Doin’ the Boss Ch. 15

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One of the beautiful things about writing stories for Literotica is that it’s so very anonymous. I mean, you can write about your most intimate desires, your most exciting affairs, your wife or your husband and know that only you, your editors and some staff know anything about you.

It’s quite exciting actually.

When I wrote my first story I used the name Constance as it sounded so innocent and an editor suggested it would turn guys on. After a handful of stories I began using my real middle name, Robyn. Heck, I think other than my parents, my brother, my still married boyfriend and my close friend Stephanie are the only ones who know me by that moniker.

Writing allows me to expand on my secret life, the one only a select few know about. No, I’m not a bank robber on the lam from the cops, I’m not in the witness protection program and I am certainly not some kind of ax murderer or something. If you knew my friends, you’d think I was the most innocent of women. If you knew by current boyfriend Mark you’d think I was on the straight and narrow in just about all aspects of my life.

Late paying bills? No way. Late for work? Not happening. Miss important dates like birthdays or anniversaries? Never happen. I’m organized thanks to School of Secretarial Science (yes, it was called secretarial!), and I tend to do the right thing and the right time.

So, reader, how in the world did I get involved with my married boss and spend more than a decade in an improper affair? How did I find myself in embarrassing situations with him, like the time he was spanking me in the forest (and I liked it!) when a guy stumbled upon us and caught us in the act (and I liked it!).

How did I find myself being satisfied sexually by sucking the cock of a guy 20 years my senior without regard for the unbelievable wrong it was? How could I babysit his kids? How did I submit to his wants and demands without a whimper?

Look, unlike some of the notes I’ve received, I’m not a whore. I don’t consider myself a slut, but I guess there is something very wrong about me. Still, I so much enjoy my oh so married K. Linford Little and his bulging dick. I really do.

And no matter what other relationships I find myself in, I always seem to find myself doing naughty, nasty things with my former boss, my current lover, and the guy who I am most comfortably in love and lust with, Lin.

Stephanie and I had traded stories about our bedroom exploits over white wine and cheese. We’ve related the most intimate of secrets (she was blowing a guy when he passed gas, I was striping for a guy when I fell and twisted an ankle and ended up in the hospital).

She once had sex with three different guys at three different locations within one 12 hour period. A long and sexy story and led to the two of us masturbating in the same room while she told the naughty story.

On several occasions I’d gone on double dates and had sex in the car while the other couple was coupling at the same time…and I snuck glances at their actions (and they ours).

Yes, we have told each other of missed periods, or embarrassing situations or even the most intimate details of our lives. Stephanie was close to me, but as close as we are Lin is my closest friend.

I have to be totally honest with you. I know there have been times in our relationship that I was just a “loose” girl who put out for her boss. I’ve done things that good girls just don’t do. I’ve had sexual escapades with a totally married man who has a lovely wife Mary and a pair of wonderful daughters.

For that matter, there was a time when I actually pitched in and babysat the daughters while Lin and Mary went out for a special occasion. And on that night, on the ride back to my house, Lin stopped and I fellated my boss, sending him home with a shrunken, happy dick.

Thinking back over the years, I’ve done things with Lin I’d never dream of doing with other guys. I mean, well, I’ve used a banana on myself while he’d directed the action. I’ve allowed me to fellate him in parking lots, mall garages, local parks, ballfields and even a hotel window.

I did this when living a real life with boyfriends that included a financial analyst, bank manager and even a minor league ballplayer. Life A would include me as the perfect part of a couple, Life B would perabet be sneaking away and meeting with my special love, Lin. Over the years I’d probably downed a couple gallons of cum from his Life B beautiful spout. Our escapades probably totaled more than 1000. Whatever, wasn’t counting, but the point is Lin is truly wonderful and my love.

Still, he was hopelessly married. I knew that. He wasn’t leaving his wife, and I did have a life outside our relationship. In some ways, it was the best of both worlds once we each found a way to handle it. It wasn’t easy, jealousy can make terrible conversation and ruin relationships. We somehow figured out a way to stay terribly in lust with each other while being able to maintain relationships with others.

And we didn’t get caught.

Oh, we’d been caught. By the guy who watched me getting spanked in the woods. By the cops who caught us at the train station after an engineer called to complain. By the walkers who caught an eyeful just past the ballfield. But we hadn’t been caught by his wife. That was job one.

It’s funny, over the years I’d changed hairstyles, skirt lengths and even boyfriends, but there was one constant in my life: Lin. Even when he started having trouble down below, difficulty in having an orgasm, just having his dick in my mouth was not only exciting but comforting as well.

Like a salted caramel cake pop, I loved his lollypop whether semi-hard or bulging and ready to burst. It took a little extra effort at times, but it was worth it!

Over recent months it felt like Lin was reverting to his younger years. I blew him a lot in the car like horny teenagers. I’d wear short skirts and stockings at his insistence, and do things his wife would never dream of doing. He’d make me happy in many ways, by his presence and his presents. The guy was generous!

A little over a year ago I began working for a local salesman who hit a home run marketing a product. He opened a small office in a strip mall and hired me to handle the office while he was out selling. It was great, because I could get my work done and have flexible hours which allowed me to fit in yoga classes and visits to the local coffee house without having to worry about clocking in and out.

It also allowed for a little privacy, in that it was easy to determine where my boss was and when Lin could slip over for a little bit of that good old suck the salami. That made my boyfriend happy indeed, as there was nothing he liked more than a quickie for his dickie.

As mentioned, our quickies did take longer than when we first met, as Lin took longer to get to his peak. It didn’t bother me, as I loved going down on him and whether for five or 15 minutes it was fine by me.

When he started using the little blue pill he lost the problems of getting hard for me. Again, I liked going down on the semi-hard dick in that I could get it all into my mouth. But I knew it bothered him. So the pill corrected that problem.

But getting the Big O was still a problem. It took him longer, so the little special things that turned him on helped expedite matters. And the quicker things were, the better the changes of not being caught in the act.

On a recent date Lin asked me if I ever purchased a second vibrator. This conversation resulted from the afternoon when Lin used a dildo on me…except it was his lovely wife Mary’s fake cock! On that day, I didn’t know I was using his wife’s prop until after it was rocking my world.

That was so very hot, and made me hot thinking about it in future masturbatory sessions. So on a lunch date when Lin brought up a newspaper story my eyes widened. The story spoke about vibrators being sold at pharmacies. No longer only found in adult shops, the little doozy’s could be purchased down the street.

It was just making conversation, but it got me thinking. Later that day I stopped at my local pharmacy, and, surprise, there were two vibes available. A bit embarrassed, I looked them over when something else caught my eyes on the shelf above and right below the racy colored condoms.

It was a vibrating cock ring. Heck, I had a vibrator, but I never had a cock ring in my hand. I purchased one that day for my boyfriend, although it was embarrassing in that the pimple-faced clerk cast a wary eye toward my selection. perabet giriş Thankfully nobody was around and I scooted out of the store with a red face.

Keeping the little machine a secret, I wanted to wait for a special occasion to give it to Lin, surprising him. I was guessing, just guessing, he’d never used one. But who knows?

The following Saturday my best girlfriend Stephanie were slated for lunch at the mall. Lin called at 8, saying he had about an hour open that morning — at the same mall. His wife was getting her hair done, and he was going to drive her. Would I like to meet and say hi for a new minutes?

Smiling to myself, I just knew what the old codger was thinking! Why waste an hour shopping when you could get your dick sucked. The thing is, even thought I knew that, I was more than happy to say yes. Every time we were together was a treasure, exciting and I just loved being with him. Hey, it was where I needed to be anyway right?

Arriving at 9:45, my cell rang minutes later. Lin had dropped off Mary and suggested we meet at our “usual” location on the fourth floor of the parking structure. The five story building rarely filled up and most of the time people would park near the entrances. The only exceptions were those new car buffs who parked away from everything to evade nicks.

On this day, however, there was some action on the fourth floor. A score of cars were parked and a driving instructor had cones all over as he taught his students to traverse the structure. Lin motioned upstairs, and we drove to the top of the structure.

We convoyed upstairs to the top of the parking lot, with Lin finding a slot away from all the entrances, right next to a stairwell. I pulled in next to him. We kissed hello and Lin said that although this was in the open it was away from any action. Plus he could watch the stairs while my car blocked the side.

Laughing to myself, I knew what he wanted! Why after all these years would I expect the horny guy to not want a blow job? I mean, what guy doesn’t? So what if he just left his wife at the salon?

We exchanged pleasantries for a couple minutes, Lin’s hand stroking my leg, catching up on things that had happened since we’d last met. Usual pitter patter while his stroking seemed a little more intense. I noticed a little twitching in his pants and couldn’t help reaching over and stroking his lengthening cock.

Time was wasting, and I knew what he wanted. Why dispute that fact? My ex-boss had one goal in mind and it was my lips on his cock. No need to guess.

Unzipping his fly I made a production about finding a way to unleash his cock from his trousers. He was hard, so it wasn’t an easy task. He was sort of stuck in his boxers, so improvising I used fingers to open the slit in the front and slipped the rock hard dick through and out into the open. Voila!

“Oh Robyn, I love your hands, I love the way you play with me,” said my boyfriend. “You treat me so very well, I love it.”

All the while I was stroking his cock, playing with the pulsating whanger. Damn it was so hot for me, stroking a dick in a naughty place and time and situation. His damn wife within walking distance, cars slipping past.

I pulled out my gift for him, the vibrating cock ring, and slipped it on while the guy looked as if he’d seen a ghost.

“What the heck is that,” said my guy.

“Trust me,” was my reply.

I slid the ring down his cock to the base and told him we were now going steady. Then I clicked the vibrating ring and wow, it started moving his dick.

Looking around I waited for the appropriate time to lower my head for safety’s sake, but of course Lin was only thinking about the sensations on his dick.

“Hurry girl, that feels so very hot. Oh my you are so very sexy,” said the guy. “That feels incredible.”

I knew from experience that I had to error on the side of caution. Once I went down on him our fates could be in his hands. By that I mean we’d been caught a few times and luckily nothing bad had happened. But I needed the coast to be clear before embarking on my mission, because while he was supposed to be keeping watch he sometimes got lost in the action (which really is expected, right) and can miss someone getting close to the car.

Seeing nobody around, I scooted perabet güvenilir mi a little closer, looked around again, and lowered my head to his vibrating cock. I will never get tired of the sort of exhaling he does when I get near his dick. It’s like, well, finally! Anticipation then action. I licked the tip, around and around, before looking up and asking if it was okay.

“Oh, just suck my dick, Robyn, suck my dick. That’s awesome.”

Hearing his pleas, I got to the task at hand. Grasping the base of his cock, I stroked it a few times before lowering my head onto the lovely hard man meat. Sucking the tip brought oohs and aahs from the man above, and when I tightened my lips I could hear him gasp.

“Oh Robyn I’ve been waiting for this, I’ve been waiting for you to suck me….I love your lips, you are an angel,” said the man with a grunt.

He loved my mouth action, doing something his wife hates doing. I could never figure that out, but I was happy that she hated sucking cock because I absolutely enjoy doing it to her man. That’s awful I know, but it’s the truth. I get lost in the action sucking Lin’s cock, moving my head in tune with his bouncing in the car seat.

He rocked in my mouth as I stroked him, my mouth merely an implement at this point as he was nearing nirvana. I mean the stroking in my hand on his cock helped, the thought of us doing it in the car and all that just was sending him over the edge. It wasn’t long before his dick was throbbing and I knew I was going to get my just rewards.

“Suck it Robyn, suck my dick. Oh my that’s so good, so hot, so oooo,” my guy was losing it as I sucked him off. His hands caressed my head and then held it still as he began to erupt in my sucking mouth. He shot his cum sauce, spurt after spurt, as I continued sucking him off.

His cum filled my mouth, and I swallowed it all while still sucking his dick.

The man finished, but I kept his dick in my mouth. I love it when it starts shrinking and I keep it semi-hard, cleaning it off of all sticky residue. I just love that feeling of accomplishment, mission achieved!

Finished the deed, I lifted up and kissed my man. He knows how much I enjoy kissing him after sucking him off, and even if he didn’t like it he knew the right thing to do was to kiss me and thank me for completing my job in a timely manner.

Sliding off the cock ring, I smiled and told him if he was a good boy he could use it again.

The afterglow lasted a bit, but he soon had to get to his wife, and I had to get to my luncheon date with Stephanie, so we bid our goodbyes until next time. Back in the mall I arrived for lunch a couple minutes after Stephanie.

“Hey, I texted you, I thought you were here already!” said my best girlfriend.

“I was, but got, well, had to deal with a hard problem.”

“Oh my goodness, you didn’t,” said Steph, pulling me close. “Damn girl, I smell cock on your breath. You just blew him, didn’t you.”

Nodding my head, I smiled. Told her she was jealous! And the two of us laughed and laughed at the whole situation.

Stephanie has been married about six years now, and she’s made it clear that what Lin and I do in the privacy of our cars or wherever is what it is. It’s just she can’t imagine my love of the blowjob. She hates giving them, and basically only blows her husband on special occasions. Oh, she loves it when he goes down on her, she just doesn’t like to reciprocate.

To each her own.

We sat in the mall restaurant near the window, watching people both inside the restaurant and outside. It was a great place to watch people. After a bit she nodded outside where Lin and Mary were walking by, hand in hand.

“I wonder what she’d say if I went out and told her you had just blown her husband earlier today,” said Stephanie with a smile.

“I’m guessing she’d kick my ass and then his,” was my retort. “But it is funny, you know, seeing them. I know he loves her. He loves me too, but he really loves her.”

Stephanie said it must be an addiction, and who knows, she’s probably right. I so much enjoy taking care of my former boss.

I asked Stephanie when she’d next satisfy her husband orally and she said probably on their anniversary. Wow, that’s a couple months away. I just can’t imagine that.

It got me thinking, wondering when Lin and I would get together next. Yes, I think I’m addicted to him. Thinking of earlier in the day when his cock was buried in my mouth, his hands on my head, me moving up and down. Wow. That’s mind-blowing and has me wet thinking about it.

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