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It has been some time since my first meeting with Pete, my online friend. I have to say that the events of that night still send a wave of emotions for me. I don’t know when I’ve become so bold before!

I still kept his Santa gift in my wardrobe, hidden under my stack of tops and pants… still wrapped up, except for the ripped top portion which I opened that night to marvel at his gift — a multi-speed 7″ vibrator.

Once in a while, I’d take it out of its secret place… I’d circle its width with my fingers, gliding my hand up and down its length… imagining how it will feel inside my virgin cunt.

Sometimes, I would turn on the vibrator, turning up the speed to the max as I glide my hand up and down… closing my eyes as I feel the length and vibrations of my personal ‘cock’.

I admit that I have been naughty when I was younger and have inserted a long narrow tube in my cunt… feeling the strange, slightly painful sensation as the tube stretched my passage… and watched the little drops of blood swirling in the water in the bathtub as the tube went deeper in me.

I knew that I probably won’t bleed if I ever find the courage to finally insert the vibrator in me… but somehow, I never dared to use it. It’s silly really… to ask ‘Santa Pete’ to give me a vibrator and then never have the courage to actually use it… but still… I didn’t feel brave enough… and once again, after I’ve held and felt it… I’ll turn it off, put it back into its almost wrapped box and tuck it back safely into its hiding place…

After that night, Pete and I still continued chatting online on various topics… but on one lazy humid afternoon, he suddenly typed, “Do you like the gift Santa gave you?”

I blinked at the words for a second and then typed, “Yes… thanks, Santa… ”

A short while later, Pete typed, “Have you tried it?”

I felt a little embarrassed… I mean, I couldn’t very well tell him that after all the trouble he took to buy and gift-wrap my gift, that I haven’t found the courage to try it… so I typed, “Yes… I’ve tried it…”… it’s just a little white lie and he won’t know about it, would he?

Pete then typed, “Can I watch you using it? I want to see and know how it feels like when you use it…”

I suddenly felt hot and all bothered inside… the heat scorching downwards, causing my cunt to throb in anticipation… Do I dare? Show Pete how I masturbate?

My naughty side popped up… probably the devil whispering… “How will it feel like… masturbating in front of a guy? Letting the guy watch your fingers playing with your pussy?”

I felt that if I’d ever want to experience what it’ll be like to masturbate in front of a guy, Pete would be a safe choice… knowing him, he’s most likely making this request in the name of scientific curiosity rather than any sense of sexual fetish or arousal.

Before I can allow myself to change my mind, I typed, “Yes… I’ll be waiting for you…”

With those parting words, we both logged off and whilst waiting for Pete to arrive, I changed into something more comfortable, removing my bra and putting on a big baggy T-shirt which covered me till my mid-thigh.

I decided to remove my panties as I’d figured that I’ll probably have to remove it anyway. I took out the vibrator from its secret place and put it next to my pillow…

I stared at it for a while and thought to myself… Gosh… why did I have to say that I’ve tried it?? What if it cannot fit in?? As inexperience as I was, I didn’t want Pete to know the truth… that I’ve never gathered enough courage to actually use the vibrator!

“Well,” the devil whispered… “You’re about to find out… how it feels when it’s deep inside you… how it feels to have someone watching you play with your little cunt… how it feels to have someone seeing that vibrator deep inside you!”

I shivered with nervous anticipation as once again, I felt my cunt began to throb…

Pete arrived shortly and just like the ‘professor’ he is, he said with a soft smile, “Go on and masturbate… I’ll just sit down here and watch you…”

I smiled shyly and with some nervousness, perabet proceeded to lie on my bed.

Pete crouched down next to the bed, sitting on his bended knees and supporting his head on his hands as he rested his crossed elbows on the bed, he proceeded to observe me as I got myself comfortable, adjusting my head on my pillow.

Pushing aside my nervousness with a shallow breath, I slowly shifted my T-shirt upwards with my hands, exposing my shaved pussy, I opened my legs slightly as I slipped a finger in between my pussy lips, gliding the finger slowly between them.

I let my finger stimulate my little nub, circling it as I gently applied pressure, causing the tingling sensations to spiral up my body, making my nipples harden as I arched my back and pressed my head down into my pillow as I gave a soft moan. All of my nervousness vanished as my pussy starts to demand more attention.

I opened my legs wider, and now, using the fingers of my left hand to open up my pussy lips to expose my pussy for Pete’s inspection, the fingers on my right hand start to flick up and down across my pussy, tickling the hard nub and making me more stimulated and horny.

My body was heating up with need, my breathing quickening as I moan louder…

Pete went up on his knees, and placed his hand on my right thigh, squeezing it gently as his hand pushed against my thigh… making me open my legs wider so that my right foot was now resting on the floor next to him.

Pete came closer as I continued to rub my fingers with greater urgency… gathering my wetness and spreading it all over my pussy… I inserted one finger… then two into my wet pussy and Pete brought his face closer as he observed how I was finger-fucking my pussy as my thumb now starts to focus on rubbing and circling my hard little nub.

My body was now moving up and down as my fingers and thumb continue its erotic dance… swirling, circling, rubbing… fucking my pussy… I could smell the sweet musky scent of my aroused pussy and knew that being so close to my pussy, Pete was taking it all in… the sight, the sound and the smell of a woman in heat… a woman in need for sweet… sweet release…

Pete continued to gently massage my inner thigh and slipped his left hand into my T-shirt, pushing it upwards to reveal my hardened nipples.

Pete pushed the T-shirt higher and I allowed him to quickly slip the T-shirt off of me, leaving me naked, highly aroused and totally horny on the bed… whilst Pete remains fully clothed in his shirt, jeans and socks!

The thought of this made me even hornier as I brought my fingers back to work, finger-fucking my pussy.

Pete has started to glide his hands up and down my naked chest, the palms of his hands stroking up and down against my nipples, making them painfully sensitive as I moaned and continued to jab my fingers in and out of my pussy.

As I feel myself reaching the summit… I looked at Pete, who is now alternating between pinching nipples and squeezing my breasts tightly, my fingers working furiously as I released a loud moan and groaned, “Oh… God… I’m cumming…. Ohhhh… Yes…. Ohhhh…. Yes… Ahhhh…..”

I pressed my fingers hard against my exposed wet pussy as I let the waves of orgasm take control… crashing through me from my throbbing pussy right up my body and down to my toes…

I could feel Pete’s hand clutching my breasts tight as he witnessed my climax.

I smiled down at him, took his right hand and bringing his fingers to my pussy, I moved his fingers across my wet pussy, controlling the movements of his four right fingers as I let them explore my pussy… he brought his other hand and opened my pussy lips with his left fingers as he observed his right hand fingers continue to explore my pussy…

“Mmm…” I moaned as I let Pete’s fingers gently touch and feel the different parts of my pussy… his eyes observing what his fingers are doing as he experimented with circling my little nub, gliding his finger around the inner walls and tracing the shape of my opening, slipping an inch of his finger inside my pussy and pulling it downwards as he sees perabet giriş his finger stretching my pussy to open it slightly…

Pete set his gaze at the vibrator… his ‘Santa’s’ gift… and said, “I want to see you using my gift…”

Feeling brave after what just happened, I took the vibrator with my right hand and as Pete’s left fingers continue to open my pussy lips; I brought the tip of the vibrator and pressed it against my little nub.

I glide the length of the vibrator up and down across my pussy, wetting it with my wetness as I start to stimulate and masturbate myself again.

I reveled at the feeling of the smooth ‘cock’ gliding sensually up and down across my pussy… and I could feel the tension and urges grow inside me…

I couldn’t want to finally feel that 7″ ‘cock’ buried deep inside me…

With a quick twist of my hand, I turned the vibrator on and let the vibrating tip stimulate the entrance of my pussy.

I could hear Pete holding his breath as he also anticipated the moment when he can see that ‘cock’ gliding into my pussy.

Titling my pelvis up slightly, I start to slowly push the vibrating ‘cock’ into my pussy…

It felt bigger than I had expected… I mean, I’ve circled my fingers and felt it gliding up and down my circled hand before… but I never suspected that when I actually insert it into my virgin pussy that it’ll be wider than I’d expected…

It was a good thing that I’ve lubricated it well with my cum and wetness… and as I proceed to insert the ‘cock’ deep inside me, guided Pete’s fingers with my other hand to close up my pussy lips, pushing my little nub downwards so that the vibrations continue to stimulate and apply constant pressure… making me moan and pant, breathing deeply and harshly as I pushed the ‘cock’ all the way inside of me… filling me… giving me such a pleasurable stretch…

Knowing that Pete is watching every move and observing how my pussy is being slowly but surely penetrated by the vibrator, made me even more horny and wet and I moaned louder.

After I’ve pushed the vibrator all the way inside me, I stopped for a second, opened my pussy lips with my left fingers and let Pete just see the end of the vibrator sticking out of my pussy… Pete brought his finger and circled around my pussy entrance… feeling the vibrations of the ‘cock’, feeling the wetness and seeing just how stretched my pussy was…

I held onto the vibrator and started to slowly pull it out of my pussy, pushing it upwards so that just as it was rubbing and stimulating my little nub as it was gliding in me, it was now rubbing and stimulating my little nub as it is gliding out of me… I moaned, “Ohh… that feels so good…” and as soon as the tip was about to leave the entrance of my pussy, I gave it a hard shove… pushing it hard… slamming it deeply into my pussy… causing me to groan with the pleasure… “Ohhhh…!!”

I started to move the vibrator in and out of my wet pussy… moving my body up and down to increase the tempo and impact as Pete once again went up on his knees and started to massage both of my thighs, gently guiding them to open even wider to allow him to sit on the bed in between my opened legs…

I gazed down at him as I continued to fuck myself with the vibrator, drilling the vibrator in and out of my soaking cunt… making it stretch my tight pussy… as I closed my eyes, arched my back and gave out a groan… all of my senses focused to that central part of my being…

I felt Pete shift slightly… then felt his finger rubbing and then circling my little nub as his hand covered mine and followed the movements of my hand that is using the vibrator to fuck me vigorously… “Ohh… Yes… Ahhh…. Ohh… Yes… I’m cumming again…. Ohhh… don’t stop… Ahh…. Faster… Ohh… Yes… Harder…!!! Ohhhhh!!!!” I cried as both Pete and I gave a last hard thrust and shoved the vibrator deep inside me as the next shattering waves of orgasm crashed over me…

Pete gently pulled my hand away from the vibrator and said, “Let me use it on you… I want you on your knees…”

Pete moved and positioned perabet güvenilir mi himself at the bottom part of the bed and waited whilst I turned and went on all fours slowly – as the vibrator continue to be buried deeply in my throbbing pussy – placing my legs wide and resting my head down on my upper arms as I waited with anticipation…

Pete slowly pulled out the vibrator, cupped my pussy with his hand then slowly glide upwards towards my asshole, his fingers stopping to open up my pussy, spreading his fingers to gather my wetness then pressing my inner pussy and little nub against his closed fingers as he proceed to glide his wet fingers over my asshole.

Pete brought his fingers back down towards my pussy and this time, using his two fingers to open up my pussy, he inserted his third finger into my pussy.

I moaned as I pushed myself back against his hand, making his finger bury itself deeper inside my swollen pussy.

Pete inserted a second finger and I groaned at the exquisite feeling. Pete then brought a third finger into my pussy, stretching me further as his thumb played havoc by rubbing and circling my little nub hard and furiously. Pete inserted his fourth finger and I groaned again, panting and circling my butt as I grinded against his hand and invading fingers.

Pete then decided to experiment a little and twisted his fingers, causing me to groan, “Ohh… Yes…. Ohh… that feels so good…”

Encouraged and feeling the need to make me cum again, he started to grind his fingers in and out of my pussy… twisting it clockwise then anti-clockwise as he fucked me with my fingers…

I was getting close to my next orgasm when Pete suddenly took out his fingers and thrust the vibrator hard and deep into my pussy… “Ahhhhh!!!! Ohhhhh Yes!!!” I groaned out… but Pete was not done with me yet!

He re-positioned himself to have a better leverage, turned on the vibrator to max speed and started to fuck me with the vibrator…. Hard and Fast!

My whole body was quaking and shaking as Pete continued his merciless onslaught… twisting the vibrator… using it as a drill-cum-screwdriver as he drilled and screwed the vibrator deeper and deeper into my tender swollen pussy… his actions just like a mechanic drilling and screwing a tight hole who’s trying to force a big bolt into the small tight hole… leveraging himself and wrapping his arm around my pelvis so as to gain more control and power, he used all his strength to drill and screw my pussy with the vibrator…

My breathing grew more haggard as I increased the pace and intensity as I try my best to thrust my pussy back towards Pete’s hand as he’s plunging the vibrating ‘cock’ deep into my pussy. I moaned out, “Mmm… Yes… Ohh… Yes… that’s it… Ahhh… Ohh… Yes… give it to me… Oh… Yes… fuck me! Ohhh… Ahhh… Ohh… screw and drill my fucking cunt!”

I could hear Pete’s heavy breathing and harsh groan as he continued to give me a good fucking with the vibrating ‘cock’.

My pussy was throbbing wildly as wave after thundering wave of orgasms continued to hit me… Pete, in his zealousness of having control of the vibrator never stopped pounding the vibrator in and out of my pussy with great vengeance… throughout my orgasms… causing me to feel such pleasure… sweet, excruciating, never-ending pleasure…

I sobbed in ecstasy as I groaned out loud, “OHHHHHH YESSSSSS….. OHHHHH…. AAAAHHHHHH….!!!”

Pete gave a final hard thrust, burying the vibrator deep inside my throbbing cum-soaked pussy, causing me to jerk slightly forward as he repositioned himself to bend over me… his hands gliding up my body as his fingers close around my breasts and he squeezed them tight as he thrust his jeans-covered hard penis against the end of the vibrator, causing the vibrator to surge deeper into my pussy.

We stayed that way whilst the waves of orgasms slowly subside… his chest against my naked back, his hands clutching my breasts and his throbbing hard penis pressed against the end of the vibrator, which continues to vibrate at max speed as my pussy walls tighten and close in around it…

After that experience, using the vibrator on my own could never quite satisfy me… so I decided to throw it away… Pete, where are you now? Can Santa buy me another gift… and use it on me again??

I’ve been a really… really good girl this year… *soft laugh*

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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