Proper Fuck

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It was snowing. Snow wasn’t something that happened in the part of Ireland she was from, at least not much of it. She was standing at her bedroom window, the light out behind her so she could watch the fat flakes of snow falling outside the window, the glass cold against her bare chest making her nipples harder.

Mikey was gone, somewhere with his pack, it was to be expected really but she was lonely, and horny and wanted him home. She back away from the window, letting the curtain fall back into place and she lay down on top of the bed.

The comforter was new, one of those micro-fibers that felt like velvet against her bare skin, she couldn’t help but wiggle against it. That of course was not helping with the fact that she was positively aching to be fucked. She stretched make a small, pathetic; almost whimper in the back of her throat.

She moved her hands from her sides running them up her body from her narrow hips to her small breasts, covering each one with a hand, pushing them toward each other with a small sigh as she closed her eyes. She squeezed slowly feeling her small nipples harden in her own hands, and stroked her fingers across the small buds of sensitive flesh, pinching and pulling them until they stood rock hard.

Her lips parted as she sighed softly continuing to play with own breasts pushing and pulling at them, at the güvenilir bahis same time she pulled her legs up bending them at the knees and letting them fall open, the slightly cooler air of the room touching her hot, moist folds causing her to make that almost pained whimper- moan once again.

She wanted Mikey home now, but he likely would be home until after dark. Maybe when he got home she would ask him to make it up to her for being gone by tying her to the bed and fucking her stupid.

Now there was a pleasant thought. Another one was that maybe he would come home to find her sprawled in the bed with her fingers buried in her own pussy. She removed her hands from her breasts sliding them down her flat stomach to her hips, scraping her own nails across the creamy flesh before dropping her hands between her legs. She wanted to just drive her fingers deep into her own body, but she didn’t, she stopped herself and inside ran the tip of one fingers very lightly up and down her own slid teasing herself until a small moan escaped her lips. She lifted her own hips up toward her hands, and as she did she slipped her middle finger between her pussy lips and just held it there pressing down against her almost painfully sensitive skin.

With the fingers of her other hands she spread her lips opening herself to her own exploring fingers. That middle türkçe bahis finger slid up lightly over her slit, which caused her to wiggle her hips and gasp in pleasure. She slid the finger back down just as slowly slipping the tip of it into her opening with another gasped moan. She only gave herself a second to enjoy the feeling before she slid it back up and over her clit once again this time circling the small button of flesh slowly before flicking her finger across it quickly. She moved her hand up and down each time pressing her finger into her own body a little deeper, or teasing her clit for a little longer until it became too much. She took her hands away from her body with a whimper rolling over onto her stomach and drawing her knees up her legs spread wide. Reaching into the draw of a nightstand she pulled out her large vibrator, the hard plastic covered in a squishy gel like material that felt good against her skin.

Turning the vibrator onto high she licked the top if it, swirling it down, as she brought the toy into her mouth. Feeling it vibrating against her tongue was enough to make her moan again the sound lost against the surface of the toy. Once it was wet with her saliva she pulled it from her mouth with a small popping sound and reached her hand under her own body pressing the tip of the vibrator against her opening and slowly teasingly güvenilir bahis siteleri lowering herself onto it with a loud moan. She closed her eyes holding the toy still with her hand while she moved her hips up and down, sliding herself into and then back off of it. She moved slowly at first, but it didn’t last long the sensations of something large, and hard moving into and out of her tight body was enough to have her panting with the first stroke the second making her give a strangled cry of pleasure.

Again and again she drove her body down onto it wet enough that her juices were running down the vibrator and onto her hand making it slippery and hard to hold.

A forth stroke, a forth and she felt her orgasm started to build. She stopped holding herself still and shifted how she was holding the vibrator getting a better grip on it before she started pounding it into her body harder and faster her cries of pleasure , and panting cutting through the still air of the bedroom. The fingers of the hand not holding the vibrator clenched at the soft fabric of the comforter, clawing at it almost desperately as the first wave of the orgasm shook her body. She stiffened her body clenching around the hard, vibrating object buried deep within her body, her breath catching in her throat as she came her juices dropping onto the dark fabric underneath her enough to leave a small puddle. Gasping she let the vibrator slip from her body and onto the bed before she collapsed to her side still panting.

It would be enough to ide her over until her wolf got home and could give her a proper fuck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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