Birthday Trio

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She was on top of Dell, riding his cock, wedged deep inside her cunt, thick and rigid. And that cunt of Holly’s felt sublimely stimulated as Dell thrust up into her and she bore down on him, the two of them finding a nice groove, a perfect rhythm. When the two of them fucked It didn’t take long for Holly to feel the sweet arrow of a blistering climax coming on. And Holly, always a greedy one for orgasms, knew that another such stabbing arrow of exquisite pleasure would soon be her reward. For these two knew how to please each other.

“Make it wet,” Dell said, bringing a middle finger of his right hand to her mouth as she licked it a little lewdly, making it nice and moist, having a pretty good idea what he had in mind. Then he reached around behind her and began to play with her asshole as they kept fucking. She loved this, her anus always sensitive to his touch. At first he just rubbed the sphincter, but then he began to work a finger inside, knowing how she craved that added bit of stimulation, a finger probing her ass while his cock thoroughly reamed out her pussy. She especially liked having a finger of his up her ass when she climaxed.

“Bet you’d like something else in there, wouldn’t you?” he said with a sassy smile, knowing this was a fantasy she enjoyed thinking about. She’d confessed once that she sometimes imagined herself taking a cock in her ass while Dell’s plowed her cunt. She wasn’t sure she’d ever really be able to do it, to accept that second man, that second penetration, but it sure made for an exciting fantasy. And Holly delighted in sharing her fantasies with Dell.

Suddenly she heard the door to their bedroom open and her eyes went wide.

“Who’s that!?” she said, startled, trying to turn her head to see, but Dell stopped her from turning, holding her tightly in place.

“I’ve invited someone to join us,” he told her. “His name is Hector.”

“Hello, Holly,” she heard the stranger say in a smooth, sexy voice, a voice she detected was tinged with an accent, a Brazilian one she was soon to find out.

“Since it’s you birthday today, Holly, I thought I’d order up something special. Hector is very special. He’s from Brazil and he’s very good-looking and very sexy. And he has a very special gift. Or so I’ve been told by some of the girls in the office who’ve had flings with him.”

“Oh, Dell, I don’t know,” Holly balked, looking a little uncertain, a little hesitant. It was one thing to fantasize about another man, it was another thing to actualize the reality. She stopped moving and tried, again, to turn her head to have a look at this Hector. But Dell stopped her, pressing her close to him, keeping her from moving, not letting her turn to look at Hector.

“Now you just listen to me, baby, trust me,” Dell said soothingly in his sexy voice, “I know how to treat my girl on her birthday. All I want you do to is close your eyes.”

She closed them, surrendering now, suddenly deeply aroused by what was to follow.

“Come up here, Hector, and Holly? Open your mouth.”

She opened her mouth and the next thing she felt was the vastly oversized, plum-shaped knob of Hector’ cock forced between her open lips. His was a real mouthful and she could barely get her lips around him.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” Dell said, “and I bet it tastes good.”

All Holly could do was nod, her eyes still closed, her mouth filled with cock.

“Now you can open your eyes, but you can’t look up at Hector. He’s to remain a mystery. I can tell you is that he’s very good-looking, very sexy. But all you can see for yourself is his cock, and that only for a brief moment. Now first take him in your hand.”

She reached to take hold of his shaft, awesomely thick she could tell right away, as thick as her wrist, she guessed. And he was amazingly hard; his cock felt like a bar of steel, warm, flesh-like steel.

“Now open your eyes and have a look.”

His cock still in her mouth she opened her eyes to see the massive, erect penis, huge, its length a match for its formidable thickness. And it was a deep tan color, which did not surprise her, as many Brazilian men, she knew, were rather dark-skinned.

“Oh my God! How big is he anyway?” she gasped.

“Hector, how big?”

“Oh, 25 centimeters,” he said, in his musical, charming Brazilian voice, that voice smooth and deep and sexy, “for you I think that is maybe ten inches?”

That looked about I right, Holly said to herself, gazing at the awesomely long and thick penis, beautifully sculpted and proportioned, sweet smelling and tasting, with that arousing tinge of masculine muskiness. And sublimely aroused and erect.

“Now close your eyes again, Holly,” Dell told her as she closed them and just sucked Hector’s cock feverishly. Dell meanwhile was thrusting his cock into her pussy with deep, smooth, rhythmic strokes, the skilled fucker he always was.

“Reach into that drawer, there’s a jar of it there,” Dell told Hector and Holly’s güvenilir bahis heart skipped a beat as she instantly knew just what the two men now had in mind. Her eyes closed, she could hear Hector opening the drawer, finding the jar of lubricant Dell kept there for their occasional excursions in anal intercourse. She could hear him unscrew the jar and imagined him scooping up a big dab with his fingers.

And the next thing she felt was Hector slapping that dab between her ass cheeks as Dell held those cheeks wide open. He rubbed the slick lube over her asshole patiently as she shuddered with keen anticipation, then he worked a finger inside. The finger entering her anus, mixed with the thick cock already filling her cunt sent her head spinning. And spinning even more when she could feel Hector add a second finger to the first.

“Open your eyes and look at me,” Dell said, and she opened them to gaze into his, blazing with passion and arousal as she knew her own were. She felt so close to Dell, luxuriating in his generosity, in his willingness, his eagerness to help her fulfill this fantasy he knew was so powerful for her, but which he doubted she would ever bring to reality unless he, himself, helped bring it about.

“Okay, Hector, you know what to do,” Dell said, looking over her shoulder at the Brazilian as Hector moved behind her. Holly’s heart started beating like crazy, her excitement quickly mounting to an insatiable, insanely intense crescendo. And then she felt something pressing against her lubed asshole, the big, smooth knob of Hector’s cock.

“Oh God, baby,” she gasped, looking down at Dell, “ he’s got his cock right up against my asshole.”

“Good, that’s just where it should be,” Dell said, a wolfish smile animating his face.

And then she winced as she felt Hector forcing that knob inside, past the barrier of her sphincter and then inside, inside her ass!

“It’s inside, it’s inside my ass!” she hissed with unabashed excitement, with the deepest enthusiasm.

He pushed forward and the sensations were incredible, but challenging. She’d never had anyone try to force anything nearly as thick up her ass.

She tried to turn around to take a look at Hector, but Dell held her face and stopped her.

“Go slow, Hector, easy. You’re so big! And so thick!” And she wasn’t just saying this to compliment him, to make him feel good, to feed his ego. It was true.

And so, with skill and patience, he took his time, driving the shaft into her ass inch by thick inch, but slowly, taking his sweet time, letting her get accustomed to that extra thick inch or two, then driving in more. Dell seemed rapturous. And Holly could only imagine what it felt like for the two men, one cock buried in her cunt, the other burying itself in the hot, dark, depths of her ass, the two stiff penises separated from each other only by that thin membrane of muscle that divided her vagina from her rectum. She remembered how Dell had once slid a small vibrator up her ass while he was fucking her, then turned it on. He said he could vividly feel the sensations of that vibrator in her ass against the cock in her cunt and that those sensations, as much as the pleasures of her snug cunt, were probably what finally brought him to the brink.

Now she had Hector’s massive cock stretching and filling her rectum a fraction of an inch from where Dell’s cock was slamming into her cunt and she imagined how the two men could not help to feel, and feel intimately, each move of the other and how this stimulated them, not only the warm and creamy embrace of her own two holes.

“Can you feel him, baby? Can you feel him in my ass?” she asked excitedly, looking into Dell’s eyes, eyes clearly betraying his deep arousal.

“Oh yeah, I sure can!”

“How about you, Hector?” she asked without turning around.

“Yes, he fucks you and I can feel, feel so strongly,” Hector said in his accented English.

Somehow knowing that only added deep excitement to the act for Holly, that the two men’s cocks grinding against each other inside her brought a special delight. Their two cocks were not only driving her crazy with pleasure and lust, but they were stimulating one another. And it was true, Dell relished every exquisite move of the Brazilian’s massively rigid cock as it now mercilessly probed his lover’s rectum.

By now Hector was fucking Holly’s ass with deep, smooth strokes and the two men were building up a perfect rhythm fucking Holly in tandem like this, attuned to one another’s pace. She was glad Dell had forced her to close her eyes. It only made her focus that much more on the awesomely exquisite sensations. She had fantasized about this, wanted it for so long, to be taken by two men at once, a cock in her cunt, another in her ass. And here both men had big, rigid active cocks and took their sweet time expertly reaming out her two tight, hungry holes.

“How does he feel in your ass, sugar?” Dell asked her.

“Oh Dell! It’s türkçe bahis magic! He’s so big and so hard. At first I didn’t know whether I could take him. But now I never want him to leave! I just love it, taking it like this, I crave it! Cunt and ass, both filled, filled with delicious cock!”

“That’s right, Holly, you have ten thick inches of dark Brazilian cock buried up your ass and don’t you forget it, baby!” Dell teased.

“How could I? How could I!” she said, bringing her lips down to kiss him, to kiss him while she savored the ecstatically thrilling dual penetration of her fuck holes.

Then Dell lowered his face and began to suck on her stiff, corky nipples while she was fucked by the two men. The added stimulation brought a jolt to her clit.

Now the two men, slowly and steadily, pushed their two cocks deep inside her, so deep that soon all she could feel were Dell’s balls pressing against her pussy, Hector’s balls slapping against her cheeks, every last thick inch of the two men’s cocks now buried deep inside her lust-crazed body

“I’m so fucking full, baby, so full of cock!” she cried out, her raw desires now utterly unleashed.

“Yeah, Hector’s ten inches, my eight. You’ve got a foot and a half of hard cock inside you, Holly. What do you think of that?”

“I think it’s fucking sensational, that’s what!”

She reached back with a hand to feel herself, feeling her asshole, stretched to unimaginable limits around the base of Hector’s cock, around his stunning thickness, his balls pressing against her. And then, as he slowly pulled out on the upstroke, she could feel the shaft, hot and slick, hot and slick from her ass! The recognition made her shudder.

“Fuck me! Fuck me, guys! Fuck my two hot, hungry holes!” she cried with unabashed passion, amazed at herself, amazed at her own wanton uninhibitedness now, her needs, her desires fed by this rugged dual assault of her cunt and her ass.

And fuck her they did, like two stiff pistons finding the perfect stroke, the perfect rhythm. The sensations were sublime, ecstatic, explosive. Holly never imagined she could feel so fucked, so filled with cock! Dell’s cock was very familiar to her, but the Brazilian’s massive ten inch erect penis digging into the deepest, humid recesses of her ass brought out a raw, hungry lust she had always imagined but never experienced, her rectum so deliciously, so thrillingly violated by the awesome, forceful intrusion.

“It feels so, so, so fucking amazing!!” Holly groaned, beads of sweat forming on her forehead, gasping, the sensations, the pleasure now mounting, deepening, knowing she was not far from a massive, convulsive orgasm, one she felt certain would be unlike any she ever before experienced.

And Dell, too, sensed the state of her arousal, pulling his hands away from her cheeks, cheeks he had been holding wide open for Hector, wrapping his arms around her, pressing her close to him, as he arched upward, fucking her hard and deep and sweetly. Now it was Hector who grabbed hold of her buttocks and spread them apart. She imagined him staring down at her, seeing her helplessly dilated asshole clutch the stunning thickness of his rigid cock. That image, mixed with all the scorching sensations, made her head swoon.

And she knew she was close, very close. She was breathing hard, deep, her hungry, aroused body now covered in sweat.

“Oh God, baby!” she moaned, looking down at Dell, “I’m going to cum!”

She closed her eyes and focused on the intoxicating mix of sensations. Her cunt, her ass so filled, so filled with cock!!!! Driving into her mercilessly!

“Nnnn….nnn…nowwww!!!!!!” she gasped as she felt the telltale sensations build in her, every nerve in her body at fever pitch.

And then it shot through her, a lightning bolt of pure, raw, volcanic pleasure as she had never felt before, rising from her clit, radiating through every nerve in her body.

“Ohhhhhh….. Yesssss!!!!!!” she howled as the most exquisite, the most sublime of feelings overwhelmed her, Holly’s orgasm sensationally powerful, more intense than she, a glutton for pleasure, could ever imagine.

It went on and on, one delicious spasm after another, the two cocks now filling her to the brim, the two sets of balls pressed tightly against her, the eighteen inches of hard, rugged cock filling her greedy pleasure tunnels as one cascade after another of the purest pleasure swept over her.

And as the waves of pleasure began to subside, it was just then that she could sense the two men on the brink, Dell groaning as he held her tightly and thrust up into her, the spasms of his cock unloading in her cunt deliciously familiar. Less familiar was the telltale throbbing and spasming in her bottom as she now heard Hector moan and knew that he, too, was spraying the bounty of his pleasure deep into her rectal depths. It seemed to go on forever, the two men’s groans and their quivers, as they climaxed and unloaded, emptying güvenilir bahis siteleri themselves into her.

Then, finally, all three quieted, their pleasure now subsiding as they luxuriated in the warm glow of pleasure’s aftermath.

Slowly Hector withdrew from Holly’s bottom and the cool air felt sweet against her ravaged bottom. She imagined how raw, how open her anus must’ve now appeared to Hector. Finally she lifted herself off of Dell and the three just lay there, breathing deeply, saying nothing, savoring the moment. Finally she was able to lay her eyes on Hector, a stunningly handsome man, a dark Latin American with a smooth, lithe, muscled body and that magnificent cock, now no longer fully rigid, but still thick and meaty.

“I’ll be right back, fellows,” Holly said, getting up off the bed, needing, suddenly, to pee. And, as she stood, it began to seep out of her, Dell’s cum running out of her cunt, Hector’s from her still open ass, the semen trailing down her thighs, her legs. And Holly couldn’t have felt better, more satisfied, more delightfully slutty as she now sauntered to the bathroom, the semen dripping and dripping and dripping out of her. She knew it was a deliciously obscene sight, the two men’s cum draining from her thoroughly fucked and ravaged holes as she proudly paraded herself before them.

It was much later, as the three of them lounged, still naked, across the king size bed in Holly’s bedroom. They’d had a playful time in the shower, Holly at first helping to soap up and sponge the two men, then daring them to soap up one another. Reluctant at first, they laughed a little nervously. But then, with a slightly wicked and insistent smile, Holly took the hands of the two men and brought them to one another’s bodies, so all three were now clustered under the shower head, bodies touching, hands probing. She even took hold of the two men’s hands and brought them down to have a feel of one another’s wet, soapy cocks.

Now, out of the shower, Holly could see the two men becoming hard again. She was happy to see this state of affairs as she sipped at her long neck beer and watched the two sexy men sprawl out on the oversized bed with her. It was true — Hector was incredibly handsome in his dark, Latin way, but it was Dell who made her heart beat faster. What a birthday he had planned for her, like none other in her life. Already one fantasy, long cherished, had been wildly fulfilled. Her ass still stung pleasantly from the awesome fucking she had endured courtesy of Hector’s huge cock, and she could feel her pussy getting wet all over again as she gazed at Dell and Hector’s two cocks, not fully erect yet, but thick and meaty and well on their way to their desired state. She smiled to herself as she drew a few more swallows of cold brew down her parched throat. If she had anything to do with it, these two glorious rods would stiffen to full mast very, very quickly.

There were still several good swallows of beer in her bottle, but she had other plans for it. Without a word, she lowered it to her already steaming pussy and began sliding the cool glass back and forth along her slit. She didn’t know if Dell heard her quiet sigh of pleasure or if he was just so well attuned to her desires, but she found his attention turning to her, watching her play. His eyes met hers for a brief moment before returning to watch her slide the cold glass neck into her pussy. He nudged Hector, who, with eyes closed, was luxuriating in the aftermath of the relaxing shower while his mind no doubt entertained the lurid thoughts that gave rise to the renewed meatiness and stiffness of his cock.

“Check her out,” Dell said to Hector, motioning to Holly’s very erotic use of a beer bottle neck.

The Brazilian clutched his own cock the second he laid eyes on the sizzling sight.

“Didn’t I tell you she was the hottest thing on this continent?” Dell said with male pride as the two men now leaned back to watch Holly fuck her pussy with the long neck. He wasn’t getting any argument from Hector as Holly smiled with uniquely feminine satisfaction seeing their much more rigid cocks twitch at the scene before them.

Dell noticed that there was still beer in the bottle and winked at Holly, as he slid down in between her legs.

“Give me that, honey,” he instructed and she willingly relinquished the bottle to him, trusting him implicitly. He moved it gently inside of her for one or two strokes before upending the bottle and letting the remaining contents drain inside her. Holly gasped at the sensation of the still cold beer pouring into her hot body, flooding her pussy. In one deft movement, Dell removed the bottle, handing it over to Hector as his face dove between her legs. His tongue began to lap at the little bit of brew that had escaped and she couldn’t help but arch up against him.

”Ohhhhhh, yessssss, Dell!” she moaned. “Drink it from me, baby….”

Dell was way ahead of her, his mouth plastered to the opening of her cunt, sucking the beer, now mixed with her own sweet pussy essence. She looked over at Hector and smiled to see him with her beer bottle between his lips, licking and sucking at it to savor the combined flavors of cold beer and hot female.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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