as she returned the kiss, nibbling affectionately at Maria’s bottom lip.

She could feel Her cousin’s nipples hardening against her own excited nipples as she hugged her, probing Maria’s mouth with her tongue. Their kisses became more passionate as tongues dueling they grew oblivious to all around them.

Manny and Avril sat on the dock bearing silent witness to the scene unfolding in the water. Manny’s imagination and penis were beginning to wake up, the light from the cottage vaguely illuminating the two young women.

“I Love you so much more than you will ever know” Susan whispered as she reached around, lightly caressing the other girl’s back. Her talented fingers danced and glided in an erotic ballet. Familiarity had taught her where Maria’s erogenous zones were located. Gently stroking and caressing until Maria’s body melted into hers. As softly as a summer breeze she moved her hands to her cousin’s chest.

Maria gasped as Susan’s fingers traced circles around her areolas, occasionally pinching a hard nipple eliciting tiny shudders and tremors. The young woman was lost on an ecstatic plain somewhere ten miles above them so talented were Susan’s hands.

A movement beside him caught Manny’s attention. Glancing side ways he saw Avril clenching and releasing her thighs. She was biting her bottom lip as she intently watched the cousins in the water. Manny’s cock jumped in his pants, but with an effort he returned his attention to the water.

Susan ran her fingers over the flat of Maria’s stomach and down to the neatly trimmed pubic hair. Maria groaned as Susan’s fingers wandered ever lower eventually finding her cousin’s labia. With two fingers Susan parted Maria’s pussy lips allowing her middle finger to slide into her lover’s warm vagina.

Maria let out a loud gasp and mini tremors shook her body as Susan slid her finger into the depths of her pussy. Susan began pumping her finger in and out slowly. Gathering momentum, then slowing down. Sending her cousin towards orgasm. Then backing off. Relentlessly sending her ever higher.

“I Love you”, She whispered before suddenly flicking Maria’s clitoris rapidly, pushing her finally over the edge.

“Ooh, Ooh, Aargh ”! Maria suddenly climaxed, almost clawing a hole in Susan’s back with clutching hands. As Maria gasped and groaned searching for breath, Susan whispered “I’m going take you to bed and suck on your pussy ‘til your head caves in”. She kissed Maria tenderly on the neck as the girl shuddered and shook, her body inundated with aftershocks.

Manny’s cock was about to burst out of his pants. ‘Fuck, I gotta go and relieve this before it blows a gasket’

Manny stumbled to his feet just as Avril looked at him through glazed eyes. She was staring at the bulge in front of his pants.

“I internet casino gotta go”, he whispered hoarsely turning to wards the cottage.

“Me too” Avril whispered, She seemed to be having trouble breathing. She was shaking as Manny took her hand pulling her to her feet.

They picked up their bottles and walked silently to the house, Manny’s boner tenting his pants. Avril seemed to be lost in her thoughts as she handed him his shirt. They stood in awkward silence as Manny put his shirt back on and buttoned it up.

“See you tomorrow” Manny smiled, still embarrassed because of his erection. He reached out and took Avril’s bottle from her.

“Good night” Avril leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.

Manny went into the kitchen and put the empty bottles on the counter. ‘God, She saw my boner’ Manny was wishing the ground could have swallowed him up. He knew he would have difficulty even looking at her in the morning. ‘Imagine getting so obviously horny because of what his sister and cousin may or may not have been doing in the water’. ‘Fuck’ Manny shook his head and went to the bathroom intent on relieving his swollen member.

Lying on his bed in just his jockey shorts, sleep avoided him. He lay awake for a while, all kinds of thoughts and scenarios running through his mind He kept going back to thinking about what his sister had told him. The notion of potentially having three very beautiful women at his disposal seemed very unlikely. This relationship with his sister and cousin seemed very unlikely a couple of days previously, but now it was reality. ‘Shit’ He mumbled to himself as he eventually drifted slowly off to sleep.

The brilliant flash and loud crack shocked Manny into consciousness. “What the fuck”! He sat bolt upright in bed. He was confused for a moment until he realized that the storm had actually come this way. The cottage shook as thunder and lightening danced a violent ballet in the night sky.

Suddenly his door flew open and a shadowy figure leapt towards his bed, landing in a shaking heap next to him.

“Wha…” Manny was suddenly wide-awake.

“I… It’s me, Avril” A shaky voice replied.

Manny sensed from the way her body shook nervously and the sound of her voice that she was very afraid of the storm. She clutched at him nervously, pulling him to her. “Hey, are you O.K”? Manny was obviously concerned.

“Hold me please”? Avril pleaded.

Manny reached his left arm over her as she lifted her head off the pillow allowing him to put his right arm under her neck. He cradled her head as she snuggled into his neck. Stroking her hair he whispered, “Don’t be scared, I won’t let anything harm you”.

She nodded her head silently as the storm crashed and careened in the night.

As he gently stroked her back, he realized she was just wearing an oversized tee shirt. Her firm breast pressed against his chest as she hugged him tighter, moving her right leg over his. He could feel the material of her panty clad crotch clued against his thigh.

‘Holy Fuck’ He groaned to himself as his body started to respond to the beautiful girl lying next to him. ‘Shit, she’s terrified’ He moved so that she would have less chance of feeling his budding erection. “Just moving onto my back a bit more”, He whispered as she raised her head to look at him. ‘Asshole’ He chided himself. ‘She’s obviously scared and you’re getting a boner’.

They lay like this for what seemed like hours as the storm raged outside. A storm also raged within Manny as he struggled to control his penis. By shear willpower he managed to calm it down. This accomplished as he cooed and stroked her hair and back. The storm eventually subsided somewhat and he felt Avril relaxing against him.

“Fell better”? He whispered.

Avril nodded her head against his shoulder.

“Want to go back to your room”? He stroked her cheek.

“Safe here”, Avril whispered as she shook her head. “Can I stay for a while”? She almost pleaded.

“Stay for as long as you want” He chuckled; I’m not going anywhere.

“What happened”? Manny asked her seriously. “Why are you so afraid of the storm”?

There was silence for a few moments, and then she whispered, “When I was a little girl my Grandfather used to take me golfing to his country club”.

“And there was a bad storm, right”? Manny asked.

She nodded her head “Two men, good friends of Grandpa’s were killed”. Avril hesitated for a moment. “As I recall, they were both very nice men. Grandpa was devastated”.

Another thunder flash seared the night making Avril tense up again.

Manny hugged her closer, continuing to stoke her hair. “There was this blinding explosion,” Avril continued. “My ears were whistling afterwards. I remember people running. The tree had split down the center. Grandpa’s friends were underneath”.

“I’m so sorry you saw something like that”, Manny whispered. “It’s O.K. to be afraid; you just don’t want fear to paralyze you though”.

After a few minutes Manny lifted his head and looked at her snuggled tightly against him. “Do you still golf”?

She moved her head to look at him “Yes, yes I do, I’m an addict”.

“Are you good”? Manny smiled at her.

She hesitated for a moment, “Scratch”.

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