Gina Continues Ch. 06

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Lauren sobbed as she looked at her ex-boyfriend’s younger brother. His eyes were big and round, taking in the sight of her naked body.

“Wow!” he said, “Danny sure was lucky!”

“You have no idea,” Gina told him. Turning to Lauren she smiled down at the struggling captive, “Well look honey, I’m sure you remember Jason? Guess what?! Today’s his eighteenth birthday and you are going to give him the best birthday present ever! You’re doing to be his first time! How sweet of you.”

Jason looked down at Lauren, a little unsure as she continued to cry, completely humiliated, “Are you sure? She doesn’t look so into this.”

“She’s just embarrassed,” Gina reassured him, “I didn’t tell her who would be joining us today. She’ll get into it soon enough, you should’ve seen the way she was writhing when I was eating her out just a second ago.”

“You were?!” His eyes were big as they traveled over her body, imagining the two girls together.

Smiling, Gina stepped forward and kissed him, letting him taste the pussy juices on her tongue.

“That’s what she tastes like?” Jason asked, licking his lips.

“Go ahead and try for yourself,” Gina waved a hand at Lauren’s upturned buttocks. T

The excited teenage boy got between Lauren’s thighs and started licking as she squirmed and her mind reeled. Of all the embarrassing things Gina could have done to her, this had to be one of the worst; güvenilir bahis helping a loser lose his virginity, and not only that, but a loser that she knew! She was sure that Jason had spied on her when she was dating his brother, but she had never thought that things would turn out like this.

Worse than anything else was that her pussy was so sensitive from the orgasm that Gina had given her, that even Jason’s inexperienced licking was starting to turn her on again. It felt could, and she could help it when her hips started to move back against him.

“Wow!” he exclaimed, pulling his mouth away as her hips waved frantically, trying to regain stimulation, “You were right!” he smiled happily at Gina as she smiled back at him.

“Yes I was dear, now go ahead and enjoy your birthday present. I don’t want you to feel nervous so I’ll just step outside.” and with that she closed the door, leaving Jason and Lauren in there alone.

Turning back to Lauren, Jason started running his hands all over her body, touching her breasts and her ass, pulling on her nipples so that it almost hurt rather than feeling pleasurable. All of it just served to turn her on more, her pussy was ready for it again and she was dying for another orgasm. Even his inexperienced hands were getting her going.

Excitedly he completely stripped out of his clothes and starting rubbing his dick up and down her wet slit, she humped türkçe bahis back, wishing that he would hit her clit with it, but to no avail. He was too inexperience to know what part of her pussy she was trying to get him to touch. Very excited now, his dick completely rock hard, he got on his knees in between his thighs and started pushing his dick around her pussy, trying to find the entrance way.

His eyes bulged when the mushroom of his dick found its way into her body, it was so tight and hot and wet, the absolute best feeling he’d ever had. Jason had been crushing on Lauren for years, spying on her and his brother, fantasizing about her at night. Very shy and a little nerdy, he’d never been farther than second base with a girl, and now getting to lose his virginity to his fantasy girl! Especially after she’d dumped his older brother, well it was the highlight of his life so far.

Sinking further and further into her body he thought he was in heaven, his dick was being completely enveloped in this elastic wet chamber that massaged and caressed it with every inch. With a wild howl, he slammed himself forward, humping like a jack rabbit and making her body bounce back and forth on the bed. The boy had absolutely no technique, he just bulldozed forward and back, finding every ounce of pleasure for himself in her pussy without having a care in the world for her.

Lauren was frantic, her pussy was on fire güvenilir bahis siteleri with need but Jason wasn’t hitting any of the right spots… she damned his inexperience. It didn’t matter to her anymore that he was her ex’s younger brother, she wouldn’t have cared if it was her ex himself at this point, she just needed to cum. Everything about this teased her, his inexperienced dick was moving too quickly and never pressed against her g-spot, his balls slapped against her clit but without even friction to build up an orgasm, and his hands were like suction cups on her breasts without giving any stimulation. It had to be one of the most frustrating moments of her sexual career.

For Jason it was the best. He was losing his virginity, his dick felt fantastic, his hands were full of tit, and the girl underneath him was squirming something wild. It was obvious that she was really into it, and he marveled at his sexual prowess. He must be a natural or something. The frantic movements beneath him were too much for the recently deflowered youth to handle, and with a few quick thrusts he began spurting his first load into a female’s body. Lauren groaned her disappointment as she slumped forward, realizing that she wasn’t going to get her orgasm here. His dick pulsed inside of her as she lay, forlorn and horny.

Jason congratulated himself as he pulled out. He’d heard her groan, and from the way she’d just collapsed at the end, it was obvious that he’d fucked her to pleasurable exhaustion. Full of self-confidence and vigor, sure that his life was now completely changed, he walked out the door a new man.

Smiling, Gina returned.

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