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Lily usually hated the fact that she was stuck sitting in the back of the classroom, but today she couldn’t have been more grateful for the seating chart as she brought her left hand up to her mouth in an attempt to muffle the occasional gasp that would escape her lips, finding it harder to hold back her moans with each passing second as more of her juices leaked out of her oversensitive pussy that was currently squeezing tightly around the remote-controlled bullet vibrator that rested deep inside her.

Her pussy had been teased and tortured all day long by the small but powerful toy, forced to the very brink of orgasm over and over again so many times that she had lost count, and yet not once had she been allowed to experience the wonderful feeling of release, her classes seeming to blur together as the haze of ecstasy, pleasure and growing desperation to cum clouded her mind.

Lily had never experienced a punishment as harsh as this one before, nor one as public, all the previous punishments she had endured had always happened behind closed doors at her master’s apartment far away from prying eyes but what she had done to deserve such torture warranted something much cruller than a spanking.

She had bought the toy currently buried in her pussy without telling her master of her purchase and so he had decided to teach her a lesson by denying her the number of orgasms that she had given herself with the vibrator, a grand total of 25 times, though how many orgasms she had been denied ever since he had slipped the toy inside of her early that morning she did not know; but she was certain that her master was keeping a careful watch of every time she had been on the brink from his position at the front of the classroom.

And watch he did, with the Professor’s gaze drifting over to Lily’s desk more often than usual so that he could keep track of the myriad of emotions that washed over her face, knowing exactly when to change the power of the bullet so that she would remain on the very edge of pleasure just by observing the way her eyebrows would scrunch together or illegal bahis how she would bite her lower lip; having memorised all the tells of when she was about to cum long ago.

“Smith. Smith. SMITH!”

Lily is suddenly brought back down to earth when she hears her name being shouted at her, having missed the two gentler callings thanks to her being so focused on not letting any of her desperate moans or cries pour out of her mouth, as her eyes slowly drift up from her blank notebook to stare at the front of the room Lily can’t help but shudder as she notices the smug smile on the Professor ‘s -+face as he asks for her to come up and solve the problem he had written on the board.

Lily can hardly breathe as she stares at the chalkboard in front of her, she realises the answer to the question written out almost immediately and would happily walk up there any other day of the week but she fears that the Professor will use this moment as a teaching exercise, a thought that they both seem to share as before she can even get out of her seat the toy jumps up to its medium speed; leaving the greenette no other choice but to bite down hard on her tongue to stop herself from moaning out as her pleasure increased.

For a moment she thinks that it was just a warning, a sign for her to get on with it so that can continue his lesson but as the seconds tick by and the vibrations only intensify Lily knows that is not the case; that the Professor fully expects her to go up there with the bullet buzzing away and act like nothing is wrong.

“We don’t have all day Miss Smith.”

With unsteady feet Lily stands up from her desk and slowly starts to make her way towards the front of the classroom, her core clenching and throbbing tightly around the toy as her fear of being discovered increases with every step she takes, terrified that the juices that were currently coating her thighs and staining her tights would run down her legs and alert everyone to what kind of girl she really was; her face becoming flushed at the very thought.

Without even realising it Lily suddenly illegal bahis siteleri finds herself standing at the board with a small stick of chalk already in her hand, having crossed the entire length of the room in what seemed to her like the blink of an eye.

As soon as the chalk touches the board Lily has to stop, in the eyes of her fellow students it must look as though she is carefully thinking out her answer when the truth is that the toy currently hitting her g-spot had suddenly jumped to its max level, the unexpected increase in power leaving her unable to move even an inch, completely frozen in place when all she wanted to do was let her legs give out and finally cum then and there.

Sadly however Lily is unable to do that, she isn’t alone in her bedroom or tied up at her master’s apartment after all, she’s in her classroom with 20 pairs of eyes watching her every move and waiting for her to finish up and do the task asked of her, and so instead of acting out her fantasy Lily swallows down what has to be the 100th moan that had tried to escape her lips all day and started to write, not caring one bit about how poor her handwriting was or if she made a mistake, just wanting this to be over and done with at last; for her punishment to be finished.

Lily doesn’t stick around after she finishes writing up her answer, she’s reached her limit after having been made to stand in front of her classmates while the toy tortured her g-spot and has no other choice but to run out of the room, completely ignoring a student’s comment about how she should ask permission before leaving or the smug remark from the Professor that her answered had been correct as she speeds down the corridor.

Quick on her feet soon makes her way to the nearest bathroom and locks herself inside of the furthest stall from the door, her back coming to rest against the cool tiles as she leans against the wall for support; unsure if she can keep herself standing for much longer.

Lily lets herself calm down before she decides to lift her skirt up to inspect the damages that canlı bahis siteleri had been caused by nearly 4 hours of constant stimulation, happy to discover that she had managed to make it to the bathroom just in time as the juices that were still dripping from her pussy had reached a spot just inches from where the bottom of her skirt ended; though it was an annoyance to find that her panties and tights had become so soaked through that she doubted that she’d ever be able to get rid of the stains.

For a moment Lily thinks that she’s in the clear, that she can simply sneak off back to her dorm room and blame her sudden disappearance from class on the lie that she had grown ill, but those thoughts were quickly crushed when it happened.

Even as fast as she is Lily isn’t able to cover her mouth in time to stop the whine that escapes from her lips as the toy springs to life inside of her once more, quickly switching between speeds as her body jerked about beyond her control, her knees eventually becoming so weak that she no longer had the strength to stand even with the support of the wall, finding herself landing harshly on the floor the second that she was finally pushed over the edge of orgasm when the toy came to rest inside of her at its top speed.

She can hardly breathe as her release rocked through her, wave after wave of long-awaited ecstasy and pleasure washing over every inch of her body as she squirted inside of her already drenched and ruined panties, with the majority of her excess juices dripping down onto the cold floor while a small amount left a stain on the front of her skirt that she wouldn’t be able to hide when she eventually left the bathroom.

Even when she had finished cumming the toy still refused to stop its assault on Lily as she was forced to suffer from oversensitivity and aftershocks, her walls quivering around the vibrator as it cycled through its different speeds for several agonisingly long minutes of pure torture before it finally came to a complete stop for the first time that day.

Lily knows that her punishment later that night from the Professor is going to be harsh, she had cum without his permission after all but all she can do at that moment was smile, knowing that she would enjoy everything that he would end up doing to her; just like she had enjoyed her punishment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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