Quentin’s Quality Questionables

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An excerpt from a larger story, Victoria goes shopping.

Finding a store which sold strap-ons was much easier than Victoria had anticipated. After stopping in a store to buy a pouch which she could sling across her back so that she could carry her purchases without anyone knowing she had them, Victoria followed a hunch and went along main street until she found the local bar and brothel. She walked behind the building and found a door with the windows soaped over. There was a sign to the left of the front door which read Quentin’s Quality Questionables, and below the first line, in smaller print was Cum Inside!

Smiling to herself at the name of the store, Victoria walked in. A bell jangled over her head as she opened the door, and she looked up to see that the bell’s clapper looked like a man’s penis. The store was incredibly small, and it smelled of wood polish, making her think that the store keep spent so little time actually serving customers that he had to find something to do with his spare time. All around the store were wooden shelves, and each one was covered in sexual paraphernalia. An entire wall of shelves held dildos of many different sizes, shapes, colors, and make, along with a similar assortment of strap ons. Other shelves on other walls held lotions, whips, chains, books, as well as small novelty items sculpted from stone, wood, and glass. Some larger shelves held fake heads sculpted from wood which were covered with a vast array of masks, blindfolds, ball gags, and there were other shelves which somehow managed to hold female torsos also sculpted from wood which had lacy garments adorning them. For a moment Victoria’s eyes were drawn to one which had a red lacy body suit on it, which reminded her of the garment she had once wore for Master. She briefly tried to imagine Theressa in such an outfit, but then decided against such thoughts, since she wanted to do things her own way now, and try not to borrow too heavily from Master’s own influence.

In the middle of the store was a round counter, and behind the counter stood a slim middle-aged man. He had a wide smile on his face, and greeted Victoria enthusiastically, making her think that he was more excited about having someone come into the store rather than actually being happy to see her.

“Hi! Welcome to Quentin’s Quality Questionables! My name is Clinton. How can I help you today?”

“Quentin?” asked Victoria, unsure what the man had just said his name was.

“No, Clinton, but close enough! Quentin was actually y father. I sort of inherited his shop after he passed away, and I’ve been running the show ever since. I just never had the heart to change the name of the store. Actually, in all honesty, I just couldn’t come up with a new name for the store!”

Victoria had to smile at the man’s cheerfulness. It was actually quite contagious. She looked at the man, taking note of his brown hair which came down to very nearly cover his eyes, and a small scar which ran along his left cheek. He also had what looked like two weeks worth of beard growth on his face, which was peppered with gray along his chin and up near his side burns, but his hair itself was still a youthful brown with no hint of gray in it at all.

“And how can I help you?” repeated Clinton a moment later, the smile never leaving his face.

Victoria adjusted the strap of the bag at her shoulder and then looked at the wall display which included the strap ons. “I’m actually looking for one of those,” she said nodding in their general direction.

Clinton’s smile never left his face. “I see. Well, I can certainly help you with that. We do have quite a large selection of strap-on items. I’d be glad to show you some of them, and see if any of them fit your current needs.”

Victoria couldn’t help but giggle. “I’m sure one of them will be just fine, and thank you.” They then walked over to the group of shelves which displayed the strap-ons.

güvenilir bahis “Now these are your basic strap-ons,” said Clinton, going into his full blown salesman mode and gesturing to an assortment of them. “There’s nothing too fancy dancy about them. They’re just worth about seven silver pieces. Now, we do have some more expensive strap-ons which are made to please both the person being fucked, as well as the person who is doing the fucking!”

“I like that,” said Victoria as she looked at the other strap-ons Clinton was now gesturing at. “How much do those ones cost?”

“Ah, now these are made of a far better quality than the other strap-ons. The leather strap is soft to the touch, and they have two different styles. One is made with an anal plug attachment for the person wearing it, while the second still includes a little nub at the front to rub a woman’s clit while she used the dildo. And as you can also see, these cocks are crafted from the finest ivory in some cases, and the finest ebony in other. They’re not exactly life like in their looks, but if you touch it, it will feel just like a hard organ.”

Clinton lifted one of the ebony strap ons and held it towards Victoria. She reached out and wrapped her hand around the considerable girth, and stroked her hand from the base of the stone phallus to its tip. Clinton was right, asides from the fact that it did not feel fleshy like a man’s cock, the craftsmanship was superb. There were veins running along its edges, and there was a indent at the top like on a real man’s penis. The foreskin was also pulled back, revealing the edges of the head, and for a brief moment Victoria had the urge to actually take it into her mouth and see if she could deep throat the entire thing.

The smile on Clinton’s face faltered briefly, and his eyes shifted as Victoria continued to inspect the craftsmanship of the strap-on. “I don’t know what feels more like a criminal act, admitting that it would be a shame to charge no less than four gold coins for one of them, or actually charging you that very amount. But…I have been known to be persuaded otherwise,” he finally admitted a moment later.

“And how can I persuade you otherwise?” inquired Victoria as she took a step closer to the man, the strap on falling to her side forgotten for a moment as she pressed a breast against the man’s arm closest to her. She moved even closer to him then, pressing more of her body against his, and she could feel an excited reply rise against her even before getting any form of verbal acknowledgement from the store keep.

Clinton hungrily ran his eyes up and down Victoria’s body. He let out a low groan, and then smiled at her. He lingered where he was for a moment, enjoying the feel of Victoria against him, and he then moved away so that he could walk to the front of the narrow store and then locked the front door. He turned back to face Victoria and the happy smile from before was replaced by one full of sudden lust.. “I think you know how to persuade me.”

Victoria walked over to where Clinton stood by the locked door, and got down on her knees in front of him. She unfastened the front of his pants and reached inside to take out his hardening cock. She felt it grow harder as she grasped it, and she pulled back the foreskin to reveal the bulbous purple head. Victoria ran her tongue around the purple head, feeling the warm shaft still grow ever harder and larger in her hand. She began to rub her hand up and down Clinton’s shaft as she sucked on his tip.

Clinton let out a deep moan of approval, and placed his hands on either side of Victoria’s head. “Take it all in,” he instructed his customer between groans. “Take it all in like a good little girl.”

Victoria glanced up at Clinton, and then pulled away from his cock. She stroked the long shaft for a moment, eyeing it, evaluating the best way to perform his request. He was slightly larger and longer than türkçe bahis Master, but she had found deep-throating Him easy. A moment later she held Clinton’s cock by its base and opened her mouth wider than before, beginning to take his cock into her mouth. As she worked lower, she let go of his cock, and did not stop until her lips nestled around the base of Clinton’s cock and his pubic hair. She then ran her tongue along the bottom side of his shaft, and used her throat muscles to massage the tip of his cock. Victoria then pulled her head back, and dragged her teeth along Clinton’s hard cock, causing him to help softly, and squeeze her head with his hands.

“Not so much teeth,” instructed Clinton. “It’s very delicate there you know.”

Victoria obeyed Clinton’s request, remembering too late that not every man was like Master and enjoyed the feel of teeth along his shaft. She began to bob her head up and down Clinton’s cock for a long time, slowly becoming amazed at the man’s staying power; even Master had sometimes cummed by now. Just as her jaw and knees were beginning to ache, Clinton told her to stop.

“Take off your slacks and brace yourself across the counter,” he said, and Victoria rushed to obey. She never once stopped to think at how easily she had reverted back into her submissive role; all she could think about was working off some of the price of the strap-on, and feeling Clintons long cock impaling her from behind. Her pussy was already moist from the time spent going down on Clinton, and she wanted nothing more than to have some attention paid to her now.

Clinton came up behind Victoria and slipped a blindfold around her eyes. This caused her heart to flutter briefly, but that was nothing compared to a moment later when he told her to open her mouth wide. She felt a leather ball gag bump against her teeth, and she breathed heavily through her nose in excitement as she felt it being tied around the back of her head. The shop keeper then had Victoria stand straight again as he actually lifted off her shirt, and he urged her nipples to harden with his fingers so that he could place a clamp on each nipple. Clinton then pushed Victoria against the desk again, and then spread her legs. His fingers trailed along her moist pussy lips and then further up to Victoria’s puckered asshole. He pressed his fingers against her sphincter causing Victoria to shudder with delight. She braced her arms under her upper body in such a way so that she could tug on the clamps at her breasts, and actually press them down firmer, making their teeth bite harder against her hard nipples. She was breathing quicker now, but she was also trying to breathe calmly through her nose, something she had learned was an art long ago thanks to Master. Clinton played with Victoria’s asshole for over a minute before she felt something cold and wet dribble onto her anus, and she squealed in mild surprise from behind the ball gag.

Clinton chuckled and moved away from Victoria. “That isn’t even the half of it, girlie,” he whispered, and Victoria was left alone for a moment to wonder to herself what the stranger had in store for her. Victoria attempted to smile to herself from behind the ball gag as she felt her pussy grow even more moist as she waited in anticipation for Clinton to return. Briefly she thought about slipping a hand between her legs in order to massage her aching clit, but the nipple clamps seemed to be more pleasurable for the time being.

“I do hope you’re ready for this,” said Clinton, an amused tone in his voice as he gripped her by her hips. He felt Victoria wiggle her hips in response, letting him know that she was.

Victoria moaned around the ball gag as she felt something enter her pussy followed a moment later by something else enter her ass as well. It took Victoria a couple of seconds to realize that Clinton must have put on one of the strap-ons that he sold, and he was currently fucking her with güvenilir bahis siteleri both his real cock and a fake one at the same time.

Clinton leaned against Victoria’s back, and he bit at her shoulder as he thrust into both of Victoria’s openings. Clinton himself began to moan with pleasure as the plug in his ass massaged his colon.

Victoria thrust her hips back against Clinton, and she began to breathe faster through her nose as his cock and the strap-on brought her closer and closer to an orgasm. This was not the first time that she had experienced double penetration, but this was definitely the first time it had been by the same person at the same time. She closed her eyes, and tugged harder on the nipple clamps, feeling her knees weaken as she felt her release grow ever closer. She then screamed against the ball gag as she felt her orgasm erupt within her. She clenched her pussy and ass muscles tightly as she came hard, and felt Clinton’s cock throb within her pussy as he followed her into the bliss created by his own orgasm.

Clinton remained on top of Victoria for several minutes as he caught his breath. He could feel Victoria’s own heaving exhalations underneath him, and he rested the side of his head on her back, tickling her slightly with his beard. Victoria could feel Clinton’s presence in her pussy gradually lessening, but she could still feel that her ass was pleasurably jam-packed. Eventually he withdrew from her, and the strap-on popped out of her ass. Clinton then removed the ball gag and the blindfold.

“That felt mighty fine,” crooned Clinton as he gingerly removed the plug from his ass. “You have definitely convinced me to give you a preferred customer discount! I just hope that you’re passing through town, and not new to it, otherwise you might run me out of business!”

Victoria was caught off guard for a moment as she unclasped the clamps from her nipples, looking down at the pleasant red marks left behind. How did he know that she was someone either passing through, or new to, the town. But then she remembered how everyone had known everyone else back home in her village. It was obvious that Clinton would know who everyone is, and would recognize a stranger when he saw one.

“Nothing to worry about then,” she said as she reached for her clothes. “I am a simple traveler passing through, and looking for some exotic toys to please others with.”

“I bet,” said Clinton with a conspiratorial smile as he placed the used strap-on behind the counter. As she pulled her slacks back on, her breasts dangling in the air as she bent over to do this, Clinton began to ask her what style of strap-on she wanted.

“Well obviously one like what you used on me,” said Victoria, he words muffled slightly as she tugged on her shirt. “An ivory one with a clit stimulator, please.”

Clinton retrieved the proper strap-on and placed it on the counter before walking back behind it. To the strap-on he added a bottle of anal oil, the blind fold and ball gag they had used, and the set of nipple clamps as well. “So how does two gold pieces strike you as a reasonable price for everything here?”

Victoria looked a little stunned at the other man’s offer.

“Well, I can’t exactly sell used merchandise, now can I?” he said, and offered Victoria a wry grin. “So, is two gold pieces fair to you?”

“It sounds fair to me,” replied Victoria with a smile as she handed the coins over to Clinton.

“It has been my pleasure dealing with you,” Clinton said, the smile never leaving his place as he helped place Victoria’s purchases in the bag she had bought less than an hour ago.

Victoria leaned over the counter and gave Clinton a quick kiss on the cheek. “The pleasure has been all mine, I definitely can assure you of that!”

Clinton escorted Victoria to the door like a gentleman, and unlocked it to allow her to leave. She didn’t look back as the door was closed behind her, but she could hear the bell jangling as she turned back into the alleyway that lead back to main street. Once she was back on the main street she headed back towards the water fountain in the center of town.

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