Bisexual Women Wild in Strip Club

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Jen and Gail parked out front of the strip club.

“I don’t think we are allowed in unless we have a male escort?”

“I think you are right. Tell you what, lets just wait for a guy to come along and ask him if we can go in with him?”


“What you think they are going to turn down walking into a strip club with two hot women like us?”


They waited for awhile, but as it was the middle of the day there were not a lot of cars around. Finally a car pulled up and a huge nasty guy got out.

“Uh, not him.”

They both laughed, then settled in to wait some more. As they waited Jen started to softly rub Gail’s leg thinking about all that had cum before. Gail was getting hot and bothered and was getting ready to do something about it, when another car pulled up. Two fairly attractive guys popped out of this one and started for the door.

“Should we ask them?”

“I think we should?”

“You sure?’

And so it went back and forth until it was too late and the guys already crossed the threshold and entered the club.

“Okay, this is ridiculous. What ever guy shows up next we go in with…even if its another fat guy.” They nodded in agreement with each other.

Timing is everything. The front door open and out walks the fat guy. At the same exact time a limo pulls up in front of the club and out pours eight late 20 something guys, all buff, all handsome, clearly celebrating. The girls look to each other and simultaneously bolt from their car knowing its now or never to get in there. They approach one of the guys with their request. Laughing the guys are more than happy to escort them in.

Inside the club, at first the girls sit by themselves, but quickly the guys join them laughing and joking. Drinks flow freely as the guys keep buying the two of them drink after drink. At first they are reluctant to hang with these guys as they were there to play together, but a few shots later they were joining in the fun. The drinks continued to pour and before long they were all drunk. Laughing one of the guys paid a stripper to come over and dance on Jen. There were strippers and guys all around watching as a hot lithe red head rubbed her body all over Jen’s. At first she was reluctant, pretending to be güvenilir bahis coy, but eventually it just felt too good and she let herself go. She closed her eyes and allowed the red head complete access. Her own hands began to stroke the stripper’s body. She felt the girl slide her knee between her legs, up her skirt and felt her thigh on her panty-less pussy. Recognizing her position the red head began to rub in earnest as the song and the feeling took Jen into a place of oblivion. Without thinking about who was around her or where she was, she allowed herself to be carried along to a shattering orgasm.

The whoops and hollers of the guys around her brought her back to reality. “Oh my goid!” she thought embarrassed and opening her eyes, “What have I done?”

She was ready to jump up and run away, when she felt Gail’s hand on her arm and her lips to her ears. “It’s okay lover. You were beautiful. Nobody knows you here, so it’s all safe.” Those words relaxed her.

Immediately more shots were ordered and everybody went back to watching the strippers on stage. Jen, out of nervousness, drank far more than she normally would and dumped tons of boozed down her throat until she was as drunk as she had ever been. She turned to look at Gail and to her surprise saw that Gail was rubbing the crotch of the guys sitting next to her. Gail smiled and whispered in her ear, “If I remember correctly you said you had the greenlight if you ever found yourself in a group of 6 or more guys?”

Jen’s eyes swelled to twice their size as she grasped what Gail was suggesting.

“Come on, give it a whirl. You only live once.” And as she said this Gail slipped her hand inside the guy’ pants and began to jack him in hard. Jen, thought for a second and then trying not to think about it, took the plunge. She reached her hand over to the guy on her write and slid it right onto his cock. It slid up and down the fabric as she felt his dick underneath growing. Her hand found his zipper and before she could ponder, she had his zipper down and her hand on this stranger’s tool. It felt strange, but oh so good. Not wanting to be left out another of the guys stood in front of the Gail and whipped out his cock. Without hesitation, she opened her mouth and allowed him to slide in. Another türkçe bahis of the guys moved to the ground in front of Jen and parting her legs began to eat her with vigor for awhile. Then he stood up and presented his hard cock to Jen and she took him in her warm mouth, still rubbing the other guy’s dick. Gail reached over to Jen and slid her fingers first in Jen’s pussy and then in her ass, which Jen gave up happily. Before long Gail was jacking one guys, sucking the other and fucking Jen’s ass with three wet fingers as hard as she could. Jen was in paradise too.

Three of the guys grabbed Jen and lifted her out of the chair while the other guys, and strippers looked on. One of the guys sat down in the chair and unsheathed a massive erection. Drunk and willing, Jen was helped to sit back down, but this time the guy’s hard rod was waiting and her ass took him all the way in. She grabbed the arm rest and started to fuck her ass hard on his steel pipe. Looking over at the stage she saw that several of the strippers were sitting down and watching. Many of them had their g-strings pulled aside and were masturbating hard watching the show. This made Jen even hotter and she fucked the guy that much more passionately until he blew a hot load in her ass. Pulling out, the guys could see that she wanted more, a lot more. Another took the first place and Jen quickly assumed the same position with him. This time however, another guy came in front and laid on top of her. She felt his cock at her love canal as he slammed it in. Being DPed felt better than she had ever dreamed and she pushed herself on each cock. Looking over she could see Gail riding some guy’s dick, while another fucked her ass and still another was grabbing her hair and face fucking her. She was in paradise as the pace increased and both guys pushed harder and harder until simultaneously, not only the three of them, but Gail and her group, all came at once.

Jen was laying there trying to recover as the guys got off of her, when she felt a hand on her wrist pulling her up. She opened her eyes and saw that it was Gail, so she allowed herself to be taken along. Gail walked her to the edge of the stage were a couple of the strippers were in a fever pitch of masturbating. Jen and Gail took their positions in between güvenilir bahis siteleri the thighs of two of these girls and move their mouths to their mounds. With their free hands each reached to the side and finger fucked another girl filling both their pussies and asses. The room was filled with the smell of hot pussy and the sound of cumming women. Jen next felt the hands on her hips and raised them for a fresh assault. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Gail doing the same. Effortlessly she felt the thick member slide into her ass filling her up. She backed up into it and the next cocks that replaced it repeatedly as hard as she could while taking care not to neglect the train of pussies that kept on presenting themselves to her mouth and hands.

Finally, Gail was worn out and it was just her. She was up on stage. The crowd of men and strippers and gathered all around in the chairs to watch her. She was riding the enormous cock of this light skinned black guys, while being fucked hard in the ass and simultaneously sucking one guy after another. She had never felt something so wonderful or had been so free and uninhibited; she loved it! The cocks pushed into her in rhythm and seemed to meet in the middle of her body filling her as completely as she could ever wish. The music in the club was thumping and hypnotic and she moved her body in concert with it. Harder and harder she rode and sucked as the music moved towards its peak. At the crescendo of the music, she was filled with their grunting orgasms and her own body erupted into a transcendent orgasm that filled every inch of her flesh and took her far from her own body into a blissful space, before she came crashing down in an monstrous brain splitting explosion that drained ever last ounce of her energy and left her in a heap on the stage in front of the applauding crowd.

Bone weary and weak, Jen and Gail left the bar and slid themselves into the car. They sat staring in front of themselves for a bit, their minds too numb to process. The rain began to fall and the beat of the drops took them even further away. They watched as the limo full of happy guys pulled out and still they sat and stared ahead, neither ready to speak or even think. Then, as if connected by the exact same thought, they turned to each other and fell into a madly passionate kiss, which seemed to defy time itself. Finally, the separated and pulled the car out of the parking lot. All the way back they said nothing, held hands and both smiled looking off into the distance.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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