It’s Been Awhile

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It felt like such a long time since she had seen him last. Long-distance relationships were rough. But she knew she should count herself lucky, it had really only been a couple of weeks after all. And in a few months she would be able to relocate from her tiny college dorm room to moving in with him. It was just so difficult waiting to see him.

Last semester had been worse. Angelina had so many projects that often she didn’t get to see him for a month. That much time meant her poor cunt would tighten up too much, unused to the size of his cock, so that by the time he finally came to visit, they could only have sex a few times during the weekend before she’d feel too torn up. She was kind of delicate that way.

The summer had been perfect. They never had to go more than a week without seeing each other. That had meant her cunt was used to the exercise and always perfectly ready to accept his large cock. And every time was a perfect, snug fit. Angelina liked that a lot, the feeling of being completely filled. And she knew that a snug fit was a big turn on for guys too.

Being apart so much had its advantages though. She had lots of time to invent new ways to really turn him on. And she had lots of time to figure out how to use some of these new toys she had purchased to surprise him. She had practiced all week, trying to figure out what worked best. Tonight she wanted to give him a show that she hoped would drive him crazy!

He would arrive in only 15 min! Angelina still had so much to do! Quickly she pulled on her crotch-less fishnet stockings (he once appreciatively said they made her look like a ‘bad girl’), her 4 inch heels, and a slinky little blue dress that was so short that her ass almost showed and so tight that the seams were about to break. She put on a little studded leather collar (this one was just for show, not real bondage). She checked her hair, it looked fine, it was short enough that it didn’t take much maintenance. She didn’t really have time for make-up, but that didn’t matter much, she didn’t wear makeup often anyway. She turned off all the lights except for a bedside lamp with seductively low light. She readied her favorite music.

“Ok,” she said to herself, “Costume,” she smoothed her dress across her waist, “props,” she glanced over to where she had hidden her toys, “music,” she glanced at the stereo, “ready to start the show! Now, enter the leading male…” A few minutes later, not quite on cue, she got the call she was waiting for.

“I’m pulling in behind the building, will you meet me downstairs?” John said on the phone.

“I’ll be right there!” she replied. She hung up and ran down the stairs of the dorm.

She passed a couple of guys on the way down, who turned to look appreciatively at her appearance as she scurried past. She heard one comment “I wish I was getting some of that tonight!” She felt like a bit of an exhibitionist, but showing off was the name of the game tonight.

She met him in the lobby, getting stares from everyone she passed. John looked her up and down appreciatively as he walked towards her. “Mmmm, baby, I missed you,” he purred into her hair as he scooped her into a tight embrace.

“I missed you too,” she sighed. They kissed passionately for a while, oblivious to anyone who might be passing by. Then hurriedly started walking back towards Angelina’s room. As they were climbing the stairs, John got a hell of a view of her pert ass. As the skin-tight dress rode up a little, he smacked at her ass playfully. He discovered, as his hand had grazed a bit of trimmed pubic hair, that she was wearing no underwear. What a turn on! She was walking around looking so hot with no underwear on and that little dress looked like it was going to ride up to her waist or bust open or something equally dangerous! Usually she was not so flamboyant, but it seemed like every time they got together she was more erotically adventurous than the last time.

They got into her room and she locked the door güvenilir bahis shut behind them. She wrapped her arms around John and enveloped him in a deep kiss. Her tongue hungrily sought his. Then she broke away, smiled mischievously and led him by the hand to a chair that faced the bed. She sat him down in it and started removing his clothes until he was naked.

“I have some things in mind for tonight,” she purred. “Are you ready?”

He smiled and nodded in response. “What are you going to do to me?” he asked innocently.

“I can’t tell you, I want to surprise you,” she said as she tied one hand behind him to part of the chair, and his other hand similarly so that his hands were crossed behind him but tied separately.

She turned on some favorite music, and began dancing around him. Angelina was a very sexy dancer and in that little dress, it was practically pornographic. She danced, writhed, swayed, undulated, swung and shimmied. Her arms lifted gracefully above her head, she swung her hips slowly as if grinding against an invisible partner. She drew one hand across her thigh, up her stomach and across one breast in a move that was extremely steamy. John was getting quite aroused by this display, but there was much more coming.

She lifted the straining hem of her skirt, little by little, till he could see the bottom edge of her neatly trimmed fur. Then she straddled him and the skirt rode up a little more. She was lap dancing for him, her wet pussy grinding against the middle of his rapidly stiffening shaft. She grinned playfully at him, knowing he wanted to touch her, kiss her, but his hands were bound and she kept herself just out of reach of his mouth. She closed her eyes feeling the music. She leaned in, teasingly brushing her lips against his, but pulling out of reach again.

“Am I sexy? Do you want me?” she asked in a voice that broke with her own palpable desire.

“Oh, baby I want you!” he responded, his voice full of soft urgency, thinking she was about to fuck him. “You look so sexy in that dress. You can feel how turned on I am.”

“Good,” she replied, “that’s what I want to hear.” She got off his lap and kneeled on the floor between his knees.

She smiled mischievously up at him and kissed the tip of his cock. She licked lightly around the head. Then she licked in slow firm strokes from the base of the shaft to the tip, tasting a little of her own juices where she had been rubbing against him a moment ago. Then she started to suck on the head, tightening her lips and slowly sliding them down, then sliding back up. Each time she took a little more of him into her mouth until she could take no more. She always regretted that her gag reflex was too sensitive to do more. But she was pretty sure that she did well enough without deep-throating. She slid her hand down the part of his cock that her mouth couldn’t reach. She moved her mouth and hand in unison, pulling and sucking, again and again. He was moaning above her. Veins were starting to stand out on his swelling cock.

She stopped, sliding her hand slowly, teasingly off of his cock. She planned on leaving him hanging on the edge for quite a while tonight. By this time, the music had gotten to another favorite seductive song. She began dancing around more. She slowly unzipped her dress as she danced. She freed one shoulder from the tiny strap and pulled it down enough to reveal a light pink edge of areola. She did the same with the other side, slowly and flirtatiously. Then she peeled the dress down to her waist, exposing her breasts. She slid over to John, straddled him again but did not sit. She rubbed her breasts against his chest. He leaned his head down to try to capture a nipple but she kept them just out of reach.

He longed to touch her, and she knew it. That was one of her favorite games, ‘look but don’t touch’. She lowered her body just a little, so the wet entrance of her pussy enveloped just the very tip of his cock. That was more than John could türkçe bahis take, in one move he raised his hips, penetrating her with half of his length, and grabbed a nipple in his mouth. She gasped with sudden pleasure.

Angelina didn’t allow him to enjoy his victory long, she pulled back and up quickly, detaching herself and leaving him yearning. “You cheated,” she teased in a low, seductive voice as she sucked on his earlobe for a moment, tasting the sweet metallic flavor of his earrings.

“Mmm, I’m sorry,” he replied, his voice plaintive.

“No you’re not,” she said, her voice was full of humor and her eyes sparkled as she pretended to pout. “I was thinking about untying one of your hands, but now I don’t know. If you can’t behave and play by the rules now, how do I know you won’t try to escape if I give you more freedom?”

“Aww, you can trust me,” he looked up at her with an innocent expression.

“I don’t know…” she said as she resumed dancing. As she danced, she peeled the dress the rest of the way off her body. She continued to dance in just the crotch-less fishnet stockings for a little bit, brushing against John occasionally to tease him. Then she sat on the bed and removed her shoes. She was naked except for the stockings and the little collar on her neck.

She leaned over to kiss him, sucking his tongue into her mouth. Then she kneeled between his legs again. He squeezed her with his thighs, trying to show affection in the only way she had left available to him. She wrapped her mouth around the head of his cock again. She plunged her mouth down the shaft, flickering her tongue across the underside as she came up. She repeated this a few times, then left him hanging again.

She straddled him again, but this time perched only on his knees. She leaned forward, rubbing her breasts against his ribs as she untied one hand. “Here’s the rules,” she said as she undid the knot, “you aren’t allowed to touch me, or free yourself. Promise not to cheat?”

“I promise,” he sighed. “If I can’t touch you, what am I supposed to do with one hand?”

She looked innocently, “Whatever you want, I guess, as long as the only one you touch is yourself…”

“Oh, is that your game this time?” he said with a smile. This was different, for her to initiate something like this.

In response, she merely smiled and shrugged her shoulders. She reached behind him to the desk. She had thrown a bit of fabric over the one toy she had placed on the desk so that John wouldn’t notice it as he walked in. She pulled out the key prop in her little show tonight, a translucent purple dildo. She looked askance at John with a playful grin.

“You didn’t mention this new acquisition!” he laughed. “Wow!” he said, impressed. This was going to be a fun night. “Do I get to use that on you?”

“Maybe later…” She playfully licked the length of the dildo and laughed as she got down on her knees in front of John. Then she leaned forward and licked the length of John’s cock too. He behaved himself for the moment and didn’t touch her. She sucked on the head of the dildo, and then sucked on the head of John’s cock. She slid her mouth down the dildo, sucking it in as far as she could (which was a bit farther than she could take John, the dildo wasn’t quite as big). Then she performed a similar motion on John’s cock.

Then she brought out some lubricant and slathered it onto John’s cock, working it up and down with her hands a few times. “I’ll leave you to your own devices now,” she said with humor in her voice as she began to slather lubricant on the dildo. She was still on her knees on the ground in front of John. She got up and kneeled on the bed in front of him, spreading her knees apart. With the dildo in one hand, and the other hand spreading the lips of her cunt, she leaned back, raised her hips and lay the head of the dildo against her pussy. John could see her pussy glistening even as she began to slide the dildo in. It was fascinating to watch.

He güvenilir bahis siteleri could see the labia stretching and being pushed outward by the purple shaft sliding inside her. She sighed as it went in to the base. Then slowly she drew it back out. She lifted her head up, and watched John intently as she slid it in and out again. She had set a couple of pillows up earlier, she drew her legs out from under her, put them on the ground and lay back against the pillows. Her head was supported so she could watch John, and her knees were spread at the edge of the bed so that he would have a great view of her.

“I want to watch you enjoy the show,” she said. He took the hint and placed his hand on his cock and started to stroke.

She slid the dildo in again, and began to fuck herself slowly with it, the fingers of her other hand delicately stimulating her clit. John was impressed, this was incredibly hot! Angelina was reveling in the decadence of it, writhing around, watching John’s rapt face and knowing that she was putting on a very erotic show.

Then she reached one hand under the pillows and brought forth another toy. Her trusty bullet vibrator. It was her first sex-toy, and they had both enjoyed finding out what it could do to her over the months since she had bought it. She put it on a soft hum and began to work it around on her clit. It wasn’t long before her body was arching with the beginnings of orgasm. But before she got carried off, she stopped, turned off the vibrator, slid the dildo out. She reached under the pillow, and pulled out the piece-de-resistance, a small purple butt-plug. John’s eyebrows rose in amazement. He didn’t know she was willing to do that! They had talked about their limits in the anal area, but he didn’t think butt-plugs had come up at all… very interesting.

She grabbed the lubricant, and readied the toy. She lay back down on the bed again, but she lay so that her ass was on the edge of the bed, as John’s chair was very close to the bed, she placed her feet on John’s knees with her knees up in the air so he’d have a great view. She slid the small toy in, moaning a little as she did so. It had taken her a while to get used to putting anything in her anus, but she had practiced with the toy quite a bit over the week so that she’d be relaxed and give John a good show. Then she slid the dildo in, reveling in the sensation of being completely filled, she grabbed her vibrator and went back to work with it on her clit.

John was sucking in his breath as her feet pressed against his knees and she began to arch her back with a coming orgasm. He wasn’t sure he’d ever seen anything so erotic. She was fucking herself rapidly with the dildo, and pressing the vibrator hard against her clit. He could feel a little precum on his hand. She writhed and spasmed with an orgasm. She moaned and cried out. Her feet fell off his knees. As soon as she was down from the first wave, she turned off the vibrator. She got on the floor on her knees, holding the dildo inside her. She untied John’s still bound hand. Then she his cock and began to suck on it, still fucking herself with the dildo. She drew her mouth down around the shaft, which was already tightly engorged and nearly ready to cum. He was slippery with lubricant and her saliva. She slid her free hand down the shaft with her mouth following. John twisted his fingers into her hair. He moaned as she slid her mouth up and down.

“Mmm, baby I’m gonna cum,” groaned John a few moments later. Angelina dropped the dildo, and took her mouth away from his cock. She pressed his slippery cock against her chest, enveloping it in the flesh of her breasts with one hand still sliding up and down the head. He spurted against her throat and chest, moaning and gripping her shoulders. “Ohhh…” he moaned. “Mmm, oh wow…” She slowed her rhythm as his breathing slowed. Her breasts were still enveloping his cock as she smiled up at him.

He leaned down to kiss her soundly and gratefully. “I love you,” he said softly as he kissed forehead. “That was a hell of a show!”

He got a mischievous look on his face, “Tomorrow, you are in BIG trouble…” He laughed wickedly, “I’ve got some ideas about how I want to use those new toys on you!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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