Ensnared Succubi Ch. 02

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Bikini Babes

Here is the continuation of my previous story. Comments and suggestions will be listened to, but these stories are made for my girlfriend foremost. feel free to comment and rate. thank you for reading. ^_^

Liicha and Lynx had fallen asleep on his couch, though Lynx was the first to wake and dress. Fur still covered his forearms and legs, not like hairy but a thick and short covering of grey and black fur. Besides that, the rest of his body was back to what could be considered normal for him.

Liicha’s eyes slowly opened as Lynx put a thick blanket over her still naked body. She wasn’t sure if he noticed but she was looking him over carefully. He couldn’t be much more than 5′-10″ and his body didn’t look it did during last night. He wasn’t rippling with muscles but when he changed, everything became more toned. From outside looks, he doesn’t look like he could be carrying that weapon from last night.

Lynx finally noticed her being awake and said, “Hey there. Want some breakfast? I don’t have too much but maybe you like French toast?” She nodded sleepily and he pet her head. Her clothes were stacked nicely on the arm of the couch. While they both ate, Liicha wanted to ask some questions and was definitely looking at Lynx curiously.

“So…” she started, “you’re a werewolf?” Lynx barely reacted and looked up to answer her, swallowing a bite before saying anything.

“Well, it’s not like I have a civilization I came from, but from what I read and things I’ve learned, it seems to be what I am. I grow fangs and fur spontaneously. I have an extremely dense bone and muscle structure, so I’m stronger than I look. And I think I can assume you’re a succubus.”

Liicha nodded embarrassingly and her tail disappeared as she became self-conscious that it was showing and whipping around behind her lazily.

“Uh, yeah… I am.”

“So you feed off of men’s…. ‘essence’ and have a wings and tail?” he asked.

“Well, sorta… I do eat real food but the… ‘other thing’ helps. And I only have a tail. It’s only the older succubi that have wings… and maybe horns…” Lynx cocked his head to the side.

“Horns?” he laughed. “I guess I forgot that one. But it’s interesting to meet another fabled creature. I thought I was a lone freak of nature. Not that I’m saying you’re a freak…” he held his hands up in defense. “Just that I didn’t expect any other oddities outside the norm.”

They spent the rest of the morning talking. It was unprecedented that Lynx found another fable creature like himself. Liicha may not have lived in a large society of people like her own, but she had a few succubi that she knew, including her mother. It was a rather awkward conversation at times considering the things they remember each of them being able güvenilir bahis to do. Lynx was staring at Liicha’s not-so-swollen-anymore breasts at times. He wanted to ask about that but was too embarrassed to.

“Uh,…” he finally started, “how do you… uh… that thing you did…” Liicha blushed and turned her face away as she understood.

“It’s just something I can do… not all the time but only when I’m turned on. Any other time my… breasts are this size.” She points tentatively at her own breasts. “Does that mean you go all wolf like on a full moon and stuff?” Liicha asked.

“What you saw last night is kinda what happens,” Lynx said simply. “I turn into that furry weird thing with fangs and if you didn’t see,…. I also had a tail. I have control of what I do, I just have ravenous instinctual urges. I become exceptionally hungry…. As well as horny…”

“So you’ve uh… this…” Liicha quietly murmured.

“Ah, no. I said it last night that it was my first time,” Lynx replied.

Once they were done, both of them spent the day talking and hanging around Lynx’s place. They didn’t want to go out but were both pretty fascinated with each other.

During the day though, Liicha had some growing thoughts that made her want more of what happened last night. She wanted Lynx’s cum. She licked her lips without meaning to and blushed a bit. Both of them were curled up in front of the TV. She looked up at him and leaned closer to rest her head on his chest. His hand made its way to her head and pets her softly, raking through her hair gently. It was long and dark, falling just past her shoulders and flowing over her breasts. Her arms pressed her breasts together, making a deep, alluring cleavage show. Her tight shirt showed the round and supple shape of her breasts, which Liicha now pressed into Lynx’s side. They squished out and he felt the soft flesh brushing against him. His breathing became heavier and deeper as he tried to calm down.

With Liicha’s body curved at an odd angle to lie against him, her hips stood out and her curves seemed more prominent and sensuous. Her legs were bent at the knee and forked away from her, her thighs still rubbing with her slightly shifting movements. Those stockings she wore stopped halfway up her thighs and left this sexy gap of soft, white skin to look at before her skirt covered the rest. Her hands were on his chest, rubbing it. She used one hand to slowly take off his shirt while she breathed hard and licked his chest.

Lynx removed his shirt the rest of the way and lifted Liicha’s chin up to kiss her deeply, drawing her wet tongue into his mouth and biting down softly, licking the tip until her eyes went teary. They separated, with a strand of saliva hanging between their tongues. Liicha’s tail had come türkçe bahis out again and was twitching as it also flicked around. Lynx’s grabbed it and groped her ass while stroking her tail. He couldn’t tell at first but she seemed to like it. She hid her face in his chest while she whimpered. Her breasts pressed softly into his chest as his fingers rubbed and manipulated her tail. It curled around his hand as he kept playing with it.

Then, he started undressing Liicha, removing the tight shirt from her slightly swollen breasts. She seemed to accidently make them grow a little and it made it difficult to remove her shirt. Once he did though, her breasts bounced out with those cute little pink nipples all perky and stiff. She never put her bra back on earlier because she wasn’t going out. Her skirt was next to go, sliding down her legs and being thrown several feet away. Her soft hips and those sexy purple panties she had on, all lacy and partially see-through on the sides, were showing. Lynx slid a hand down her panties behind her to grope her ass more and play with her pussy from behind. She swayed her hips and tried to pull away from his fingers. He shoved one inside her and felt the soft and wet folds of her pussy gripping him tight. He was amazed that someone so tight could take all of him.

Those pussy lips of hers were soft and his fingers sunk in a bit as he played with them, drawing squeaks and moan from Liicha as she tried not to make a noise. Her finger was in her mouth as she bit it to keep quiet. His other hand gave her round little ass a slap, making her whine a bit. He kept playing with her pussy slowly, until he found her clit, pressing his fingers hard into it. Lynx rubbed it roughly, forcing Liicha’s legs to shoot out and flail around a bit. Nearly 20 seconds of this resulted in Liicha arcing her back, pressing her swelling breasts into Lynx even more, and her ass lifted up as her pussy squirted and gushed her juices out. It soaked Lynx’s hand as he kept fingering her during every body-shaking spasm she had. Her legs and hips shivered, her pussy twitched and quivered, and her breathing was shallow and fast. She whimpered and moaned for about a minute before her orgasm subsided enough where she was only twitching every ten seconds.

Liicha collapsed in Lynx’s lap, his pants severely strained by the throbbing monster that was threatening to rip apart his pants at the seams. It was already poking out with the tip a few inches above the waist of the pants. He took off his pants and boxers, letting his dick grow out to its full size and Liicha hungrily sucked his swollen balls, the size of soccer balls now. His massive dick was lying across his thigh, throbbing and spitting out precum in thick spurts.

Liicha started licking from the base and sucked on Lynx’s güvenilir bahis siteleri 30 inch dick, running her tongue over all the veins and little bumps on the head. She started sucking the tip, drinking up the large amount of precum spitting out. Once his dick was on the verge of cumming, Liicha stopped and turned around, wiggling her ass as she spread her pussy for Lynx to pierce her. He guided the huge tip towards Liicha’s small pussy lips and force the tip inside. She screamed a bit and whimpered continuously afterwards as he shoved it in further. He was only ten inches in before the tip hit her cervix, drawing a shivering moan from Liicha. Lynx reached around her waist and lifted her up a bit, letting her sexy and smooth legs dangle with her toes curling barely an inch above the floor. He moved closer to the wall and Liicha put her hands on it for support, her breasts pressing and squishing out against the wall.

As Lynx started thrusting, steadily getting deeper and slowly forcing his way into her womb, Liicha’s nipples were rubbing on the wall and getting painfully erect. It felt good to her as she moaned and Lynx fucked her so hard.

He was so close to cumming and could feel Liicha’s cervix starting to give, fucking her faster and harder with each passing second. His balls slapped against her legs as they swelled up slightly and were ready to pump so much. At the last second, Lynx grabbed Liicha’s hips and pulled hard, piercing into her womb and having those tight pussy lips all the way to the base of his beastly dick. All of his 30 inches was inside her and pumping such thick cum in long streams that filled her womb instantly. Every throbbing spurt of his dick was accompanied by Lynx pulling out a few inches then thrusting back in as he spurt again and again.

Liicha was cumming as well, gushing juices all over Lynx’s dick. Her belly was swelling up, filling with so many gallons of Lynx’s cum. He was spurting and pumping her pussy full of cum for several minutes, making her belly so full. When the streams finally stopped, Lynx started fucking her again, thrusting faster from behind and spanking her ass harshly as Liicha moaned and her legs thrashed around loosely beneath her. Suddenly, Liicha wrapped her legs back around Lynx’s waist and try pulling him in more. His balls swayed violently as he was about to cum again, making the underside of his dick swell up with cum and pump noisily into Liicha. They could both hear his cum sloshing around inside her womb as they breathed harshly.

Liicha turned back to kiss Lynx, their tongues intertwining and the sound of cum pumping into Liicha’s womb echoed through the room. Her belly was so big and swollen with cum that she looked beyond several months pregnant. It wasn’t long though, before she was absorbing it and her belly went back to normal. They collapsed backward on the floor, with Lynx’s dick coming out and laying limp but still massively thick and long on the floor between his legs. Liicha was lazily curling up on top of him and kissing him slowly.

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