Getting Ditched

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“Oh my god, you didn’t.” I smiled and leaned toward my friend. My red hair fell across my cheek as I licked my lips. “How big was he?”

“Oh… I don’t know. Like seven inches?” Rachel giggled and fell back onto her sleeping bag. “It was amazing Jess. I’m not going to lie to you. Fucking is… amazing.” She sighed, apparently satisfied with her memories. I on the other hand was all worked up with no memories to fondle. “I like dating an older guy. I mean He’s 22 so that’s only two years older than us but God you can tell! Can I tell you a secret?” She looked over at me, and I supported my weight on my elbows.

“Uh, of course?” I laughed. “What have you been doing for the past hour?”

“Vic is coming over tonight. He is going to pick me up in his Mustang and take me back to his place.” She bit her lip obviously excited. “We’re gunna do it all night long, he said. Since my parents are out of town I don’t have to worry about anyone getting mad, and you are the perfect alibi if anyone were to ask questions!” She grinned.

“Aw… you’re… you’re gunna leave me here?” I tried not to look upset. “Fine. But you better not hide any details when you come back tomorrow! I want vivid imagery here girl! I’m living vicariously through you.” I dropped my elbows and rolled onto my side on the sleeping bag by hers.

“I will. I promise.” She grinned. Her cell phone erupted into some sickening love song and she popped up off the sleeping bag and grabbed it. “Oh my god it’s him.” She ran over to the window. “Oh my God he is here! Jess, how do I look!?” She looked back at me ecstatically. Her brown hair cascaded across her bare shoulders, and her tiny tank top barely covered her tits with the hem of it hitting just below her ass.

“Fuckable.” I grinned devilishly as she made an excited screaming noise and headed for the door. “Hey wait, what about Scott?” I asked popping up on my side, my oversized t-shirt sliding up my hips just a little.

“Ha! My older brother? He is staying the night at one of his friend’s houses. You can just sleep in my room and I’ll be home before you know it. Oh my God Jess I’m so excited!” She grabbed her coat, slipped on her sneakers and ran out the door.

The silence in her wake was deafening.

“Bye…” I said to the closed door as I sat up on my sleeping bag. Well this wasn’t how I expected tonight to go. I sighed and scooted my sleeping bag over to the couch. We usually slept in the front room because they had a big screened TV. I turned it on and started flipping through channels but it wasn’t long until I realized I wasn’t going to be able to focus on anything. Rachel talking about fucking for the last hour got me horny and now that she was gone….

I got up and walked up the stairs toward the bedrooms. I knew that Scott had some porn lying around his room, Rachel and I had found it a few months prior when we were exploring to see how the ‘other half’ lives. She had promptly shoved it back and the mission was terminated, but I had wanted to see more of it. I mean, why not? Now that I had the entire house to myself I might as well indulge in my curiosity right?

I pushed open his door slowly. This felt wrong. I shouldn’t be going into Scott’s room. I didn’t even really know him that well… not to mention if someone went into my room uninvited I would get really mad. But… what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him right? I slid into his room. The room was blues and greens, basic men colors. He didn’t have very many pictures, but I saw one of him and his sister on the mirror. I had to admit he was really hot. He had dark brown hair like Rachel, but he was a little paler than her and had a scar through his eyebrow. God his smile was sexy….

I made myself look away from the picture. Porn. Where was it again? I pulled open a few of his drawers before finding it. On the cover was a girl in just jeans with her hand sliding down the front of her pants. I bit my lip looking at the cover. Yes, yes I was going to do it. Before I could change my mind I ran back down to the front room, sliding the DVD into the player. I sat back down on the sleeping bag and grabbed the remote. I took a deep breath and then hit play.

The movie began and I was surprised. There was no fake dialogue, instead it went straight into fucking. This girl was lying on a pool table, completely naked. There were six guys around her, each jacking off with one hand, and their other was touching her somewhere, stroking her body. “Mmmm,” I moaned softly. God I wish someone would touch me like that. I güvenilir bahis sat still on the sleeping bag watching as she writhed deliciously on the green felt. One of the men off screen handed her a little vibrator and she turned it on. The soft buzz of it whirling to life made me jump a little. She slowly moved it down her body, and the camera zoomed in on her placing it on her clit. Her pussy seemed to swell up, and get even wetter if possible. One of the stray hands pulled her thighs apart a little more, his fingertips gently brushing against her inner thigh. I gasped imagining how amazing that would feel. I spread my legs just a little bit, and ventured my hand down, sliding my fingertips along my thigh moving closer and closer to my soaking pussy.

I could feel my pulse in my cunt. I could hear my blood rushing past my ears. One of the men stopped pumping his thick cock and grabbed her by the waist pulling her body toward the end of the pool table. He rubbed his swollen cock head against her dripping pussy and I had to bite my lip to keep from screaming. It was so intimate, so fucking sexy. I rubbed my fingertip across my soaking panties the same way his cockhead was touching her swollen cunt. “Oooo!” I moaned and tilted my head back, my eyes closing for just a second, my moans aligning with hers.

“That’s mine.” I heard a voice whisper. I jerked my head up and looked over. Scott was leaning against the wall, a twisted smile on his face. I could feel my skin flush red as I yanked my shirt down to cover up my wet panties. The moans on the television made me duck my head in shame. I scrambled for the remote and paused it, tossing the remote afterwards like it was going to hurt me.

“I’m sorry.” I whispered, trying so hard to disappear. I couldn’t look at him. I looked anywhere but at him. That was when I noticed the smell. I had gotten so wet my aroma was so strong I was sure he could smell it. I wanted to die. I could feel tears welling up in my eyes. “I’m so sorry.” I almost stood up but realized that would make me even more vulnerable seeing as I was only wearing an oversized t-shirt and panties. So instead I tried to cover myself with the sleeping bag and get as small as possible as if that would make him forget I was here.

“It’s ok, uh, Jess right?” He waited for a response so with my head still tucked I nodded. “Everyone needs to get off sometime. Uh can I… come in?” But before I could answer he was already walking toward me. I felt as though the shame was permeating out of my skin. I couldn’t look at him; I couldn’t look at the screen. The only safe place to look was the simple black sheen of the sleeping back that hardly covered my bare legs. “Look I’m not… mad or anything.” He sat down on the couch, slightly above me because my back was against it. “Promise.”

I was mentally banging my head against a wall. I could not believe I had let my guard down enough that I hadn’t even heard him come home, let alone get inside. I just sat silently beating myself up for my carelessness.

“Since… you already have it out….” He hit play and the sounds of the girl seemed to grind through the silence. She was moaning so loud, and I felt my pussy react to it. It got wet again, and if anything more hot than before, the heat burning at my legs. “I have to say you have good taste though. This is one of my favorites.” He murmured and spread his legs just a little, leaning back against the back of the couch, his arms resting on the shoulder of it. “That girl really knows how to take cock.” He watched the movie, and her moans and cries were so distracting that I had to glance up.

Oh God. I shouldn’t have done that. The girl was now getting pounded on the table, a cock in each hand, other cocks jacking off over her body. She was reaching her tongue out to taste a dick positioned perfectly by her face. “Mmmm” I whispered to myself, forgetting for a second he was there. My hand pushed back the sleeping bag just a little so I could touch myself again, the soft pressure of my fingertips against my clit through my soaking panties made me moan a little louder. I could feel my legs spreading just a little so I could get deeper and push a little harder. God I wish that I could feel —

“Don’t stop.” I heard him whisper. His voice was throaty and laced with lust. I felt a shot of adrenaline pulse through my body. My hand stopped immediately. “Don’t stop, Jess.” He practically moaned my name and I knew then that I couldn’t stop. My hand started moving again, cautiously at first and then I stopped caring. türkçe bahis I started rotating my finger around my clit, feeling the hardened stub beneath my fingertip. I could feel him shifting off the couch and sliding down to sit beside me. The moaning of the girl, the look of lust on her face made me groan. I felt the sleeping bag get pushed a little farther down my legs and I looked over at him nervously.

“I promise you, I will not do anything you don’t want to do. Ok, Jess? I just… want a better view.” He gave me a half smile, and that was when I noticed he was probably just as nervous as I was. And… as turned on. Oh god I could see his cock through his basketball shorts. I groaned loudly at the stiffness pushing the fabric up. He followed my eyes and laughed quietly at himself. “Yah. Sorry, I wasn’t exactly expecting someone… but then again neither were you I’m assuming.” He gave me an empathetic smile. “Is it ok if I…” He motioned at the sleeping bag and I nodded. He pulled it down farther, unzipping it so he wouldn’t have to pull it from underneath me. As the cover was pushed away I started getting more and more aroused, the scent of me clouding the air. I looked at him nervously, but he didn’t seem to mind. In fact he didn’t seem to notice. His pupils were so wide I could barely make out his blue eyes anymore. The scar on his eyebrow was more obvious from the lighting of the television, and his lips were slightly open. At that moment I wanted to kiss him. No that’s a lie. I wanted to fuck him. Oh God did I want to fuck him.

I spread my legs a little more, my t-shirt bunching around my waist, my sopping panties on full display now, my finger massaging my clit enthusiastically. He moaned a little and then reached forward. His cool skin on mine was like ice cubes on boiling water. I groaned loudly and looked at him a little fear still behind my eyes. “Nothing you don’t want to do, remember that.” And with that he hooked his fingertip inside my panties. My breathing hitched and I slowly moved my hand away, realizing this was what I had wanted. I lifted my hips as he pulled my panties down my legs. He bit his lip as my pussy came into view. “Wow.” I looked up at him worriedly, but his smile made me forget what I was worrying about. “Fuck, you’re beautiful Jess.” He slid down between my legs, and I spread them trying to give him a better view. I could feel his breath on my lips and I moaned. “Can I… touch?” I couldn’t respond instead I just nodded furiously. My horniness outweighed any sense of logic I might have still had. His hand slowly moved forward, his fingertip brushing against my outer lips.

“Fuccckkkk.” I hissed, spreading my legs even more if possible. I could feel him slide it up and down my slit. He slowly pushed his finger inside of me and I groaned, feeling the pressure building. I was so wet that it didn’t take long for him to be sliding in and out faster and faster, adding another finger after a few strokes. I started working up a sweat groaning and cussing. My hands dug into the sleeping bag beneath me and I felt myself getting close. “I’m gunna cum, Scott.” I whispered, opening my eyes finally and meeting his. His mouth was open just a little, and his lip was wet. His pupils were huge. He licked his lips.

“Cum for me.” He begged.

I arched my back screaming as my cunt tightened around his fingers. I writhed on the floor. “Fuck! Ooohhh, oh my God!! MMMMM… Fuckkk, Scott! Mmm.” I felt my body go limp after I came, and I kept my eyes closed. I felt like my whole body was tingling. My chest was raising and dropping alarmingly fast as I panted trying to give myself enough oxygen to make the fuzziness in my head clear up. He started to pull his hand out of my cunt, but I held his wrist. “Give me a sec.” I whispered, smiling. “I’ve never cum that hard, just… hold on.”

I heard him chuckle. “Ok.”

After a few seconds I released my grip on his wrist and felt him slowly retract his fingers. “Wow.” I exhaled. I looked over at him, opening my eyes. His fingers were in his mouth, tasting me. I moaned again, squirming a little, feeling just how wet I was. “That was… the first time someone… else did it. I mean, I’ve done that to myself but… it is so much… better.” I watch him, mesmerized. I couldn’t believe that just happened. I might have cum but I was still horny. I looked at the TV screen, distracted by a muffled moan. The girl was now on her knees, her fingers buried in her cunt, her mouth wrapped around a man’s cock. I glanced back at Scott. He was looking at the güvenilir bahis siteleri screen too, his hands at his sides. I looked down at his cock pressing up against his shorts. I smiled to myself.

I don’t know who was more surprised when his shorts got pulled down, him or me. He was probably just surprised I was doing anything after being so timid before… and frankly so was I. But I needed to know what it tasted like, and I felt like I had to pay him back somehow for making me feel so amazing.

“Jess, you don’t have-“

“I know.” I cut him off, and slid down between his legs. I looked hard at his cock. It was so fucking sexy. I could feel my pussy getting wet again, and my entire body heated up. I leaned down and tasted the tip, precum getting on my tongue. “Mmmm!” I moaned and all inhibitions were abandoned. I slid his entire cock into my mouth getting as low as I could. I sat on his leg, my hands gently alternating between playing with his balls, his inner thighs, and stroking the part of his dick I couldn’t get into my mouth. I started gyrating on his leg, any sort of friction on my clit made me bob my head up and down faster. I could feel his muscles tensing beneath me. I looked up at him through my bangs and then looked down fast, wanting, needing to focus at the task at hand. His cock was so thick and long. The skin was so soft but to body of it was so firm. My lips stroked the shaft perfectly fitting around him. My tongue massaged the underside and every time I heard him moan I had to return it with my own.

I slowly pulled off, my tongue rolling along the head of it, circling the tip before engulfing him back into my throat. I heard him grunting and moaning. And then it got quiet for a second. “Fuck, I’m gunna fucking cum.” I moaned on his cock and started bobbing faster. “Jess I’m gunna cum in your mouth if you don’t get off.” I keep bobbing my head and he gets the idea. “Jesus.” I hear him whisper and then he starts moaning again. “Fuck, here it comes!” He groans and I feel him shoot his load into my mouth. The first shot filled up my mouth and I swallowed it as fast as I could. He shot two more times and each time I groaned. I slid my hand down pushing my fingers into my cunt fucking myself as he came in my mouth. After he came I didn’t leave. I gently licked it, letting it fall out of my mouth only for a second. I sat back and discarded the oversized t-shirt. Then I resumed my work on his cock using my lips, my tongue and my fingers. I could feel him getting harder again beneath my tongue and I looked up at him nervously. “Nothing you don’t want to do, ok?” I whispered. He gave me a soft smile.

“You don’t have to worry about that.” His voice was so sexy. I climbed on top of him and his eyes widened. “You sure?” He whispered as if worried I’d change my mind if he spoke too loud.

“Yes.” I positioned him below me and slowly pushed down. “Fuckkk.” He was so big I could feel myself getting stretched out. I groaned and tilted my head back smiling. I had no idea it would feel this good. It was tight, but I felt full. Deliciously full.

“God.” He groaned and leaned forward resting his head on my chest. I could feel myself sinking lower and lower onto him. He completely filled me up and I moaned. I lifted up a little and pushed myself back down, almost screaming it felt so good. “Can I?” I heard him whisper into my skin. “You’re killing me.” He said, half jokingly. I smiled and lifted up just a little to give him room to thrust. “You ready?” I nodded and then I wanted to scream. He started to thrust into me slowly at first, then getting stronger and faster. I arched my back, shifting my weight to my knees and leaning forward into him.

He fucked me hard, his hands on my hips grunting with each thrust. I moaned, feeling the pressure building up again. I dug my fingertips into his shoulders and moaned “I’m cumming.” He pounded into me harder and faster and I felt my cunt clenching his cock. He groaned and pulled out soon after squirting his cum up between us, and I felt it splash against my skin. I fell back breathing heavy and smiling to myself. I looked up at him and he was smiling back, gently stroking his softening cock.

“Hi.” I whispered.


“My name is Jess. It’s really nice to meet you.”

“I’m Scott. It’s nice to meet you too.” He smiled as he lay down on top of me, kissing my lips.

“So what do you have planned for the rest of the night, Scott?” I asked softly, looking into his eyes.

“Unless you object, I was thinking I’d spend it here.”

“No objections here.” I closed my eyes, feeling the comforting weight of him on top of me, his face buried against the nape of my neck, his lips on my skin. As I fell asleep I couldn’t help but think: I hope I get ditched more often.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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