Glorious New Toy

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We both left when the party was dwindling, having enjoyed our hosts’ hospitality in full measure, my wife thoroughly drunk, I less so. Our neighbor has a talent for keeping a wine glass full, but it was one I had grown used to – and one my wife takes full advantage of, though she more than occasionally pays for it afterwards – not with regret, exactly, but a sort of resigned acceptance. In part, because she happily smokes when drinking, when she can – our neighbors don’t smoke, but many of the guests did.

It was a surprise to see 2:45am on the clock in the bedroom after getting upstairs, but we both pretty drunk, and time slips easily at a party. Coming home, the house was quiet and sleeping, and we both started getting ready for bed. While she was in the bathroom, I undressed, and started arranging the room – plugging in her latest best-loved toy, spreading a large towel, with several smaller ones scattered in useful reach. As she came out of the bathroom, most of the necessary foreplay was finished, and I used the bathroom in turn – just basic politeness, as the drunkest should always go first.

Closing the bathroom door behind me, before turning off the room light it was clear she was on her side in bed, naked, but with the covers up (it had been a cool evening outside on the covered terrace), her favored toy still where it had been left. The reading lights were left on, but she seemed uninterested in anything except essentially fading quickly into sleep, the room in a comfortable glow after the ceiling light was off.

Drinking has roughly the same effect on my horniness as it does on my wife’s own desires – her pussy is almost always soaking wet when really drunk, and she is generally happy to share that fact with anyone who wishes to check. My cock was hard as I reached over her blanket, and picked up the long handled vibrator. Moving the blanket, I turned the magic wand on, and rolled her onto the squared towel, then dragged one leg to the side, providing the space for the large rounded head of the vibrator to fit between her legs, and to start trying to find her clit. She mumbled ‘what are you doing to me?’ while I said nothing, knowing no answer would be needed and that even now, her other leg was moving, and her hands beginning to reach down towards her hairy bush.

My imprecise motions were just enough of an excuse for her to begin playing with herself, so I let her take the handle, the cord trailing to the side off the bed, and she moved the blunt tip precisely to the area she desired. In just a short amount of time, she was as clearly turned on as I, now contentedly stroking my rigid cock, pleased at the prospect of enjoying ourselves again, drunk in bed, with the time and privacy to just get off. As the evening was so cool, our window was closed, as was the bedroom door, so there wasn’t anything concerns to pose a distraction as things güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri began to follow their natural course.

Watching her, I could her labia quickly start to darken and expand, the unstoppable rhythm of her now opening pussy, showing the perfect pink of her glistening cunt, her clit covered by the buzzing toy. I was getting lost in the mindless pleasure of my own stroked cock, watching her. Both vibrators have always worked quickly on her sexy body, but the newest one has more power, which she enjoys fully. As seen by her now fully pulsing pussy, her legs spreading drunkenly wider as the magic from her wand became more intense.

Heavier and louder than her previous favorite, the sound not easily covered by a down blanket, being a machine purely intended for female fun – no way to fit a cock cap on it, even though the deeper and more powerful vibrating was delightful on my cock when she moved her toy over my turned on cock, often with my hand controlling the sensations, sometimes making me cum, both enjoying a new addition to our toy collection over the last 3/4 year.

Bought late last fall, its deeply throbbing power rapidly delighted and enthralled her, and at this point, it remains essentially irresistible, the sensations on her hot cunt causing her first orgasm in a moment. In a way, it is the female equivalent of a glory hole, providing intensely focused pleasure with minimal social interaction. Cocks cum better the longer they are teased, quite literally the more ups and downs the greater the final orgasm, while women enjoy a consistently intense motion against their wet clits, whether tongue, fingers, toys, or cock.

Her bountiful fluids, in rhythm with her gaping pussy, always makes me hot. Her cum flows intensely with a vibrator, very different from urine, which after two children also occasionally seems connected to intense orgasms, and easily dealt with by the abundance of towels. Her ‘cum’ is not as delightfully slippery as the ‘honey’ of her tight pussy, though. Watching a woman cum like that has become one of the habits acquired in marriage – no other women I have had sex with did the same, though sometimes with other women, the wet spot on the bed was quite large.

Being so drunk just made her less concerned about anything but her pleasure, and after both of us getting thoroughly aroused over 10 minutes, she began to cum again. My finger moved lightly on the outside ring of her ass, thoroughly enjoying my middle finger feeling her cum while watching her pussy open and wet, lips full and dark, my right fist tempting my cock to feel as good as her, to cum hard stroking while playing with someone’s sexy hot cumming asshole, a mutual desire of ours, one my wife shares when finger fucking my ass as I stroke myself to another fantastic orgasm.

She finds it ‘dirty’ fun, while I still call it ‘kinky.’ güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Getting sucked off at a glory hole is something kinky too – her use of ‘dirty’ seems a fairly literal association. When enjoying such pleasures, soap and water have always been an obvious aspect, and the terms we use aren’t important – both of us consider playing with asses irresistible, especially when near orgasm. In its way, a fairly finicky treat to be shared on special occasions, which is what such games often seem to end up turning into.

Her relaxed state after orgasming did not last long, as she started moving the vibrator again, circling the top of her hairy swollen pussy, shiningly wet with the pink striking deep into my body’s awareness. With her legs bent, widely and wantonly spread, it was clear that my finger was more distraction than temptation at this point. A few minutes later, both of us panting and almost cumming, she began orgasming again, so it made sense to again start moving towards her. In turn, she shakes her head not now, which was fine, as it was delightful to keep stroking my erect length, until her eyes began to close, and her breathing started its now familiar change to a deeper panting, and her thighs started to quiver in that particular motion that shows a high level of excitement, verging on orgasm.

Wetting my index finger in her pussy, I had already started to again play with her hot ass with my middle finger, smeared with saliva before sometimes lightly, sometimes more insistently, pressing against the opening. She often enjoys a teasing touch of the hairs around the area, a tickling unspoken foretaste of what would be coming, but drunkenness does not add subtlety in bed. Now, my index finger began to circle around her hot ass, well coated in honey from her wet and recently orgasming pussy, while the tip of my middle finger continued its movement within her tight ass. After several circuits of her loosening and rhythmically moving hole, the index finger easily slipped into her, where I began to slide my fingers against each other in her snug butt, a slow twisting against the smooth skin leading to her turning her ass for easier access.

My right hand was furiously playing with my rigid cock, barely in control while moving the second finger deeper into her smooth tightness. Clearly, she was enjoying this, as she began to play with a nipple using her free hand. As her nipple crinkled into its own sexy hardness, she began to really pull at it, her head turned, playing with her vibrator on her clit, while I fucked her hot ass with two fingers, talking about how good it was to finger her, my words mixing with her low moans, my hand pumping my stiff length, riding the feeling without going over the edge, as she was, yet again. I truly envy how long her pleasure can last, without frustration, which is an essential güvenilir bahis şirketleri component of an intense male orgasm.

After she stopped cumming, it was time to gently withdraw my fingers, but she kept the toy between her legs, and I had a certain inspiration. We rarely use lubricants, but Vaseline remains perfect for anal games. Unfortunately, like lambskin, it doesn’t have much place in the age of AIDS.

Opening the container, I put my left index and middle fingers into the jar, a decent amount coating the fingers, which then quickly moved towards her opened legs, Her motions, with the vibrator back on her pussy, legs wide, a hand spreading her pussy, were obvious signs showing how aroused she still was. Which matched how stiff I had grown, my hand again stroking my cock. Putting the now well lubricated fingers against her tight and contracting ass, I began to press lightly, my fingers sliding in as the Vaseline turned slippery from her heat, and she began moaning – deep, dark moans, which grew louder and more primitive as I fucked her. Echoing her, I was talking about ‘good ass fuck finger cock cum finger fuck ass hot’ while stroking myself, basking in knowing how good I was making her feel, in a game we both try to be better at than the other. And her low, drawn out animalistic moans showed that at this point, my skills were at their peak, and there was nothing she wanted more right then than to feel her ass being finger fucked as her toy played over her clit.

My wife began to cum in rolling waves, and as tempting as it would be to start pumping my own hot cum to her own ever sexier abandoned moaning, it remained possible to keep my concentration remained centered on getting her off as long as possible. She was on her side, offering a perfect view of her beautifully aroused body, a sexy breast, long hair, and after a blissful period at the edge of my own pumping orgasm, her moaning began to taper off. Her ass had been fingered fucked to her obviously deep enjoyment, and there was no way I could restrain my throbbing need to cum, with her sexy ass so available, waiting for me to push my reddened and turned on cock against her still slippery and hot hole.

My greased fingers slid along the length of my cock, positioning the cock head to enjoy another opportunity to feel her ass. Holding my cock, I began to slide in the Vaseline lubricated and now nicely opened asshole, pushing the ragingly turned on head past the tight ring of her anus, now pressing around and underneath my flared cock head, the most sensitive area. Feeling her sexy grip as she squeezed her already tightly pressed muscles, I just started cumming, milky semen pumping unstoppably as I arched above her, her hot ass underneath me, feeling the hot flood from my no longer aching balls, finally releasing all the pent up lust into her hot slippery ass. My moans became as loud and as powerfuls as hers had been, and she added her own sexy words – not really recognized, but adding to the pleasure she was providing.

We both feel asleep after a minimal amount of cleaning up, both of us completely worn out after more than a half hour of playing truly wonderful games with her magic wand.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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