Not Until He Gets Home

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I’m Violet, and this is one of my stories.

I’m a busy person. Between work and kids, I have little time for myself. I have carefully cut out pieces of the week that are just for me. One of those times is Friday afternoon. I get off work at noon, and then the rest of the day is just for me. The kids go to their dad’s house (divorce can be a blessing). My love works and then goes to Aikido. The house is just mine until 7:30ish, and it is lovely!

I get my hair done, I get waxed, I work with my personal trainer, and once I’m through with all that, I masturbate. My ex didn’t approve of masturbating or toys, so I have grown accustomed to sneaking around. (There are many reasons he is my ex, and I’m much happier now.)

My love and I have been together for a couple of years, and I feel I have hit the lottery. Our kinks are very much in line, and sex has become quite an adventure. When discussing sex, he had expressed that he had not masturbated in a while, because our sex life is so active. Sheepishly, I told him that I did.

I have never had sex dominate my thinking before. I was more of the sort that would read studies on the frequency people thought about sex in their day to day life and wonder how and why? This man had changed all that!

This simple fact that I masturbated even with the amount of sex we were having, piqued his interest. I could see the wheels working in his head. I can say that my libido has been on overdrive since I have been with this wonderful man. Sometimes I feel like a sex-crazed teenager.

“The next time you want to masturbate, I expect you to ask permission,” he says with authority and seriousness. I quickly read the implication that there will be consequences if I don’t.

Oh. Oh my. My mind reels. The butterflies in my stomach are on overdrive. I was a Catholic girl, and the shame and guilt are already beat into my brain about sex. Masturbating is already a guilty pleasure that I do in secret, hidden away from anyone ever to see. My years with my sex-denying-ex enforced this behavior. Now I’m supposed to ask permission. My eyes are wide, just thinking about it. I’m also wet as hell.

“Yes, Sir,” is all I can manage. I’m sure my eyes are a bit crazy right now as I contemplate this development. He just looks at me with a satisfied smile and delights as I squirm. It is one of his very favorite games.

Friday afternoon is here. I have tortured myself (as my love likes to call it) by having all the hair ripped from my body and paying someone to kick my ass to stay in shape. It’s the time of day where I usually do my thing. Break out the toys, read a naughty story, and have a lovely quick orgasm to start the weekend off right.

I stare at the phone and immediately put it down. My heart is beating like a hammer. I’m sure it will escape my chest any moment now. I pick it up again and start to type, “Sir, may I masturbate?” Before I can hit send, autocorrect changes it to “master bath.” Seriously! I worked up the nerve to do the thing, and now I have to do it again.

I erase the text and type it in again. I’m horrified! The phone is fucking with me – I’m sure of it. This damnable machine has conspired with my love to make sure I turn the darkest shade of red imaginable while I have to do this one simple thing again. I correct the text, and I’m about to hit send. It changes masturbate to master bath again.

Six times! I have to correct the text SIX times before the silly machine will stop it. My hands are shaking, and my heart is beating an impossible cadence. I’m lingering between very annoyed, terrified, and utterly embarrassed, but I have finally managed to send the text.

He quickly responds, “Please do and pick a toy to do it with.”

That wasn’t so bad. I can do this! Then I have a thought. I’m not allowed to cum without permission when we have sex. We haven’t discussed this. Should I ask the question? Should I just assume? Assuming never has good consequences.

Sheepishly, I get up the nerve to ask, “May I cum, Sir? Or should I wait until you get home?”

“Wait for me. Whether I’m up for güvenilir bahis sex or not, I want to watch you cum.”

Well, I’m not going to need any lube now! How is it that he can make me wet with a few simple words. It’s like his brain has the instruction manual for all of my buttons, and he gleefully plays them like a master pianist.

I look at the time. It’s six pm right now, and my love won’t be home until 7:30… Is it 7:30? I can’t remember exactly. It’s definitely somewhere around 7:30ish – maybe. I’m entirely unsure. It hasn’t ever really mattered before. He gets home when he gets home. I start to text him again but realize he has already left for his class. Alright. We are going to go with 7:30.

This is going to be the longest edging session I have ever done. Maybe I should wait a little bit. I putter in the bathroom. Take a quick shower. I eye the bedside table again and again. I’m delaying, and I would typically already be well on my way. Okay, we are going to do this – the royal we, of course.

I go to my octagon bedside table. I’ve had this thing since I was a kid, and it has always housed all my naughty things. I open the side panel and start perusing the selections. He has never seen me masturbate as I masturbate. He has instructed me to masturbate in front of him before, but we were already playing around. He hasn’t witnessed what I do in my own private time.

Typically, I would select a vibrator, something for my ass, and some nipple clamps. It seems too much. I’ll overload myself before he gets home. Okay, I’ll start with a bullet vibe, pull out a vibrator for my ass, but won’t use it yet, and forgo the nipple clamps.

I look at my two toys and try to calm my mind. I can do this. I’m terrified, but I can do this. Attempting to reason with my panicking brain, I take some deep breaths and ask myself, “What is the worst that can happen?”

My brain quickly answers, “He’s finally going to see you as a complete freak and leave.”

“Come on now, brain! We have been doing some crazy things with this man, and he loves it! He tells me all the time how sexy I am and how much he loves me. Masturbating for him is not that far outside of things we have already tried. It just happens to be on my terms completely this time, and I’m nervous. Nervous is okay. Vulnerability can have some amazing side effects, as he has demonstrated.”

With that settled, I look at the time, 6:15 p.m., and make a plan. Alright, I’m going to use the bullet and scan Literotica until 7 p.m., and then I’ll put the vibrator up my ass. This part will be my super secret surprise for him. We haven’t done that before. Although we have talked about it, but haven’t done it. Sure, we have tried the beads and a plug, but a vibrator is different.

I set up my iPad, take off my clothes, and settle onto his side of the bed. His scent turns me on, so I always play on his side of the bed. I start scanning for stories. I go to all my typical favorites – BDSM, reluctance, mind-control, anal, spanking – but nothing is catching my attention. I start into a story, and I can’t focus. All I can think about is him coming home and finding me. After reading the same line in a story three times, I decide to put it away and focus on what already has my attention.

While gliding the vibrator up and down my slit, I start thinking about him coming home. The sound of the garage door opening, his keys hit the tray as he empties his pockets, and then his footsteps on the stairs. I imagine him coming into the room and seeing me there, naked on the bed with my hand between my thighs. Waiting and ready for him. Will he take me? Will he just watch?

Oh! I need to stop. I take the vibrator away from my clit. I breathe until I can get things back under control. Trying not to lose it entirely, but I need to step back from the ledge a bit, or I’ll fall over.

I lower my hand back down and start sliding it up and down with just a slight dip inside. What would happen if I did let myself cum? Mmmm, I bet he would spank me. That would be yummy and delicious. I envision his hand caressing türkçe bahis my ass, rubbing circles to warm up the surface before he smacks it down, sending a shudder through my body and making my inner walls clench.

Oh lord! Back off! I intentionally put my hands to the side, close my eyes, and breathe again. That was fast. I can’t lose control. As delicious as spankings are, I know the difference between reward spankings and punishment spankings. I don’t get to cum if it is punishment. That would be awful right now. I’ve already worked myself into a state. My inner thighs are evidence of that since they are soaked.

Alright, I’ve edged down a bit, where was I. I close my eyes and see him come into the room and cross over to me. His hand slides up my body, caressing my breast. I slide my hand up, mimicking what I imagine and start fondling my nipple. I begin to linger with the vibrator on my clit and bite my lip to try to hold down the building climax. I pinch down on my nipple and moan. I’m able to take myself a little higher this time.

I reluctantly and slowly put my hands back down. I lay there, moaning and squirming. Wanting so bad what I have gotten so close to, but not yet. Not until he gets home. My mind is getting hazy, and that phrase keeps running through it to try to stay focused – not until he gets home.

I glance at the time – 7 p.m. It’s time for the second vibrator. Grabbing the lube, I apply some to my fingers and the toy. I spread the lube over my ass, and without warm-up, I start to push it in. Just relax, and slowly it makes it’s way up my tight hole. I hit the remote, and my eyes snap open.

The vibrator in my ass springs to life, and there is nothing I can do to ignore it. The vibration is so deliciously deep. I lay there panting and trying to get ahold of myself. Remember, “Not until He gets home.” I find when I’m very aroused, I can’t help but become very submissive. It just feels right. I know that he will love this act of service that I’m doing for him. I slide further down into a sexy haze.

Maybe I can take just a little bit more. I slowly bring the bullet back to my slit and creep it forward towards my clit, and the electricity of my pending orgasm spikes dramatically. Oh God! I drop my hand back to my side. Panting and moaning while the vibrator in my ass buzzes relentlessly. My eyes are hooded, and my sight is blurry. The level of my sexual arousal completely consumes me. “Not until He gets home.”

I’m not sure how long I lay there trying to get ahold of myself. I glance at the time – 7:30 p.m. He might be done with class. Will he hang out and talk with everyone? Lord, I hope he gets home soon. Will he rush here knowing what is happening? My senses are on overdrive listening for evidence of his arrival.

Then I have a moment of panic. What am I doing! I should stop. I should hide all the things, go downstairs, and pretend this didn’t happen. I can’t go through with this. Then I wake up to reality. I’ve already been doing this. There is no going back now. I’m in such a state that he could take one look at me and know what has been happening. There is no hiding my overwhelming arousal at this point.

I settle back in. My hand goes back to my nipple, twisting, and pinching. I slowly slide the vibrator up my side and across my thigh. It is almost as if I’m trying to sneak up on myself. I linger at the top of my slit, unsure if I can go any further. My body is screaming to give it release, but remember, “Not until He gets home.”

I advance the bullet, just a hair, and quickly retreat. I can’t contain my moans. My body is begging me just to let it cum, but I won’t give in. I push the bullet a little farther and just brush my clit. My back arches and I cry out before pulling it back, snapping my legs together, and writhing on the bed. That was close.

I try to breathe and let myself relax a bit, but that vibrating plug in my ass makes it impossible to focus on anything but my sex and my excitement. I lay there just feeling the sensations and sinking in a haze of sexual euphoria. My legs fall back open, and all I can güvenilir bahis siteleri do is squirm on the bed, panting with my need for release.

Then I hear the garage door. It’s real now. He is home. Oh, God. What is going to happen? I have done the thing. There is no turning back at this point — no scrambling to hide. Just myself, literally laid bare, squirming with need and desire. I want to look at the door. I can’t look directly. I bite down on my bottom lip as my senses strain to figure out where he is. I hear the keys in the tray. I think he is taking off his shoes. Is he just wandering around downstairs? He is taking his sweet time on purpose. I can tell, but finally, I hear his footsteps on the stairs.

He slowly comes into the room. I can’t look at him. This is my small way of hiding – not making eye contact. What must he think? But my mind doesn’t have time to take me down dark paths of doubt. He strips off his clothes, and his mouth is on mine, drinking in my need and lust. My back arches off the bed, and I try to pull him into me.

He leans away, “I see you have been occupied.” He takes my hand and pulls me up as he leads me over to the couch. He takes a seat with his hands on my shoulders, gently pushing me to kneel before him.

“You can’t cum until my cock is in your mouth.”

I greedily pounce on him – taking him into my mouth with passion and enthusiasm. I look up with pleading in my eyes. He can see I’m in a complete state of sexual need.

“Play with yourself.”

I dutifully put my hand down to my clit and moan. My eyes roll back in my head. I continue to swirl my tongue around his cock, bobbing up and down. My moans cut off as he hits the back of my throat. I’ve never experienced this before. It distracts me for a moment as I listen to the sound start and stop.

Then he snaps through my transfixed state when he finally gives the command, “Cum for me.”

The orgasm hits like a tidal wave. I can’t believe how powerful it is. I’m practically screaming on his cock with the sound continuing to cut on and off. My entire body is shaking as wave after wave crashes over me. I feel lost like I’m under the water, tumbled by the breakers. I have no idea which way is up.

I feel him push me back off his cock, and I protest at the loss. My hand is still on my clit, and the orgasm refuses to subside. His hands are under my arms, pulling me up and guiding me over to the bed. He bends me over and reaches to take out the vibrator. I squeak in protest, and he takes a close look.

“I see,” is all I hear, and he slams into me.

The fullness of him and the vibrator is overwhelming. It takes the orgasm to an entirely different level. This is beyond anything I have ever felt. My back arches, I’m barely able to keep my legs under me as his cock pounds home. I start laughing, maniacally. How can my orgasm still be going? But it persists, crashing over me again and again.

“Time to get on your knees,” I vaguely comprehend as he lifts me up onto the bed. Something in me recognizes routine. I know my place and dutifully crawl up to my position – Ass high, shoulders against the bed, one hand on my clit, the other clutching the sheets for dear life.

He walks on his knees up between mine and slams home again. This time, I don’t wait for his prompt, “Oh, God! Oh, God! Please! Use me for your pleasure!”

He roars my name, “Violet, I love you!” and spends himself.

I continue to spasm, the bounce of his cock as he comes, setting off new waves of the orgasm. I clutch his cock with my inner walls, unwilling or possibly unable to let it go. Slowly, ever so slowly, it starts to cede. I’m trying to stay conscious, but it is a close thing. My eyes roll in my head as I feel the sensations begin to slow and ebb.

He pulls back, and I cry out my displeasure. Can’t we just stay right here forever? He chuckles at me and pulls out the vibrator. I don’t move for a minute. I just stay there – my ass in the air, face on the bed in a state of shock and bliss. After a time, I flop over, beyond completely spent.

I mumble, “Thank you for coming home.”

He looks at me with one eyebrow arched, “Well, that was a thing.” He strokes the side of my face, “Amazing!” and smiles down at me, love beaming from him.

Dear Lord. This man! I have one word – Yahtzee.

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