Have You Ever Been Teased?

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Have You Ever Been Teased?

Have you ever been teased until you could not take it anymore? This is what I would do to you if you were here with me.

I would lay you down on you back, naked in the middle of the bed. I would lie naked next to you and softly kiss the side of your neck while my hand softly slides over you skin, awakening your senses. My hand glides over your stomach, making circles around your navel, touching you ever so softly. My lips kissing up and down your neck lightly.

My fingers move inch by inch up your stomach until they are just below your breasts. My fingers slide over and move softly up and down the side of your rib cage, tickling you ever so slightly and making the hairs on your body stand on end.

My mouth moves behind your ear and my hot breath blows softly on your neck as I kiss your ear. My hand moves to the other side of your ribs, moving ever so softly up and down, barely touching your skin. You wiggle at the touch of my hand and moan softly. Your legs spread slightly, letting me know that you want me to touch you between your legs, but it is not time yet.

After moving my fingers up and down your side for a minute, my hand returns to your stomach and slowly inches up to the bottom of your breasts. My hand traces the bottom of one breast then the other. I cup the bottom of one breast and massage it then do the same to the other breast. Your nipples are hard and wanting to be touched.

I slither my tongue up and down the side of your neck from your shoulder blade up to the nape of your neck to the back of your ear then suck on your ear lobe as my index finger circles your outer areola of your left breast. I make small circles around the areola feeling the bumps standing firm around your breast. I hear you moan softly again as your eyes rest closed.

My body moves and my body straddles your waist. The weight of my body rests on my feet so that I am almost hovering over your body, yet slightly touching your lower stomach. I reach back and very lightly run a finger over your mound moving back and forth until I am just above your clitoral hood. After lightly touching your mound a few seconds, I refocus my attention on your upper body.

My hands massage the sides of your neck, and softly move over your shoulders. Your shoulders shrug up slightly in response to my touch. Both of my hands trace your collar bone and slide down to the top of your breasts. I massage the top of your breasts with my hands for several seconds. You open your eyes and look at me with a hint of lust in them. I smile softly at you and lick my lips. Your eyes close once again.

My fingers slide down your breasts and I finally touch your hard nipples lightly. I use the tip of my index finger and run it over the tip of your hard nipples. My fingers make tiny circles on the tip of your nipples. Knowing you want more, I take both of your nipples between my fingers and softly roll your hard nipples with my fingers.

Soft, joyous sensations run through your nipples. Your breathing starts to slowly increase as your body is being primed. After a minute, I massage your breasts in my hands, alternating between kneading them and rolling your breasts in my palms. My hands then slide up and down the top of your body from your shoulder bone, down over your breasts, over the top of your stomach and back down to your navel. My fingers softly make circles around your lower stomach and back up your body to your shoulders several times, moving inch by inch. My fingertips move over your shoulders and slide very gently up and down the outside of your arms three times before sliding down your rib cage once more.

I adjust my hips even lower until my hips are pressed against your hips. I lay on top of you and softly kiss your lips. You kiss back lightly in response to my soft, short kisses. My hands muss through your hair and massage the back of your neck while I lightly kiss your mouth. I spend a couple of minutes kissing you before my mouth moves down your shoulder blade and starts kissing the top of each breasts. My mouth moves back and forth from one side to the other, leaving a light kiss mark until I reach your nipples.

I surround one nipple with my lips and suck on it very softly so that my lips are hardly touching the nipple. With the other hand, I lightly press your hard nipple between my thumb and index finger, sending waves of pleasure through your breasts. After spending a good amount of time on one nipple, I switch and start sucking on the other nipple and using my other hand to softly squeeze your other nipple.

Making sure that you are enjoying the touch of my wet lips and fingers is my primary focus. The sound of your soft moans are coming more often. I am ready to move on. My hips slide further down your body and I move in between your legs. I plant soft kisses down the center of your chest until my mouth leaves a snail trail down to your navel. I allow the tip of my tongue to press slightly inside canlı bahis şirketleri your navel until it moves down to your mound. I sit between your legs now and softly run my fingertips up and down your upper thighs moving from the outside, inward until my hands are lightly touching your inner thighs. I notice moisture between your spread legs and lick my lips in anticipation.

Slowly making tiny circles, my fingers massage your inner thighs just below your outer labia down to the back of your knees. Wanting better access to your inner thighs, I use my hands to push your legs up until you are supporting your legs with your feet placed flat on the bed, your legs pointing outward.

My thumbs slowly massage your inner thighs working from the outside, inward until I am a mere inch from your outer labia which are now filled with blood and starting to spread. I can see your clitoral hood starting to peak through your spreading lips. Your bright pink inner labia are starting to expose themselves as I continue massaging your inner thighs.

You moan softly and tell me how good my fingers feel on your inner thighs. I see milky drops forming on the bottom of your vagina. I can tell you are enjoying my touch on your inner thighs. You are anticipating my future path inward. I do not let you down, well partially.

My fingers continue to move inward until they are touching your outer labia. At this point, I use my index fingers to run up and down the length of your outer labia, massaging each one of them with my finger. Your outer labia feel so soft and smooth to the touch. I feel a little wetness on my fingertips. You encourage me with a couple more moans and a warm smile.

I move my fingers inward and slowly massage your inner labia moving my finger tips up and down the length of your vagina, careful not to touch your clitoral hood. Do you want me to touch your clitoral hood? Is that a yes you whisper?

I move my fingers down to the very bottom of your vagina and softly make circles with my fingertips around your rosebud. The way your anal opening puckers up makes me smile. I use my thumbs to massage your anal opening a few seconds then move my hands outward and massage your butt cheeks. I know you don’t want me to move outward, but it is all part of awakening your body. Doesn’t it feel good when I massage your ass cheeks?

Knowing what you really want, I move my fingers back toward the center and massage your inner thighs a few seconds once again, then move in and trace your outer labia. My fingers continue to move inward and massage your inner labia. Your lips have spread even more and are now showing my your inner most entrance and exposed your clitoris, which is starting to peak out of it’s protective hood.

I use the tip of my index finger to very lightly massage the tip of your clitoral hood. Your hips raise off the bed and I pull my hand away. I know you want me to press harder, but not yet. If you move your hips then I remove my fingers. So keep your hips on the bed. Yes, I know it is hard to do.

My finger massages the very tip of your hood, making tiny circles. Mmm. I love the sound of your soft, sweet moans. You beg me to press harder, but it is not yet time. I use my thumbs to massage your mound for several seconds as your legs instinctively spread open wider. I now slide down so that I am laying on my stomach between your legs.

My hands hold the bottom of your upper thighs, just below your butt cheeks as my lips begin kissing your inner thighs, planting soft, tiny kisses ever so slowly. My quick kisses move from one thigh to the next, going around in circles. Yes, that is it, moan for me. You are starting to turn me on as well.

I love the smell of your sweet, intoxicating vagina. I lean in and blow hot air over your labia. Your hips raise up ever so slightly in response. It is time for me to give you some pleasure so I run my tongue in circles around your outer labia, making several big “O”s. No, I do not touch your clitoris, yet.

My tongue slithers inside my mouth and I plant kisses on your vagina lips and lower mound for a few seconds before I use my tongue to touch the very bottom of your vagina opening. I softly lick up the drops of juice that are starting to drip out from inside you. My tongue runs lightly up the length of your inner labia and stops just before touching your clitoris. I make a nice wet circle around the outlines of your clitoris, but am careful not to touch it. That would bring you too much joy at this moment.

As my tongue slides back down your inner walls, your hips start to raise. I pull my tongue away. It is not time to delve inside just yet. I know you want it. I know you hate being teased like this, but you love it just the same. Three times I repeat the motions up your slit, around your outer clitoral walls and back down the insides of your inner labia.

You cannot seem to keep your hips on the bed, with good reason, so I slide my hands from underneath canlı kaçak iddaa your legs up over your legs from the outside inward and massage your inner thighs with my hands while I blow soft, warm air on your vagina once again. You grown in displeasure of the teasing so I will give you more of what you want.

I push just an inch of my tongue inside your vagina. Your hips try to raise, but I hold them down to the bed. Just relax and enjoy. Let’s not rush this. Trust me, in the end you will thank me. I push my tongue an inch deeper and hear you release a long, soft moan. My tongue goes a little deeper and I wiggle it around inside, collecting as much of your juices on the tip of my tongue as I can. Now it is time for some fun.

I run my tongue up the length of your inner walls until I reach your swollen, aching clit. I run the length of my tongue very softly up your clit until I reach the tip. I freeze and enjoy your moan, feeling your hips try to rise up again. I slide my tongue back down your clit so softly that you can barely feel my tongue touching it. You can feel the waves of pleasure flow through your body none the less.

Now that you are enjoying my tongue on your vagina, it is time for me to refocus my energy on your nipples. I move from between your legs back to beside you. I lay next to you and kiss you deeper, more passionately. My hand roves all over your body, touching and feeling you. Don’t you like the feeling of my hand all over your body?

I kiss your neck once more before I slide down a few inches and return to kissing and sucking on your nipples. While my mouth is busy with your nipples, my hand slides down past your belly button and massages your mound. I feel your hips rise, begging my hand to continue downward and it does. My index and middle finger begin massaging your outer labia as my wet lips suck on your hard, swollen nipple.

My hand moves inward and is now massing your inner labia. Every few times of sliding up and down I will randomly push a finger inside your vagina a few inches and feel your walls grasp onto it. Are they telling me to stay inside?

I push my finger a little deeper inside your vagina and feel your hot warmth surround my finger. It feels so good that I moan on your nipple. Yes, I can hear your moans. They sound wonderful to my ears. I now slide my finger back up your inner labia and circle your clit softly. Your hips rise and I allow them to stay suspended off the bed as my finger softly circles your clitoris. Doesn’t that feel oh so good? Mmmm. That is good to hear.

Are you ready for the next step? I slide your clitoris between my index and middle finger and pinch it very lightly. You let out a loud moan and raise your hips up as high as you can. I slide your clit back and forth between my two fingers. The joy of pleasure runs through your clit. Is it pushing you close to an orgasm already?

You press my head down and I know that means it is time to return between your legs. It is my pleasure to do so. I now pick up the pace a little and run my tongue up the full length of your vagina and slowly slide it over your clit. Now I suck your clit inside my mouth and suck on it for just a second. I can see your juices really starting to flow now.

Your moans are growing longer and louder. I can hear your breathing getting short. Tell me what you want. What is that? You want me to finger you and suck on your clit? Okay, as you command.

I slide a finger slowly, inch by inch inside you as my tongue starts to twirl around your clit. Your hips are starting to buck against my face so I wrap my hands around your legs once more, but this time I pull back your mound and fully expose your clit. I suck it inside my warm mouth and lightly flick my tongue around it as my finger slowly pushes deep inside you then slowly pulls back out only to push back in again. I can feel your fluids flowing regularly now. Your inner walls are milking my finger, trying to pull it in deeper and deeper.

The warmth inside your body grows stronger and your body begins to wiggle back and forth as my finger exits your vagina and you feel nothing but my hot breath against your wetness. You beg me to continue as your body anticipates being pleased further. I hold your mound taught and lightly lick the tip of your clit slowly with the tip of my tongue. Your hips jolt with each touch of my tongue on your clit. You feel pulsing waves of joy rush from your clit to all the nerve endings of your body each time my tongue laps your swollen clit.

“More” you softly whisper.

I increase the speed of my tongue, licking you faster and swirling my tongue in circles around your clit. Your hips are grinding against my face. I release your mound and allow my hands to slide underneath you, grabbing hold of your butt cheeks. You feel my hands squeeze, causing your hips to push forward and lock into place as my tongue continues to flicker around your aching clit. Your moans fill the room and you can feel canlı kaçak bahis your orgasm getting close. If my tongue continues to pleasure your clit, it won’t be long until your body succumbs to the pleasures and gives you a strong orgasm.

I slide one finger up your ass hole and tease the first inch of your spread vagina. My finger adds to your pleasure, though you want to feel it deeper inside you. Your hips are bucking against my face and your body is twisting every which way. I can tell by your breathing and frequent moans that you are on the cusp of having an orgasm.

“Nooooooooo” you moan as you feel me slide up your body. I give you a long, wet kiss, allowing you to taste your own juices before I straddle your hips once more. My hands move to your breasts and massage them with slow, caressing strokes. You enjoy the sensations but want more, need more. You do your best to push me back down between your legs with your hands, but I avert your motions.

You can feel your impending orgasm start to withdraw, leaving you horny and desperate. After a minute of massaging your breasts, my hands run over your ribs and stomach before I make a 180 degrees turn and now straddle your legs with my back to your face. My hands spread your legs wide open and I softly run my fingers over your wet pussy, randomly sliding a finger inside your vagina and sliding my wet finger over your clit every so often. My teasing is just enough to keep you on the edge of coming, but not steady enough to push you over the boiling point. You massage my back, trying to entice me to do more.

I continue running my finger over your inner lips, dipping a finger an inch inside you and grazing your clit every few times my fingers move up and down your lips for what seems like forever. Ready to please you, I turn you so that you are laying on the side of the bed, your legs hanging over the edge. You raise your feet and plant them on the edge of the bed, spreading your legs wide. I hold your feet in place as my tongue returns to your pussy. I lap your juices up, moaning at the wonderful taste, dipping my tongue deep inside of your vagina. The feeling of my hot tongue slithering around inside you excites you. You tell me how good that feels.

“Are you ready to come?” I ask.

“Yes. Oh YES!” you reply.

My tongue kicks into high gear as my mouth sucks your clit into my mouth. You can feel the tongue swirling all over your clit, moving with purpose. I release one of your feet and the foot falls over the side of the bed. Two fingers slide inside of your and slowly fuck you. The contrast of my slow fingers and quick tongue slightly confuses your body. Your hips are pumping as if you are bouncing your hips to the beat of a song in a dance club. Your moans are long and loud. I am so turned on right now. Your muscles are clenching in preparation for your long awaited orgasm.

You can feel your body dripping with sweat, hot like a pizza oven. You are gasping for air as your moans slide off your tongue. You want nothing more than to reach an orgasm, but you feel my tongue and finger retreat at the very last second.

Your hips drop to the bed. I wait a second, then lick the length of your smooth vagina, quickly coming in contact with your clit before pulling away. The touch of my tongue causes your hips to raise quickly once more, keeping you on the edge of the cliff. I wait a second before licking up your slit again. Over and over I repeat this process.

After four times, I change it up and tease the entrance of your vagina with the tip of my thumb. I feel your hips push against my hand but my finger retreats, not allowing more to go inside you. I push a little further inside before removing my finger. Again I push my finger inside you, going two inches deep, then retreat. Next is three inches then my finger retreats. Your hips raise anticipating me to delve inside once more, but I pause a second, waiting until your hips fall to the ground before I bury all of my finger inside you, causing your hips to bolt into the air once more.

“Quit teasing. Please make me come.” You whine.

I slowly lap at your clit as I hold my finger deep inside your. I can feel your inner walls clenching my finger, your juices gushing. You are on the edge and ready to come once again when I freeze my body and stop all action.

You groan loudly and I know you are not pleased. I know you cannot take much more of this teasing. My finger and tongue go from zero to sixty in an instant. My tongue feverishly lashes all around your clit and my two fingers bang inside your vagina. You scream loud enough to fill the room as your body instantly responds. Your hips lock in the air, both your feet clinging to the edge of the bed. I allow you to finally jump off the ledge. You feel a strong, stomach clenching orgasm rock your body. You juices gush from inside you as your body shudders like you are having a seizure. My tongue continues to slide over your sensitive clit and you feel my warm lips surround it, sucking on it. My fingers reach up and press against your g-spot. You feel as second and then a third orgasm begin just as the last one starts to fade. Each orgasm hitting you like waves crashing onto the beach.

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