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Mrs. Heyward had given Rachael the rest of the week to recover and to study more. Rachael had spent the time re-reading everything. She was also allowed to visit the punishment and reward rooms just to observe and see some practices applied. She also sat in on a few classes. These were much more in her comfort zone, as the classes were fairly normal for the most part. Aside from the provocative uniforms and the odd completely or mostly naked student the classrooms were Rachael’s retreat to the familiar.

Rachael learned that there were three predominant places for students to receive punishment. The most common was in the classroom after class had dismissed. This was for more minor offences that would be documented, but weren’t anything egregious: late assignments, talking out of turn repeatedly, mild disrespect to the teacher, that sort of thing. The second most common was an in class punishment. These were meant to be more humiliating as the student would be punished in front of his or her classmates. However these punishments normally did not last too long as the professor did not want to sacrifice too much class time. The third place, the place for the most humiliating and painful punishments, of course was the punishment room. There were other ways and places punishments could be administered, but these were the most common.

It was early in the day on the last day of Rachael’s week in training. Next week she would take over her own class. She was in a history class, observing a professor named Mr. Walker. Mr. Walker appeared in his early 40s. Not very tall, balding with the remnants of bright colored red hair, muscular in a stocky way and ruggedly handsome. Mr. Walker had just given a portion of the lesson and let the students have 20 minutes to work on group projects “Ms. Rachael” he called. Rachael had been walking from group to group helping where she could. She came to the front of the class at Mr. Walker’s call.

“Could you please escort Bradley to the bathroom, let him relieve himself, and check to make sure he has not released? Thank you.”

Bradley had been placed in Chastity with Continual Stimulation (CCS). This was a high level punishment as it required to the student to be entirely naked save for tight leather underwear. For a female a vibrating and elctro-stimulating probe would be inserted into both of her private orifices and held in place by the chastity underwear. For a man a probe would be in the anus and a sleeve around his penis was also electro and vibratory. The devices were quite complex, able to tell when a man’s testicles would retract and their prostate pulse; also able to tell when a woman’s vaginal walls would contract. It would then lessen stimulation as the most agonizing part of CCS punishment was that the subject would be constantly aroused but disallowed to cum. However, it was not uncommon for the student to cum anyway and if that were the case, if they were unable to control themselves, they would face further punishment.

The locked chastity devices also meant that the student had to be escorted every time they needed to use the restroom which furthered their humiliation along with being all but naked and constantly on the edge fighting not to release.

Rachael approached Bradley who was working with his group. Her heart was racing and she felt such a power over these students as she prepared to say what she’d been taught she should. Without attempting to be discrete Rachael stood over the students and announced “Bradley, now will be a good time for you to use the restroom and be inspected for premature release. Follow me immediately please.” Rachael had to concentrate to keep her breath even and her voice steady. She was both nervous and aroused but tried hard to keep both a secret from the students. Bradley blushed a bit but stood without objection and followed Rachael out to the bathrooms.

Rachael escorted Bradley into the restroom; all restrooms at Dramatus University for Young Adults were large and unisex. Rachael had been given a master key that would work on any chastity device in the school, all teachers carried one of these. “Arms out to your sides please Bradley” she said as the two stood in the middle of the luxurious bathroom. This was not a typical school bathroom as this was in no way a typical school. The bathroom looked like something you’d see in a 5 star restaurant. Dark walls, sensuous lighting, ice in the urinals, a sofa at one end, a large standing area, and high walled stalls. Everything one would expect being in a converted mansion.

Bradley stretched his arms out to his sides giving Rachael easy access to his chastity device. She slowly removed Bradley’s mostly erect penis from its sheathe. She then stepped behind the young man. “Touch your toes please.” she said curtly and without emotion. Bradley obliged and bent all the way over at the waist. It was just then that a pair of girls entered the restroom. Their conversation stopped briefly as they saw Bradley canlı bahis şirketleri and had a giggle at his situation. Rachael carefully extracted the anal probe from the sculpted young man. Once Bradley was free of the device Rachael allowed him to use the restroom.

“When you are finished, Bradley, please be sure to thoroughly wash your genitals and anus and also wash your chastity device. We must be sanitary.” Rachael now looked into the end of the sleeve that had held Bradley’s penis. She could see moisture in the end. Rachael held her hand at the opening of the sleeve and tipped the garment so that the moisture ran into her hand. As the liquid dripped onto her palm Rachael knew exactly what she was seeing. Though now room temperature and not fresh, what was pooling in her cupped hand was unmistakably semen. It was Bradley’s cum, and a lot of it. He must have lasted a few days in chastity for his unsanctioned orgasm to produce so much seed. Rachael’s small hand was barely able to contain it all. She carefully raised her hand to her nose and breathed in the distinctive masculine scent longer than she needed to in order to determine its composition.

It was now that Bradley turned from the urinal and saw Rachael, Miss Rachael to him, with an accumulation of his cum in her hand and a stern look on her face. Bradley had, of course, known that he’d lost control earlier in the day. It was, in fact, his desires for Miss Rachael that had driven him over the edge at the beginning of class. He’d seen the beautiful young teacher about the school recently and his head had been filled with fantasies about her. He lasted about 5 minutes into class but staring at Miss Rachael where she sat in the front of the class was more than his overcharged cock could stand and he’d busted a huge nut into his chastity sleeve. He had only hoped that his mess would have dried enough before being inspected that no one would notice. This obviously didn’t happen.

“Please Miss Rachael, let me explain….” he began, but Rachael cut him off shortly.

“An explanation is not necessary Bradley, I am able to decipher what has transgressed inside your chastity device on my own.” Rachael’s own words, and the feelings of power they brought were making her very hot. She could easily feel her warm pussy begin to lubricate itself. Her thoughts darted to Mrs. Heyward, the coolly dominant woman on whom she’d based her own mannerisms towards students who had disobeyed orders, and wondered if Mrs. Heyward still felt this rush when she assumed a position of power over a subordinate.

“Your first manner of business will be to wash this” she said as she held the chastity device out to Bradley. With a red face Bradley took the leather underwear and carefully washed it in the sink. Rachael continued to hold the young man’s semen in her hand.

As Bradley was finishing his task his frustration was visibly growing. He knew he was in trouble, and he knew that it was his fault. Typical of young men, though, he was yet unwilling to accept this blame and turned his frustration into anger towards this new teacher who had found him out. ‘Who is this blond bimbo of a teacher to tell me I’m in trouble?’ he thought to himself. ‘I’ve been here three years, she doesn’t even know what’s going on.’ And he began to devise a plan to rid himself of further punishment.

“Miss Rachael, I know you’re new here, so I should probably tell you that most of the professors don’t mind if a student cums just once during their CCS. I mean, it’s not like it can be helped sometimes. I mean, if it happens a lot then, yea, but since I only came once during the last four days that’s normally overlooked.” he paused, hoping his words had been effective. “Just so you know.” he added.

Rachael continued to stare down the arrogant student. She was now trembling on the inside with excitement, imagining the ways she would punish Bradley for trying to trick her and treat her so disrespectfully. “March back to your classroom young man” she said sternly.

“What about this?” he questioned holding up the chastity underwear.

“I said march! Now!” Rachael barked.

Bradley looked angry but turned and walked back to his classroom completely naked. His left hand tightly grasped the leather device and his right hand was curled into a tight fist. Rachael followed behind slowly, being careful not to spill any of the boy’s cum from her hand. When the two reached the room Mr. Walker and the students couldn’t help but notice the situation.

“Stand in front and face the class please Bradley” Rachael commanded. Though Bradley was completely embarrassed he couldn’t hide his excitement at the situation as his cock began to grow in front of his peers.

“Bradley was unable to successfully complete his CCS punishment this week. In addition, he chose to disrespect me and attempt to get out of further punishment. Bradley must be punished twofold. First he will be punished for not controlling canlı kaçak iddaa himself through his assignment of CCS.” Rachael now turned to Bradley who stood, humiliated, in front of the class.

“As punishment for premature release I believe it would only be correct for you to return your cum back to your body, where it never should have left in the first place.” Bradley turned with wide eyes towards Miss Rachael, fearing what would come next. “Please lick my hand clean Bradley, and do not spill a single drop.”

Bradley quickly looked at the senior instructor in the room and pleaded “Mr. Walker!? Please….”

“Enough Bradley! You will do as you are told.”

“On your knees Bradley” Rachael instructed. Bradley slowly and resignedly lowered himself onto his knees. Rachael walked over to him and held her hand full of cum, his cum, in front of his face. “Hands clasped behind your back please Bradley” she added.

Bradley tightly gripped his hands behind his back and stared at the petite hand almost overflowing with his lukewarm jizz. Bradley was not gay and not bi, though many of his classmates seemed to be, and he didn’t at all enjoy the prospect of tasting cum. He had a few times and it was not a pleasant experience for him. He gagged a bit at the thought.

Mr. Walker spoke. “Bradley, I cannot interrupt my class indefinitely. Please proceed.”

Bradley took a deep breath and began to dab his tongue at the pool of semen, trying to not taste too much of it.

“If you cannot do this properly then I’ll have to show you how” Rachael said. “Tilt your head back and open your mouth young man.”

Bradley did as he was told and Rachael quickly dumped the contents of her hand into Bradley’s mouth while holding his head back by his hair. Once it was all in Rachael spoke again. “Close your mouth.” Bradley did with a look of disgust on his face. “Now swallow.” she commanded and Bradley forced the salty and bitter liquid down his throat. He gagged and coughed as it went down.

“Now lick my hand clean, you’re not done yet.” Bradley leaned in and licked Rachael’s hand, getting more of the unsavory taste. “Suck it off of my fingers as well” and Bradley, one by one, sucked Rachael’s fingers clean. “You may stand” she instructed. Bradley stood.

“Thank you Bradley. You took that well. However you must now also be punished for what you said to me. I do not wish to usurp any more of Mr. Walker’s time with his class so I give you two options. Go the rest of the day entirely naked and report to the punishment room at the end of the school day, or stay here and receive immediate punishment from me after class and I will let you dress. The choice is yours.”

Bradley was furious with Miss Rachael but the prospect of an entire day completely naked and then a trip to the punishment room was more than he wanted to force on himself. “I’ll meet with you after class” he said through gritted teeth.

“Good, please return to your seat and get back to work.”

Bradley returned to his seat, the class returned to work, and Mr. Walker came over to Rachael. He brought her to the front corner of the classroom and spoke to her quietly. “Very well done Rachael, that was excellent. Would you like assistance after class with Bradley or do you think you can handle it.”

“I think I’ve got it under control” she said, proud of herself and filled with confidence.

“As you wish Miss Rachael, and again; well done.”

The rest of class could not pass quickly enough for Rachael. It was all she could do to keep from rubbing herself through her skirt for the next hour. The taps between her legs that had opened in the bathroom had not closed and she knew she would need to change her panties when she was finished with her after class encounter. Though she tried to pay attention to Mr. Walker’s lesson and help the students she was completely distracted by the myriad of thoughts flashing through her head regarding how she would humiliate and punish Bradley after class.

Mr. Walker dismissed the class and everyone left. Mr. Walker was the last out the door and he closed it behind him. Only Rachael and Bradley remained in the room. The young student sat, naked and brooding, in his seat, just waiting for Miss Rachael to make the first move; she was nonchalantly correcting papers at the front of the room and deliberately making Bradley wait for his punishment. Some, but not all, of Bradley’s frustration towards Rachael at what she’d done to him had faded. Though some resentment still remained there was also a resurgence of his sexual desires for her and the two amalgamated into an angry submissiveness. He wanted to be angry with Miss Rachael, and he still was a bit. He also found himself liking the feeling of being under her control and pretended to be more angry than he was so he could act as though he didn’t enjoy her punishments which only made them sweeter.

After an ample period of silence Rachael looked up from canlı kaçak bahis the papers in front of her and addressed her young charge.

“Bradley, would you come here please?” Bradley stood and slowly approached the seated Rachael. His soft but ample member bounced as he stepped. “Bradley” Rachael began. “Would you mind explaining to me your earlier behavior please?”

Bradley took a deep breath and decided to admit the truth. “The reason I came even though I wasn’t supposed to was because…….well. It was because of you. I mean. It happened early in class and it happened because looking at you, well……y’know. I couldn’t control myself.” Bradley was embarrassed but he felt better having got that off his chest.

Rachael was a bit taken aback by what she heard though she tried not to show it. “Bradley, you have already faced discipline for your unpermitted release. I was referring to your disrespect towards me in the bathroom.”

Bradley didn’t know what to say. He’d just admitted how he was attracted to his teacher when it was completely unrelated to what she was asking him. His face turned red and he stammered a bit. Rachael was kind enough to save him from trying to think of appropriate words. “Do you respect me Bradley?” she asked.

“I do, Miss Rachael.” he answered.

“Bradley, I would like you to apologize to me.” Rachael insisted.

“Miss Rachael, I’m sorry I disrespected you earlier. I was wrong and….I’m sorry.”

“Bradley I know I am different from most of the other teachers.” Rachael spoke. “I realize I am younger than them and I realize I am still very new here. But please realize that I am, nonetheless, your teacher. You will listen to me, you will do as I say, and you will show me respect. If you do not, you will be punished. I’m going to ask you again, Bradley. Do you respect me?”

Bradley’s answer was more believable this time. “Yes, I do respect you Miss Rachael.”

“Good” Rachael said. “I want you to show me your respect. Get on your knees!” she commanded. Bradley, again, lowered himself to his knees. Rachael stood and walked over to him. She leaned against the front of the desk and lifted her skirt to reveal a skimpy black lace thong which left little to the imagination. Rachael pointed to the floor in front of her feet and simply demanded “Here!”

Bradley complied and shuffled forward on his knees until he was face to pussy with Rachael. “Hands behind your back young man.” she instructed. “Now, take down my panties, you may only use your mouth.”

Bradley could smell his teacher’s feminine aroma and it was quickly exciting him. He leaned in and rather deftly gripped her thong in his mouth and pulled it down the length of her beautiful and smooth legs. She stepped out of them.

“Now show your respect to my clit, Bradley. Use your skills and do not stop until I am satisfied.” Bradley didn’t waste a moment before diving his face into Rachael’s hairless, pretty, and sopping wet pussy. She leaned back against the desk and spread her legs as much as she could without losing balance. Bradley’s tongue was well practiced and with Rachael’s already excited sexual state it didn’t take long for her to explode onto the young student’s face.

Rachael enjoyed the throws of her orgasm, grasping the back of Bradley’s head and grinding her slit onto his mouth. She moaned and chirped as she reached and came down from climax. Her breathing slowly returned to normal as Bradley softly cleaned her inner thighs with his tongue. Rachael looked at the desk against which she was leaning. It was solidly built of some hard wood, much like the stiff appendage of the student in front of her. She knew she’d have to reorganize the papers later but she didn’t care. She needed to be fucked and she needed it immediately. She swiped all the papers from the desk into the air and they fluttered to the ground discordantly.

Rachael lay back on the desk. “I need you in me now!” she demanded. Bradley did not hesitate. he was up off his knees in an instant and carefully aligned his rock hard cock at Rachael’s desperate opening. “Wait!” she said. There was a very definite look of frustration on Bradley’s face as he feared Rachael may have changed her mind. This, however, was not the case. “When you cum I want you to shoot it all into the crotch of my panties, do you understand?”

“Yea, got it” Bradley said with a breathy voice.

“No! Do you understand? All of your cum into the crotch of my thong!”

“Yes Miss Rachael, I understand.” Bradley would have been confused if his mind weren’t too preoccupied by the situation to even consider why Rachael had said this, he simply complied. He quickly grabbed the discarded undergarment and dropped it on the desk next to Rachael before, again, lining up to penetrate her. He slowly began to ease the head of his throbbing tool into the slick warmth between his instructor’s legs.

“JUST FUCK ME!” Rachael screamed. Bradley needed no more guidance. He thrust himself completely into the petite blonde laid back on the desk. Rachael screamed as she was instantly filled. Bradley pumped in and out at, what seemed to him, a decent clip. But Rachael demanded more.



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